How to Handle Globalization
by James Jaeger

Here are some rough ideas on how to handle Globalization:

o PURGE CONGRESS. (Nothing much will happen so long as Congress is populated by a bunch of career congressmen who have more loyalty to multinational corporations, stagnant ideas, and little knowledge of technology. They all need to go, because it would be impossible to determine who should stay and who the good ones have been. They are all involved because they have all been in power while the US slipped away from its Constitutional principles. See m)

o REPEAL NAFTA. (Ross Perot warned us all about NAFTA in 1992. We chose to ignore his warnings now the middle class is paying the price. Wise up, repeal NAFTA because it benefits mainly the corporate plutocrats.)

o AMEND THE CONSITUTION TO CLARIY THE DEFINITION OF "PERSON". (A corporation is NOT a person and thus should not enjoy the rights of a person. Apologist lawyers on the take will fiercely argue to the contrary. They will even say a corporation is a "good corporate citizen." Don't look now, but Congress is mostly populated by lawyers and hardly representative of the general People. A multi-national corporation is NOT even a citizen of the US, but it's still a good corporate citizen. Only by emphasizing the rights of PEOPLE over CORPORATIONS will people, the basic building block of corporations, be able to build better corporations.)

o PLACE TARIFFS ON CHINA. (This will wake Americans up to the real inflation, which is running at around 5 - 9%. The US labor force, a mature labor force that earned it pay from centuries of hard work, has suddenly been thrown into the ring with starving, forced labor Communists, people that will be shot if they don't work for $5 a day. Is this FAIR free trade, forcing the Middle Class workers to compete with worker that have a gun to their head. This situation was created by greedy corporations and must stop. There WILL be pain in remedying this because Americans were asleep at the switch when it happened. The pain they will get in remedying this is well deserved for their negligence and irresponsible shepherding of this country. There is no free lunch.)

o GET RID OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM OR FIAT MONEY. (Electronic transfers and various aspects of the System are fine, but FIAT money is illegal and Fractional Reserve is and unethical and immoral practice. Article I, Sections 8 and 10 of the US Constitution forbid fiat money, thus the Fed, which issues FIAT money is totally illegal. The people that run and benefit from the Fed need to be rounded up and jailed along with the Congress that permits this atrocity to continue. Watch FIAT EMPIRE at for more information. Read THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND for details.)

o ABOLISH THE IMF/WORLD BANK, THE WTO AND THE UN. (These international bodies are nothing more than the instruments of totalitarianism. The party of DAVOS and the CFR have been working endlessly to destroy the United States and bring it under a One World Government which they plan on controlling with these organizations. These are many of the people in MULTI-national corporations, you know the people that are NOT US citizens. If you think they have your best interests in mind, think again. See a book called I WAS AN ECONOMIC HITMAN to see how the IMF/World Bank and all it's lackey engineering and consultancies operate.)

o STOP FUNDING WARS AND CRIMINALIZE THE FINANCING AND MANUFACTURE OF WEAPONS. (Even though wars stimulate technology, they inhibit the advance of global civilization. This is why we still have more than half of the world's population starving and in a desperate situation. The NET economic effect of any and all wars is always negative. Wars ONLY benefit governments and the lap-dog industries that serve them. Any person or entity that participates or facilitates a war, no matter what the country or what the cause, is an enemy of Humanity.)

o REBUILD THE TECHNOLOGY AND MANUFACTURING BASE OF THE US. (Thanks to globalization ushered in by GATT and NAFTA, the US manufacturing base has been gutted. Read DAY OF RECKONING and WAR ON THE MIDDLE CLASS for details. Further, the US is now dependent on Saudi Arabia, our enemy, for oil. Saudi Arabia heads up OPEC and conspires to set the price of oil as high as possible. The majority of the terrorists that hit our buildings are Saudis. The US government is powerless to put their ethics in because we have sold our soul to the devil. Read ENERGY VICTORY by Zubrin to see how to handle this.)

o PUT ALL THE CEOS AND MAJOR STOCKHOLDERS WHO BOUGHT UP CONGRESS FOR "FREE TRADE" IN JAIL. (These people lobbied congress, bought up our legislators and wrote and configured laws to suit them at the expense of the American People. They then sold out America to foreign interests and are taking profits at this time. These people are criminals and traitors no less than the bunch that was connected with ENRON and Author Anderson. They all need to be rounded up and jailed. Read THE SOUL OF CAPITALISM and WHERE THE RIGHT WENT WRONG.)

o ALLOCATE AT LEAST 10% OF THE MILITARY BUDGET TO FUSION. (Twice the fusion budget has been cut, once by the profligate Congress and again by Gore when in the Clinton Administration. This single action thus disqualifies Al Gore from any credibility in connection with Climate Change and it should be a clarion call to all citizens to avoid, at all costs, another Clinton administration. See ENERGY VICTORY for details.)

o DROP OUT OF ITER AND BUILD A FUSION REACTOR IN THE US. (Fusion needs to be built upon the back of competition, not a bunch of government-funded international partners that sit around and sip tea all day taking forever to make even minor decisions. ITER is such a tea party. The US needs to take control of FUSION and make it happen within a decade -- like JFK made a Moon walk happen.)

o COMMERCIALIZE FUSION AND SELL FUSION ELECTRICITY TO THE WORLD. (The best way for the US to remedy its balance of trade deficit; lead the way in technology; and remedy global warming is for it to commercialize and sell the world unlimited amounts of clean, CHEAP electricity. This electricity can be used for electric cars and to directly produce methanol for those that need liquid fuels.)

o FORCE THROUGH FLEX-FUEL CARS THAT BURN ETHANOL, METHANOL AND GASOLINE. (Like Brazil, the US could become energy independent from OPEC in three (3) years if Congress simply passed S.1994 co-sponsored by Brack Obama. Ordinarily government-mandated things like this are unwanted and anti-free enterprise. The problem is we no longer live in a FREE ENTERPRISE country for the most part. The Oil and Auto Establishments have been using the force of government against People in order to profit. UNfortunately, things are so far gone, the ONLY way the American People can handle this is to use fire to fight fire. Thus the People must use the force of government to FORCE the Auto Establishment (which is mostly OWNED by the Oil Establishment through secret blocks of street stock and nominees) to mandating flex-fuel vehicles. There is NO WAY so-called free enterprise can remedy this situation. After the playing field has been leveled and the antagonistic entities, such as OPEC and the Oil Establishment, have been destroyed or neutralized, Americans can go back to relying on free enterprise. But when a system is taken over by totalitarian cartel interests, unfortunately its naive to think free enterprise will right things.)

o STOP BUYING OIL FROM OPEC. (OPEC is our enemy and some portion of the hundreds of billions we send to Saudi Arabia, the senior member of OPEC, goes to the funding of terrorism. Want to remedy terrorism? Stop funding it. Flex-cars that run on any mixture of ethanol, methanol and gasoline will neutralize US purchases of oil. We only have to replace the oil provided by Saudi Arabia in order to neutralize OPEC. Read that last sentence again -- before you squawk. Then read ENERGY VICTORY by Robert Zubrin to get the full strategy.)

o START SENDING MANNED MISSIONS TO MARS. (If we don't open up another frontier the world will stagnate. Also, frontier shock is needed to replace war and provide a redundant civilization in case the Earth is wiped out by a meteor or some other catastrophe. Read ENTERING SPACE)

o GET THE US MILITARY OUT OF THE 600 BASES AND 130 COUNTRIES UNLESS THEY PAY FOR SECURITY. (The US spends between $440 billion and $1 trillion to support a military that is antagonizing the hell out of the rest of the world. If the US Empire stopped EXPLOITING the rest of the world -- oil, cheap labor, IMF loans -- it would no longer need to PROTECT itself from the rest of the world. Those countries that WANT U.S. security need to PAY for that security.)

o START PURCHASING OTHER COUNTRIES. (After the U.S. regains its financial and moral position with the world (due to the above) it needs to purchase the rest of the American continent. This should be done by offering a sizable and reasonable sum of money to the PEOPLE of Mexico, Canada, Central America and South America, in roughly that order. As the U.S. purchases chunks of each country, it should admit each new chunk into the U.S. as a state, thus bringing the U.S. up to 100 states -- and eventually 1,000 states. It should be kept in multiples of 100 so the word Senate has some meaning. When the U.S. has 1,000 states, we could rename it a SuperSenate or Continental Senate or something. Each one of the new states would then come in under the U.S. Constitution and the people that live in each new state would be full-fledge US citizens. Sale should be VOLITIONAL and the money should go DIRECTLY to the PEOPLE of each country purchased -- NOT the government. The US is buying their loyalty, NOT their land, and the purchase money will allow each new citizen the opportunity buy a house and/or business and/or get off drugs. The difference between this plan and the one the CFR and it's devotees have is this plan keeps the US Constitution intact. The other plan basically sets up global organizations and then stuffs you and your fellow Americans into THESE organizations. Then the US Constitution is abolished and YOU are now stuck in a one-world totalitarian government where most of your freedoms and inalienable rights have been trashed. The details of this have been worked out elsewhere, so before you pooh-pooh it, get the details.)

o SET UP A MULTI-GOVERNMENT WORLD, NOT A ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT. (The game is this: either the US gets its act together and rises to the occasion -- taking responsibility for its power connections -- OR alien globalist corporate players, that could give a rat's ass less about the US and its heritage, will fit you into THEIR plan One-World Government plan. And their plan means the World Bank is YOUR bank whether you like it or not. The World Trade Organization is YOUR new union whether you like it or not. The United Nations is YOUR taxing authority whether you like it or not. The World Court is YOUR system of justice whether you like it or not. The problem with this -- other than the fact that it trashes the only Constitution that has ever worked since the dawn of civilization -- is it fails to provide for REDUNDANT economic and political systems. Redundancy is one of the primary laws of the universe, up there with universal gravity and entropy. The only way to generate redundant multi-government world is for the United States to expand to incorporate all of the Americas under the Constitution and then, as Alexander Hamilton said, remain strong and independent. This then becomes an American Continent trading block and a true continental government. Europe and Asia can then expand any way they want and set up their own trading blocks and universal governments. Then, each of these continental regions can engage in FREE TRADE with each other , thus we will have a world with FREE TRADE amongst equal independent partners, a world engaged in healthy corporate competition and a world with multiple governments that MANAGE the affairs of their distinct, independent citizens. Thus, when one economic area has problems or catastrophe, it DOES NOT effect the other areas so much. The other areas are then in a position to HELP their neighbors around the world, instead of getting sick as and sharing the cold. Such a world of independent autonomous trading regions, each managed by their own choice of government, would probably become democratic and capitalist with real free markets. OR, one of the trading regions would develop its own NEW system and out-compete the others, thus natural selection would give them a competitive edge. This competitive edge would then lead to the other regions adopting the new change or finding something even better. This way the entire world would be in friendly competition with itself and steadily rise to greater heights. Since poverty and ignorance under such a free, redundant and competitive system would probably vanish, so would conflict and the scourge of war, a ploy so often used by governments to "justify" their existence.

So there is a start. As I work on this and refine and sequence the program, your ideas and suggestions are appreciated.

18 February 2008

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