How to Remedy the Energy Problem
by James Jaeger

Remember when we exhaustively discussed the solution to EARTH'S ENERGY PROBLEM when we discussed Robert Zubrin's book, ENERGY VICTORY, probably a year ago? Did ANYONE read that book?!

Rocket scientist Zubrin goes into exactly how a flex-fuel strategy consisting of . . .

A. Gasoline
B. Ethanol
C. Methanol

. . . will work.

Since I still don't hear the word "methanol" uttered very much, I have to conclude that Zubrin's entire strategy has flown right over the heads of most. Please allow me to reiterate his genius strategy in brief and add some new research:

Zubrin maintains that neither A, B or C ALONE will break U.S. dependency on foreign oil from OPEC nations. Please burn that word ALONE into your head. To wit:

If you think Zubrin is recommending just using ETHANOL, I respectfully submit that you can't read or are strategy-challenged.

If you think Zubrin is recommending just using GASOLINE, I respectfully submit that you can't read or are strategy-challenged.

If you think Zubrin is recommending just using METHANOL, I respectfully submit that you can't read or are strategy-challenged. (1)

METHANOL, can be made from all the non-eatable stuff some have all been talking about with respect to "grassoline."

Zubrin's strategy says that Methanol + Ethanol + Gasoline = enough LIQUID FUEL to supply the U.S. fleet WITHOUT further purchases from OPEC.

Get it? We make cars that are flex-fuel (costing only about $300 extra to produce) and these flex-fuel cars burn either ethanol, methanol or gasoline.

THUS YOU HAVE BROKEN THE MONOPOLY ON ANY GIVEN LIQUID FUEL. Further, when you break monopolies, you get price reductions that were caused as a result of such monopoly.

Right now you have two (2) monopolies to deal with:

A. Domestic Gasoline Cartel (hereinafter "Big Gasoline")
B. OPEC Foreign Cartel (hereinafter "Big Oil")(2)

Big Gasoline consists of the seven sisters left over when Standard Oil was broken up. These are ExxonMobil, Chevron, Conocophilips, BP, etc.

Big Oil consists of the oil producing nations that operate as the OPEC cartel dominated by Saudi Arabia.


You are getting screwed on the cost of OIL and you are getting screwed on the price of GASOLINE.

OPEC (Big Oil) screws you on the price of oil and the U.S. gasoline companies (Big Gasoline) screws you on the price of gasoline at the pump.

Since Big Gasoline can no longer control the price of oil since Big Oil nationalized the Middle East oil fields, the only way they can jack up their prices is by a) artificially restricting the supply in the market and b) through futures speculation. Big Gasoline thus does a) by building ZERO new refineries in over 30 years AND does b) by using the Enron Loophole to trade futures over the unregulated ICE exchange and incorporating such profits into their bottom line. All do this except Exxon Mobil.

So back to Zubrin.

Although Zubrin has a good strategy, he has omitted data that my research has uncovered. Zubrin places too much of the blame on OPEC (Bib Oil) and not enough blame on domestic gasoline companies (Big Gasoline).

I would say, to be fair, that you are being about equally screwed by Big Oil AND Big Gasoline. Using 50-50 as a figure is workable. Big Oil keeps the prices artificially high by limiting production and Big Gasoline keeps them high by limiting production of gasoline. Mix in there the fact that every year the world's demand increases by 2% and the world's supply decreases by about 3% + the speculators chunk of the pie (as much as 25%) and you get the following breakdown:


Increased Global Demand: 2%
Approaching Peak Oil: 3%
Big Gasoline's Limiting of Refineries: 35%
Big Oil's (OPEC) monopoly on oil: 35%
ICE Futures Speculators: 25%

These figures represent my best guess in present time after about three years of research and weeding through many experts, books, media reports and lectures.

At this time, I still DO believe Zubrin's strategy of Americans DEMANDING that the auto makers immediately make ALL US cars flex-fuel vehicles is sound. This would force Big Gasoline AND Big Oil to stop raping the public with artificially high prices.

While Big Oil and Big Gasoline are having their ethics put in place with some flex-fuel cognitive dissonance, the following addition things MUST happen:

1. Any congressman that votes for ANY law, regulation or special privilege that was in any way influenced or passed as a result of contributions from the Big Oil or Big Gasoline lobby should be IMMEDIATELY voted out of office;

2. Americans must cause and champion investment in clean renewable energy technologies (such as hot and cold FUSION, SOLAR, WIND) as vigorously as possible with a view towards completely phasing out ALL fossil fuels within 10 - 15 years.

3. The public MUST boycott Big Gasoline starting with ExxonMobil and working their way down the line until all of these unethical corporations are forced into re-organization and better use of their corporate assets in accordance with the free market demands and environmental safety.

4. The public MUST boycott all of General Motors cars except those that are flex-fuel and 100% electric offered at reasonable prices. Reasonable defined as at least one vehicle in each price range: $15,000 -- $30,000 -- $60,000.

If all of the above recommendations are exactly implemented, I will guarantee you will see positive changes.

(1) You will often hear apologists and media stating the following sentences in ignorant relief: "Hey if we convert to ethanol we will drive the cost of corn and other crops out the roof." "Yo, everyone knows there ain't enough crops to produce fuel for the U.S. auto fleet." "Get that gov that has been subsidizing ethanol. Those damn right-wing lobbyists." When you hear these sentences, you know you have just encountered an idiot, moron or media retard who is either an apologist for Big Oil and/or Big Gasoline, or someone who simply doesn't get strategies. See for details on the Zubrin strategy and to better understand why I am flagrantly calling certain people idiots, morons and media retards.

(2) In several of my previous articles and posts I have referred to Big Oil as members of the "Seven Sisters" left over from the break up of Standard Oil. I have only used this term because the author of THE TYRANNY OF OIL used that term. Upon further reflection on this subject and taking into consideration the work of various authors, I have come to the conclusion that the term Big Oil as applied to ExxonMobil-type companies is a misnomer as such term is more appropriately applied to the actual OPEC oil-producing nations. THESE are actually Big Oil whereas the major gasoline producing companies (ExxonMobil-type companies) that are dependent on Big Oil for their source of oil are more appropriately called Big Gasoline.

28 June 2009

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