How to Handle Mexico
by James Jaeger

As I published here a number of years ago, before the worsening crises, the answer to Mexico is: BUY MEXICO.(1)

Just as the U.S. successfully made the Louisiana Purchase, we need to make the Mexican Purchase. For all you history-challenged public school idiots out there, the US bought a huge tract of land and annexed it onto the United States. It worked! And now all of the people that were annexed have been successfully integrated under Constitutional Law and are living the American Way.

We can do the same with Mexico and then other nations that want to sell.

Thus instead of:

A. a one-world government IMPOSING it's unconstitutional tyranny upon the entire world


B. the entire world trying to get into the US to exploit us or our way of life ...

... WE THE PEOPLE simply CONTINUE to PURCHASE (not take or invade or steal or conquer) more and more land -- exactly like we did for the Louisiana Purchase.

As we do this -- and as the new territories become conversant with the Constitution and our way of life -- we slowly admit new states into the union. And presto, no more "illegal" aliens, because they will be "here" while they are still being "there" -- all legal.

Since we obviously have a better system of government -- since they all wanna be here -- it should be simple logic that the would WANT to learn how we did and do it too.

Thus America is TEACHERS to the world and, as such, we then welcome all people into our wonderful system of government and our federation. Eventually the one-world elite that wants to take over the world and marshall us all under their totalitarian dictatorship will be out-competed, American style.

Remember, when you become rich and powerful you MUST take responsibility for your connections AND you must be more ethical than the rest. Taking responsibility means being more ethical. The US must therefore offer Mexico the following choice:

Either you and your family must leave our country if you snuck in here illegally OR you must be willing to negotiate a purchase of your country so we can assimilate you and include you into the Union and American Way.

You cannot just be here exploiting us and sending money back to your country. That is unethical and we will not tolerate unethical behavior on our part OR your part. So make a choice.

(1) See "Purchasing Mexico & Other Countries" at

05 June 2010

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