Purchasing Mexico & Other Countries
by James Jaeger


After the U.S. regains its financial and moral position with the world (see program at http://www.jaegerresearchinstitute.org/articles/globalization.htm) it should purchase the rest of the American continent. This might be done by offering a sizable and reasonable sum of money to the PEOPLE of Mexico, Canada, Central America and South America, in roughly that order. As the U.S. purchases pieces of each country, it should admit each new territory into the U.S. as a state, thus bringing the U.S. up to 100 states -- and eventually 1,000 states. It should be kept in multiples of 100 so the word Senate has some meaning. When the U.S. has 1,000 states, we could rename it a SuperSenate or Continental Senate or something. Each one of the new states would then come in under the U.S. Constitution and the people that live in each new state would be full-fledge US citizens. Sale should be VOLITIONAL and the money should go DIRECTLY to the PEOPLE of each country purchased -- NOT the government. The US is buying their loyalty, NOT just their land, and the purchase money will allow each new citizen the opportunity buy a house and/or business and/or get off drugs. The difference between this plan and the one the CFR and it's devotees have is this plan keeps the US Constitution intact. The other plan basically sets up global organizations and then stuffs you and your fellow Americans into THESE organizations. Then the US Constitution is abolished and YOU are now stuck in a one-world totalitarian government where most of your freedoms and inalienable rights have been trashed. The details of this have been worked out elsewhere, so before you pooh-pooh it, get the details.)


The way I would suggest proceeding is to start with Mexico (because most Canadians would think this preposterous and citizens of Central and South America would be oblivious). The US would make an offer to the citizens of a small STATE-SIZE PIECE of Mexico somewhere along the Mexican/US border. This offer would be perhaps $250,000 - $1,000,000 per proposed Mexican citizen. If the citizens accepted the offer, then that territory would be admitted as a full-fledge state to the US under its Constitution.

If that worked out well, the US would then offer to purchase perhaps two more small state-sized pieces of Mexico and so on. So these statehoods would only happen to the degree each previous purchase worked out well for the new citizens and the US citizens an an accurate vote was established. I would not think it could proceed well under very many other circumstances.

Some would say: 'That's a slippery slope, as recent years have demonstrated how relatively easy it is to not only rig elections, but get away with it. And once the votes are counted, there's no real recourse. The decision is made.'

This is all too true, thus I would discourage conventional voting which, is subject to fraud. Here’s how I would suggest the voting be conducted: After the first new state was identified and an offer made to the Mexican citizens of that area, on an appointed day (one that would be secret until shortly before to minimize government interference), the Mexicans that wanted to accept the offer would be asked to go outside in an open space, look upward, and extend their arms outward at exactly 12 O’clock noon and hold them outward for 3 minutes. Extended arms mean a vote of "yes." Arms to their side mean a vote of "no." No show, means a vote of "no." Then on this appointed day and exact hour, the US military would fly a set of reconnaissance missions AND simultaneous satellite missions over the proposed new state and photograph the citizens on the ground. With the technology that exists today, this is a no brainer. The high resolution photos of the citizens, and their faces, from multiple sets, would be placed on the Internet for public scrutiny and correlation of the multiple data sets. In this way, voter fraud would be eliminated and both the US and Mexican populations would have direct empirical evidence as to how many Mexicans accepted the US offer for purchase and statehood. These are just the bare bones of the strategy, but I think you get the idea.

This purchase of other countries suggestion is entirely volitional and above board. I think most would agree an offer of a fair sum, with the option to pass or counter offer, is a much more honorable arrangement than the current covert plans already in progress by the globalists.

But some would say: 'I just don't know that you can place a financial price on sovereignty and self-determination.'

To this I would say: good point, however the money suggested above would not be money to purchase the sovereignty of Mexico, as the Mexican government would surely never offer or allow that. It would be money to, in essence, purchase each Mexican's LOYALTY to the US Constitution. This is the only thing that makes a state a part of the UNITED states. Unfortunately, since no one but Americans have ever lived under our exact Constitution, no one but Americans can be expected to fully appreciate its merits ... not even brand new citizens. Thus, the purchase price to each Mexican would also be an advance on the wonderful life we promised to give each new Mexican stateholder. The proceeds of the sale would be expected to be used by each Mexican to literally move out of Mexico to one of the other 50 states, OR build a wonderful home in their new state. Others would opt to use all or part of the proceeds for drug rehabilitation and/or education or vocational skills to enhance their new lives. Still others would use the proceeds to start their own businesses. In every case, these people would be given chances undreamt of under their corrupt, drug-infested Mexican government. Hence the point of the entire exercise. Under these circumstances the citizens of the US would fully welcome their new citizens and do everything in their power to help them make their lives productive Sheppard the natural resources in area of the new state for the greater good -- the GENERAL WELFARE -- of the United States. Again, these new citizens WOULD be in a position to succeed because the US government would keep their corrupt government off their backs as they got on their feet. This transaction would have to be totally transparent and totally moral, a transaction that was not only acceptable to the US and Mexican people, but acceptable to the interested People of the rest of the world.

If you have power, as the US does, it should use it in a wise and gentle manner, because if it don’t, it will eventually lose that power. The Universe does not seem to look kindly on entities abuse their power or position.

If you like any of this plan, pass it along to your associates and groups and let me know what response it receives.

I know this plan is kind of a wild idea, but it has worked before in US history (the Louisiana purchase, for instance) and again the plan the globalists have does not sufficiently respect human rights and isn't going to result in a better system. As I have stated before, two basic problems with the one-world government scheme are a) lack of redundancy and b) inhibited competition. I might add, c), no proven system (the US Constitution IS proven to work, if left alone by the plutocracy) and, d), centralized government (newly coined "authoritarian capitalism" by various authors of FOREIGN AFFAIRS mag) is subject to Lord Acton's ultimate corruption, what might be known today as a Black Technological Empire.

Originated: 24 September 2008
Supplimented: 05 June 2010

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