Some Suggested Solutions

by James Jaeger

We could take back the U.S. Republic if all or part of the following, not necessarily in order, were effectuated:

o Members of Congress that aren't following the Constitution to the letter should be voted out. Since we have no term limits, this has to be an on-going process.

o When enough entrenched congressmen are voted out, we will eventually arrive at a congress that is willing to prove its loyalty to the Constitution over loyalty to its personal careers. This loyalty can only be proven by a self-sacrificing act, the act of enacting term limits. This MUST be done first and done soon, for this one act opens the door for WE THE PEOPLE to regain control over Congress for a multitude of vital legislation that must be enacted, corrected and rescinded.

o If the Constitution outlines the most workable form of government yet devised -- and most political intellectuals agree it is -- things should start slowly improving as the K-Street lobby influence and the revolving-door opportunists taper off and Congress comes back under the control of WE THE PEOPLE.

o Once the Congress is back under control of WE THE PEOPLE, it will be possible to audit the Federal Reserve System. Such audit should include not only the 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks, but its member banks, such as the Goldman Sachs of the industry.

o The "legal tender laws" should be repealed. Since the Constitution authorizes the states to 'make no thing but gold and silver coin a tender in the payment of debts' the Constitution should be amended to give the state no special privilidge of minting the nation's money. The road to debasement of a currency always starts with the bogus claim of the state that only they can be trusted to weigh and mint the currency. Thus this task should be left up to competing private mints. Any mint that produces money of false weight or measurement should simply be subjected to routine fraud laws. No special regulations needed. The only role the federal government should play with respect to the nation's money is to provide a standard size and shape the currency. o Gold and silver coins, minted by private mints, should compete with Federal Reserve Notes. If gold and silver money is superior to paper "bills of credit" it should soon become self-evident as WE THE PEOPLE will turn in our Federal Reserve Notes and start using the gold and silver coins, as well as the "Silver Certificates" and "Gold Certificates." In a free market, unencumbered by laws forcing citizens to use one currency over another ("Legal Tender Laws"), the best currency will rise to the top.

o The weight of currency, in terms of ounces or grams of gold and silver, should be emphasized and the NAME of the currency, such as "dollar," "franc" or "peso" should be de-emphasized. As soon as a nation looses sight of the fact that money is a matter of WEIGHT and not some NAME -- again, such as "dollar," "franc" or "peso" -- that currency is more subject to debasement. Such debasement happens when WEIGHT and redeemability is de-emphasized.

o Banks that do business with fractional reserves ("Fractional Reserve Banking") are basically committing fraud. Neverthless, if the bank discloses the practice and the liabilities of the practice, those who wish to do business with such bank should be permitted to do so. Fractional Reserve Banking means that the bank lends out more money than it has in its vault in the hope that everybody won't accidentally come in one day and withdraw their money. What the banks found out a long time ago is that they could generate much more interest loaning out money that would just sit around -- even doubling up on this money 10-fold. Today almost all Federal Reserve Member banks practice fractional reserve because they have the "Federal Reserve System" to bail them out when their loans go bad. They thus cover each other's backs in the hope that their game of musical chairs can be pulled over the public's eyes and the Ponzi will never crash.

o All taxes should be removed from the purchase, transfer and sale of gold and silver. As long as the government thinks it has a "right" to violate the Constitution by taxing lawful money -- gold and silver coin -- they have a racket. By taxing gold and silver, AND lobbying Congress to enact Legal Tender Laws, the corporate fascists in the banking system have managed to monopolize the nation's currency with unconstitutional money, "bills of credit," also known as Federal Reserve Notes.

o Articles of incorporation should be specific as to the business of the corporation being formed. The language of "and any other lawful business" should not be permitted as it opens the door to conflicts of interest, over-diversification, and the unbridled consolidation that leads to monopoly capitalism. This is part of the reason corporations are able to grow "too big to fail."

o Corporations should not be authorized to purchase or sell the shares of other corporate entities. Although this proposal sounds radical, it would also prevent conflicts of interest, over-diversification, and the unbridled consolidation that leads to monopoly capitalism and "too big to fail." Whenever fuel is over abundant (in the form of stock, money or hydrogen), an entity over expands and eventually explodes. This is true for huge corporations and it's true for stars that have gone supernova.

o Corporations are NOT people. They should therefore not be taxed. A corporation is a "creation of the state" and therefor, for all practical purposes, an extension of the state itself. The state has no business taxing itself as this makes no sense.

o The Sherman anti-Trust laws should be enforced on those corporations that operate in restraint of trade through easy access to fiat money, fractional reserve banking, government bailouts, government partnerships, lobby firms that purchase congressment. Primary candidates for anti-trust legislation are the MPAA studio/distributors, New York media corporations, motion picture conglomerates and the banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve System.

o The burning of fossil fuels should be phased out within 15 years. If petroleum is needed to produce fertilizers, plastics, pharmaceuticals and half of civilization's other products, isn't it stupid to burn it all up?

o The jurisdiction of the Supreme Court should be restricted by Congress under Article III, Section 2 more often. Many citizens don't realize that the Constitution gives them the power to control an "activist" Supreme Court by asking their representatives to invoke Article III, Section 2. This is good news, but depends on WE THE PEOPLE regaining control over our congressional representatives. As discussed herein, to permanently regain this control, we must keep voting out incumbents until we have a House and Senate that is willing to prove their loyalty to their Oath of Office by enacting term limits.

o Pursuant to the Constitution, no body but Congress is authorized to make laws. Therefore, presidential "signing statements," "executive orders," "directives" and Supreme or Appellate Court "presidents" should be given little or no legal authority.

o Just as citizens are required to take and pass drivers license tests and students are required to take and pass exams to enter college, should not citizens, in order to have the privilege of voting, be required to take and pass a test evaluating and assuring their understanding of the U.S. Constitution?

o People that run for U.S. President, Congress or the Supreme Court should be given general scholastic appitude tests to determine what they know and do not know in the sciences and humanities. High government officials should also be required to undergo psychiatric evalutaions to ensure the public they are not sociopaths or psychotic.

o Power and rights should be given back to the States in accordance with the original intent of the Framers. One of the most effective ways to do this would be to repeal the 17th Amendment. When the Founders drafted the Constitution they realized that a "separation of powers" would be necessary to maintain a healthy equilibrium for the nation. In other words, they wanted to maintain a balance of power between the individual States and the Federal government. One of the ways they did this was to allow the State governments to elect the Federal Senators while WE THE PEOPLE elected the Federal Representatives in the House. Unfortunately, various interests that want to strip the States of their power and relegate all power to the Federal government, managed to enact the 17th Amendment. The 17th Amendment, in violation of the original intent of the Founders, now removes the States from an ability to participate in the election of the Federal government, thus, what we are now witnessing today are weaker States often begging the Federal government for funds, funds created out of thin air as unconstitutional fiat currency. A balance must be brought back and States rights must be re-asserted if a federated nation, let alone a true Republic, is to flourish.

o The federal government's role in inter- and intra-state commerce must be reduced or curtailed. It is high-time citizens refuse to permit the Federal government to use the Commerce Clause, as broadly interpreted, if not bastardized, by the Supreme Court, to intervene in almost every aspect of private enterprise and commerce. When the Federal government uses the Commerce Clause to abridge citizens' right to "keep and bear arms" -- as it attempts to do with certain "gun control" laws -- this should be a clarion call for serious change.

o The federal government has no right to be in our stomachs or bedrooms. The Constitution limits invasions of privacy and unreasonable searches. Therefore drugs and prostitution should be de-criminalized. The failed Nixon "war on drugs" should be wound down and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) defunded and abolished. The endless billions allocated to the police state in the name of search and punishment of "vice" should be re-allocated to research, education and rehabilitation. The outrageous prison-industrial system, a government-abetted racket which monopoly-capitalists and corporate fascists have erected, should be defunded and dismantled. When the "Land of the free" has more prisoners than any country in the rest of the world, something is DIABOLICALLY wrong!

o Government should be transparent. Neither the federal, or state, governments should be permitted to confiscate citizens' money through taxation and/or loans and then allocate it secretly under the banner of "national security." The cry of "national security" can all too easily be abused. No more than 1% of the national budget should be allocated under the banner of "national security." It takes VERY little omitted, hidden or so-called "classified data" to render a sophisticated weapons system, or ANY (computerized) technology completely incomprehensible and almost impossible to reverse-engineer. Probably far less than 1%. Thus American citizens should almost NEVER tolerate the cry of "national security" from thugs with guns that seek to subjugate WE THE PEOPLE with false military imperatives designed to garner them elite status and endless appropriations.

o The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) should be defunded and abolished. It is a redundant, unnecessary, dangerous and embarrassing Federal add-on, an add-on created by neocons under the pretense of a probable false flag "war of terror." The FBI was established to do the job of the DHS and there is no reason they cannot be properly supplied and trained to do such job. Excuses to the contrary, and demands for funds, are usually heard from statists that use "national emergencies" and war to expand the government, and their own fiefdoms.

o The purpose of the CIA is to keep an eye on what the rest of the world is doing: NOT covertly interact with it. When the CIA covertly interacts with other country's governments, people or resources, WE THE PEOPLE have no understanding, or control, of what is being done in our name. Such a by-pass of WE THE PEOPLE causes conflicts and blowback, as we saw on 9-11.

o The source of "terrorism" must be removed, not just cosmetically addressed. Terrorism is caused by the escalating interventionist nature of U.S. foreign policy, not because "they're Muslims that hate us." Most of the 737 military bases the U.S. has around the world are situated to protect "U.S. interests." The term "U.S. interests" means resources, mostly oil resources. If we have NOT hit "peak oil," then you would probably NOT see an escalation of U.S. military bases around existing oil fields and transportation routes as intensively as we do. The so-called "War on Terror" provides a nice little coverup for a multitude of nasty realities, no? See COLLAPSE and "you decide."

o Given that we are on the "bumpy plateau" of "peak oil," a substitute for petroleum must be engineered as soon as possible otherwise as many as 4.5 billion people around the world will die out. That's the bad news. The good news is: the largest most profitable corporation on Earth is working on a solution. ExxonMobile is working on algae that can be genetically-engineered to function like petroleum but without the nasty by-products of carbon dioxide and other compounds. There is no way the Seven Sisters are going to miss out on the next liquid fuel revolution.

o The U.S. military-industrial-complex, in order to survive, must re-allocate its efforts from the production of military hardware, arsenals and operations and into the creation of a liquid-fuel alternative for oil, coal and natural gas. Simultaneously, the US military must withdraw from the Middle East so that the risks of conflicts, wars and/or terrorism are reduced concomitantly with its re-allocation efforts.

o The invasive, if not tyrannical, Patriot Act must be rescinded or seriously de-fanged. Since the false flag "war on terror" is, by definition, a bogus war, the Patriot Act is a bogus Act. The Patriot Act was passed in the heat emergency and without proper review of the American citizens' representatives. It has consequentially opened the door to all manner of un-American activities and civil rights abuses. In the last analysis, the Patriot Act serves, or gives the impression of serving, the interests of a power elite attempting to establish a totalitarian government under the banner of the UN.

o The U.S. must bow out of the UN. Compliance with UN resolutions and/or the UN Security Council present a direct conflict of interest with the U.S. Constitution, in particular the U.S. Congresses responsibility for declaring war. Every one of the past four or five wars the US has been involved with (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq I, Iraq II and Afghanistan) was illegal under Constitutional law because none of them were declared by a U.S. Congress. Count on it, the longer we stay in the UN, the longer we will be involved in "entangling alliances" and "unjust wars."

o The U.S. should also bow out of NATO. This would enable it to cut the military budget by 25 to 50 percent. The U.S. should cease protecting all rebuilt and mature countries that are capable of providing their own protection and it should withdraw forces from sensitive holy lands in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East.

o Congress has no authority to fund Para-military outfits like Blackwater to provide non-citizen security. This is an evasion of responsibility and a dereliction of its duty. The Constitution provides for the "militia of the several states" where each state is expected to maintain a citizen militia of able-bodied men and women. Such are supposed to be trained and participate in defending their areas, and their country if called upon by the President of the U.S. The militia of the several states should be revitalized per the Second Amendment and all standing armies defunded and disbanded. See http://www.mecfilms.com/mid/movies/oi/clip5.wmv for more information on this topic.

o Nowhere in the Constitution is the welfare state -- ushered in by Roosevelt's NEW DEAL or Johnson's GREAT SOCIETY -- authorized. Therefore, social security, Medicare and Medicaid should be phased out. The current so-called Obama Care should also be phased out or never allowed to take root. The U.S. government has no business in the health care business or providing support to citizens that can't "make it." Citizens "can't make it" on their own because government at the federal, state and local levels now suck up 49% of the gross domestic product. In short, government is in competition with YOUR wherewithal to survive. Government-provided benefits are a self-fulfilling prophesy as they ultimately reduce the GENERAL WELFARE of the nation so that WE THE PEOPLE become increasingly dependent on the state, thus allowing private charity and individual health to atrophy.

o The national budget needs to be DEFINED, not ALLOCATED. There are two ways to budget money: Method I and Method II. Under Method I one starts with a LUMP SUM of money and allocates it in accordance with certain re-established PERCENTAGES, percentages established upon certain priorities or an allocation philosophy. Under Method II, one simply sees what everyone wants and then ADDS UP what everything comes to. Any shortfall is then borrowed. Not surprisingly, greedy government contractors, bankers and special interest groups like Method II, however, prudent financers and taxpayers like Method I. Method I should be used and Method II phased out as the raving desires of lunatic scumbags and opportunists as Method II is poor financial management and always leads to debt, depression and insolvency. See the BOOK OF BUDGETS

o The Federal Reserve System should not be permitted to expand the money supply by any more than 4% per year. This expansion should be slowly reduced to 3%, 2%, 1% and then zero percent at which time the Federal Reserve Act should be rescinded.

o Citizens should consistently vote out any congressmen that permit bailouts, stimulus plans or so-called quantitative easing. It is not the government's job to "stimulate the economy," "provide jobs," "bailout companies that are too-big-to fail," "adjust interest rates" or "expand the money supply." It is the free market's job to do all of these things. The multi-trillion dollar government parasite that sits on all of our backs prevents the free market from doing its job. The multi-trillion dollar gov parasite preempts resources of the citizenry. The multi-trillion dollar gov parasite preempts savings and investment capital in the society. The multi-trillion dollar gov parasite takes citizens' possessions and income at gun-point and re-distributes them to others as it sees fit.

o The U.S. should impose value added taxes and/or tariffs on any nation that imposes them on U.S. exports. This simple act would cause "free" trade to become "fair" trade. Apologists of globalization would LIKE to devalue the dollar, so foreign countries can more easily milk the U.S. market. So foil their game by strengthening the dollar through protectionist tariffs. The moment of globalization has come and gone. It's now time to once again ISOLATE the United States from the exploitation of the rest of the world until we repaired the damage done by Cultural Marxists and Corporate Fascists. See http://www.MoviePubs.net

o American corporations that start in the U.S. and then move all or part of their operations off-shore should be charged a "mentor tax" on all goods they attempt to sell back to their mentoring nation, i.e., the U.S. This simple tariff would curtail the Benedict Arnold CEOs lust to sell out their American workers and help repair the manufacturing base they have destroyed in the name of "free-enterprises capitalism." There's was not free-enterprise capitalism, but monopoly capitalism or mercantilism.

o The U.S. corporate income tax should be reduced to levels competitive with other nation's rates and there should be no taxes on capital gains or inheritance. Why should the U.S. have some of the highest taxes in the world and an insane system of deductions that opens the door to endless tax-accounting expenses, legal expenses, fraud, special favors and threats from IRS agents?

o The PROGRESSIVENESS of the income tax should be removed. In a land that proclaims equality, how is it fair and balanced that some citizens have to pay taxes at a rate of 35% while others get to pay at a rate of 20%, 10%, 5% and even zero percent?!

o An equal, flat tax rate should be levied, compliance greatly simplified and the IRS eventually minimized or disbanded.

o Commercial banks should not be allowed to transact stock or other equities.

o Trust banks should not be allowed to practice commercial banking or insurance.

o Insurance companies should not be permitted to practice commercial banking or brokerage.

o Brokerage houses should not be permitted to practice commercial banking.

o As discussed above, when articles of incorporation allow financial entities, or any company for that matter, to wily-nilly engage in all manner of profit-seeking businesses at the same time, the investors, stockholders, management, employees and consumers are inevitably going to be confused and ultimately damaged. A perfect example is a bank selling stock. Selling stock is high-risk speculation of capital whereas banking is supposed to provide high-level security for capital. Corporate charters that allow the same entity to engage in both activities are promoting conflicts of interest at the least, and a potential bailout or bankruptcy at the worst.

o If business insists on comprehensive lassez-faire (government keeps hands off), THEN businesses that fail MUST be permitted to go bankrupt without any possibility of government bailout, directly or indirectly, overtly or covertly. Accordingly, all of the money that was given to bail out the Wall Street banks and AIG should be immediately given back to the taxpayers with interest, and all of the banks and AIG should be permitted to fail, even if it crashes the entire world financial system. A crash of the entire world financial system would not be a bad thing. It would only be a "bad" thing for the plutocracy, rogue politicians and corporate fascists that have hijacked the productivity of the world's citizens in the trap known as "globalization." With the advent of PEAK OIL it is inevitable that globalization will end. As globalization winds down, you can expect the power elite to attempt to destroy the dollar so that they can profit on exports to the US market.

o States have no business participating in, or regulating the gambling business, nor do they have any business participating in the revenue stream generated by cigarettes, alcohol or any mind-altering, recreational drug or substance (or prostitution if de-criminalized). When a government taxes vice, it is a profit participant of vice and thus has a vested interest in sustaining, and even promoting, vice in society, overtly or covertly, directly or indirectly.

o The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) founded by Nixon -- the same criminal who opened and encouraged trade with a Communist country; axed the lunar space program, defaulted on U.S. promises by closing the "gold window" and broke into the Watergate Hotel in order to spy on his political opponents -- should be abolished. This agency has never won any "war on drugs" and has done nothing but stock the world's largest penitentiary system with relatively innocent citizens.

o Anti-trust laws should be applied to the major studios and the consolidated corporate media in order to break them up. It is unacceptable that almost all the news comes from six conglomerates. In such a system there can be no news at all, only news speak. It is unacceptable that the cultural Marxists in the media and cinema be permitted to indoctrinate entire populations with social, cultural and political propaganda. Violence that passes for movie and game "entertainment" is destroying the sensibilities of an entire generation of children. The CEOs, boards and major stockholders that profit off this war on traditional values should be identified and marginalized.

o Insurance companies should not be permitted to reimburse for any sickness caused by over-eating obesity or drugs, whether legal or illegal, or reckless behavior, such as behavior in connection with committing crimes, drunkenness, extreme sports, such as sky-diving or bungee-jumping.

o There should be no restrictions on insurance companies selling across state lines. What despotic creature concocted this assault against free-enterprise capitalism?

o The LEGAL profession, the CLERGY, the BANKING profession and the MEDICAL professions should all be non-profit industries. There is something wrong with people who enter these industries in order to profit from the confusion, fear, ambitions and sickness of their fellow citizens. Such non-profit status should be on a volitional, moralistic basis.

o All congresses, at the state and federal levels, should be equal parts male and female in representation. Why should women, who comprise about 50% of the population, be excused from representative self-government?

o Torture and the death penalty should be banned on the grounds that such are immoral, ineffective and cruel and unusual punishment. The entire "punishment" system should be rethought by an enlightened society and phased out. It should be replaced by a system that accentuates education, counseling, training and preventive health. Medication and operations should be should be used only as last resorts. The current draconian system of punishment, fines, jail and torture is not acceptable in a civilization that is beginning to better recognize and differentiate the effects of heredity and environment.

o The no-bid and cost-plus contracting systems used by the U.S. government in the military-industrial-complex should be curtailed. Contracts offered by government agencies, whether federal, state or local, should be subject to public auction and broadcast on Internet TV with names, office, terms and contacting particulars. Citizens should be able to see where their tax dollars are being spent and who is spending them in real-time.

o Any government document (law, letter, form, chart, website or communication) should be simple and readable. By actual test on random citizens, any government document (law, letter, form, chart, website or communication) that is found to be incomprehensible by 75% or more people should be tracked back to the exact author (lawyer, paralegal, officer, office assistant, aide or congressman) who wrote the document and such author should be fined and/or expelled from office. Government documents that are overly lengthy, unclearly written or onerous should be declared "obfuscation of public business," "attempted fraud" and/or "contempt of transparency."

o At least 50% of all the laws on the books (federal, state and local) should be consolidated or abolished. Any law that is physically written by any person who is not the specific elected official responsible for introducing or enacting that law should be deemed null and void. This means it should be illegal for lobbyists or corporate lawyers to write laws. All laws and public documents should carry an exact history of WHO wrote them and WHEN as well as an attestation that such document was actually written by the legislator himself. Citizens cannot be expected to understand, let alone obey, laws that were not directly authored by their elected representatives. Any congressman that does not have the time or the ability to physically draft his own legislation is not qualified to be a legislator. Such has no business making the laws of the nation or representing the citizens who are demanding such laws through the voting process.

o The U.S. prison system needs to be seriously downsized or readied for members of the Federal Reserve System, their cohorts and cronies in Congress, top revolving-door executives on K-Street, board members and major stockholders of Benedict Arnold multinationals who are guilty of participating in the debasement of the currency; lobbying for special interests; outsourcing the U.S. manufacturing base; indulging in unjust enrichment at taxpayer expense; using the mass media to hide and propagandize the public; conspiring to monopolize the major political parties; indoctrinating children in government schools; subjecting the culture to cultural Marxism; and worse of all, perverting the principles embodied in the U.S. Constitution.


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