Some Perspective on So-Called Terrorism
by Zeitgeist


Number of people killed by international terrorism per year: 1,907
Number of Americans killed by terrorism per year: 70
Number of people that die from peanut allergies per year: 140
Number of people that die from coronary heart disease per year: 450,000

Amount of money US Gov spends on "War on Terror" per year: $162 billion
Amount of money US Gov spends on "War on Heart Disease" per year: $3 billion


6,600 times more Americans die from coronary heart disease each year than terrorism yet the U.S.
Government spends 54 times more money to save 70 lives than to save 450,000 lives each year. (1)(2)

So given these facts, why is the government spending so much money on the "War of Terror." Could it be they are spending this money in preparation to lable and "apprehend" ordinary citizens who dissent or exercise their right of free speech in a way unacceptable to the corporatocracy? Watch this clip as well as Zeitgeist 3 and decide if technology being developed today will someday be used on YOU.

Source of data: National Counter Terrorism Center and Government Accounting Office.


Number of veterans who have post traumatic stress disorder: Unknown
Number of veterans who commit suicide every day: 18
Percent of Homeless population that are veterans: 25%


1. EXPOSE THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING FRAUD. Do this by boycotting the three largest banks in the system: Citibank, J.P. Morgan Chase and Bank of America. If you have an account or credit card with any of these banks, move your money to another bank. If you own any stock in any of these banks, sell it. If you have a mortgage with any of these banks, refinance with another bank. If you work for any of these banks, quit. These gestures will express contempt for the true powers behind the Federal Reserve Banking cartel and create awareness about the fraud.

2. BOYCOTT THE MAINSTREAM NEWS NETWORKS. Get your news from the emerging independent news agencies on the Internet. Protect the Internet at all costs as it's the only way the dialog will continue. Four corporations now own all the U.S. mainstream news agencies thus it's impossible to get objective news from them at this time.

3. BOYCOTT THE MILITARY. Don't ever allow yourself, your family or anyone you know to EVER join the military. The military is an obsolete institution for maintaining an Establishment that is no longer relevant. U.S. soldiers in Iraq work for corporations not We the People. Propaganda forces us to believe that war is "natural" and the military is an honorable institution. If war is natural why are there 18 suicides every single DAY by American veterans who have post traumatic stress disorder? If our military is so honored, why is it that 25% of the homeless population, 1 out of every 4, are veterans?

4. BOYCOTT THE ENERGY COMPANIES. Get off the grid. Do everything you can to get your house wired up for solar, wind and other renewable energy sources. Use converters to enable you car to run on anything other than Establishment fuels.

5. REJECT THE POLITICAL SYSTEM. The 2 political parties are owned by the same lobbyists. They are corrupt and serve to maintain the status quo, NOT change it.

6. WATCH THE MOVIES. Watch ZEITGEIST: Addendum and FIAT EMPIRE at the below URLS and get active.

(1) To find out why, watch: FIAT EMPIRE for free at and get the DVD at

Watch: "ZEITGEIST: The Movie" for free at and get the DVD at

Watch: "ZEITGEIST: Addendum" for free at and get the DVD at

Watch: "ZEITGEIST 3" for free at and get the DVD at

(2) To find out what you can do, read: Overthrowing the Corporate Government

Originated: 05 October 2008
Revised: 08 October 2008

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