While Humanity argues over world-centric issues, an entire solar system awaits exploration and colonization. Thus the purpose of the Jaeger Research Institute is to present a forum where more "universal issues" can be explored, argued and addressed.

This site does not necessarily reflect the views or attitudes of any particular person, corporation, organization, church, government or deliberating body, whether artificial or natural. That said, the Jaeger Research Institute is for people who believe the world is getting better (the glass is half-full), and wish to accelerate that progress within a framework of free-enterprise capitalism and democracy (or some better system, if invented).

This site is also for people who believe that useful and accurate knowledge can come from the mainstream as well as the fringe, from the left and the right, the liberal and the conservative, from the rich and the poor, from males and females, from humans and cyborgs and from the surface of the Earth and elsewhere. Therefore, any sentient being is welcome to discuss or add anything they wish. Just email your articles to articles@JaegerResearchInstitute.org

Since intelligence is a product of pattern and not matter, we have no concern for your identity. This includes your gender, age, race, nationality, heritage, religion, political affiliation, academic, economic, professional standing or any other "label" current society attaches to you at birth (or later on). Only the pattern of your intelligence which you generate from your cerebral cortex is significant to the Institute.

Ideas and materials at this site may be made available to motion picture productions, TV stations, webmasters, screenwriters, scientists and technicians, so please don't communicate if you don't wish to share.

Motion pictures and documatraries based upon ideas and research generated at this site may be released on Google Video, YouTube the Home Video Network or at Pay-per-view.com. To this end, if you have an important motion picture on the Net, feel free to give us the URL and we will do our best to place it on one of the above video-on-demand exhibition sites as a public service.

The Jaeger Research Institute is not a movement or deliberating body. If for any reason we have over looked giving someone due credit, posted something that has not received proper permissions or screwed up with a copyright, please contact us and we will handle it. You are welcome to copy and quote any of my articles and use them in full, or in part, but please provide a source URL, such being http://www.jaegerresearchinstitute.org.

This site is dedicated to my late grandfather J. Rudolph Jaeger who discovered the cure to various diseases, saved thousands of lives, and established the department of neurosurgery and first research laboratory at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Thank you for your interest and contributions.

James R. Jaeger II

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