How Ron Paul Could Consolidate the Tea Party Movement

by James Jaeger

Let's set the record straight, the CFR-infested Establishment would like to bury the idea that RON PAUL started the Tea Party Movement. They, and their crony-pundits in the mainstream media and fiat-powered government, would like Americans to believe that the rants of some on-air financial reporter (at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange) started the Tea Party movement. This is nonsense to anyone who has been carefully following events since 2005 when Ron Paul appeared in the movie, AMERICA - Freedom to Fascism by the late Aaron Russo.(1)

To put it bluntly: Ron Paul -- the first to widely address problems with the Federal Reserve System -- rallied the concerns of millions of Americans who finally woke up and realized that the American Dream was either DEAD or DYING. THIS is where the Tea Party Movement came from: the RON PAUL REVOLUTION -- not some Wall Street-instigated, neo-Jacksonian uprising, as the Walter Russell Meads of the world propagandize.

Existing Scene:

Right now, the Tea Party Movement is a seething mass of pissed-off Americans who are wildly batting at anything they can point their mouths and fists at. And they have every right to be this way. After all, under the watch of both the Democrats and Republicans, Americans have moved from a powerful, respected and prosperous constitutional republic, firmly under the command of WE THE PEOPLE, to a sprawling, corrupt plutocracy saturated in the debt and war that imperial-overstretch always results in. Ask the eight empires of the past century -- that went down this same road -- how they like having their empires turned into DUST.

Americans are pissed-off because their standard of living has dropped; their currency has been hijacked by a banking cartel; their government taxes and invades almost all aspects of their lives, and an elite corporatocracy is robbing the wealth of their nation and the world with the lives of their sons-and husbands-in-uniform. In short, the factions that have taken over the United States Government are failing to uphold their duty to follow the U.S. Constitution and the advice of the Framers. THIS is what the RON PAUL REVOLUTION, hence the Tea Party Movement, is about. So, how could Ron Paul consolidate that which he gave BIRTH to, a practice Dr. Paul is well achieved in?

Documenting the Suppression and Marginalization:

The Tea Party Movement needs leadership. For this leadership, it needs to "turn to the People" it already has. Since Ron Paul, at this time, is the most visible and well-financed advocate of the libertarian-conservative vision -- a vision of limited Constitutional government, sound-money, free-market capitalism and traditional social values -- he is the de facto leader of the movement. A GOP run on the party that has "lost its way," even still, will garner him more exposure. BUT you can be sure, there will be powerful Establishment forces working against Dr. Paul, his presidential run and the whole idea of him getting "more exposure." These forces -- among which are the Counsel on Foreign Relations, the Republican National Committee, the Commission on Presidential Debates, the Banking Lobby, the Israel Lobby and the Military Industrial Complex -- will make the Democrats seem like buddies.

Of course the forces that will attempt to undermine Dr. Paul will be covert and expertly applied. After all, they have had decades, if not a century, of experience starting with their perversion of money and the banks in 1913 under the Glass-Owen Act, the Act which covertly established the Federal Reserve System. And make no mistake about it, it will be elite banking interests and the "corporations that surround them," as Jefferson might say, that will do everything in their power to marginalize Ron Paul and the RON PAUL REVOLUTION.

So how can Dr. Paul possibly prevail with the Founders' Vision?

He can prevail by holding a PRESS CONFERENCE each and every time he is slighted by Establishment factions. When the mainstream media lies about some poll, he should hold a press conference. When a neo-con politician tries to float a straw argument about his foreign policy, he should hold a press conference. When he is denied access to some event or rally, he should hold a press conference. When the Commission on Presidential Debates refuses him participation in the presidential debates, he should hold a press conference. When the GOP fails to nominate him as the presidential candidate, he should hold a press conference.


Just like Jefferson itemized our grievances to King George in the Declaration of Independence, Ron Paul should itemize his grievances in Press Conferences. By creating a PUBLIC time track of specific slights, marginalizations, injustices and exposes of the CFR-infested Establishment's machinations, the PUBLIC will gain a better understanding of WHAT MARGINALIZATION IS -- thus, "the announcement," that will come later, will have all the more impact.

The Announcement:

There is an old saying (that could be twisted around to state): prepare for war during the good times and prepare to make peace during war time. Ron Paul must apply this strategy. During these relatively peaceful days, he must prepare for the day when the GOP -- the Republican Party -- rejects him for the candidacy of the President of the United States. There is a 99% PROBABILITY this day will come and this is the WAR that he must prepare for. If, on the other hand, the Quantum Universe that we ALL live in creates some "spooky action at a distance" -- i.e., the GOP actually nominates Dr. Paul -- then the war-in-preparation will not be necessary.

Unfortunately, it's never to early to wage war against Establishment opponents by DOCUMENTING and exposing their anti-Constitutional, totalitarian, 1-World Government machinations in the plane sight of WE THE PEOPLE. Then -- at the perfect time -- perhaps just after Ron Paul is snubbed by the Presidential Debate Commission or the GOP rejects him as their candidate, Ron Paul should have one final PRESS CONFERENCE and say something like the following:

As you all have seen over these months from my press conferences, the GOP is playing dirty. All evidence -- as this current event further demonstrates -- shows that they are NOT going to change their ways: let alone bring us back to a limited, Constitutional government with a sound monetary system. Therefore, I am bowing out of the Republican Party and hereby announce my candidacy as a Third Party Independent . . .

After the wild clapping and screaming simmers down, Dr. Paul should end his conference with the following statement:

. . . And if I am to be successful with this candidacy, I need the Tea Party Movement to join me!

I guarantee, if Ron Paul has emphatically documented all the SLIGHTS in blow-by-blow press conferences, there will be MILLIONS of Americans stomping up and down to "join" him, hence The Tea Party Movement will have "turned to the People" and found its rightful leader.

Surrounded by Apparatchiks:

But Ron Paul may not do any of this as the business-as-usual GOP apparatchiks that now surround him may not allow him. They will have some "better" idea or they'll allow him to only go so far. This Republican machinery, steeped in old-fashioned methodologies and strategies, may weigh Dr. Paul down and advise such things as:

  • you need as much as a billion dollars to run;

  • do not give press conferences about marginalization as it only makes you look like a "whiner";

  • don't promote any books or movies by LIVING activists, only DEAD economists;

  • follow Rothbard's perversions of Ayn Rand so you don't hurt your old political associates;

  • stay out of movies that promote third parties;

  • don't look like you support "the Fringe" even if it's not as nutty as "the Establishment";

  • always validate the "Accidental Theory of History" rather than the "Conspiracy Theory of History";

  • Nelson's four Pillars will not get you at least 20% of the vote;

  • revitalizing the militia of the several states is unnecessary;

  • you can't possibly win the presidency with just 38% of the vote;

  • threaten the public with the dissolution of the welfare state, especially on late-night TV;

  • you don't need to document slights because the public will already be aware of them;

  • the presidential debates aren't that influential;

  • now that you're famous, just give interviews to the mainstream media;

  • Use the House Ethic Rules to prevent you from endorsing any non-profit, Freedom Movement books or movies, even though no such language is in the Rules;

  • for God's sakes don't help any of the Freedom Movement's researchers, writers, filmmakers or candidates;

  • don't set up an educational foundation, use the money for more political campaigns;

  • don't sow ANY seeds that may grow into future leaders;

  • never answer the phone or return phone calls (when your staff can do it);

  • don't associate with any "conspiracy theorists," they are ALWAYS wrong;

  • don't talk about or disparage the Fed so much;

  • don't run as a third party candidate, you will only be "a SPOILER";

  • you don't want to be POTUS anyway, it's a job for someone else.

  • The above "advice" will doom Ron Paul and destroy his value to America at this crucial time in our history if he takes it.

    Not to sound insensitive, Dr. Paul is probably not going to be able to run for president in the election of 2016.(2) By then the Tea Party will find a leader or it will not. Either Ron Paul will consolidate the energy and anger of the Tea Party Movement into the RON PAUL REVOLUTION or someone else is going to have to do it or form another "revolution" or movement. The most obvious place for that "someone" else to come from is from Ron Paul and his supporters (including his son, Rand, as Rand has become quite savvy, quite quickly in the past year). The Tea Party Movement needs leadership. For this leadership, it needs to turn to the People it already has.

    If Dr. Paul is, or becomes, incapable of leading the REVOLUTION, he MUST train and promote his successors NOW; he must "turn to the people" he already has. The fastest way he could train AND promote a successor is by finding some very capable patriot who has serious gravitas and make them his running mate. This person would be our modern-day Jefferson. He would have serious gravitas because s/he knows and applies, not only the Constitution, but the PHILOSOPHY behind the Constitution, and applies it to the letter. This person would (help) take the Republic back in the election of 2016 or 2020. In this sense, Ron Paul would be the John C. Fremont of our time. Fremont, for those of you who may not be familiar with him, was the adventuresome patriot that launched a new political party almost a century ago. That party was the Republican Party and the leader (who had the serious gravitas) was Abraham Lincoln.

    Fortunately or unfortunately, like light bulbs, political parties eventually burn out. The Republican Party is now burnt out. The Democratic Party is now burn out. Both parties -- really one DemoPublican Party -- are now burn out because they have used the same, or similar, political ideologies to govern: the ideology of purchasing votes by handing out endless special privileges to those who are addicted to the welfare and warfare states. More specifically, both political parties are burned out because the political and economic philosophies upon which they rely -- Comte, Rousseau, Marx and Keynes -- are riddled with fallacies and advice that have never been applicable to a nation interested in freedom, limited government and self-rule. Nelson Hultberg, in his revolutionary new book, The Conservative Revolution, explains exactly how a third political party could win and the reasons why one has not won since the days of John C. Fremont. Get a copy at http://www.afr.org and read it carefully.(3)

    And for those of you who don't know how to read, or who don't have the TIME to read, Edwin Vieira and this author have produced a feature film entitled, SPOiLER - How a Third Political Party Could Win. This film is now completed and you can watch it for free at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHQj9wtW3nA or get a DVD of the 2-hour version at http://www.SpoilerUSA.org/single.htm. For the film, I have interviewed MSNBC political analyst, PAT BUCHANAN; author, G. EDWARD GRIFFIN, ex-presidential candidate, CHUCK BALDWIN; pastor and author, PETER LILLBACK; Harvard attorney and constitutional scholar, EDWIN VIEIRA; John Birch Society president, JOHN McMANUS; author, political strategist, NELSON HULTBERG; ShadowStat.com economist, JOHN WILLIAMS; and Senatatorial candidate, JACK ROONEY.

    Ideal Scene:

    WE THE PEOPLE can rise above the factions James Madison and Thomas Jefferson warned us would come: the DemoPublican Party, the CFR, the fiat Banking Cartel and the Monopoly Corporations that now surround us. WE THE PEOPLE can reinstate our Constitution and the universalities we enjoy under the Bill of Rights. America is still great, because its People are still great. They may be asleep, drugged, over-weight, under-sexed, sacrilegious, complacent and/or ignorant at times, but they can still DREAM. They can still THINK and they can still out-PRODUCE any group in the world when they want to. They can create technology and hope, extend justice, lovingly forgive those who have hurt them and even bring the DYING back to life. Certainly they can bring the AMERICAN DREAM back to life -- and who knows, this may someday inspire future generations to colonize new worlds, not worlds across a mere sea, but across a solar system and its host galaxy.

    Ron Paul is now much more than a Congressman. Hopefully he realizes this moment. Hopefully he, and those that advise him, refuse to allow the energy of so many able and concerned Americans to go to waste. THIS World will be watching.


    (1) And shortly after the movie FIAT EMPIRE - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution inspired by the book, The Creature from Jekyll Island and featuring Ted Baehr, G. Edward Griffin, Ron Paul and Edwin Vieira.

    (2) Of course if even 10% of the money that is PISSED on killing and maiming people with weapons and wars were spent on things like stem cell cloning and regenerative therapies, Ron Paul would be able to run in not only the 2012 election, but the 2016 and the 2020 elections as well.

    (3) Then support the CONSERVATIVE AMERICAN PARTY if you agree with its Mission Statement.

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