Cultural Marxism & Corporate Fascism
Merge to Destroy Free-Enterprise Capitalism
by James Jaeger

The Class Struggle Has Never Ended:

"Any city, however small, is divided into two; one the city of the poor, the other of the rich; these are at war with one another."
- Plato

The class struggle that has gone on from Plato's time to present has never ended, it has simply been ignored, renamed or made politically incorrect or taboo to discuss. But today, you can see the same divides, only they are referred to as ideologies in the hope that at least one will remedy the war.

The two most extreme ideologies that have emerged on either side of yet another ideology known as capitalism, are Marxism and Fascism. Westerners supposedly know what capitalism is, but fascism and Marxism may be more illusive.

Fascism is a merger of state and corporate power. In Nazi Germany, the state took over industry and merged. It does not matter if the state takes over corporate power or corporate power takes over the state; once they have merged their power, you have a fascist entity or regime.

Marxism is a merger of the workforce into a collective power. In Pre-World War I Russia, Karl Marx attempted to unite the workers of the world to rise up and fight the "evil" capitalists of the world. Ultimately it does not matter if Communism, the end goal of Marxist philosophy comes through the door opened by socialism or cultural Marxism; once the heat-shield of traditional family values, the middle class and Christian culture have been destroyed, you have a Marxist regime in operation.

The U.S. is going fascist, however it's also going Marxist at the same time. Multinational corporations have taken over Congress and merged interests. The military-industrial-banking complex is a spin-off of this merger. At the same time cultural institutions have been taken over by a new flavor of Marxism, known as cultural Marxism. The welfare, nanny-state and violence-oriented, anti-Christian media/film business are spin-offs of this take-over.

Here's how this is happening as one can see from a study of Left-wing writers assaulting Right-wing writers AND Right-wing writers assaulting Left-wing writers (e.g., Rothkopf vs. Marrs, or Napolitano vs. Moore, for instance).

Marxism is basically a movement of the workers, the employees of Earth. Generally the poor. Fascism is basically a movement of the elite, the employers of Earth. Generally the rich.

Usually one gets rich faster by being an employer than an employee, however the salaries being paid by Fortune 500 corporations to their CEOs in recent years seems to challenge this assumption.

Nevertheless, BOTH Marxists and fascists seek government power to help them with their objectives.

Marxists want the government to regulate the big greedy corporate fascists.

Corporate fascists want the government to stay out of their business except when they need a special privilege, BAILOUT or accommodating law passed.

It is NOT an oversimplification to say this is the classic struggle between rich and poor, the haves and the have-nots. Those who own the means of production and those who merely operate the means of production. Those who own the means of production are generally rich and those who don't are generally poor.

This can be expanded to describe a war between the employees and the employers, the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, the debtors and lenders, beauracrats and plutocrats and the left and the right, the Democrats and the Republicans. Although these words have shades of differing meaning, have been used differently in different times and been employed by different factions for propaganda purposes -- they all come down to the same basic dilemma: homo Sapiens's struggle to survive in a wilderness universe on a planet of limited resources, if only temporarily limited. This struggle is intensified or mitigated by the simple fact of whether an individual has access to technology or not.

The Means of Production and Distribution Still Rule:

Technology is really the means of production AND distribution referred to by economists like Adam Smith. Those that have this technology have the means to create wealth as they have the means of production and distribution. Those that do not have these means, usually remain poor. Thus the present-day class struggle could be said to be between those with technology and those without technology. But as technology gives greater numbers of people the means of PRODUCTION, the only way the plutocrats can maintain a stratification and wealth disparity is by dominating the means of DISTRIBUTION or destroying the production of the poor through perpetual war. Hence the sudden high prices for oil and gasoline. The "energy" crises destroys distribution and endless wars destroy production. Thus the constant assault on the free distribution channel known as the Internet, by the fascist media companies and Hollywood-based U.S. motion picture studio/distributors, also destroys the production and distribution of vital information needed if a society is to remain free.

In the past, when nation-states were all that existed, each nation tended towards either a fascist state or a Marxist state. Whether the state was fascist or Marxist depended on who held the upper hand for the moment: workers or management. The "moment" always changed, so the tides of fascism and Marxism washed back and forth, often creating ambiguity that people who have nothing better to do (historians) can argue and write about endlessly.

Stuck on the Trees, Lost in the Forest:

Today this same ambiguity is the basis for the Democratic and Republican parties' (the DemGops) bid for U.S. President. As the lower-IQ citizens of the nation preoccupy their attention with this meaningless cockfight, a scenario is emerging under their noses, a scenario that is unprecedented.

Instead of the elites attempting to set up fascist corporate regimes within national boundaries, they have risen above national boundaries and created artificial entities known as multinational corporations. These non-citizen entities, under the control of plutocrats fueled by fiat money, have made the entire world their "nation." Since these companies are almost the only ones who can afford one of the 1,500 Gulfstream G550 jets in service (costing $45 million each), they fly their CEO-leaders around the planet setting up their global government as the stupid or unaware people below stay glued to their corporate TV sets watching the political cockfight between the DemGops and mindlessly hoping for change.

But many in the nations full of poor employees and waning middle class workers have not given up the fight. The workers of the world are more inclined than ever to unite. Whereas the fascist plutocrats own the means of production (the TV and feature film studios), the cultural Marxist workers (the writers, directors, actors and on-screen talents) make the programs the plutocrats must distribute. So this mini battle between the talent side of the movie/media business and the business side of the movie/media is always at play. And this is why mainstream media and films are now so homogenized and generic: the Marxist talent must compromise with the fascist management.

Cultural Marxism Does Its Thing:

Yes, cultural Marxism is thus alive and quite well in the arts and learning institutions of the United Sates (and the West) and it aims at not only commandeering government to "provide for the people" but pushing through its agenda of "critical thinking" to destroy the family unit, Christianity, the middle class, the economy and ultimately the traditional politics proscribed in the U.S. Constitution. On its "march through the institutions" cultural Marxism intends to squash the corporate fascists and bring big government in to regulate big business and free markets.

The workers of the world want to be taken care of, they want the Nanny State, they want government to PROVIDE and REGULATE not just PROTECT. They want government to regulate everything from guns and butter to stocks and money. They even want your dog regulated with a leash. And these socialist workers' current champion, Barack Obama, has promised to deliver all these ideals via a bigger government that will protect the poor and disenfranchised and do it by taxing the mean, greed corporate plutocrats.

Corporate Fascists Do Their Thing:

Meanwhile the big mean, greedy plutocrats are not at all concerned with socialist national politics or the yammer of the poor, middle class or disenfranchised. As far as they're concerned, these "bleeding-heart" social-misfits are being phased out as quickly as NAFTA, illegal immigration and robotics will permit. Further, the more the citizens of nations rivet their attention on the DemGop cockfight, the better the corporate fascists like it for they can better can go about their business expanding their empires and the U.S. military with fiat money. These corporate fascists' current champion, John McCain, has promised to deliver all these ideals via a better-wired, high-tech, totalitarian U.S. government that Globalist-compatible. The corporate fascists' ultimate goal is to someday replace ALL the pesky human workers -- the obstreperous proletariat -- with automated systems under AI computer control. Then the population of Earth can safely be lowered from 6.5 billion to just enough meat-workers to maintain the plutocrats' Robin Leach-style lives and Donald Trump-like mansions indefinitely. But this corporate elite may still keep a small population of human workers around for nostalgic reasons or pleasure. Naked female humans may continue to dance on poles and serve liquor as they may be preferred to naked robots. Some portion of the slave-human proletariat will have to thus be tolerated by the bigoted, arrogant economic elites that meet annually at Davos, Switzerland to discuss the global machinations enumerated in David Rothkope's book, SUPERCLASS.

Summary of the Global Situation:

All things considered, the picture that emerges -- if one looks over the warring literature of the Left vs. the warring literature of the Right -- is this: a world of cultural Marxist-influenced working-class countries governed by a superstructure of international corporate fascists with no domicile or loyalty to any particular nation, yet operating in and exploiting ALL nations as fully as their technology, propaganda and fiat money will permit. I woudn't be surprised if such fascists don't already have secret "world management" bases on the Moon.

The Marxist workers of the world will be united in so-called nation states (and later in regional superstates) while the employer corporate plutocrats will have merged together a fascist world government in various international institutions (among which are WTO, IMF/WORLD BANK, UN, WORLD COURT, NAFTA, NATO). In the last century the call was for the "Workers of the World to unite." This century that call has been for the "Corporations of the World to unite."

Although the CFR-infested U.S. government denies it, you can already see this happening. GATT, NAFTA and the WTO are the embryonic mergers of corporate powers with national sovereignties. Again, as the poor and middle class workers in these countries get squeezed, their solution will be to unite into a greater Marxist society. As this happens the plutocrats will strengthen the police powers of the state and use/cause events like 9-11 to "justify" their military build up against the so-called terrorists and restriction of civil rights. Of course the corporate plutocrats, through their lap-dog media, are using the term "terrorist" to characterize any dissent from their agenda and make their assault against civil liberties more palatable to the ignorant masses. But keep in mind, their real target is the middle class, working poor, artists, writers, filmmakers, intelligentsia that thinks for itself and anyone who might threaten their superclass global fascist agenda.

Both the Marxist workers and the fascist plutocrats are thus collectives that are attempting to establish totalitarian governments to be used against each other.

As the corporate media attempts to keep the public's attention on the meaningless DemGop presidential cockfight, it is also attempting to keep people's attention away from the actual causes of the current, and continuing, meltdown in the U.S. and global financial markets. Some say the plutocrats want a meltdown so they can re-set the debt clock and issue a world fiat currency. Others say they don't want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs -- the Federal Reserve System which lays the Federal Reserve Notes, the world's de facto reserve currency.

Remember, the sole source of the plutocrat's power is fiat money and the military. The sole source of the worker's power is knowledge and creativity. These are the core of the war, all wars.

Creativity is always senior to money, however, because money could not exist without creativity. The creative impulse, the creative product came first in time, well before mediums of exchange were invented. Money is thus a commodity which derives its primary value from the fact that it's a medium of exchange. But money, perverted by government intervention in the free market, has become worthless to the degree it is fiat, meaning backed not by gold or silver, but the "strength" and "credit" of the issuing government. Thus fiat money has become the modern-day chains the plutocrats have commandeered to bring the world's unsuspecting workers and poor under the domination.(1) Of course, these axioms of finance will never be promulgated by the corporate media or the government-sponsored school system because doing so would undermined the bargaining power the corporate fascists use to dominate.

How It Will End:

But here's how it's all going to end. Global fascists will eventually neutralize cultural Marxist workers and vice-versa. As the multinational corporate fascists preempt the services of traitor technologists to create their perfect weapons of mass destruction and dominating-AI business machines, this same technology will leak out and make nanofacturing possible. It will also make all manner of horrible "terrorist" weapons possible so the corporate plutocrats and their lap-dog governments will eventually realize they can't win an a-symmetric war (very easily). Fortunately, as the multinational corporate fascists attempt to destroy the human worker population any way they can (wars, made-in-the-lab "natural" diseases, climate catastrophes, energy "shortages" in an infinite universe, etc.) their means of production/distribution will increasingly be serviced by AI robots, nanotechnology, bio-genetic engineering and electronic teleportation networks. These technologies will unleash the means of production that will ultimately remedy the scarcity of products while exotic anti-gravitic transportation (engineered by Nazi scientists now working in corporate America) may remedy their distribution. As products increasingly become manufactureable by nanotechnology and transportation increasingly relies on fusion and molecular teleportation, they will drop in value, hence price. As population decreases (due to government-sanctioned mass kill-offs, corporate-made diseases, genetic-engineering, mass sterilization and climate disasters) demand will also drop. As demand drops and manufacturing/distribution abilities increase, there will be more products chasing fewer buyers more swiftly.

This equation will become so extreme, it will eventually force the price of all products produced and distributed by the fascist multinational corporations down towards the calculitic limit of zero. As this happens, the use of money (whether fiat, gold, silver or anything else) as a medium of exchange will become meaningless. It will take more energy (cost more) to keep score (account) than the products will cost to manufacture and distribute. As money, in all its forms disintegrates, the fascist plutocracy will lose its power of enslavement over the working masses, or what's left of them. Gamblers that provided so-called liquidity in stock markets will be doing productive work or go extinct. Banks and the entire concept of lending, borrowing and money as debt will go by the way-side, being recognized as the predatory and civilization-stunting mechanism it is. As the working "mini-masses" increasingly have at their disposal sophisticated technology and the proceeds thereof, they will no longer have to work.

Thus, the ex-Marxist workers of the world will unite with the ex-corporate fascists of the world. Both the poor and rich in Plato's city will stop warring and become one big, happy family sitting around the table drinking O'Reilly Cool aide and Turner Margaritas on nanotech-manufactured, space-faring yachts that orbit the sixth moon of Saturn. As they do so, they will reminisce about the good old days when the Proletariat and the Bourgeoisie of Earth were at each others throats. Welcome to the Singularity!(2)

Originated: 21 September 2008
Revised: 24 September 2008
Revised: 15 October 2008

(1) See the documentary film entitled, FIAT EMPIRE, to find out how this has been done.
Also Read, WHAT HAS GOVERNMENT DONE TO OUR MONEY by Murray N. Rothbard at

(2) Find out what the Singularity is by reading THE SINGULARITY IS NEAR by Ray Kurzweil and/or go to

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