Making Documentaries They Will Hate
by James Jaeger

People have asked, how did you get into documentary filmmaking? What is your procedure and methodology? Do you make movies for "customers whose viewpoints represent other points of view"? Allow me to address these questions.

First of all, I don't make documentaries to "make money". I make documentaries to stir up PIG-SUMERS (i.e., Americans that are ignorant of and/or do not apply their Constitution). It follows that if a mainstream, corporate fascist distributor carried one of my documentaries, it would be a cue to me that such documentary was a failing piece of shit only suitable for the mass consumption of PIG-SUMERS. Understandably, such distributors will only "carry" documentaries that their PIG-SUMERS will buy so THEY can "make money" -- regardless of what damage the films they "distribute" will do.

I don't want to make documentaries that PIG-SUMERS will "like". If PIG-SUMERS "like" my documentaries, then it must be because I'm telling them that it's okay to continue to be a PIG-CONSUMER; and it's okay to continue to thwart the precepts in the Constitution that advise against PIG-CONSUMERISM and the big government that promotes and lives off it.

Thus, in short, I do my best to make documentaries that PIG-SUMERS don't LIKE. I do my best to make documentaries that ignorant, lazy and arrogant people, people that take the Constitution for granted, don't like. If we have a nation of citizens that decade after decade vote for congressmen that are funded by corporate fascists and other multinationals, then we no longer have a SELF-governing nation, but a CORPORATE-governing nation. Such a country is thus configured to PIG-SUMERISM. Such a country is configured by PIG-SUMERS that won't like documentaries telling them that they're PIG-SUMERS because it violates their holy Pig Consumer Bible. Another item that violates their Pig Consumer Bible is CAUSING change, as only ADVOCATING change is acceptable. The PROOF of this is the FACT that the PIG-SUMERS have been flip-flopping between the same two political parties -- the Democrats and the Republicans -- for about a century now. I don't LIKE this, neither do increasing millions of Libertarians and moderate conservatives. This is why we are producing a new documentary called SPOiLER - How the Tea Party Revolution Could Succeed (narration and trailer here). We could just as easily title this documentary: SPOiLER -Why the Pig Consumers in the Democratic and Republican Parties will Hate this Documentary Because it Violates their Pig Consumer Bible and Forces them to Re-think their Political Philosophies.

Procedure and Methodology:

Thus I make documentary films because I see our country ignoring or under valuing the U.S. Constitution: I see PIG-SUMERS ignoring the philosophy of government set forth by the Framers.

If I were to make documentaries for people so that I could promote other points of view -- and these points of view are PIG-SUMER POVs (POVs that don't acknowledge the benefits of small, laissez-faire government and free-enterprise capitalism that is responsible to the community), this would not be very wise, would it? Granted, MY ignorant point of view, and/or the points of view of those in my films, are not necessarily 100% correct, but I believe such views are MORE correct than the PIG-SUMER point of view. For instance, the current PIG-SUMER society is pushing debt, imported Walmart-type consumption, pro-NAFTA job displacement policies, fiat currency, endless regulation/laws and, worst of all, KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS, the pig-debt, economic system of the universe, promoted by mainstream media, PIG-SUMER economists like Richard Quest, Paul Krugman and Ben Bernanke.

The Liabilities of Inflation:

Quest, for instance, is on mainstream media (CNN) this morning propagandizing the evils of DEFLATION. He says that deflation is worse than inflation, a typical Keynesian, PIG-SUMER claim. Why is deflation bad, Quest is asked by idiot-pundit, Lex Harris? "It's bad because people will wait too long before purchasing ... they won't purchase anything in anticipation of lower prices next week." This idea Quest is promulgating (actually a dangerous meme) came from an article written by Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke. But Quest's denouncement of deflation fails to take a number of things into account, such things more fully explicated in an article entitled AND WHAT'S WRONG WITH DEFLATION?. In short, what Quest fails to mention about deflation is that deflation, falling prices, shows that civilization on the whole -- not just elite bankers -- is becoming more prosperous. It means that the purchasing power of money is rising, and the marginal cost of production is falling. In other words, every next product created by the Human Race is easier to create than the last such product, because, every day the Human Race becomes more experienced and more intelligent. Inflation -- the bankers dream -- on the other hand, means that the purchasing power of money is constantly headed towards ZERO while the banker (and his cronies) get to use their bogus money to "buy" up all of the products the rest of us sweat to make. Thus, with every additional dollar bill that's printed up and flooded into the world's economy by the banksters, all the rest of the dollar bills become that much more worthless. The power of these dollars to purchase PRODUCTS approaches ZERO -- nothing, nada. The calculus of the banker's wet-dream economy is an economy where "money" will eventually loose ALL of its value. This is not just opinion and mathematical fact, it's history. All money put out by a Federal Reserve-type central bank -- the one Ben Bernanke runs and Quest- and Krugman-types live off of -- will eventually end in hyperinflation and/or a total destruction of the currency or world economy.

The Merits of Deflation:

Deflation, on the other hand, is good. Deflation means that -- as the civilization continues to produce products -- it becomes technologically MORE able to produce MORE products, such products in greater abundance, quality and viability. If products are thus produced in greater abundance, it will take FEWER dollar bills (Federal Reserve Notes) to purchase a given product. This means that each dollar will have GREATER purchasing power. You will see this manifest as a "lower price" for the products you purchase. To the feigned horror of the Keynesian economist pushing fiat currency, the price reduction -- deflation -- will NOT be bad for society: it will be good for society. Here is why, and here is what Quest, and all other apologists for inflation and fiat-issuing central banks FAIL to mention: consumers, especially PIG-SUMERS will NOT wait until "next" week to purchase a give product on the expectation that it will be cheaper. They're PIGS, they WANT it NOW! Not that YOU are necessarily a PIG-SUMER, but did YOU wait for 10 years to buy a computer, larger TV or DVD player? Of course not. You simply got out there and made a purchase, knowing fully well that computerization and technology will constantly DEFLATE the price of future electronics? You knew that if you decided to wait for 10 years to buy a computer, most of your competition would get ahead of you. You knew that if you decided to wait 10 years to buy a larger TV, most of your friends would get to watch the Science Channel and History Channel in wide screen and thus their kids would be more educated. You knew that if you decided to wait 10 years to buy that DVD player, eventually VHS tapes would be phased out and you would not be able to watch current releases.

But most of all, you knew that when prices are universally decreasing, you will ALWAYS be able to buy that new computer, TV and media player at a lower price. What's more, every new generation of computer, TV and media player is technologically superior. This is not only true for consumer electronics, but cars, houses and suspension bridges. Why is this true? It's true because human know-how increases and the aggragate number of products and tools in the world have increased. But there is another thing Quest, Krugman and Bernanke will always fail to mention: PRODUCTS and SERVICES are not the same thing, yet classical economics usually treats them as the same.

Products & Services, Two Different Things:

PRODUCTS are things that humans make, directly and indirectly with TOOLS.

TOOLS are PRODUCTS which leverage human services.

SERVICES are manipulations of PRODUCTS and TOOLS in time and space by Humans.

TOOLS are PRODUCTS that create NON-Human SERVICES.

PRODUCTS are essentially unlimited resources because the Universe is unlimited. But SERVICES are limited resources, because each human is limited to an 80-some year lifespan.

But, as Humans live longer and gain more knowledge and/or experience (in using TOOLS), the VALUE of his or her SERVICES will naturally increase. This is even truer on the macroeconomic level. In other words, as the Human race gains more experience ("technology") and lives longer ("longevity") the SERVICES it performs become more valuable whereas the increasing number of PRODUCTS it creates become LESS valuable, per unit. THIS is the sole reason the power elites wage perpetual wars: to reverse this fundamental propensity of the Universe to THEIR advantage. In other words, to destroy productivity and PRODUCTS so that such do not geometrically escalate and thus cause runaway hyper-deflation. Were this to happen, the entire world would be flooded with useful PRODUCTS rather than useless PAPER CURRENCY. Central banks would thus no longer have sufficient "justification" to print endless fiat currency with which they can rob the World's people of their PRODUCTS, SERVICES, LABOR and accumulated TOOLS.

As technology and cheap labor in desperately over-populated countries make it more possible to create more products, the parasitic banking community prints up excess fiat money (inflates the money supply) to capture this excess productivity. In other words, fiat-currency inflation permits the confiscation of wealth and human energy by covert means.

If the money supply is held constant, each unit of money will gain purchasing power. Since Humans create products automatically as part of their NATURE, the production of Humans has nothing to do with "money." In the absense of money, Humans will still create products. They will still trade with each other and barter. The invention of money has nothing to do with Human productivity, it only has a purpose of unjust enrichment for the elite and as a means of curbing runaway production, production that would foster technology for the infinite expansion of the Human species into the universe. When products become abundant due to technology, they "cost" less (require fewer units of money to purchase). Bankers are thus less "justified" in creating MORE money. When bankers create less money, they have less money with which they can practice "fractional reserve banking" -- the insitutionalized practice of embezzeling money off assets that do not exist. With less fractional reserve banking, it becomes more difficult to facilitate and promote malinvestment -- the insitutionalized profeteering off the misfortune of bankruptsy by predatory tax-sale certificate lawyers, investors and banks. With less malinvestment, fewer defaults will occur, thus less profiteering opportunities are available. With fewer defaults, the banking community has fewer (choice) proceeds of civilization (i.e., "valuable final products") to confiscate by means of default and bankruptsy for their own accounts, their families, friends, associates and hookers. It's as simple as that: deflation means wealth to the masses and normalcy for the elites, especially the banking class and their accomplices in the state. When the marginal cost of every product created by world civilization decreases, and labor (services)remains stable or slightly increases (due to tools, experience and intelligence increases), THIS calculus will lead to a world with i. endless production of ever higher quality products; ii. little or no war; and finally, iii. a breach of the planetary quarantine Humanity now finds itself in as a result of the inhibition and perversion of its ability to explore and colonize space, starting with the unimaginably vast amount of resources in the Solar System, not to mention the rest of the fucking Universe. In other words: Quest, Krugman, Bernanke and Keynes-type mentalities will have you believe that you must remain trapped here on a tiny little, resource-limited planet as a PIG-SUMER in a meat body fighting endless wars to destroy or counter the Human productivity that inevitably leads to universal wealth and the destruction of socio-economic stratification.

Thus, is there any doubt as to why the Fed wants people to be indoctrinated to reject DEFLATION and embrace INFLATION as the desirable, philosophic "norm"? If such were not burned into the public's mind -- through constant corporate media indoctrination -- the government public school system, and bogus economists, experts and pundits in the media -- Keynesian economics would fade from application to the economy and Austrian economics would be the order of the day. Debt -- with all its horrors for the citizen and glories for the elite bankers -- would cease to exist. Keynesian economics, the economic theory that states that the best thing a government can do is borrow endless money and then use this to endlessly "stimulate" the economy (i.e., create demand by spending "money" that does not really exist) is the only viable methodology for a mature civilization. The entire welfare-warfare state -- fostered by the New Deal and the Great Society -- is thus built on the principle of infinite PIG-SUMERISM fueled by perpetual debt-backed, fiat currency. In other words, the modern-day world economic system is nothing more than a massive, global Ponzi scheme, a Ponzi that works inter-generationally so it can obfuscate its nefarious machinations. Thus, by the time you and/or your children or grandchildren figure out how the bankers have screwed you, you and all/many of the others will be dead or too old to do anything about it.

This is the plan apologists of INFLATION have for you. This is why apologists of inflation, fiat currency, elastic currency and central banking go into sweating horror-fits every time the word DEFLATION is uttered. This is their kingdom, their criminalhood, the only thing that allows them to be ostensibly different from the masses. Were they not able to keep INFLATING the money supply (with so-called money printed out of thin air by the Federal Reserve System, how would they be able to lend money to their buddies in Congress? How would they be able to finance the government's military-industrial-banking complex so it can invade other countries for oil and park itself around Israel to ward off the 1.5 billion Muslims that place pressure on the Zionist state. How would the military-industrial-banking complex be able to keep the population under control by bribing them with endless entitlements, welfare, stimulus plans and special privileges if it did not have the hidden tax of inflation to finance its (covert) operations?

Given these realities, the PIG-SUMERS -- egged on by MEAT HEADS in SUITS from the corporatocracy -- never realize that the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) stat measures the WRONG quantity. It measures CONSUMPTION when it should measure PRODUCTION. This is why we are a nation of pig-CONSUMERS and no longer a nation of able-PRODUCERS. You get what you measure. If one doesn't statisize in the direction of the IDEAL SCENE, you get some OTHER SCENE. If one really wants to dig their way out of an economic debacle, become a nation of PRODUCERS, not a nation of CONSUMERS. Attempting to assign a dollar amount to either the gross national product or the gross national consumption is unworkable. The reason it's unworkable is because the value of the dollar keeps changing. The more the money base is inflated, the less valuable each unit of money becomes. What one wants to measure therefore is the NUMBER of items produced, not the "value" of these items measured in variant terms. How many houses were produced last year? How many cars were produced? How many toastpoppers?

"Proper" Documentary Subjects:

The proper subject for a documentary film to explore therefore is one that the mainstream New York media and the Hollywood-based motion picture industry would NEVER finance or distribute. By definition: if they are part of the problem, why would they finance a documentary that targets them AS part of that problem? Thus we can see an axiom of all documentary films, at least documentary films that are attempting to illustrate some real or imagined non-optimum situation in society. CHANGE CAN ONLY HAPPEN EXTERIOR TO THE DOMINANT SYSTEM, BECAUSE THE DOMINANT SYSTEM IS ALREADY USING ALL ITS ENERGY AND RESOURCES TO PERPETUATE ITSELF. This is why it's impossible for a Human Being to self-audit himself and effectuate a personality change. Thus, by definition any documentary put out by the Establishment that purports change is really an instrument of status quo propaganda -- no matter how well camouflaged it is by its paid, traitor-filmmaker employees. Remember, Leni Riefenstahl worked for the Nazi state. Today's corporate-Establishment "filmmakers" are no different.

Most Libertarians, and increasing numbers of conservatives and liberals, reject the Keynesian economics promoted by mainstream media and butt-kissing darling filmmakers of the Establishment, like Michael Moore and Ken Burns. THIS is the news! The "news" is that there IS no news in the "news." THIS is what documentaries, real documentaries, routinely confront and should be celebrating. Austrian economics -- as developed by Von Misses, Hayek, early Rothbard and promoted by Ron Paul -- is the news. Hear that O'Reilly? Hear that Beck? Hear that Obermann? Hear that Maddow? The mainstream media and mainstream studio/distributors do NOT deal in news: they deal in status quo. They deal in the status quo that brought them to power. They have put the boots of power on but they walk nowhere new. Keynesian economics and fiat currency are the reasons we are all in this terrible depression at this time, yet no one in the mainstream media walks around in these boots. The corporate-infested, cultural Marxist-infested media and its lapdog political parties -- the Dems and GOP -- will always fail to discuss this, and so even will the likes of Glenn Beck and Bill O Reilly, for these patriots can only go so far before they too will be axed, as happened to Bill Maher on the Left and Lou Dobbs on the Right.

If those of us who find greater merit in Austrian economics are correct, and this economic philosophy is more widely applied, you can expect economic relief to happen very quickly. The economy will collapse, and then it must be quickly rebuilt before the American and world infrastructures rust away. This means -- after peak oil is fully acknowledged -- we must force/encourage the major oil companies to release the genetically-engineered petroleum substitute (or algae fuel) which they have been developing since at least 1985. To generate electricity, the cold fusion technology that has finally been vindicated after a decade of peer-review fighting, must be quickly deployed. If the major corporations do not release these technologies, start up companies will and must fill the void by any means possible. Microsoft did this to IBM, thankfully. These are all subjects for documentary films, films that will never be financed or distributed by the current Nazi media in New York or Hollywood.

Lastly, the states of the small "u", united States must "revolt" against the current, anti-Constitutional position of the Federal government and its policy of maintaining a monopoly on the currency. The U.S. Constitution makes it quite clear in Article I that "no state shall make any THING but gold and silver coin a tender in the payment of debts." This means that only the states SHOULD and CAN legally issue money. Therefore, the states should issue their own currency -- modeled after the size and look of the Federal Reserve Note. Such currency should be redeemable in gold and silver, as the Constitution stipulates. This will create a redundant monetary system, a competing monetary system. If the Federal Reserve Note is so great, let's see if it can stand up, man-to-man, in a little competition with a Gold Backed Note. Or is competition a sin, as robber baron John D. Rockefeller used to say while he partnered with the Nazis and set up the modern pharmaceutical industry that now drugs half the world's population into apathy and inaction.

A competing system of money as an alternative is prudent in case the fiat money issued illegally by the Federal Reserve System collapses or goes into "hyper-inflation." Right now the mainstream media has the public's attention riveted to the trivia of the "ground zero Mosque" debate while the world is running out of oil and the global financial system is continuing into meltdown. We have seen this modus operandi before. While the lumpin, PIG-SUMERS had their attention on Bill Clinton's cock getting sucked in the White House, Osama bin Laden (and his buddies in intelligence agencies all over the U.S., Israel, Pakistan and Saudi Arabian) was prepping jets to fly them into buildings for the most massive false flag operation the world has ever known. Such an operation is a physiognomy of the desperation of power elite feels about Peak Oil, their own demise and the possible gigadeath it may cause if the world does not solve at least two problems: Earth's Money Problem and Earth's Energy Problem. Both are ENERGY problems for today's global "money" is backed NOT by gold, silver or faith and credit worthiness of government, but by oil.

Yes, relief is what people are concerned about. Thus if one makes a documentary film and it addresses what people are concerned about, it has a good chance of selling, by at least word-of-mouth. But, in order to find out what people are concerned about, one has to do a little research, a little data and situation analysis. However, in order to do such an analysis, one cannot just selectively accept data. One has to watch mainstream media as much as so-called fringe media constantly. One has to read books written by authors known to be on the "Left" as well as authors on the "Right." One has to read brilliant peer-reviewed papers and articles in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN and FOREIGN AFFAIRS and they have to read the papers and articles published by "wingnuts" and "extremists" on the Internet as well as people not fortunate enough, or well connected enough, to be published in the "mainstream." Also, what's the point of doing all this research if you don't write up your understanding(s) of what was said or learned and then put it out for feedback and argument by email? As many of you know, I do this all the time, and, as a result I am constantly (though less over the years) getting cussed out and threatened by ignorant and selfish people to "REMOVE ME from this email list."(1) When one is "selling" little more than an invitation for an email recipient to join the public discourse -- and such recipients reveal their SPAMAPHOBIA, as described by Indiana Senate candidate, Jack Rooney -- the rational citizen may agree that such people have no business living here and enjoying the fruits of our self-governing, American democracy. Such people are ignorant and irresponsible and would probably be happier living in Europe, Communist China or Greenland.

The business and philosophies of society, its government and socio-economic systems, should be in constant email discussion and debate by a People that claims to desire "self-government" and freedom. Such discussion should happen not only by email, but by endlessly discussions and arguments over the newly available VOIP phone system (such as Magic Jack or VOIPYOURLIFE.COM), in person and via art-forms, such as film, theater, books and art exhibits. Since politics, economics, sociology and even history are not exact sciences, the principles of positivism -- experience, empiricism and scientific method -- cannot be fully relied upon. INTUITION and REASON must thus supplement EXPERIENCE. This is why it's vital to observe and assimilate ALL data-flows when attempting to evaluate the humanities, especially history, because you can be reasonably certain that the "history" you were taught in some government-financed school in some particular "country" has some serious flaws.(2) In short, if you just watch FOX, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or NBC or rely on the HISTORY channel: you are in trouble.

After watching, reading and screaming about everything you can, use your INTUITION and REASON to formulate a theory (and EVERYTHING in the humanities IS a theory) defining the problem and then communicate this clearly to the public by means of a documentary film. At the end of the documentary, suggest books that outline proposed solutions. In my opinion, the written word can best deliver solutions whereas the cinematic image can best describe the problems to be addressed. Thus both filmmakers AND writers should be deployed and the combination of their respective and collective work can elevate them from the often underserved label of "doomsayer," "fear monger," "merchant of chaos" or cynic.

Evolving Knowledge and Situation Analysis:

Lastly, if you go to JAEGER RESEARCH INSTITUTE at http://www.JaegerResearchInstitute.org you will see many articles I have written and articles written by others. At the end of all of my articles, you will see the date of origination. You will also see a running log of revisions and supplements and the date of each. What this means is, as new and better information comes across my plate, I do my best to update and correct these articles. As time proceeds, hopefully both the problems and solutions evolve into better focus. At some point, my associates and I feel the problems and solutions are in good enough focus to present them in a movie and book.

That's my current understanding of documentary filmmaking and how we proceed. Hope this helps explain our procedure and give other documentary filmmakers and authors something to think about.(3)

Originated: 21 August 2010
Revised: 29 November 2011


(1) I keep all these emails for future reference in my PTS file.

(2) Watch a series called THE TUDORS put out by Showtime and available on Netflix. This is an excellent series that dramatizes the insanity and lust of King Henry VIII and the Protestant "Reformation". For those who are unaware that, throughout most of history oligarchies -- with kings like Henry VIII -- have been the dominant form of government: watch a documentary called OVERVIEW OF AMERICA. In other words, kings and dictators like to endlessly fuck and chop-off people's heads. THIS is the basic history of government on this planet: a specially privileged class of humans take over the weapons of some given area (a "country") and use those weapons to exploit and ward off the masses while they endlessly fuck and chop heads in luxury in the name of God or the God of Altruism, as proposed by Auguste Comte. I will assure you, if you like sex and killing people -- and what FAT CONSUMER -- doesn't, you will love THE TUDORS.

(3) As some/many of you know, I have been engaged in the activity of making narrative dramatic movies since 1962, professionally since about 1974 and in business as Matrixx Productions since 1981. In all these years, many of them spent in Hollywood, I have been starving and unfulfilled. In other words, I have not been in the right place at the right time; and/or I have not personally had the correct talent and/or ability when needed; and/or I have not come from the right religious, political, ethnic and/or socio-economic background. I have, however, finally made peace with these realities.

I have come to the conclusion that I should not blame anyone other than myself for my failures or successes. That realized, I have also come to accept my late father's position on narrative dramatic movies: that making such is a relatively frivolous pursuit. Given that my late father was a psychiatrist and neurologist, I guess I can see the point that making GONE WITH THE WIND or AVATAR is a relatively frivolous pursuit when compared with the ability to open a person's head and repair their brain -- as my late grandfather used to do 3 or 4 times a week at Jefferson. But my late grandfather used to do more than this, he filmed his brain operations in 16mm color film. He produced the first widely distributed series of medical training documentaries ever. Thus, when I was a teenager, I was not only exposed to these films, I was able to watch an operation at my grandfather's side as he went into a patient's head and removed a life-threatening tumor.

At one point, my late grandfather was the only neurosurgeon west of the Mississippi River. Since World War II had created thousands of veterans who were seriously damaged, thousand of these war victims fell under my grandfather's care. In fact, so sever was the situation, the U.S. government ordered my grandfather to stay in Denver and keep handling the carnage as best he could. But with endless hundreds constantly coming in, the task was overwhelming. My grandfather thus got the idea to train others by means of documentary films. Eventually I will place some of these films on the HOME VIDEO NETWORK and at JAEGER RESEARCH INSTITUTE. Film and video are great tools. Whether one wants to train fellow physicians or provide relief from the drudgeries of life, the cinematic image is mostly an asset to Humanity.

As time went on and I got to know my late grandfather, I began to sense that he was becoming more and more interested in making movies and in photography. He used to give me endless little lessons on cameras and the principles of cinematography at his home in Villanova, Pennsylvania, where he later moved after retiring. I could see a passion for film growing. This, combined with the fact that my mother always wanted to be an actress, probably lead me into making narrative dramatic films starting around 1962. It was my grandmother, Mable E.K. Jaeger, that, in fact, bought me my first movie camera, a Kodak, double-8 Brownie Starmite. But I wasn't interested in filming brain operations, nor performing them; I was interested in shooting narrative drama. I was interested in shooting entertainment just like Brian DePalma, whose father was a contemporary surgeon at Jefferson and friend of my late grandfather, who founded the department of neurosurgery.

Since no one in my family -- or the entire Philadelphia/Mainline area -- knew much about making narrative dramatic movies, let alone feature-length movies, I decided to drop out of the University of Pennsylvania and move to Hollywood. I thus, in the words of my late father, "spit the silver spoon of opportunity out of my mouth and moved to the asshole of the world." What he meant was: I COULD have followed in his and his fathers' (and several other family members') footsteps, and entered the noble profession of medicine, but I chose to follow a dream that would prove to lead nowhere.

Boy, was I stupid. And Hollywood must have thought so too, for not only was I NOT Jewish, I was a Christian-turned-Scientologist who had come from a conservative Republican background entering the domain of "politically liberal, not-very-religious, Jewish males of European heritage," as researcher-attorney John W. Cones describes the power elite of Hollywood in his book, WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON IN HOLLYWOOD.

So, in short, I and my ideas for narrative dramatic movies probably never struck a common chord in Hollywood, even though I migrated from a conservative to a liberal between the years 1977 and 1985 and then settled down as a Libertarian ever since. Of course, coming from a non-political, non-Hollywood, medical family, I had NO idea that either politics, religion or ethnic background had ANYTHING to do with making movies. Boy, was I naive. I also hated reading history and never got much higher than a D in any of my forced history classes, at public OR private schools, both of which I had attended. Thus I was totally unaware of cultural Marxist and corporate fascist propaganda/marketing techniques (as developed by Edward Bernays, such described in the documentary film, THE CENTURY OF THE SELF) used in Hollywood and the New York media businesses.

Please forward this to your mailing list if you agree with even 51% of this article. The mainstream media will probably not address this subject because they have conflicts of interest with their advertisers, stockholders and the political candidates they send campaign contributions to. Thus it's up to responsible citizens like you to disseminate important issues so that a healthy public discourse can be initiated and continued.

Permission is hereby granted to excerpt and publish all or part of this article provided nothing is taken out of context. You may even publish all or part of this article under you own name. Give reference to the source URL if you wish.

Any responses to this article, email or otherwise, may be mass-disseminated in order to stimulate a public discourse. Unless you are okay with this, please do not respond to anything we send out. We will make every effort to remove names, emails and personal data before disseminating anything you or anyone submits.

Don't forget to watch and refer our various documentary films listed below so you will have a better understanding of what we believe fuels most of the problems under study by the Jaeger Research.

If you wish to be removed from this mailing list, go to http://www.jaegerresearchinstitute.org/mission.htm however before you do, please be certain you are not suffering from Spamaphobia as addressed at http://www.jaegerresearchinstitute.org/articles/spamaphobia.htm.


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