by James Jaeger


The "money making mentality" is basically a MEAT-HEAD IN A SUIT. These low-IQ creatures are all over the business world and increasingly in government. They are manufactured and raised by a) the public school system; b) the print and cable media; c) the Hollywood-based MPAA studio/distributors; d) mothers that think it's more important to "make money" than raise their kids; and e) fathers that feel it's more important to screw every woman on the planet than raise their kids. These creatures, the MEAT-HEADS IN SUITS, are not capable of comprehending EFFECTS much beyond their own immediate sphere of operations nor are they able to comprehend longer term CAUSALITY. Thus they always want a) MORE and, b) NOW. And they don't care who or what resources they have to run roughshod over to get a and b. Things like this thus piss off people like Osama bin Laden who are thus "forced" to fly jets into our Rockefeller-instigated icons of capitalism (such as the World Trade Center towers) to get the silent, and totally ignoring, American majority to wake up to their grievances, one such grievance being that the U.S., with 5% of the world's population, is devouring 26% of the world's energy resources.

To my philosophical friends and associates I sometimes refer to the extremely rich MEAT-HEADS IN SUITS as the MEGAPIGS OF EXISTENCE. These MEGAPIGS operate on a winner-take-all, zero-sum game basis. This, and other similar statements, are NOT to be construed as a general denunciation of "rich people" -- only the ones that operate irresponsibly as MEAT-HEADS IN SUITS -- the ones that believe in, or only see, "limited resources" all around them and use this as "justification" for operating in the destructive or selfish manner in which they operate. Often the word "capitalism" is applied to these operations, but I do not infer that all capitalism is destructive or abhorrent, as noted by William Greider in his book, SOUL OF CAPITALISM.(1)

Unfortunately to actually communicate at, or with, MEAT-HEADS IN SUITS themselves, I have to use a term that is something they are possibly capable of comprehending. Thus the term: the MONEY MAKING MENTALITY comes into play. I realize the word "mentality" may be a little over their heads, but I figure they all have SOMEONE in their family that is "mental" (because of exposure to points a - e of above) thus they are at least in a position to understand this word in some fashion. The term "money making" is actually the ONLY term they understand so this is no problem as a barrier to communication.


MEAT-HEADS IN SUITS can only think in terms of "what makes economic sense." To them, life is nothing more than "three beans out for four beans in." The phrase, "money makes the world go round" makes them quiver in expectation of receiving more than they must give per the P&L accounting formula: income greater than expenses + debt service.

But that's not fair, the MEAT-HEADS IN SUITS have given us plenty. Here are some of their gifts:

1. ENDLESS DEBT. The largest public and private debt in the world's history. This debt has been created through the unconstitutional, if not illegal, Federal Reserve System, a quasi-private system that was covertly ushered into place in 1913 by means of the Glass-Owen Bill, a slightly re-worked placation of the Aldrich Bill that was rightfully rejected by the public. The Federal Reserve System was put into place by the MEAT HEADS in SUITS (Michael Moore calls them STUPID WHITE MEN) when MEGAPIG, J.P. Morgan, the lender of last resort, died in 1913. This was also the SAME year the income tax was established: 1913. The purpose of the income tax was, and is to this day, to extort money from the public in order to ensure that DEBT SERVICE on all money created/lent into the system by the private, Federal Reserve bankers, IS PAID. In other words: your taxes (i.e., your labor) pays for their Mercedes, houses and security to then keep YOU out, AFTER you have paid, with your money or your life, or both (as elaborated on below).

2. ENDLESS LETHAL WEAPONS. Endless expenditures on military hardware from fiat currency generated by the Federal Reserve System, as described in 1 above. This hardware is now spreading all over the planet, even into the hands of those that hate normal, ignorant citizens of the U.S. The MEGAPIGS OF EXISTENCE and their lap dogs, the MEAT-HEADS IN SUITS, do not care how many lives are lost as a result of the lethal weapons they create, directly or indirectly, so long as their manufacture and sale continues to gain them "four beans in for every three beans out." In other words, Income is greater than expenses and debt service. The sale and deployment of lethal weapons is, of course, justified by "ideology" and/or the "necessity" of governments to exist in order to "protect" their respective citizens. This is of course hogwash, as all citizens in the world would be more secure if there were no governments that were able to manufacture endless lethal weapons by means of FIAT money, what's called an "elastic currency."

3. ENDLESS DEATH OF POOR YOUNG BOYS. Endless indoctrination (brainwashing) of the poor and young to "serve" in the military just to maintain the excessive standards of living for the rich, the type of person the MEAT HEADS in SUITS strive to become. A disproportionate number of these poor young boys are African Americans. As Michael Moore showed in his film, FAHRENHEIT 9/11, these poor serve in order to perpetuate a system that mainly benefits the rich. Thus, so brainwashed by ingenuous accolades are the poor youth of America, they willingly volunteer for combat "duty" for no other purpose than the following: a) to protect the assets and way of life of the rich; b) to provide counter force to all possible avenues additional people can ascend to the echelons of the rich and thus be competitors for resources; c) to perpetuate a poor class so that the rich will be assured of having the resource of "abundant poor, young boys" to continue with purposes a and b. I emphasize, "abundant poor, young boys" to serve in the military are nothing other than yet another RESOURCE to the rich: just like oil, or capital or copyrights or machinery or land or any other human resource or personnel. Technology, the subject of the MIND-X at for instance, is, of course, yet another resource of the rich. Indeed this very site is there for the purpose of continuing the chain of power of the rich NOT in seeking real solutions to human problems otherwise you would see its founder out actively and continuously engaged in this dialog to create a new world based on non-zero sum games -- but you don't.


The irony is this: the MEAT-HEADS IN SUITS that serve the MEGAPIGS, being meat-heads, don't realize that, in serving the MEGAPIGS in hopes of becoming rich, they will inevitably become just another VICTIM of the MEGAPIGS. Standard operating practice of the MEGAPIGS is to dangle the buck (or carrot) in order to get their way. Then when they have gotten what they want, they cut everyone else off from either the cash flow or the recognition flow or both. This pattern can be seen in almost EVERY success story you will study. Even more prevalent is the pattern that the rich MEGAPIGS, and this especially includes rich CORPORATIONS, almost universally ignore, or fail to finance, MEAT-HEADS IN SUITS that offer business plans that turn out to be viable. A perfect example is when Bill Gates offered the idea of placing Britannica encyclopedia on CD but Britannica said no to his requests for funding. So Gates created his own CD encyclopedia called ENCARTA and now Britannica is gone. Gates was, and is NOT, a MEAT-HEAD IN A SUIT because Gates does what he does out of a passion for computers and out of a passion to make the world a BETTER place through computers -- not JUST to make money. And look what the Universe rewarded him with: planet's wealthiest Homo sapiens. Get the idea all you MONEY MENTALITY out there?


Getting back to the MEGAPIGS, the rich that the MEAT-HEADS IN SUITS serve: 1% of the rich, the MEGAPIGS OF EXISTENCE, continue to control over 70% of the assets and resources OF the World's people. And again, all this is made possible by the lapdog MEAT-HEADS IN SUITS and the poor kids that join the military to "serve their country" or "just do their job." Note that last term: 7 times out of 10 when you see a young kid being interviewed about his "service to his country" he will utter the exact sentence: "I was just doing my job." Because this poor boy has NO IDEA why he is REALLY fighting (as he is innocently oblivious to the self-serving, nefarious power structure of the MEGAPIGS that enslave him), he will always will fall back to the canned, indoctrinated phrase: "I am just doing my job." As if somehow "doing one's job" (i.e., the senseless murder of other young poor boys labeled the so-called "enemy") is a noble activity for the simple fact that it IS a job.

This is, of course, the exact indoctrination everyone in Hitler's military had and probable the exact sentence Himmler, and each of his indoctrinated boys, uttered as they gassed millions of Jews AND Christians AND others for THEIR military: "I was just doing my job."


Thus 1 - 3 of above have lead the United States and the World to planetary stagnation. As evidence, consider the following: a) No buildings larger than the World Trade Center have been built in New York in the past three decades; b) no manned exploration of the Solar System, Mars or even the Moon has been initiated in the same period; c) no new or significant energy technologies which will reduce our dependency on oil have been widely deployed; d) the above executive irresponsibility and dereliction of duty on behalf of corporate and government leaders has now precipitated terrorist attacks, and a dangerous buildup of carbon dioxide which is, WITHOUT QUESTION, causing global warming (side effects of which will be increased hurricanes and droughts: events that have ominous repercussions for the entire human race.


The more I think about this, the more I am coming to the conclusion we may have reached PEAK OIL and I bet investment bankers that specialize in the oil industry, like Matt Simmons, would not be QUICK to DISAGREE with me. Consider: the powers-that-be would NEVER announce peak oil, or more likely, they would keep the oil supply NEBULOUS. Were they to ANNOUNCE that we have hit PEAK OIL, sure they could justify higher prices to rape us, but there would also be a flurry of private capital that would flood into any and all business plans seeking to create or discover alternative energy. This competition would seriously jeopardize the major oil companies' ability to jockey into positions to dominate future energy production and thus maintain their power base and the power base for a) the military and b) the rich that support them. The power base for a and b is, of course, the Republican and Democratic parties, one and the same party, just two different heads on the same dragon. So whether we have reached peak oil is really irelevant because the best play for the OPEC cartel is to keep the supply of oil totally nebulous. Deep down, I bet we have reached peak, unless oil is found to be abiotic.


In a virtually infinite Universe, human whims and desires are insignificant. The resources in the Universe, if unlocked, can supply all humans with whatever they want and as much of whatever they want. In a sentence, MEAT-HEADS IN SUITS have a chronic disease: They think too small. Much of this is because they are basically ignorant of math and science. MEAT-HEADS IN SUITS also think only in terms of one (1) world as well as just one (1) limited lifetime (i.e., life extension or the conquest of death is not possible to them). They also think in terms of only capitalism, democracy and/or globalization. They do this because thoughts like this dominate the cable and free TV networks (the LIE BOX), the elite print media (led by the New York Times) and the popular theatrical motion picture industry (dominated by the MPAA studio/distributors) the last of which is dominated by liberal, not-very-religious, white Jewish males of European heritage (again, what Michael Moore refers to as "stupid white men").(2) Also, many, if not most of, the mainstream books published by this dominating complex of "opinion leaders" are written to perpetuate, or attract, the MEAT-HEADS IN SUITS with their MONEY MENTALITY. The only solution to this dilemma is to allocate no more than 10% of your time to reading or watching mainstream media, and 90% to discussion and argument in alternative media. The MIND-X, the NGs, the many fora around the Internet and email lists are good alternative sources, as are the many Internet-published magazines and books. Also, networking with others that have adopted the same policy of 90-10 is good too. Writing and forwarding emails and posts of merit, in full or in part, should be a standard operating procedure of anyone who is NOT a MEAT-HEAD IN A SUIT.


Lastly, you need to search out, read and promote books written by realistic visionaries and (monetary/political) scientists (such as Robert Zubrin, G. Edward Griffin, William Greider, Michael West, Brian Greene, Michael Moore, Isaac Asimov, Joseph Sobran, Nikola Tesla, Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, Stephen Wolfram, Eliezer Yudkowsky, James Martin, Pat Buchanan, and yes, Ray Kurzweil, who does more good by sponsoring the MIND-X than he does bad by failing to participate in its discussions). If you don't do these things you will never be able to see your way outside the box that BIG MEDIA and BIG ENTERTAINMENT have placed you into and you will eventually succumb to serving their purposes, as discussed above.(3)

Don't be a MEAT-HEAD IN A SUIT. You can do it.

(1) There are many "rich people" out there that are definitely not MEAT-HEADS IN SUITS. Those that give of their time to help others materially, mentally and spiritually, no matter the cost, are in this group. It's easy to "do what's right" when one is poor -- but when one has the burden of wealth upon their shoulders, it takes extra genius to be responsible and loving . . . and most of all, to flow power in the right directions.

(2) See for more information on who dominates Hollywood.

(3) See for further non-MEAT HEAD reading and for books on producing features and documentaries.

Originated: 15 February 2003
Revised: 29 February 2008

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