A Remedy for the Oil Problem
by James Jaeger


A new book is out by engineer Robert Zubrin: ENERGY VICTORY (available at Amazon.com and other outlets). In short, Zubrin has developed a strategy that remedies the United States' dependency on oil: flex-fuel cars that burn ethanol, methanol and gasoline in any combination.

Within 3 - 5 years, Zubrin's solution would place methanol and ethanol into direct competition with the Saudi-dominated oil cartels -- thus countering the rising price of oil and gasoline. More importantly, independence from oil will remove the US from its touchy position of having to deal gently with Saudi Arabia: a country that many suspect has been funding terrorist organizations around the world, directly or indirectly. September 11, 2001 is the most dramatic example. By disengaging from our reliance on Saudi oil, we will be attenuating the petrodollars flooding into the Middle East with their attendant nefarious deeds.

By this time it should be obvious to all Americans what the OPEC/Saudi Arabia game is: Raise the price of oil for as long as possible, then dramatically lower it as soon as investment in alternatives become a threat to the cartel's dominance. Read ENERGY VICTORY to find out how we can break free of this games condition and get the US economy on a permanent upward course to energy independence.

Plasma FUSION, as opposed to nuclear FISSION, is the ultimate source of energy as it can provide unlimited amounts of heat, electrical and liquid methanol at ridiculously cheap prices and with no adverse effect on the environment. The only "problem" with FUSION is it will probably render all other energy sources, except solar, obsolete.


o Flex fuel cars are now available that can burn any combination of gasoline, methanol, or ethanol. such cars can be produced for about $100 more than standard cars of the same type.

o Ethanol can be made from any crop rich in sugar and starch - NOT just corn as some of the media is misleading the public to believe. Methanol can me made from ANY kind of plant material, without exception. Much of the media hasn't even been mentioning methanol. The act of growing crops to produce "bio-mass" for the production of ethanol and methanol will neutralize the CO2 created by burning such ethanol and methanol. Thus alcohol-based fuels (such as ethanol and methanol) are carbon dioxide neutral. This helps remedy global warming.

o Methanol can also be made from coal, natural gas, and urban trash. The US has enough coal to produce enough methanol to run the current auto fleet for 250 years at present levels.

o Methanol produces about 55% as much power as gasoline. Ethanol produces about 70% as much, but both are considerably cheaper than gasoline so both will provide the same miles-per-gallon as gasoline, and increasingly better mileage as gasoline becomes more expensive.

o The most strategic problem facing the US is that it needs to find a LIQUID replacement for oil as the military runs on oil. In fact, the US military can NOT run without oil. Specifically it needs oil from the Middle East, an embarrassing position to be in. Ethanol and methanol fill the bill of a liquid substitute, thus increasing our general security.

o If an Exxon Valdez tanker of ethanol or methanol spilled, the impact on the environment would have been negligible.

o Plastics and other important derivative items and chemicals can be made from ethanol and methanol.

o The so-called hydrogen economy is a fraud: you only get 80 units of energy out of the 100 units of energy needed to create hydrogen. Hydrogen is an energy transfer agent NOT an energy SOURCE. Frauds like this and the ploy of so-called CONSERVATION are being pushed to confuse the public and delay viable competitive alternatives. The plan of the Oil Establishment, and its apologists, is to maintain the status quo, at your expense and the expense of the United States. Don't fall for it. Zubrin exhaustively explains why both CONSERVATION and the HYDROGEN ECONOMY are losing strategies. Do NOT confuse the so-called HYDROGEN economy with the FUSION economy, discussed below. FUSING hydrogen in a thermonuclear reaction is NOT the same as BURNING hydrogen in an ordinary chemical reaction. Again, do NOT confuse the fraudulent HYDROGEN economy with the nuclear FUSION economy, more fully explained below.

o A world economy based on ethanol and methanol will provide great export revenues for developing countries. Growing cash-crops for the production of ethanol and methanol will deal third-world countries in to the game being played by the developed nations. This will enable them to become self-sufficient and even reject the strangle-hold drug cartels have over them to grow such crops as coca.

o A US economy based on ethanol and methanol will provide US exports for not only the fuels themselves, but made-in-the-USA equipment (such as tractors) for the developing countries mentioned above.

o Because the OPEC oil cartel does not operate in a free market environment, it can raise prices without limit. Competition will never happen until alcohol pumps are widely distributed, along with cars that can use their fuel. To make this happen fast enough to save the nation from massive looting by the oil cartel, a congressional mandate making flex-fuel technology a necessary feature in all new cars is unfortunately necessary.

o A bill mandating flex-fuel technology in all new cars is in the works. If auto manufacturers convert new autos to flex-fuel, such a modification will cost less than air bags and way less than the catalytic converters previously mandated. Compared to other auto enhancements already done, flex-fuel modifications will be little burden on the manufacture or the consumer. If anyone opposes this bill, ask your self the question: in whose interest is it that our cars NOT be flex-fueled? In whose interest is it that we don't have a choice of what fuel we can buy?

o Congressional mandated flex-fuel cars for operation in the US will force all manufactures to comply if they want to sell to this market. Thus foreign-manufactured cars destined for the US market will proliferate in the European market as well as other markets. This will create a worldwide demand for ethanol and methanol, thus placing competitive pressure on Saudi and OPEC oil. The US will supply the initial demand for this to happen.

o An ethanol/methanol US export economy will reverse the US trade deficit in short order.

o The thing to remember about the Zubrin strategy is this: THE GOAL IS NOT TO REPLACE ALL OIL WITH BIO FUELS (SUCH AS ETHANOL AND METHANOL). That is impossible as it would take up way too much farmland, etc. The goal is to JUST replace the excess capacity of Saudi Arabia thus neutralizing it's ability to dominate OPEC prices, hence WORLD oil prices, hence U.S. prices. If you don't get anything else about this strategy, please get that last statement. Most of the MEDIA simply doesn't get the strategy (as they haven't read ENERGY VICTORY), hence they are giving the public a false impression of this remedy.

o The full strategy and details for a US win over the Saudi dominance of oil and the endless wars in the Middle East are in the book, ENERGY VICTORY by Robert Zubrin. More information about it can be found on his website, www.energyvictory.net.


As Zubrin confirms in, ENERGY VICTORY, the ultimate source of energy is nuclear FUSION. This is NOT to be confused with nuclear FISSION, the only type of nuclear energy so far deployed. FUSION, which could be fully developed and deployed within 10 years were sufficient funds allocated -- would totally remedy the Earth's energy problem for at least the next 2,000 years. This is the one solution that the Oil AND the entire Energy Establishment (for that matter) NEVER seem to talk about. Why? Because FUSION is the power of the sun. It is totally clean and there are virtually NO waste products or CO2. The fusion process can extract from one (1) gallon of ordinary sea WATER, the equivalent amount of energy as two hundred and fifty (250) gallons of GASOLINE. Thus it is, by far, the cheapest and most powerful energy source in the known universe. Right now fusion technology is on the VERGE of consummating what's called IGNITION. Ignition means we get more energy OUT of the fusion process than what we put IN to the fusion process. As soon as this happens, and it WILL happen VERY soon, if not already, the source of fusion's fuel -- hydrogen -- will be in ordinary sea WATER, so we will never run out, thus the reaction will never stop after IGNITION. We are igniting a miniature STAR here on Earth!

Not only can FUSION provide the heat to generate electricity in the classical (way with turbines), but electricity can be derived DIRECTLY from certain fusion processes. This would make the production of electricity from COAL, NATURAL GAS, NUCLEAR FISSION and HYDRO completely obsolete. As if all this isn't enough of a dream, there's more: METHANOL can be manufactured directly from certain FUSION process as well. Thus, FUSION can not only supply all Earth's ELECTRICAL needs, but all Earth's LIQUID fuel needs as well. Thus a FUSION economy is universal: it is infinitely powerful, unbelievably cheap, totally clean, renewable and flexible in energy output, i.e., heat, electricity and methanol. Not only that, fusion will open the door to rocket engines orders of magnitude more powerful than the simple chemical engines NASA uses today. Thus detailed exploration of the Solar System, and eventually the stars, will become a reality.

The only "problem" with fusion technology is, once deployed, it will probably render all other energy technologies -- with the sole exception of nanotech-based SOLAR -- obsolete. This is good for the U.S. and the Peoples of Earth -- as it will make the production of all products and services much cheaper and better -- but it will be initially BAD for the Energy Establishment that wants to over-amortize their infrastructure and exploit us for profit as much as possible. And, of course, this is WHY you don't hear much about FUSION in the mainstream CORPORATE media or on the LIE BOX. Of if you DO hear about it they quip: "Oh Fusion, it's still 50 years away." Well I am here to tell you this is a lie. Fusion is so revolutionary, Al Gore and others, have twice cut the funding for it in order to suppress its advancement and placate the corporate energy lobby. Again, for more information on this and other points, read ENERGY VICTORY as well as one of Zubrin's earlier books, ENTERING SPACE. If you don't have time for books, read an article entitled, Earth's Energy Problem at http://www.jaegerresearchinstitute.org/articles/energy.htm


ENERGY VICTORY is possibly the most important book on this subject. It should be read by every American who drives and every Congressman who votes. Zubrin's strategy will go far to remedy Earth's Energy Problem.(1)

After reading ENERGY VICTORY, contact your congressman and urge them to pass the bill to mandate cars that can burn any combination of ethanol, methanol or gasoline. We could be energy independent from Saudi Arabia in 3 - 5 years if this bill were passed in 2008. This already happened in Brazil, so this is not theory.

If Congress, however, is not willing to mandate flex-fuel cars -- given the situation and the arguments presented by Zubrin and others -- it is further evidence that they are serving the interests of the Oil Establishment and not the People.(2)

(1) Watch the documentary, FIAT EMPIRE, to see how the Fed's expansion of the money supply effects the price of oil. http://www.FiatEmpire.com

(2) See http://www.jaegerresearchinstitute.org/articles/overthrow.htm

Originated: 02 February 2008
Revised: 05 March 2008

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