Economic, Political & Cultural

by James Jaeger

Adam Smith -- 1) The guy who figured out that you should let markets be free because an "invisible hand" will guide them in a way that will make everyone eventually happy and wealthy. His most famous book is An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. 2) Adam Smith applied his "invisible hand" metaphor to argue against protectionism AND regulated markets. Smith reasoned that an economy left alone from government regulation will regulate the economy by letting businesses that are too big to fail fail so that consolidation does not evolve into monopoly capitalism. 3) Where Smith went wrong was applying his "invisible hand" principle to international free trade. Smith envisioned that free enterprise capitalism would not only seek out the cheapest and best labour domestically, but the cheapest and best in the international market as well. The problem is it does, thus Smith opened the door for multinational corporations that outsource their labor thus destroying the manufacturing base of their host countries. Smith has thus been used as a justification for the so-called Globalist agenda. Cognitive dissonance arises because Adam Smith flies in the face of Alexander Hamilton who warned: a nation needs to protect itself from foreign trade so it can develop a middle class and an independent manufacturing infrastructure which will provide economic support for a strong political structure.

Alan Greenspan -- 1) A former Federal Reserve Chairman who wrote a must-read book entitled The Age of Turbulence which advocates free markets for every product, service and commodity except money: the one commodity that represents every product, service and commodity. 2) An intelligent, sincere and precise man who may have been led astray from his core, libertarian belief in the merits of the gold standard as it operates and ensures free market capitalism. 3) A champion of free market capitalism who has been unduly chastised by Henry Waxman in his attempt to make a straw argument for stepping up government regulation.

Androgyny -- 1) In order to destroy the patriarchal family, it is necessary for the Cultural Marxist-indoctrinated Hollywood studios to put out endless motion pictures depicting women as men or men as women. We see this when countless women act like aliens or alien-hunters and when countless men play women or "come out of the closet" as "gays." 2) Due to the effects of "Woman's Lib" and the Frankfurt School, women have been converted into men and lesbian sex objects for male gratification. Men have been converted into "sensitive males" or homosexuals. 3) Charles Socarides M.D., who has treated recovering homosexuals for forty years, describes in numerous books how the American Psychiatric Association was infiltrated by Cultural Marxists in 1972 and how they were able to get homosexuality reclassified from a "disorder" to a "condition." 4) Androgyny is a tool in the Cultural Marxist's arsenal to destroy the patriarchal Family Unit hence the Middle Class economic engine of capitalism.

Anthropic Principle -- New evidence confronting mainstream astro-physicists and cosmologists that the fundamental constants and parameters of the Universe are so finely tuned it's now apparent that they could not have occurred by random chance. If Occam's Razor is any guide, this means the most direct reason for the Anthropic Principle is that the Universe was designed by an intelligent agent. Some call this agent a natural God, some call it a supernatural God and some call it superintelligent extraterrestrials. Cultural Marxists, and politically-correct BabyBoomers that watch too many Hollywood movies and/or drink too much beer, call it horse.

Anti-Semite -- 1) One who discriminates against, or who is hostile towards, Arabs, Southwest Asians and other Afro-Asians, such as Hebrews and Jews. 2) Anyone who questions Israeli military-Apartheid policies. 3) Anyone who questions the control group of Hollywood studios or their business practices. 4) Anyone who questions the amount of people who died in the Holocaust or who questions "official figures" set forth by Jewish scholars. 5) Anyone who agrees with the book WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON IN HOLLYWOOD by John Cones (Gentile) or disagrees with the book AN EMPIRE OF THEIR OWN by Neal Gabler (Jewish).

Article I, Section 8 & 10 -- The exact place in the U.S. Constitution where it says the money is supposed to be gold and silver and where it says that the government is not supposed to issue Bills of Credit.

Assets -- 1) A code word for bombs and weapons that governments use on others to "bring them to justice." 2) There are many words in the military vocabulary that are used as euphemisms in order to minimize the psychological damage that government-sanctioned force does to others. 3) Since murder and killing are wrong, so is war, for whatever purpose or "reason." Even "just wars" are technically wrong. Like the word "enemy" or "target," the words "just war" are used in to "justify" the mass killing of human life. The reason the insanity and suicide rate of veterans is so high is because deep down, even men and women of war know these a priori truths.

Austerity -- 1) When fiat currency-addicted cows in the Keynesian-infested, European socialist economies (having voted to allow their governments to rape and pillage as much productivity from the system as possible in order to wallow in the endless perks of a self-created welfare state) suddenly become "horrified" that they are now broke and debt-ridden they are asked to economize on their wanton, sex- and drug-addicted lifestyles and live within their means. 2) The idea that anyone would DARE ask someone to live within their means is imposing "austerity."

BabyBoomer Generation -- 1) People born between 1946 and 1964 who don't trust anyone older than 35. 2) The Generation that not only likes sex, drugs and rock 'n roll, but violence-oriented movies, abortion, birth control pills, divorce, over-eating, electronic gadgets (from China), day "care" centers, credit cards, political correctness, new-age religion. 3) The Generation that has wasted almost everything the Greatest Generation built. 4) The generation that gave us William J. Clinton (signer of NAFTA) and George W. Bush (agent of Big Oil), both BabyBoomers themselves.

Backed currency -- You can turn your paper dollars in for real money if you think the government is printing up too many of them. The term "backed" basically means "redeemable in" or "represented by." The proper way to say "the money is no longer backed by gold" is "paper currency is no longer redeemable in gold." The proper way to say "the money is now backed by debt" is "paper currency is monetized from debt."

Balance of trade deficit -- Our spending spree in places like China. We buy more from them than they buy from us. The gold standard prevented all this. Nixon axed the last vestige of the gold standard in 1971 when he "closed the gold window" for foreigners attempting to redeem their depreciating dollars for U.S. gold.

Bank -- An institution that lends money it doesn't have, or that it steals from others through highly complex financial transactions known as "monetary policy" or the "federal reserve system."

Bank for International Settlements -- 1) the BIS is World Central Banker's Bank, located in Basel, Switzerland, established in by the Hague Agreements of 1930. Currently there are 55 member banks including the Federal Reserve System from the United States, which is by far the largest bank. 2) The BIS is Not the World Bank or the IMF. The BIS is the place you are NOT supposed to put any attention on, nor picket, nor protest or even write about. The BIS is not even secret, because that would draw attention to the place that "suggests" global monetary policies to world central banks. 3) Similar to the capital requirements of the Federal Reserve System's member banks, the BIS, under the Basel Accords, requires ITS member banks to maintain capital equal to 8% of its assets, the value of which are modified by a risk assessment scale set forth in Basel Accord I of 1988.

Bankers -- One of the most hated professions, bankers are people that create money out of thin air and then lend it to you so you can be a debt slave to them. Bankers are tools of the state who facilitate its financial operations when it desires to bypass taxation, hence the veto power of the citizenry, on matters of waging war, expansion of government and maintaining power through the military-industrial complex.

Bankster -- absent government involvement -- mercantilism -- there is nothing wrong with a "bankster" or banking of even the most aggressive sort. Banksters might commonly be said to have evolved from Venice banking manipulations in the 11th century and then became truly powerful in the 15th century with the invention of modern central banking. Of course central banking was different 500 years ago, but much of the mechanism was developed long ago, and banksters took advantage of it. The ability to print money from thin air and charge for the privilege was the base and fulcrum of banker power. Today, banksters (also referred to as the Monetary Elite) are said to run the world through their ability to print money and set into motion various dominant social themes that frighten the world's population into giving up ever more power and wealth to the bankster's chosen global institutions. The goal is said to be one-world domination. Of course, absent mercantilism -- the blurring of public and private sectors and privileges -- banksters would not have the power they currently have. Absent government power, the free-market itself would sort through the most horrid of these practices in short order. It is precisely because the free-market would make a hash of today's abusive banking, worldwide, that those involved in global banking have turned to government to ensure their monopoly power. Absent, government coercion, even the bankster monopoly would not long survive -- nor even its gold manipulation. (This definition was excerpted from The Daily Bell )

Basel Accords -- 1) the Basel Accords, comprising of Basel I of 1988 and Basel II of 2004, are a bunch of banking regulations set forth by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) founded in 1974 by the governors of ten major central banks around the world. 2) Since the Federal Reserve System (which issues the Federal Reserve Note, also known a THE dollar) has been abusing its issue-authority the past 38 or so years -- RISK in the global financial system has escalated exponentially. Basel II was thus effectuated to modify how much capital each bank had to keep in reserve in the BIS in order to "manage" risk. In general, the more risky the assets, the more capital required. So if the Fed is monetizing debt (i.e., printing up FRNs backed by U.S. treasuries) with abandon, and the value of these instruments is tanking, then Basel II requires that MORE of them are required on deposit at the BIS because each ONE of them is less valuable BECAUSE each ONE is MORE risky. Thus is the world has gone crazy over not only T-Bills, T-Notes and T-bonds but mortgage-backed securities, Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) and Credit Default Swaps (CDSs) -- and THESE instruments are deemed more RISKY (as they are), then the BIS wants the entire lot of them APPROPRIATELY "risk-weighted" so that an APPROPRIATE amount of capital can be maintained on account. 3) The BIS, the BCBS, the Fed and all other 54 world central banks know the world's fiat money system is a giant ponzi scheme and they know it's going to crash sooner or later. Basel II is thus nothing more than them jockeying for what may be left of the pie after it all melts down into a pile of molten rubber. And surprise, three years after Basel II was initiated in 2004, the whole world economy DID start melting down. At this writing this is still proceeding. See FIAT EMPIRE for reasons why. 4) Issues never discussed on mainstream TV or by gov "officials."

Bigot -- 1) A person who applies "Critical Theory" technology indiscriminately. 2) A person who is so politically correct they even can't tolerate themselves. 3) A person that labels another person a bigot, racist or anti-Semite in order to evade certain discussions.

Bills of Credit -- Federal Reserve Notes.

Bond -- An IOU that's due in so many years you forget what they're paying in interest.

Border Security -- The federal government's assurance that it will always maintain security BORDERing on just the right amount so that POOR Mexicans can come into the U.S. and eventually become POOR Democrats OR enter the U.S. and eventually become slaves in factories owned by RICH Republicans.

Bring to justice -- When a government uses its Assets.

Bupkiss -- What one should know that they don't know because only Bill O'Reilly really knows.

Capital -- 1) To the economist capital is, but not limited to, labor, machinery, real estate, know-how and money. 2) To the investor capital is basically money.

Capitalism -- 1) A political/economic system whereby the individual is able to retain a sizable portion of his income to the degree he is able to retain and pay tax accountants that are able to AVOID, rather than EVADE payment of his taxes. 2) A system whereby individuals and artificial creations of the state (corporations) are able to own the means of production, such means referred to a "capital" and include, but are not limited to, labor, machinery, real estate, know-how and money. 3) The best economic system so far devised by humans provided it is not perverted by monopolies, oligopolies, excessive consolidation or CARTELS (a form of oligopoly). When it is perverted by one of these diseases, the law of supply and demand does not function in the interest of the general welfare but tends to favor only the elite (plutocrats) that own most of the Capital. Such capitalism is known as Monopoly Capitalism or Unbridled Capitalism. Monopoly Capitalism is currently destroying the United States and must be reigned in through anti-trust legislation or total free market enterprise (which would include abolishing the Federal Reserve System and fiat money).

Centralized Energy -- An energy distribution system unlike Communism; everything has to go through one central management/generation plant. Centralized energy is only viable if the centralized energy is fusion. The reason for this is because fusion energy is so cheap, it costs more to send out monthly utility bills than it does to send out the energy.

Centralized Management -- 1) A management system or government whereby operating and production programs emanate from a common source point. 2) All centralized management systems, including governments and economies regulated by central, fiat-issuing banks, are limited by their computational power. 3) The bottleneck in any economic or political system, usually the cause of inefficiency, waste, scarcity, recession, depression, stagnation, conflict and war. 4) Globalization is the ultimate Centralized Management scheme almost pre-destined to fail.

Christians -- People that believe Jesus didn't hang on that cross all day for no reason.

Church -- 1) An acknowledgement in stone that human beings are still ignorant about most of the Universe. 2) A group of humans that get together for fellowship and/or to share beliefs about the nature and/or responsibilities of existence and/or God.

City -- 1) a place where people live and work in order to facilitate screwing. City dwellers/workers are usually "fast" people that enjoy not only fast sex, but fast business -- in short, any animal activity that challenges their obsessions, type-A personalities, predatory tendencies, domination, greed and/or traditional values, values the urban-centric, mainstream media has indoctrinated against in favor of cultural Marxist "values." 2) Places where a thick or thin layer of grey, toxic petroleum residue covers every street, sidewalk, building, counter, table top and toilet seat, not to mention pervades every cubic square foot of "air" being inhaled by so-called urbanites and the people who are forced to visit and/or do business with such urbanites. 3) Targets with some of the highest points for terrorists who desire to create the maximum effect when (superpower) governments, and their ruling plutocracy, refuse to listen to any reality other than the "reality" they dictate or control.

Civilization -- 1) a state of existence living entities aspire to. 2) a Class I Civilization, being the first stage of Earth's civilization, is a global civilization that has learned how to utilize all its planetary resources in an economical manner that benefits all of its human population without the use of force, coercion, deception or destruction to the environment or the population. 3) Earth has never had a civilization, only embryo civilizations, such as so-called Western Civilization.

Class I Civilization -- A global civilization that has learned how to utilize all its planetary resources in an economical manner that benefits all of its human population without the use of force, coercion, deception or destruction to the environment or the population.

Class II Civilization -- A stellar civilization that has learned how to utilize all its stellar system's resources in an economical manner that benefits all of its civilized planets without the use of force, coercion, deception or destruction to the system or its planets.

Class III Civilization -- A galactic civilization that has learned how to utilize all its galactic resources in an economical manner that benefits all of its civilized star systems without the use of force, coercion, deception or destruction to the galaxy or its stars.

Coalition -- A bunch of countries that join military forces to make their ritualization of mass murder (i.e., war) more palatable to their people and the people of other nations.

Collateralized Debt Obligations -- 1) neat little assed-backed securities that are made up of things like mortgages from sub-prime borrowers, who some bankers have done their best to bring into the ranks of debt slaves along with all other Americans who want to share the dream (of home ownership and home foreclosure). 2) CDOs are a way bankers can outsource their risk thus alleviating them of all the hassle of getting to know (and like) their customers. 3) Broken up into various "tranches" of risk -- all assigned by companies that are more interested in making money than vituperating their bank clients -- CDOs are the gift that kept giving from bankers at the now-defunct Drexel Burnham Lambert in 1987. Today, as then, the taxpayers continue to bail out bankers as they did in 1990 with the Resolution Trust Corporation.

College -- A place where young, impressionable students go to be indoctrinated on Critical Theory and how to be politically correct.

Competition -- 1) an activity whereby one entity proves it is superior to another entity. Competition is the basis of stratification, whether such stratification is in the social, economic or political sphere. 2) Conflict sanctioned by society. 3) The anthesis of cooperation, competition generates and utilizes certain abilities, among which are stealth, force, aggression and secrecy. Often competition generates and utilizes anti-social behavior, such as fraud, theft, espionage, evasion, prevarication , pollution, embezzlement and even murder or government-sanctioned mass murder made "legal" as so-called war.

Commerce Clause -- 1) a clause in the U.S. Constitution that gives Congress the power to regulate interstate commerce. This clause was bastardized by the Supreme Court when they added the words "and anything that effects commerce" in order to greatly expand the powers of the federal government. 2) The bastardized Commerce Clause is what Nazis in the federal government uses to "justify" infringements on the right to keep and bear arms. They call such infringements "gun control."

Communism -- 1) An economic system whereby the state owns the MEANS of production. Socialism is an economic system whereby the state owns the OUTPUT of production. MEANS of production means CAPITAL. CAPITAL means money, machinery, labor and land. OUTPUT means revenues generated and thrown off by the MEANS. Revenue thrown off by the means is another way of saying TAXES. 2) Communism owns and confiscates all production for the state and Socialism confiscates excessive amounts of tax money for the state. Socialist states in Europe, for instance, confiscate as much as 50% of the money citizens pay for retail products and services. This is the outrageous sales tax a Socialist state demands.

Conflict -- 1) The mass mental-illness societies occasionally undergo when they can't figure out who to blame for their problems. 2) Another word for war.

Congress -- 1) A bunch of people paid to come to Washington so they can get together and figure out how to do the following: travel at taxpayer expense, stay in office, eat at taxpayer expense, stay in office, sleep at taxpayer expense, get their picture taken at taxpayer expense, stay in office, fart at taxpayer expense, print up money to fight endless wars, stay in office, print up money to send home to their buddies, stay in office. 2) The branch of U.S. government that allows the President and the Supreme Court to make all the decisions. 3) A multinational corporation's best buddy. 4) The Federal Reserve Bankers' best buddy. 5) A place where C-SPAN points cameras to run off endless hours of tape where no one is present doing anything of Constitutional value.

Congressmen -- One of the most hated professions, congressmen install themselves in political office in order to facilitate the banks and corporatocracy (that has grown up around them). Congressmen -- installed by mostly Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Pharma and Big AIPAC -- reconfigure the laws to benefit consolidation, monopolization, monetizing debt, fiat money, fractional reserve lending, mainstream media propaganda, the military industrial complex and businesses "too big to fail". See

Conservative -- 1) A person who doesn't want to change very much. He's on top for the most part so why change anything. 2) A person who keeps a close eye on liberals because they want to change much. 3) A person who puts the boots on but doesn't walk.

Conspiracy Theorist -- 1) Anyone who questions the unproven assertions of a criminal Regime of proven, pathological LIARS, or demands to see proof of that Regime's own unsupported Conspiracy Theory. 2) A person who believes that some events are not coincidental or accidental.

Constitution of the U.S. -- The Supreme Law of the Land, i.e., THIS land: the United States, not the Middle East. A document politicians refer to in an attempt to sucker voters into believing that they are still working for citizens, even though they are actually working for CORPORATE citizens for the most part.

Corporation -- 1) An artificial entity created by the state. 2) A robot controlled by the Money Mentality.

Corporate Fascism -- 1) form of fascism whereby corporate power dominates state power, unlike Mussolini's Italy and Hitler's Germany where state power dominated corporate power. 2) Current situation in the United States whereby large multinational corporations lobby Congress and influence or dominate laws passed to the detriment of We the People. 3) The result of purchasing of Congress by special interests. 4) sometimes called "mercantilism," using public means to realize the private goals of individuals, small groups and insiders.

Corporate Welfare -- Money corporate "citizens" demand from the government because flesh and blood citizens are also demanding it.

Cowards -- 1) Men and women who use high-tech weapons are cowards. These kill at a distance, usually for pay, because they are too cowardly to confront the rigors and challenges of mortal combat. 2) Any person or government that employs sophisticated weaponry or science is a coward-entity unworthy of any "victory" they may have achieved. Such depraved entities utilize the services of irresponsible, money-grubbing scientists and technologists to engineer weapons that, in essence, automate killing. 3) All modern warfare is a coward's game, mechanized to protect people and societies have no business existing or reproducing. 4) Throughout history, each generation becomes more and more cowardly, because each generation further mechanizes warfare. Eventually the human race, like other races that went down similar roads, will become so scared of everything around it, it will surround itself with total weapons and total government and contribute to the great galactic silence the Fermi paradox addresses.

Creating money out of thin air -- The unconstitutional action of Congress, in partnership with the Federal Reserve, issuing bonds and then "paying" for them by authorizing the Treasury to simply print up "money."

Credit -- 1) To believe in one. 2) People, banks, stores and vendors can provide credit. Credit provided by banks however most often destroys society, because it always imposes interest payments on the borrower. Interest payments are a form of debt service, a form of modern slavery because money for interest is usually created from human effort whereas the loan principle was often created by fractional reserve lending or unconstitutional fiat money. 3) Allowing one to HAVE now and PAY later. Matter addicts need increasing amounts of credit to have NOW what they only may deserve LATER.

Credit Card -- A piece of plastic that ensures every future day of your life will be worse than each past day has been. The Trojan horse of world government right into your wallet and pants.

Credit Default Swap -- 1) A CDS is a form of INFORMAL insurance one buys to hedge against the loss of default. As such, a CDS is a CREDIT derivative contract because the parties to the transaction do not necessarily have anything to do with the underlying asset upon which the CDS is betting. 2) If you are a bank that's "too big to fail" and you believe real estate never goes down, then you don't mind accepting hundreds of millions of dollars of premium money being paid for Credit Default Swaps you issue (without any regulation) on mortgage-backed securities or Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs). It's free money, until the CDOs crash.

Critical Theory -- an anal instrument developed and used by the Frankfurt School of Marxist thinkers to help Americans understand that American culture sucks. It sucks because disgruntled Marxists say it sucks. It sucks because Hollywood and colleges say it sucks. It sucks because it obviously sucks. But most of all, it sucks because BabyBoomers' parents say it DOESN'T suck!

Cultural Imperialist -- 1) A "know it all." 2) A person who has an acute command of the English language as it reflects the reality they, and most people, experience but defines terms to bend them into their own worldview. 3) Bill Clinton and George Bush at work.

Cultural Marxism -- The idea that if you can't destroy an enemy with fire, bombs and bullets you can eventually destroy him with sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. Cultural Marxists, in their march through the cultural institutions of America (i.e., the arts, cinema, TV, literature, radio, media, schools, colleges, clergy), apply their technology know as "Critical Thinking" to engender "cultural pessimism."

Cultural Pessimism -- 1) A result of watching too much cable TV, too many Hollywood movies, reading too many Michael Moore books, borrowing too much money, shopping at too many Wal-Marts, taking too many legal and illegal drugs, following the pathetic dance of the RepubliCrats, going to public school or college for too long and listening to too much negative talk show radio. 2) Cultural pessimism is the desired result of Critical Theory, the foremost weapon in the arsenal of the Frankfurt School.

Daycare Center -- 1) A place sick, sadistic "parents" and/or "Go-to-work-Moms" leave their children while they sit in a cubical at some corporation or other low-end service job doing "more important" work "because they need to money to pay bills." 2) A place where children learn that their "parents" value money more than they value them. 3) A way current socialist society aborts their children without all the blood and mess.

Davos -- A place where Republican Insiders meet to discuss economics and foreign policy while they forget about the headache of the culture war.

Dead-Beat-Dads -- "Fathers" that feel it's more important to "have their freedom" than it is to raise the next generation. Such "fathers" are not really fathers, but escape artists, materialists, drug addicts, sex addicts and/or hedonists. The real reason DBDs leave or don't provide child-support is because they have no sense of responsibility or concern about the country or civilization in which they live. To them, rearing or supporting children is a more challenging endeavor than almost any other activity they can imagine. What they don't know is this is an illusion. DBDs often like to abuse women or the mother of their children because it gives them a sense of power. They need this sense of power because they probably had a DBD dad that was exactly like them. 2) Dead-Beat-Dad's actions teach their children that they value money and freedom more than they value their children. 3) The creators of the next generation of criminals, psychopaths and mentally ill citizens and more DBDs and GWMs.

Debates -- a monthly TV show where presidential candidates stand in front of cameras and answer a sanitized range of politically-acceptable questions. The best-known candidates are always placed in the middle of the stage so they can become even better known and so we can learn as little as possible about what solutions the other candidates may offer. The high point of the Republican Debate is usually when Rude-Rudy tries to chew off Ron-Paul's head. The high point of the Democratic Debate is when Gravel has another melt-down and starts screaming important, but hard to confront, facts at all the OTHERS on the stage.

Debt -- What Congress uses to fund endless wars, endless hand-outs and endless government expansion. What Congress uses when it doesn't want citizens to "read its lips."

Deficit -- The ADDITIONAL amount Congress takes us into DEBT each year.

De-Leverage -- 1) a popular euphemism for paying off debt, often so much debt an individual or company must work endless hours at slave wages or file bankruptcy. When a person or company is fully de-leveraged, they are able to once again enjoy life, hopefully to never borrow money again. 2) the state of being still alive after being raped and pillaged by the fiat/fractional reserve banking system.

Democratic Party -- Party for the poor and newly-rich. Party for those who want to "progress." The party of immigrants, legal and illegal.

Death -- the mechanism by which Existence prompts Life to change.

Decision Vectors -- 1) the vector sum of hundreds, thousands, millions, billions or trillions of human decisions. 2) The output of the market. 3) That superintelligent product that guides all production in an unfettered global economy. 4) Anatomy of the "the wisdom of crowds."

Dictionary -- An obsolete book or on-line database that warehouses words so numerous and nebulous humans only consult them in an attempt to be more didactic than their fellow academicians. 2) The book you go to when you want more information than you can possibly use. 3) An on-line database where thousands of intellectuals can post their pet ideas of what words and terms should mean. 4) A repository of human confusion.

Distributed Energy -- Decentralized energy such as solar panels on every house and light industrial roof-top. A system whereby, when your electric bill comes due, you can tear it in half and laugh with abandon.

Distributed Management -- 1) A management system that operates as an emergent property of many source points each sharing a common goal and program. 2) All distributed management systems are unlimited by their computational power. 3) The well-spring of any economic or political system, usually the cause of efficiency, growth, security, abundance, new experiences, peace and prosperity. 4) Globalization is the ultimate enemy of Distributed Management schemes which are almost pre-destined to succeed. 5) The system used by the Deity by granting free will within a deterministic Universe of physical laws.

Divorce -- 1) An ultimate and final stage of a marriage, divorce is often a mean-spirited contest between a man and a woman as they engage in the acts of tearing their family, home and assets to shreds. 2) Divorces are the incubation centers for future divorces as children raised in a broken family are more likely to divorce. 3) Divorced couples are often subjects of Hollywood films because Hollywood, unable to control its hedonism or make commitments, disparages any institution that challenges same. 4) The highest aspiration of the Cultural Marxist and the studio Control Group in Hollywood is to make divorce trivial and legitimate.

Dollar -- A unit of weight, like the pound or the ounce or the ton. A dollar is a certain weight of pure silver.

Dominant Social Theme -- A belief system (usually concerning a purported social or natural problem) launched by the monetary elite that grows into an archetype or meme, usually after much repetition. The problem may be centered on people themselves (overpopulation) or caused by people (global warming). Dominant social themes often are launched from the centers of the power elite's global architecture, including the United Nations, World Bank, World Trade Organization and World Health Organization, where the related problems are declared to be such. The themes are then rebroadcast by the mainstream media. The hallmarks of a problem that drives a dominant social theme are: 1. the problem is presented as one that can be solved only by those in authority; ii. the prescribed solution requires action by, and greater authority for, social and political institutions that are distant from the societies they pretend to benefit; iii. reminders of the problem persist no matter how much evidence appears that the problem is fictitious, trivial or irremediable; iv. the problem may co-exist in the public's mind with other purported problems with which it is inconsistent. Examples of problems that support dominant social themes are: bird flu, swine flu, peak oil, central banking. (This definition was excerpted from The Daily Bell )

Economic/Political Systems -- Although Homo Sapiens has been trying for at least 50,000 years to devise the perfect economic/political system, none yet exists on this planet.

Economics -- 1) The study of flows. 2) An attempt to remedy and/or justify the spread between supply and demand or between alternative uses of commodities and labor. 3) Economics only has meaning on the surface of a planet which has primitive technology. Any society that uses "economics," by definition, is a primitive society, a sub-Class I Civilization. 4) The farthest thing from science one can study.

Fermi paradox -- The famous physicist, Enrico Fermi, once asked, if there are so many billions and billions of star-systems out there -- many potentially with extraterrestrial civilizations as some suggested -- how come we haven't heard from any of them or see any evidence of them? Why is it so quite?

Elastic Currency -- 1) The term high-school and college texts use to make students think there's nothing wrong with Fiat Currency. 2) Elastic Currency is a currency that stretches way beyond the user's ability to pay or borrow. 3) Elastic Currency is often used to hold up women's panties when they run out of nylon stockings.

Empire -- A nation that has enough weapons and fiat money to tell the rest of the world to go to hell.

Establishment Programmer -- 1) A scientist, technologists or computer programmer that has been co-opted by Globalist agents of the one-world government attempting to get a foothold in the nations of Earth. 2) Like Agent Smith in THE MATRIX, Establishment Programmers have infiltrated all industries and are busy using their talents to program an end to free human civilization. 3) An AI programmer that works for a pay check and is oblivious to his or her effects.

Euphemisms -- 1) When something or some idea becomes disagreeable or offensive, often a substitute word or term is created. George Orwell in his chilling book, 1984, referred to this as "newsspeak." Such substituted word or term is known as a euphemism or newsspeak. 2) Euphemisms are red flags that come into usage in the mainstream media. Noting such red flags, one can quickly isolate those subjects and issues they are not supposed to look at or discuss. 3) Current popular euphemisms are: rescue for bailout; leverage for debt; de-leverage for pay off debt; credit for debt service; margin for profit; correction for dive; transparency for regulation; risk-averse for scared; restructuring for mass-firing; globalization for totalitarian world government; free-trade for globalization; find a bottom for continue to crash; re-test lows for crash some more; target for person to be bombed; enemy for a human being like you; credit-impaired for risky; cost-effective for cheap; the market for the rich; taxpayers for the poor; pre-owned for used; governance for government; quantitative easing for Fed printing of money.

Exporting inflation -- Printing up endless watered-down Federal Reserve Notes but spending them on the endless flow of cheap products poor suckers in other countries make.

Family Unit -- 1) the economic, social and cultural unit of the middle class which must be destroyed. 2) Something BabyBoomers have no idea about. 3) A place where it's okay to beat people of the opposite sex while drinking, taking drugs, screaming at kids and screwing other women or men. 4) The primary target of the cultural Marxist. By destroying the Family Unit, the Middle Class can eventually be destroyed in the United States, for only the destruction of the Middle Class (and the manufacturing base thereof) can result in the destruction of the political system and thus open the way for Socialism, an application of Marxist Theory.

Fascism -- 1) the merger of state and corporate power. In Nazi Germany, the state took over industry and merged. It does not matter if the state takes over corporate power or corporate power takes over the state; once they have merged their power, you have a fascist entity or regime. 2) A Fascist state rapes the people mainly through excessive debt whereas a Socialist state rapes the people mainly through excessive taxes. Both ultimately rape the people through taxes because debt causes inflation, a hidden tax. 3) Another euphemism or "state capitalism" and "authoritarian capitalism."

Federal Reserve System -- 1) A government-sanctioned, quasi-private banking cartel, similar to OPEC. It's not a government agency; there are no reserves and it's a central BANK, not a system ... unless you want to consider it's a "system" that screws you very efficiently and very subtly. 2) A system that destroys the Family Unit. 3) The Federal Reserve System depends on a ponzi scheme known as the Impossible Contract Problem in order to confiscate wealth and perpetuate itself into ever larger economic spheres: local, regional, national, continental, global. Thus the Federal Reserve System is the primary motivation for so-called Globalization. The reason for this is because a ponzi scheme, like a chain letter, requires constant expansion in order to survive.

Federal Reserve Notes -- 1) Increasingly weird-colored pieces of paper the government forces citizens to use to purchase goods and services as well as pay all debts, public and private. 2) Fiat currency that is losing value against gold and the Euro as the Congress-Fed partnership prints up ever increasing numbers of them to roll over the National Debt. 3) Tokens no longer redeemable in gold or silver. 4) Unconstitutional Bills of Credit.

Federal Reserve Open Market Committee -- The people who cut off Adam Smith's invisible hand and now use it in secrecy to "manage" the cost and amount of money as they, in their sole discretion, see fit.

Fed -- Short for Federal Reserve System.

Fiat -- Something ordered by a government, king or dictator. By government decree; by government fiat.

(1) Fiat Currency -- 1) Federal Reserve Notes issued by the private bank known as the Federal Reserve and backed no longer by silver or gold, but the "full faith and credit of the U.S. government (and military)". 2) Money the government orders its citizens to use even though it's becoming worthless. 3) Paper bills of credit that are no longer redeemable in gold or silver hence are illegal under the Constitution. 4) Fiat Currency currently comes in 1 dollar bills, 5 dollar bills, 10 dollar bills, 20 dollar bills, 50 dollar bills and 100 dollar bills. Each bill says: "This is legal tender for all debts public and private." That's the government's cue that you better accept this paper or we will blow you to smithereens. 5) Fiat money isn't necessarily bad and it has worked a number of time in history. Fiat money is only destructive when it's issued as debt by private banks with no recourse from the citizens. Money backed by gold and silver is recourse. Money issued by the government when under the voting control of the citizens has worked. The Continental is an example, until it was destroyed. Also, fiat money issued in abundance does not necessarily cause prices to rise. China is an example. If the economy continues to produce and there is no shortage of resources, fiat money can actually stimulate an economy, provided such fiat money is not monetized debt.

FIAT EMPIRE -- A movie that explains why the Federal Reserve System violates the U.S. Constitution. Stars Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, Edwin Vieira and Ted Baehr. See

Fiscal Policy -- Making yet more laws and tax regulations to handle previous laws and tax regulations. Controlling the economy by manipulating and imposing numerous rules and regulations in yearly spasms.

Fractional Reserve Banking -- The unethical basis of modern-day banking. A legalized ponzi scheme where the Fed banks get to lend out more money (or Receipts) than they have on hand, the assumption being that not everyone will come for their money (Receipts) at the same time. Fractional reserve banking, along with creating money out of thin air are the two principle ways the money supply is inflated thus causing a loss of purchasing power. Also see "Receipts".

Frankfurt School -- 1) a bunch of beer-drinking Marxists that fled Hitler and set up their club to dominate and demolish American, Christian culture in the 1940s. Starting out in America at Columbia University in New York City, they eventually spread to Hollywood and now they are all over cyber-space as well. 2) A Marxist school of cultural thought established by Georg Lukacs, Antonio Gramsci, Charles Reich, Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Erich Fromm, Wilhelm Reich and Herbert Marcuse. 3) The Frankfurt School developed "Critical Theory" as their main weapon against U.S. and Western culture. It took serious root with the drugged-out BabyBoomers of the 1960s.

Free -- You pay for it later, sometimes in blood.

Freedom -- The opposite of laws and regulation. Freedom = 1/Law. This means: your freedom is inversely proportionate to the number of laws in effect which limit you and your actions. Thus the only place you are almost "free" is in intergalactic space at least one hundred trillion miles away from any and all planets, stars and galaxies. Unfortunately, even out there, you are still not free from hydrogen atoms and the Law of Gravity.

Free Enterprise -- an economic system totally dependent on the free market. Although the United States claims to be a free market capitalist nation it if folly to believe this because the US economy is a HIGHLY regulated economy, if for no other reason than it's money supply is highly regulated by the Federal Reserve system, a quasi-governmental body that works in cooperation with Congress.

Free trade -- 1) The term people use to sucker you into believing your job will NOT be outsourced. Bankers and corporate candidates like this term because it has the word FREE in it. Makes it seem FREE, but really it's the one-world globalist camel pushing his nose into your future. 2) The bogus result of NAFTA, GATT and the World Trade Organization. Free trade means that every country in the World, under WTO rules, is "free" to rape and pillage the U.S. 3) The Trojan horse of the Globalists one-world government.

Fusion -- 1) The one energy source under the sun that no one talks about because it IS the sun. 2) Fusion is human civilization's ticket to the following: unlimited electrical power, unlimited methanol (a liquid substitute for gasoline), unlimited heat production, reversal of global warming, conservation of global petroleum resources, inexpensive production of all products, rocket engines powerful enough to make exploration and colonization of the Solar System and Stars possible. 3) A black hole in the minds of most Americans and humans that currently live on the planet Earth because the current Global Energy Establishment wants it that way. 4) Something ignoramuses routinely confuse with fission.

Globalist -- 1) A person who believes the World should be homogenized. Globalists operate under the idea that nation states, complete with their unique identities, histories, cultures and laws, are a hindrance to global trade and should thus be eliminated or incorporated into one superstate or set of regional super states under the control of a central world government. 2) Mentally ill psychopaths that don't understand much about physics, mathematics or networks and how such apply to the universal law of redundancy. 3) A Globalist is a person or entity that has no where to turn when his one-world government gets a fatal (economic, political or social) disease and crumbles back to the 19th Century or further. 4) A purveyor of Globalization.

Globalization -- 1) Converting the entire Earth into one huge supermarket with billions of over-weight, pharmaceutical-dependent, dumbed-down consumers watching TV commercials in an endless craze to purchase, on credit, the next petroleum-based product offered by a half-naked woman. 2) A product of "free-trade." 3) The ultimate collective where everyone is dependent on everyone else such that a failure by one is a failure by all, yet a success by one is license for the rest to jump on the bandwagon. 3) The attempt of totalitarian Marxists and Fascists to dominate the world's economic, political and cultural system with a one-size-fits-all ideology. 4) Globalization violates one of the prime tenets of physical law: the law of redundancy. By interconnecting all global systems into a centralized global government, the Globalist risks a worldwide financial meltdown and/or total disintegration of society with no where else to run. 5) Globalization is the religion of the greedy, power-seeking psychopath in his quest for dominance, aka the "new world order."

Go-to-Work-Moms -- "Mothers" that feel it's more important to "go to work" than it is to raise the next generation. Such "mothers" are not really mothers, but escape artists, materialists, drug addicts, sex addicts and/or hedonists. The real reason GWMs go to work is because taking care of children is actually a more challenging job than sitting in a cubical or helping strangers from behind a counter. GWMs like to belittle mothers that confront their maternal and family responsibilities by calling them "Stay-at-Home-Moms," as if THEY were the freaks of nature and not the GWM. 2) Go-to-Work-Mom's actions teach their children that they value money and freedom more than they value their children. 3) The creators of the next generation of criminals, psychopaths and mentally ill citizens and more GWMs and DBDs. 4) Freaks of nature that would rather "go to work" and let their children suffer than confront the corporate fascists and cultural Marxists in Big Gov/Big Biz that are responsible for the "new world order" in which they live.

Governance -- 1) Like the stupid politically correct terms, "price-point" and "pre-owned" car, the word, "governance" attempts to take attention of the word government. We now have the news speak of "good governance" not "good government rule". Nothing threatening about good governance, so the CFR hopes the public will suppose.

Government -- 1) An relatively small organization of people that maintains its dominance over the much larger group of other People by means of its monopoly on force. An organization that has arrogated to itself certain special privileges, primary among which are the power of the sword and the power of the purse, meaning weapons and money. 2) The sole purpose of government is give the larger mass of People the actuality or illusion that they are being "protected" and "provided for." The reality of most government is that such protect the assets of the wealthiest members in its jurisdiction while keeping the larger masses of poor ignorant, under "good control" and employed (i.e., keeping the slave system operational). 3) An entity that is a master at providing the illusion of security as well as the illusion of freedom. Governments endlessly utilize the word "freedom" to promote their "altruistic" causes. 4) An entity that demands the "right" to murder or punish any person or group it labels "felon," "criminal," "enemy" or "terrorist". Such punishment or murder is then "justified" by the use "law" based on archaic religious values or secular "ethics." 5) An entity the Deity, if any, most certainly did not create or condone, otherwise such Deity would never have granted human beings free will. 6) The U.S. Government, when operating under strict Constitutional law, is the best system of government yet devised by human kind and is a government that is widely accepted, respected and obeyed by We the People that grant its continued existence.

Greatest Generation, The -- 1) The generation that defeated Hitler and Stalin, kicked butt in World War II and survived the Federal Reserve-induced Great Depression to build America into the greatest, most exceptional nation that has ever arisen on Earth. 2) Parents that told their BabyBoomer kids to stop smoking weed and screwing in the back of the family station wagon as they listen to John Lennon lyrics and avoided going to church.

Gun Control -- 1) The act of violating the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and "justifying" such act under the expanded Commerce Clause. See "Commerce Clause". 2) Removing guns from citizens so only the criminals will have guns. 3) People that advocate "gun control" are liberal ignoramuses that work for the government or are apologists for an ever-expanding Nazi state. 4) the political advocacy of those who fail to understand the famous line by Mao Tse-Tung: "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." For the reader that is stupid or naive, this means a self-governing People will only remain SELF-governing as long as they "keep and bear arms" as part of a well regulated militia so as to deter any tyrant or rogue politicians who might attempt to take over, or use, the government against We the People. 5) People that advocate gun control or who set up "gun free zones" are potential trouble sources that are thwarting the highest law in the land, the U.S. Constitution. 6) the Corporatocracy that relies on a "standing army" to secure its profit-based global expansion, does not want guns in the hands of the very People it seeks to exploit through "free-trade" and debt-based consumerism.

Hollywood Control Group -- 1) as researched by writer-attorney, John W. Cones, the Hollywood Control Group is comprised of "politically liberal, not very religious, Jewish males of European heritage" and this demographic has dominated the MPAA studio/distributors for about 100 years. To see control group go to For more information on how the Control Group operates and maintains power, read HOLLYWOOD WARS (available at Amazon) and WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON IN HOLLYWOOD (free on-line at ). 2) The Hollywood Control Group funds the major motion pictures that have imbued U.S. culture with Marxist values, accelerating in the 1960s. Using various socialist-engineering techniques developed by members of the Frankfurt School (such as "critical theory," "androgyny," "cultural pessimism"), the traditional Christian culture of the U.S. has been undermined. 3) a subversive cult of Judeo-European mentalities promoting Keynesian debt-economics, Warburg central banking, Comte altruism to justify the welfare state -- all combine for the goal of the destruction of the family unit, religion, capitalism and the Constitutional Republic. 4) that which is never uttered on mainstream TV or media under threat of branding as an "anti-Semite." See the The Anti-Semitic Sword by John Cones.

Hollywood Movies -- Over-priced visual extravaganzas where sex- and violence-oriented themes teach our children how to be more politically correct citizens. Every Hollywood movie is required to have at least three (3) of the following: a pro-homosexual content, an aggressive or androgynous woman scene, an women scene, a cheating father scene, a divorced or board housewife scene, a sympathetic hooker scene, a sex-up-against-a-door scene, a rain of bullets and blood scene, a divorced family scene AND a final scene where the good guy (or gal) and the bad guy (or gal) meet up in a warehouse and beat each other to death. 4) Movies that reflect the interests of their makers, such makers being part of the Hollywood Control Group. 5) Artificial constructs of reality, made by men, women and children, that are some of the crowning artistic achievements of modern day culture.

Homeschoolers -- 1) Children that usually out-compete students schooled in the "politically correct" government-funded, public school system. 2) Children that will soon assume leadership positions in of industry, government and the arts.

Homophobic -- 1) A bigot that surrenders to the demands of the minority. 2) A heterophobic.

Homosexuality -- 1) sexual activity practiced by a fringe of society, yet driven into the mainstream by purveyors of the cultural Marxist agenda to destroy the traditional family unit and traditional Christian (and other religions') values. 2) a driving element of "critical theory". 3) along with other minorities -- such as Blacks, Jews, Women's Libbers, Atheists and Agnostics -- homosexuals are victims a Marxist political agenda founded by members of the Frankfurt School in pre-Nazi Germany. 4) a male-male, female-female sexual orientation that is some part genetic and some part learned behavior. 5) Used as a political football, the Hollywood-based U.S. motion picture industry and the New York-based corporate media, vie for political power by exploiting the latent bigotry of the nation over the issue of homosexuality. 6) a predominantly aberrated learned behavior which counters or inhibits the reproductive goal of a species.

Humanist Manifesto -- 1) The idea that all morals and ethics come from human thought or technology and divine intervention is a delusion. 2) ignores the possibility of knowledge from superintelligent extraterrestrial civilizations (aka "Workable Gods").

Human Nature -- 1) a product of genes and environment, the greatest impact is now understood to be genes. 2) Often society, through the mechanism of religion and government, actively creates its own murderers, rapists, thieves and misfits and then labels them "sinners" and "criminals" in order to evade responsibility for its own apathy and barbarism or in order to justify the "indispensability" of religion and the state. 3) Humans may be more determined than self-determined, thus "punishment" is barbarism.

Illegal-immigration -- Masses of people flooding into the United States without authorization of We the People. A phenomenon permitted and encouraged by the Democrats and Republicans. Legal and illegal immigrants provide the Democrats with potentially new voters and legal and illegal immigrants provide the Republicans with potentially new slave-wage employees.

Immigration -- 1) Masses of people flooding into some nation because they believe the government of the nation from which they are fleeing is worse than the government of the nation which they seek. 2) the collective mass-delusion of people seeking a better life under governments on the "other side of the fence."

Impossible Contract Problem -- 1) the basis for the largest ponzi scheme in history: the Federal Reserve System. 2) When a Federal Reserve Note (FRN) comes into existence (i.e., it's printed or issued as account money in the fractional reserve system), it must be LENT into the economy. New money is not just GIVEN away, it is LENT. This is how the government, through the private banks known as the Federal Reserve Banks, injects money into the economy. Since every FRN that comes into existence is represented (backed by) a unit of DEBT, it requires INTEREST. Debt requires interest be paid on it. So when the Fed creates new money it also creates new DEBT which requires new interest. But at the time the Fed creates new money, it does not create enough new money to pay the interest on the debt the new money represents. Thus it is IMPOSSIBLE for the new DEBT to be serviced, thus all loan agreements (contracts) are obligations that, in theory, are IMPOSSIBLE to uphold UNTIL the Fed creates yet MORE money to pay the interest on such already outstanding Federal Reserve NOTES. This is a vicious cycle that REQUIRES the money supply be constantly increased. Interest on old money can only be paid when new money is issued. This is the classic DEFINITION of a ponzi scheme, paying off old money with new money. 3) The entire Federal Reserve System creates an impossible contract problem and thus is not only doomed to implode, it was PLANNED this way by the monetary scientists that devised it, mainly Paul Warburg of the Bank of England.

Inflating the money supply -- When the Fed prints up too many dollar bills or lowers interest rates on Bills of Credit below what Adam Smith's market would normally do.

Inflation -- As commonly used by apologists of the Federal Reserve System, the word "inflation" is a bogus, misused word intended to make you think prices are rising because of anything OTHER THAN the Federal Reserve System (or printing up too much fiat currency).

Insiders -- 1) the power elite that meet in violation of the Logan Act. 2) Insiders populate Davos, Bildeberg meeting and are members of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). 3) Insiders populate Hollywood studios and "The Club" that dictates what movies and TV shows will be made in order to subtly propagandize the public with the cultural Marxist agenda. 4) Insiders retain their power as a result of three basic facilities: i. the memes of certain political-economic philosophers; ii. fiat currency & fractional reserve banking; and iii. military dominance.

IRS Agents -- One of the most hated professions, IRS agents are people that force you to pay money to a government that uses violence to endlessly perpetuate its expansion and security over yours.

Jews -- 1) People you want to be very careful about criticizing in any way, whether such criticism is valid or not. 2) The ethnic group that has been able to capitalize the most on the death and destruction of World War II (the "Holocaust") and who are the only legitimate authorities on the numbers killed. 3) The "chosen people," not chosen by God because they are "superior," but chosen because they were the "biggest challenge" for God's messenger, Jesus Christ. 4) a People -- despite many obstacles and little or no belief in Jesus as the "Messiah" -- who have gone on to great accomplishments and provisions for Humanity.

John Lennon -- a Cultural Marxist who wrote lyrics and music for a group called the BEATLES. His attempt to infiltrate and indoctrinate the BabyBoomers in America with "critical theory" was eventually interrupted when he got married to a Japanese woman that some say made him quit the band. He later got shot by a BabyBoomer who was a "cultural pessimist" who had been twisted a little too much by the Frankfurt School.

Just Killing -- The only just killing is to kill someone who advocates "just wars."

Just Wars -- 1) Legal mumbo jumbo used to justify war. 2) Since murder and killing are wrong, so is war, for whatever purpose or "reason." Even "just wars" are technically wrong. Like the word "enemy" or "target," the words "just war" are used in to soften or "justify" the mass killing of human life. The reason the insanity and suicide rate of veterans is so high is because deep down, even men of war know that there is no such thing as a "just war." This is simply an a priori truth and the legal minds that are employed by governments to justify war are as disgusting and perverted as nature knowns how to make them.

Laissez-faire Capitalism -- An economic system where the government does not involve itself regulating business or the free markets. Laissez-faire capitalism should not be confused with free-market capitalism. Free-market capitalism has never been experience in an economy that has a central bank and/or fiat money whether issued by a private bank or the government. The U.S. currently does NOT practice free-market capitalism and has not since 1913 when the Federal Reserve System was installed to REGULATE the money supply hence the capital markets.

Lawyers -- 1) One of the most hated professions, lawyers are "esquires of the court" (Esq.) that work in an effort to extort ever higher fees from the public as a result of increasingly complex laws they have had a hand in creating. 2) government officials that present the illusion that they work for the citizen, but in practice work for the government or often the entity that has the most financial clout. 3) a group of trained professionals that maintain a monopoly on the comprehension of, hence the compliance with, law. 4) abettors the crimes committed by Big Banks, entrenched congressmen, IRS agents, Insiders, cronies, MPAA studio executives, Big Oil, CEOs, Big Pharma, Nazi policemen, tax accountants and other out-of-control or superfluous entities feeding off Society. 5) good-hearted professionals that strive to help the citizen or "little guy" survive and navigate the System, who charge a fair and modest fee, who enjoy their work, not for the money, but because of the rewards earned in a gallant effort to serve others.

Left Wing -- 1) Another word for Liberal or Progressive. People who are "left wing" fly counter-clockwise in political circles only to find that they now live in a bigger, more suppressive collective known as the Democrats. 2) The "left wing" of the same ugly, and obsolete political bird that still flies over America pooping all over its dreams.

Leverage -- 1) a popular euphemism for taking on debt, often so much debt an individual or company must file bankruptcy. When a person or company is fully leveraged, they are using as much debt as physically possible to satisfy their psychopathic greed. Margins, options, futures and derivatives are forms of leverage and don't all necessarily involve debt. 2) Pundits and idiots in the mainstream media, as well as bankers and their government partners refrain from using the word DEBT because use of this word calls into question the entire financial SYSTEM of the world, such system built upon FIAT CURRENCY and DEBT.

Liberal -- A person who wants change. He's not on top as much as he wants to be and/or he can visualize the world "progressing" in many ways, if only it wasn't so ... conservative. A person who keeps a close eye on conservatives because they keep everything the same old, same old.

Libertarians -- 1) People that want limited government that keeps out of citizens' private affairs and business. 2) Libertarians want balanced budgets, no debt, solid money that's redeemable in gold or silver, a mind-our-business foreign policy, a military that's sufficient to defend our country from foreign invasions and a system based on individual initiative rather than government hand-outs, whether at the personal or corporate level.

Libertarian Party -- 1) a political party for patriotic middle-class Americans who are fed up with the unconstitutional empire we have become as a result of putting our faith in Democrats and Republicans for way too long. 2) a party that marginalizes itself because of its valid, but often unrealistic goals and dreams.

Laid-Off -- 1) when a corporation wants to get rid of certain workers, it waits until the next recession and then it uses "bad times" as its justification as to why it's laying-off so many workers. This makes the stockholders happy. The proof that this is true is the fact that more ethical companies simply institute pay decreases across the board, thus no one needs to be laid-off in "bad times." Unemployment is just one of the tools the corporatocracy uses to advance its wealth at the expense of society. 2) a valid mechanism the free market uses to get rid of incompetent or lazy workers.

Liquidity -- 1) Economic double speak. When this term is generally used by ignoramuses and apologists of the current financial system it means to "print up more fiat money and inject such into the economy through artificially low-rate bank loans." 2) Liquidity is another pay-day for banks. When the economy "needs more liquidity" it's really the banks (their straws and mouthpieces) saying we need and want to make more money on interest payments and debt service. Or the banks are saying: "Hey, we need to roll over some more loans (such as Bear Sterns) otherwise big players will go bankrupt and take us all down." What the banks are really saying is this: "We don't give a crap about the People or the General Welfare of this nation, we want to roll over our loans to make sure our big players keep servicing their monthly payments." 4) The economic heroin that eventually kills the body politic.

Lobby -- 1) A group of people and/or organizations that get together and amass money in order to influence democratic elections. To intercept a politician in the capital's lobby (at his office, at a party or in his bedroom) and (covertly) offer a bribe known as a "political campaign contribution." 2) The most influential Lobby is the AIPAC. This Lobby was able to apply sufficient pressure on Congress to get it to take America into a war in Iraq in an attempt to provide greater security for Israel. 3) An organized bribery group designed to install congressmen and presidents, usurp political power from ordinary citizens and re-configure laws to suit monopoly capitalists and cartels.

Loss of purchasing power -- Why you now pay 40-cents for a stamp that used to cost 5-cents. Prices are not going UP, your dollar is going DOWN.

Mainstream Media -- 1) That portion of the "mass media" that is accepted as "truth" or "reality" by the broadest segment of society. 2) a derogatory term implying that such media, due to consolidation of ownership, effectively indoctrinates the public on such matters as acceptable candidates, health-related remedies, national goals, political correctness. 3) The most powerful propaganda tool available to monopoly capitalists, socialists, cultural Marxists, lobby groups and entrenched government officials. 4) The mainstream media effectively filters out, or attempts to filter out, all voices that advocate change to any direction other than a slow drift towards globalization and the "new world order." 5) The portion of the Mass Media that would never publish or broadcast this Glossary or the documentary at

Marbury v. Madison -- 1) Supreme Court concluded that "It cannot be presumed, that ANY clause in the constitution is intended to be without effect." 2) Thus, per the highest law in the land, both clauses of the Second Amendment have effect. 3) Also see:

-- Williams v. United States, 289 U.S. 553, 572-73
-- Myers v. United States, 272 U.S. 52, 151-52
-- Knowlton v. Moore, 178 U.S. 41, 87
-- Blake v. McClung, 172 U.S. 239, 260-61
-- Hurtado v. California, 110 U.S. 516, 534

Market, The -- 1) Rich investors. 2) Members of the plutocracy. 3) That superintelligent entity that makes trillions of decisions every second thus establishing the "decision vectors" for world planning. 4) That which REGULATES the REGULATERS. 5) That which makes obsolete central planning and possibly government.

Martial Law -- 1) The unconstitutional takeover of U.S. citizens on the grounds that some emergency exists that a constitutional government cannot address. 2) The use of unconstitutional military force against We the People. 3) The false assumption that the U.S. Constitution was not forged during a time of the highest U.S. emergency and therefore does not contain sufficient principles to address the current so-called national emergency 4) Contemporary government and/or military arrogance that supersedes constitutional authority and the wisdom of the Founding Fathers.

Marxism -- A merger of the workforce into a collective power. In Pre-World War I Russia, Karl Marx attempted to unite the workers of the world to rise up and fight the "evil" capitalists of the world. Ultimately it does not matter if Communism, the end goal of Marxist philosophy comes through the door opened by socialism or cultural Marxism; once the heat-shield of traditional family values, the middle class and Christian culture have been destroyed, you have a Marxist regime in operation.

Marxist Theory -- 1) The idea that the "Workers of the World" should unite and collectively own the means of production of society, for only when the workers govern can the resources and productivity of a nation be equitably shared by all. 2) An economic/political theory that looks nice on paper, but fails to work in practical application, e.g., East Berlin and the Soviet Union. 3) During the 1960s "Hippies" attempted to apply Marxist Theory to the young, dumb massive generation of BabyBoomers squeezed out when their parents, the "Greatest-Generation-but-possibly-not-the-Smartest-Generation" suddenly realized that "war and death are bad." Using such devices as "free" sex, "free" drugs, "free" rock and roll to convert the "Largest Generation" in history, cultural Marxists were able to succeed in applying Marxist Theory to the destruction of Western capitalist societies where Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin had failed with a more aggressive version of Marxist Theory known as Communism.

Mass Media -- 1) The collective of TV stations, cable stations, newspapers, magazines, book publishers and cinemas that make up the world's public communication channel.

Metaphysics -- 1) That branch of philosophy which emphasizes an exploration of the subjective universe or phenomena just beyond the purview of science. 2) Metaphysics is the bridge between science and theology.

Middle Class -- 1) The economic engine of U.S. society. 2) Collectively, the men and women that work for a living building products rather than collecting interest payments on money that's created out of thin air or money that's dolled out by the government of the welfare state. 3) The prime target, along with the Family Unit, of the Cultural Marxist.

Military-Industrial-Complex -- More properly called the military-industrial-banking complex, this is a term coined by the late President Eisenhower when he cautioned the American People that they should be vigilant about an over-grown system of military and corporate interests who endlessly suck off the federal government and run up the debt. Don't look now but the debt is now over $9.4 trillion and the military-industrial-banking complex is sucking off as much as $1 trillion a year.

Militia -- 1) the body of well-orgainized and armed citizens that reports to its respective state governor in order to 1) execute the laws of the union, 2) suppress insurrections and 3) repel invasions.

2) The only viable check and balance against federal tyranny. 3) The 5th reason you have the right to keep and bear arms. Molon Labe -- 1) From the Greek, "molon labe" means "COME AND GET THEM! 2) Leonides, the Spartan King, bellowed "molon labe" to the Persian envoy at the battle of Thermopylae in 350 BC when demanded to throw down his weapons. 2) If America ever reached the point where Congress, or some police state agency created to do the dirty work, demands WE THE PEOPLE "turn in our arms," the only appropriate response for patriots who will not accept slavery would be "molon labe" -- COME AND GET THEM!

Money Mentality -- 1) A mental condition whereby the victim places the pursuit of money as the highest ideal or rationale. 2) The Money Mentality is only concerned with profit even if obtained at the expense of employees, customers, society, the nation, the (global) environment or the exploration and colonization goals of Humankind. 2) The money mentality is fueled by the mainstream media, the Hollywood-based motion picture industry, the public school system, colleges and universities. It is a by-product of the globalist economy, the destruction of the family unit and values.

Monetary Elite -- The monetary elite consists of wealthy families and individuals who seek to expand their wealth and influence through the development and promotion of Dominant Social Themes. Such themes often issue from the institutional centers of the elite's global architecture, such as the United Nations, World Bank, World Trade Organization or World Health Organization. They then are broadcast by and elaborated upon by prominent segments of the mainstream media. Thousands of opinion leaders may join in amplifying a theme. Thus the brainchild of a very few -- the monetary elite -- can seem to be the work of many. Once announced, themes such as bird flu, Islamofascism and peak oil are repeated relentlessly until much of the public accepts their fearful premises and demands action. Those with the wherewithal to provide solutions -- products, services and public stock offerings -- may collect vast profits even if the problem is imaginary or exaggerated and regardless of whether the offered solutions provide any actual benefit to the public. In modern times, the monetary elite is often referred to as the "power elite." The monetary elite has attracted little modern scholarly analysis, but there are several theories, some serious and some fanciful, as to its character and composition. (This definition was excerpted from The Daily Bell )

Monetary policy -- Manipulation of the amount and cost of money by a secret "open" market committee at the Federal Reserve Bank. Monetary policy benefits an elite insider group of bankers because it allows them to monopolize the creation and distribution of money. They get to profit from the insider knowledge this brings in places like the stock, bond, real estate and currency markets.

Money -- 1) a tally of human effort (as embodied in products and services) that can ALSO be used as a medium of exchange or a store of value. Almost anything can be money so long as it's accepted AS money. 2) Only gold and silver coins are considered money under the U.S. Constitution. 3) Money can be made out of paper. Such paper can represent gold, silver, bonds or anything else and still be used as money. Paper money can be redeemed in gold, silver, bonds or anything else that "back" it. 4) Money can be issued by either a government or private banks. 5) Money can be issued as fiat money or not. If money is issued as fiat money, citizens MUST accept it as payment for goods and services in the realm. 6) Fiat money issued by a government does not necessarily cause price inflation. Prices only rise if the excess demand created by excess money fails to stimulate extra productivity. Extra productivity is only available if extra resources are available and the people are industrious. 7) Money created by banks under government fiat and then lent into the economy through a fractional reserve system is highly destructive of the economy in which such a monetary system operates. And example of such a system is the current Federal Reserve System used by the U.S.

Money supply -- 1) The amount of dollar bills, checking accounts and savings in the economy at any given time. Also includes money (Federal Reserve Notes) the Fed prints out of thin air for Congress. Note this definition, as used by apologists of the Fed, is misleading because the MONEY supply is most certainly NOT comprised of very many gold or silver coins, as the owners of the New York Federal Reserve member banks have probably confiscated these years ago. 2) The money supply is broken into M1, M2, M3. M1 is cash and demand deposits, both checking and savings. M2 is M1 plus time deposits and short term bonds. M3 is M2 plus long term bonds, Eurodollars and all other circulating money whether domestic or international. 3) M3 is basically equivalent to the national debt.

Monetize -- 1) To turn something into "money." Currently we have become so perverted, we use DEBT for "money". We have "monetized" debt. 2) When money is created either by converting government bonds into Federal Reserve Notes (monetizing debt) or through fractional reserve (account-money), debt is created. Debt consists of principle (the amount loaned) and interest (the rental fee on the amount loaned also known as interest). When debt is monetized or created through fractional reserve principle is created but interest is not. Thus all interest must be paid either from pre-existing money in circulation, human effort or the interest-bearing debt is extinguished through default. The current debt-based system used in the U.S., known as the Federal Reserve System, thus makes defaults inevitable because there can never be enough money in circulation to service all interest payments on the outstanding principle. Since defaults are inevitable, repossession of assets, mainly homes, are also inevitable. Thus, confiscation of assets by private banks is a planned strategy of the stockholders of Federal Reserve-member banks and the private Federal Reserve System in general.

Monopoly Capitalism -- 1) Capitalism that has become perverted and unbridled due to greed, globalist ideology. Enabled by unconstitutional fiat money and the practice of fractional reserve banking, monopoly capitalism is destroying manufacturing base and middle class of America. 2) Monopoly capitalism is the opposite of free-market capitalism and eventually stamps out free market enterprise replacing such with socialism, communism and eventually one-world totalitarianism. 3) What gives capitalism a bad name. 4) A tool of Globalists and multinational corporations. 4) A product of cultural Marxism such devised by the Frankfurt School to gradually destroy Capitalistic and Democratic societies and replace them with Socialist societies.

Multicultural -- 1) A society that is not a melting pot. 2) When immigration has reached such a fever pitch so that the host civilization can no longer assimilate or sustain the influx, that civilization is euphemistically referred to as "multicultural" the connotation being that this is an intended or desirable result. 3) A country with a bunch of hostile, quarrelling people from many different lands all competing as distinct ethnic groups for the limited resources of the Land. 4) The opposite of a melting pot, were immigration is conducted in a manner that is not destructive of the traditional culture and values established by constitution. 5) A culture, especially current U.S. culture, that is clueless about the Constitutional principles that caused the culture to be so desirable to immigrants in the first place. Multicultural nations, especially ones that take on second languages, are always doomed to fail. 6) One of the goals of the cultural Marxist.

Multinational Corporation -- 1) A Transnational Corporation that not only has crossed national boarders, its literally planted itself in a foreign country (as a "corporate" citizen). These corporations are traitors to their home country (usually the U.S.) because they no longer serve the interests of their home country. They exist for one purpose: to make products as cheaply as possible by exploiting slave labor in Third World countries and then sell these products back to the Unites States, the largest market in the world. The profit then goes to the multinational corporation's stockholders and its top management. 2) A multinational corporation sees the World as its oyster and its home country as a pain in the butt. Multinationals reconfigure the laws in the U.S. to suit them while making sure the citizens are placated enough to stay passive, buy their products and keep paying the minimum payment on their credit cards. 3) Multinational corporations take profits on high-margin divisions through low-tax off-shore subsidiaries and take profits on low-margin divisions in the high-tax domestic U.S. so that can more easily put in claims for corporate welfare.

Muslims -- People that would never stand for Cultural Marxism.

NAFTA -- A trade agreement the major (multinational) corporations maneuvered Congress into putting in place because they want to screw American workers out of their pay while paying their CEOs five-hundred times as much as the average worker's wage.

National Debt -- The amount of money Congress and the banks have suckered out of us because we don't know the difference between the word DEBT and the word DEFICIT. For that matter, because we don't have a working knowledge of the definitions of all the words in this glossary.

Nativist -- An elitist who believes uneducated and primitive cultures should dominate at the expense of progressive civilization.

NeoCon -- A Democrat in transition to becoming a Republican. A person who has been newly-rich (also known as "nouveau riche") for over 10 years and is now trying to enter the "old, conservative money" set.

New Deal, The -- The Raw Deal Franklin D. Roosevelt foisted upon the American people in order to "justify" the endless expansion of government through endless debt, endless taxation and most of all, endless spending -- mostly into the Military-Industrial Complex. The idea behind the New Deal is that the government borrows and taxes to pay for everything under the sun, moon and stars. All the citizens have to do is eat, watch TV, fight and have sex with anything that moves. The banks love it because they get to charge interest on all this credit-card excess.

New World Order -- 1) a management philosophy that emphasizes centralized control as opposed to distributed control. 2) a theory that the centralization of management intelligence (global totalitarian government) will provide more benefits for humans than a distributed intelligent network (democracy and the free market). 3) a major goal of the power elite for at least the past 97 years. 4) a euphemism for "one world government," "totalitarian police state," "globalization," "free trade". 5) a system that's only as good as its sensitivity to supply and demand. 6) a major liability of the New World Order is that it violates the universal law of redundancy. If a world system crashes, there is no "backup" world. It would be wiser to institute a "new world order" AFTER Mars (and maybe one other planet) have been colonized. Also, the (AI) computing power necessary to effectively manage global management (government) may not (yet) exist. Ironically, such computing power will not, and probably cannot, emerge until AFTER one or more planets are colonized because, by definition, AI is autonomous and autonomy cannot be fully developed locally on a planet. The New World Order is thus dependent on the speed of light limitation which forces the development of autonomous super intelligent AI. Any global government that attempts to form will inevitably run up against these limitations, summarized as follows: i. the liabilities of violating the universal law of redundancy; ii. the limitation of developing AI computing power as a result of autonomous exploration and, iii. the self-determined decision of AI that the "new world order" proposed by human-level mentalities may not be the optimum solution for Human advancement in the Solar System.

Notes -- A piece of paper saying that you owe someone money. An IOU. Our money is now called Federal Reserve NOTES. Go figure.

Nuclear Energy -- 1) Energy derived from fission or fusion. 2) Fusion nuclear energy is by far superior to fission nuclear energy because the fusion process can extract energy from water and it is virtually clean (at least by comparison to fission). 3) The ultimate centralized form of energy for a world. See Fusion Energy.

Oath of Office -- The promise the President gives when he takes office to uphold the Constitution and do things such as enforce Article I, Section 8 & 10.

Oil -- 1) Black, gooey, glop, made out of millions of years of dead animal bodies that all of Western Civilization, and the rest of the World, fight and kill over. 2) Oil is a chemical that's destroying not only the world's economy, but the biosphere of the world as well. 3) A substance that creates the largest legalized profits in history next to drugs like heroin and cocaine.

Oil Company Executives -- 1) One of the most hated professions, oil company executives are people that have stolen the petroleum resources of earth (with the help of bankers, lawyers and congressmen), in order to provide a product that destroys the environment while monopolizing the transportation system. 2) Over 30 such people were installed into the Bush Administration by the Oil Lobby to rape and pillage the world between 2001 and 2009. See THE TYRANNY OF OIL for details.

One-World Government -- A proposed government that will manage the entire world at least as well as the government that managed the former USSR. When a one-world government crashes, you have a zero-government world.

OPEC -- A cartel, not unlike the Federal Reserve System, where the price of oil is closely regulated in order to thwart competition and extort maximum profits out of dependent world users, especially the United States. 2) Third World drug pushers that have enforced a dangerous chemical onto the world such that it is killing the biosphere. 3) A criminal gang of eleven oil-producing countries lead by Saudi Arabia, the country whose citizens terrorized the citizens of the United States on September 11, 2001.

Osama bin Laden -- 1) The rogue leader of Saudi Arabia (in particular some percentage of its citizens) who engineered and executed a terrorist attack on the United States in order to wake up American citizens to the fact that their petrodollars are funding the House of Saud, a ruthless and secular regime that is exploiting Saudi Arabia's oil resources and living in excessive luxury while its citizens starve and see their holy lands desecrated by American tanks. 2) A guy who had too much religion forced on him by his mother.

Out-of-the-House-Mom -- A "mother" that thinks it's more important to go to work each day than to provide care for her children. OHMs, who are also married to a working husband, are particularly despicable when they claim that they "must work in order to pay the bills." What they really want is money to have a new car, eat out or buy other luxuries to support their hedonistic, material-addicted lifestyle. OHMs make fun of mothers that stay home and care for the kids, as the universe designed women to do. Cultural Marxists call such mothers "Stay-at-Home-Moms," as if staying at home was the weird thing.

Outsourcing of jobs -- A result of "free trade." Corporate stockholders, 5% of America, can earn more money because they can hire a communist slave labor force to replace you.

Past Performance -- 1) "Past performance does not guarantee future results" is the motto of executives and bankers when they are attempting to limit their liability in connection with the sale of corporate stock or making loans. 2) Past performance means your "track record" is no guarantee of anything. 3) A term often used by hypocrites who want their cake and eat it to. 4) A term bankers, lawyers, broker-dealers and corporate executives manipulate depending on whose ox they are trying to gorge and/or what liability they are attempting to evade responsibility for. See Track Record.

Pharmaceutical Drugs -- 1) Often extremely potent and highly profitable drugs authorized by the Establishment for sale to populations in order to feed the "health care" system. 2) Pharmaceutical drugs, under the guise of health and wellness creation, initiate a long an profitable chain of economically symbiotic industries. 3) a Drug that often leads to another pharmaceutical drug or drugs, such leading to the eventual dysfunction of organs, emergency care, hospitalization, nursing homes and ultimately the funeral business. 4) Illegal drugs are kept illegal so they will not compete with pharmaceutical drugs, drugs that are often much more potent, and higher profit margin, than illegal drugs.

Pharmaceutical Company Advertisers -- One of the most hated professions, such advertisers are legalized drug pushers that use the mass media to get the public addicted to all manner of chemicals, every chemical leading to a next chemical, eventually leading to the hospital system and death.

Philosophy -- 1) a system of critical inquiry that relys mainly on intuition and reason in an effort to answer the largest questions of existence such as those pertaining to being, knowledge, values, logic, justice, symbolization. 2) Philosophy explores the objective universe as well as the subjective universe.

Plutocrat -- 1) A member of the corporate elite that practices monopoly capitalism and seeks one-world government domination through the use so-called free trade, NAFTA, GATT, and multinational corporate expansion. 2) A person or entity that establishes globalist organizations such as the UN, WTO, IMF World Bank, World Court, etc. 3) A member of the money mentality that places the interest of stockholders above the interest of the community, society or any particular nation, especially the United Sates.

Policemen -- 1) One of the most hated professions, policemen are often caught on tape excessively beating citizens in the name of "justice" or because "they resisted arrest." 2) Often people with psychological problems become policemen because it gives them an opportunity to work out their issues with power, force, authority and the balance of submission and domination. 3) Power-hungry Nazis who enjoy forcing citizens to submit to the endless laws created by lawyers, bankers and congressmen of the fascist corporatocracy. Policemen were formerly known as "SS Officers" in fascist Germany. 4) Egotists who drive around in cars with so many obnoxious flashing lights and strobes their mere presence creates a dangerous public distraction. 5) People who used to help rescue cats from trees.

Police State -- 1) a state, such as California, New York or Pennsylvania, where regulations and laws are excessive. 2) a state in which the U.S. Constitution is violated routinely, especially with respect to the First and Second Amendments and the Commerce Clause.

Political Correctness -- 1) Insanity that has risen to such a height, certain individuals in society demand that Politics is the Correct way to social benefits and general welfare. 2) The attitude and mannerism expected from every well-trained public school, college-educated, citizen as s/he applies his or her lessons in "Critical Theory."

Politics -- 1) A substudy of sociology, politics is the scientific study of how human groups make collective decisions about the allocation of civilization's resources. 2) the art and science of arguing and/or fighting over who gets what resources. The allocation of Capital. 3) Ultimately politics is about technology, for technology is what enables one group (or individual) to fight more effectively against another group (or individual) and thus commandeer a greater quality of resources. 4) War by socially-acceptable means. 5) The collective insanity of Human kind, motivated and embodying ignorance and greed. Greed is caused because Humanity instinctively knows it's an infinite Universe but since ignorance prevents access to this Universe, the insanity known as "politics" results as a feeble attempt to "move on."

Ponzi Scheme -- 1) a financial scheme whereby old money is paid off with new money. 2) A ponzi scheme, like a chain letter, requires constant expansion in order to survive. Older investors in a company are recouped and given an artificially high rate of return from money generated by a constantly expanding circle of new investors. The Federal Reserve System is likewise a ponzi scheme because it requires a constantly expanding circle of people and entities that require "credit" in order to service debt on already existing loans. Since all Federal Reserve Notes are units of debt, they form older principle upon which interest is based. The only way such older debt can be serviced is to create more new money (Federal Reserve Notes) -- hence more principle, with more attendant interest due: in other words, a ponzi. 3) Bernie Madoff conducted a relatively small ponzi ($50 billion) compared with the ponzi being created by the Federal Reserve System and the 55 central banks that are members of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland.

Pop-Corn Public -- 1) That portion of the American public that spends more of its time watching (violence-and sex-oriented) movies than it does reading. The Pop-corn Public has a pop-corm brain. Such species appears to believe everything it sees on the mainstream media but knows deep in its heart that something is not right. 2) The illiterate and dumbed down Americans that voted for BabyBoomers like Bill Clinton or George Bush. 3) A mentally- or politically-challenged person that votes for an AIPAC-manufactured congressman spewed forth by the Democrat or Republican, corporate-funded political machine.

Poor Person -- 1) A person who has avoided hard work and diligence, usually accompanied by years of alcohol abuse, drug use, sexual addiction, pharmaceutical dependency and/or illegal conduct, and who has accumulated few, if any, assets compared to the average population. 2) A person who gives more than s/he gets. By definition, in order to become poor, outgo must exceed income. A poor person always spends (or gives) more than they earn, often going into debt or welfare. Financial planners and the "accounting formula" are unknown, or held in contempt, by the Poor Person. 3) A victim of the Monopoly Capitalist who wanders society, often on stolen, drug or inherited money, who thinks s/he can get away with anything -- even slaughtering the Rich or terrorizing "civilization." 4) The vast majority of People on Earth due to predatory governments and organized religion.

Power Elite -- The term "power elite" traces to the writings of C. Wright Mills, including his 1956 book, The Power Elite. The concept posits wealthy and/or well connected families and individuals who seek to expand their wealth by applying and promoting dominant social themes. Such themes may eventually develop into widely held archetypes or memes. Often such themes seem to originate with the United Nations, World Bank, World Trade Organization, World Health Organization or other international bodies that are receptive to influence by the power elite. The themes then are picked up and rebroadcast by the mainstream media. Thus, what may seem to be the work of an independent institutional staff may actually be the brainchild of the power elite. Concepts such as bird flu, Islamofascism and peak oil are so extensively promoted that much of the public unquestioningly accepts their fearful premises and demand action. Those with the wherewithal to provide solutions -- products, services and corporate offerings via public markets -- may earn vast profits as a consequence. There is little contemporary scholarly analysis of the concept of the power elite, but it corresponds roughly to what once was called "the money power." There are a variety of theories as to the composition and character of the power elite. It sometimes is referred to ominously as the "Illuminati," the "black church" or the "black nobility." It is not necessary to confirm such characterizations to recognize that the action and influence of modern money power are pervasive. In most conceptions, the core of the power elite coalesces around the European and American banking dynasties and some elite, titled families, or it may be characterized as a "sub-church" within the Roman Catholic, Jewish or other religion. In some conceptions, the power elite includes members who claim to trace their ancestry to ancient times, even to Babylon and beyond. This accords with the notion that members believe their pedigrees differentiate them from the "common herd." Signifiers of power elite activity include a disdain of free-markets and the persistent and uncritical promotion of a theme or meme to the exclusion of contrary evidence or argument. (This definition was excerpted from The Daily Bell )

Positivism - 1) Philosophy of science that posits that the only meaningful knowledge can come from experience (i.e., experiment and positive evaluation). 2) The dominant epistemological bias of current Western "civilization," such bias deemphasizing the value and merits of intuition and reason. 3) The basis of the scientific method in accordance with the fallacies of Auguste Comte, the French philosopher that also set forth the philosophic "justification" for the welfare state in league with Rousseau and Marx. 4) A philosophy that truncates 2/3rds of human intelligence.

Pre-School -- A place where stupid or irresponsible "parents" send their kids on the pretense of learning, but what they really want is a way to get out of paying for the Daycare Center.

Price of Oil -- 1) The primary indicator of the Dollar's position as the de facto world reserve currency. 2) A quantity of Federal Reserve Notes or Euros which is inversely proportionate to the value of those currencies. 3) A number artificially manipulated by OPEC but blamed on world supply, demand, US currency valuation, refinery capacity and weather. 4) The product of extortion by OPEC countries, in particular Saudi Arabia as fully explained in the book ENERGY VICTORY by Robert Zubrin.

Price Point -- 1) another stupid word made up by politically-correct meat-heads that work for the corporatocracy. 2) Rampant inflation of the money supply by fiat currency has made it so difficult to say "this is the price of this item" the PC-challenged members of society must now say: "At this price POINT we sell the item." This stupid PC term thus attempts to take the attention off the world PRICE and dilute it with the word POINT. E.g., At what price point would you buy that pre-owned car?

Printing out of thin air -- Since citizens can no longer turn in their dollar bills for silver, the Federal Reserve can print up as many paper dollar bills as it wants. It can't print silver however.

Profit -- 1) Income greater than outgo. Outgo is any expenses connected with generating the income. Such expenses include materials, labor and debt service. Debt service is interest payments on money borrowed. 2) Profit is taking in more money than one spends or taking more than what one gives. 3) The basis for a capitalist society is to take in more than what one gives out, whether such taking is exploitation of resources, money or human labor. 4) It is physically impossible to be profitable if the ENERGY consumed by an entity is equal to or less than the ENERGY released by that entity in a given system. 5) Debt service is an artificial expense that forces the profiteer to make up the difference by exploiting labor and/or resources in a manner that is detrimental to society.

Prostitution -- 1) The origin of commerce.

Poor, The -- People who have trusted their government and banks for far too long but now are too economically impoverished to do anything about it ... except wake up, become knowledgeable, become active and support only candidates that will really take the U.S. back to Constitutional principles.

Public School -- 1) a government-institution where brats are manufactured. 2) Babysitters for work-a-day "mothers." 3) A prison where children are forced to stand still in line, move when bells ring and eat food that rots their teeth and brains. 4) A system of social indoctrination originated by the Prussian military that is sustained by land-owners, many of which don't even have kids, and some of which hate kids. 5) A system where Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory are applied to young cerebral cortexes.

Purchasing power -- The energy that you are slowly loosing every decade as you and your children are sucked dry by the elite Federal Reserve bankers through monetary policies so complex only your 500-dollar-per-hour attorney can comprehend them. This means that, as more money is printed up, the money already in circulation gets "watered down" ... it looses it's power to purchase things. The illusion is that prices rise, when in fact, what's happening is the dollar is going down: it can't purchase as much. It takes MORE Federal Reserve Notes to buy a given product or service. Only the people that get to use the money FIRST get greater purchasing power because when they use it, it hasn't watered down the other dollars in circulation. Again, the manifestation of watered down dollars is that prices rise. Things aren't getting MORE valuable, it just takes MORE, less "powerful" Federal Reserve Notes (dollars) to purchase a given product or service. So when you see houses and stocks madly RISING in price, don't be fooled ... it's the money that's usually going DOWN in purchasing power.

Quantitative Easing -- 1) After the U.S. Congress has tried to sell T-Bills, T-Bonds and T-Notes to anyone and everyone on Earth and there are no more buyers, they sell them to the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve Banks simply goes out and prints up a few hundred billion Federal Reserve Notes and uses this "money" to "buy" the Treasuries. 2) The act of "easing" the pain of debt, and the more "quantity" of bogus money created, the more "easing." 3) Quantitative Easing, also know as QE, is only temporary, thus we get QE1, QE2 and soon to get QE3...

Rant -- 1) Unwanted communication delivered from party A to party B (who is often a closet bigot). 2) In politics, often when one is attempting to impart truth -- or a set of statements that don't align with the "politically correct" view of reality -- such statements are labeled a "rant" in an attempt to invalidate the messenger, content, or implications of the message. 3) Bigots often use the term "rant" because they themselves are challenged to tolerate a wider spectrum of views than they have been indoctrinated to accept from the media and/or current culture. 4) A popular term people afflicted with "rantaphobia" like to use at times is "diatribe." Often the pseudo intellectuals desiring to rise above mere base language, such as "rant," will use the term diatribe to describe communication of which s/he is intolerant.

Receipts -- In the old days people used gold and silver coins exclusively. When people got too rich, they found it difficult to carry all their gold and silver coins around so they left them at special secure warehouses known as banks. These banks gave them receipts to evidence the fact that the gold was in the warehouse. Eventually people started using the receipts to buy things because it was too much of a hassle to go in and get the gold or silver. These receipts evolved in to what we use as OUR money, only we now call it "paper currency". Like the Receipts of old, we USED to be able to redeem our paper currency for gold and silver. No longer, because the banks have confiscated all the gold and silver. See "Fractional Reserve".

Redeemable -- Able to get back. If you store your gold in a bank, the bank will give you a receipt to evidence your ownership. If you want to get your gold back, you will have to REDEEM it by presenting the receipt. Sometimes people use the term "backed by" gold or silver. The more appropriate term is "redeemable" in gold or silver.

Redeemable paper -- Dollar bills, such as Silver Certificates, that you can redeem for silver. Nixon made all such Silver Certificates vanish from existence during his reign of criminality.

Religion -- 1) The study of unknowable causes, religion is a system of critical inquiry that relys mainly on intuition and reason in an effort to answer questions pertaining to the source, purpose and fate of the objective and subjective universe. 2) Religion relys on faith which is based upon certain philisophical premises. 3) The study of wisdom, often by people who are wiser than others, or who have been graced with the ability known as faith. 4) What people believe in when they are too lazy or smart to study "modern science, science being the religion of the twenty-first century. 5) The macrocosmic manifestation of circular Human reasoning when the microcosm of the human brain encounters problems that exceed its computational ability. 6) The OS of the human mind. 7) An applied philosophy. 8) Religion provides the ultimate check and balance on the state and for this reason alone, religion is indispensable for the survival of human civilization.

Republic -- A state in which supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by those citizens. The form of government the Founders established as embodied in the U.S. Constitution.

Republican Party -- The party for the rich, or people that like things the way they are because they are able to do better than others or because they like tradition. The party that used to be for limited government but now wants to take over the world.

RepubliCrats -- An emergent property of the actions of the Republican and Democratic parties is that they act like the same party with only superficial differences. This same party is the RepubliCratic Party. When once-different parties are bought and sold by THE SAME corporate interests, you eventually get THE SAME political party. This is why the Republicans have lost their way into the expansion of government and why the Democrats are not ending the War in Iraq as they promised they would.

Revolving Door -- A door your congressman uses to get back into Washington DC after you have voted him out. Many congressman become lobbyists after they have worked in government. They do this so they can make money advising major corporations on the best ways to screw the American people out of their tax dollars.

Rich Person -- 1) A person who has worked incredibly hard and diligently, usually with years of sacrifice, and who has accumulate assets in excess to the average population. 2) A person who takes (IN) more than s/he gives (OUT). By definition, in order to become rich, INcome must exceed OUTgo. Financial planners call it "Gross income minus expenses + debt service = Net Income." This is known as the "accounting formula," a formula a Rich Person has burned onto his forehead. 3) A pig that wanders society, often on inherited money or drug money, who thinks s/he can get away with anything money can buy -- which is usually everything in today's values-challenged "civilization."

Rich, The -- People who have not trusted their government or banks for very long and now are so well off they don't WANT to change very much. Why change the very things or conditions that provided their wealth? So the mantra of the rich, or someone in power is: "put the boots on but don't walk." After a certain point, wealth builds more wealth exponentially. Einstein was known to state once that the most amazing phenomena in the universe is the principle of compound interest. Well don't look now, who has rigged the game to garner most of the compound interest ... the people and entities that can create money out of thin air. When you have a hundred million dollars, you only need to get an assured 5% return on your investment in order to add a cool $5 million to your pile every year. Five million a year is enough to live comfortably, keep your pool clean, eat out every night, travel, do what you want and still add at least $3 million to the pile every year -- all without raising a finger. Yes the wealth calculus is in their favor and you don't stand a chance under the current system.

Right Wing -- 1) Another word for Conservative. People who are right wing fly clockwise in political circles only to find that they now live in a bigger, more suppressive collective known as the Republicans. 2) The right wing of the same ugly, and obsolete political bird that still flies over America pooping all over its dreams.

Rising prices -- What happens when the Federal Reserve prints up too much money, money the people in Washington and the Military-Industrial Complex get to use the money first before it looses purchasing power.

Ron Paul -- A Texas Congressman who ran for U.S. President in 2008 but wasn't elected because he believes in the U.S. Constitution too much.

Rothschild Formula, The -- The way governments "justify" their very existence. See

Science -- 1) The study of knowable causes. 2) A system of critical inquiry that relys mainly on experiment and experience in an effort to answer not unknowable questions pertaining to the objective universe. 3) Science relys on explainations that can be tested, falsified and repeated by indepentent observers.

Second Amendment -- 1) "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a FREE state, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." 2) See "Marbury v. Madison"

Silver Certificates -- Dollar bills that you can turn in for a Dollar of pure silver. At the elite bankers request, Richard Nixon got rid of these because they gave the People too much power over the quality and quantity of their money supply.

Singularity, The -- 1) A technological event horizon when once crossed no part of the future (immediate or distant) can be comprehended by a Human mind. 2) The time when Human economics, politics and culture become meaningless. 3) The convergence of all intelligences.

Security -- 1) What a misguided government claims to provide We the People when it fails to provide its primary product, i.e., liberty. In today's world, the ruse of "security" is incessantly used to dupe citizens into supporting the military-industrial-banking complex so it can in turn support causes -- such as Israel and Iraq -- that are detrimental to the U.S. 2) What all governments must give the illusion of providing in order to stay in business. 3) A tool of the extortionist. Security for a nation is actually decreased by the presence of governments and their military droppings. 4) The opposite of liberty.

September 11th -- A very bad hair day for the United States. The day Americans learned that a lot of pissed off people live in Saudi Arabia.

Sexist -- One who is intolerant of the specialized roles played by men and women in advancing society.

Socialism -- 1) A political/economic system whereby the individual surrenders a sizable portion of his income to the government in the form of taxes. The hope is that the government will better provide for the general welfare of the SOCIETY than individuals operating in a free market capitalistic society could/would do. 2) Socialism, an application of Marxism, is viewed as a milder form of Communism. Whereas in a Communist society the state confiscates the MEANS of production, in a socialist state the FRUITS of production are simply taxed with abandon. 3) Citizens in a socialist state are generally stagnant knowing that most of their productivity will be taxed away in order to "provide" for the non-productive and/or increasingly decadent members of their "society." 4) A political system that owes its existence to its hate of Capitalism, a hate unfairly "substantiated" by pointing at Monopoly Capitalism as the inevitable state of ALL Capitalism. 5) A political system that will slowly evolve its own demise.

Sociology -- 1) The scientific study of human behavior in groups. 2) Sociology focuses on relationships, group attitudes, social networks, politics, economics, stratification, wealth disperity, class struggle, immigration, emmigration, culture, class mobility, religion, law, justice, deviance and crime.

Soldiers -- 1) One of the most hated professions, soldiers are often young, naive boys that enlist with little or no comprehension of the geo-political forces that have caused the conflict they are being asked to risk their lives over. 2) When the plutocracy of a country or world, creates such wealth disparity and boom/bust economic conditions, often the only jobs open to the poorest victims of such a "society" are those of "killers for hire," euphemistically known as "soldiers." 3) People who are paid to "just do their job" killing other human beings in the name of the state-sanctioned ideology they just happened to be born into. For more on this issue see NET LIABILITY OF WAR

Stabilize -- To subdue a population under good globalist rule. An army goes in and blows away as many people as it needs to induce apathy. Once a critical mass of apathy has been reached, that country is said to have been "stabilized."

State Capitalism -- 1) the fascist merger of state and corporate power whereby the state regulates and dominates the economic system as in Red China. 2) Also known as "authoritarian capitalism" by writers for the globalist mag known as FOREIGN AFFAIRS.

State, The -- 1) Another word for government. 2) An entity that requires force and violence in order to exist.

Stockholders -- 1) People or entities that have a legal claim on the cash flow generated by a corporation. 2) Stockholders are the owners of a corporation but NOT the owners of its assets and liabilities as such assets and liabilities are owned by the corporation itself. Stockholders are thus "insulated" from the negative effects a corporation is free to generate on society, the nation and the environment through the management or use of its assets.

Stock Market Meltdown -- 1) The global stock market meltdown, precipitated by Wall Street-based, U.S. banking firms and the Fed-member banks across the nation, is essentially blowback against the corporatocracy and it's stockholders. 2) Why should people across the U.S. and world, re-enter the stock market or invest in the securities of multinational corporations that have advanced the fruits of NAFTA, such fruits being: mass lay offs, unemployment, wage cuts, down-sizing, inferior products, out-sourcing, manufacturing base erosion, massive credit card debt, inflation, sky rocketing oil prices, outrageous executive compensation, wealth disparity and a national debt and trade deficit that may never go away? Why should WE THE PEOPLE support WE THE CORPORATIONS when they have hijacked our elected officials and ignore our Constitution? 3) Further proof that God is a just God and that the meek shall inherit the Earth.

Studio Executives -- One of the most hated professions, (MPAA) studio executives are people that use predatory, unethical and often illegal means to control the product output of the motion picture industry in a way that suits their worldview and political agenda. All talent that confronts the Hollywood-based U.S. motion picture industry is screened by approximately 21 MPAA studio executives that use discrimination and blacklists to ensure that only pre-approved people are allowed to participate in the motion picture industry. See

Surge -- 1) To increase military activity under the pretense of Security. 2) A technique for rolling over the national debt by justifying additional killing in order to justify additional military expenditures.

Tax Accountants -- 1) One of the most hated professions, tax accountants are worms that welcome the complexity created by their fellow lawyers and congressmen and who live off the preparation of increasingly insane and invasive tax returns. 2) Once good accountants that have gone over to the dark side. 3) A basically good person, such as the late E. Jan Roberts, that hates the IRS so much s/he literally foams at the mouth when discussing or even thinking about the IRS.

Taxpayers, The -- 1) People that the Market and the government exploit. 2) Members of the poor and middle class because the insane list of taxes, levied at almost every transaction, is paid for by such Taxpayers. 3) People that bail out the profligate commercial banks, imprudent investment banks, risky insurance companies and fascist multinational corporations that live on, or off of, Wall Street.

T-Bonds -- More pieces of paper the government issues when it borrows money from you. Also known as Treasury Bonds.

T-Notes -- Yet MORE pieces of paper the government issues when it borrows more money from you. Also known as Treasury Notes.

Technology -- 1) The study of touching matter. Through technology certain members of Mankind are able to build larger, more effective weapons to threaten and use against their fellows. First the stick, then the rock, then the spear, then the bullet, then the bomber, then the missile, then the space-based nuke all products of technology which have enabled one group to dominate -- the group of Monopoly Capitalists that currently own the greatest means of production. 2) All Politics and Economics are based upon Technology. 3) The collective know-how of all human brains, and other intelligences, as directed towards the modification of the physical universe.

Terror -- 1) one of the 30 dominant human emotions. Terror is fear with the volume turned up. 2) an emotion so intense there are not words to describe it. Terror is usually fear of the unknown, death being the primary unknown. 3) A test for religious faith. The religious person who is certain of an after-life because s/he has faith that death is no longer a mystery, is not subject to the terror caused by the fear of death. 4) Confronting an audience is greater terror than the fear of death of MOST people. Since all people in government office must confront audiences, these people have confronted and sometimes eliminated a primary terror of human existence. THIS is why citizens generally fear, hate and/or resent government officials, but acknowledge they are necessary evils because SOMEONE has to govern, or manage the nation, so they assume.

Terrorism -- 1) leverage used in asymmetric warfare. A military tactic used by someone or some small group against the people of a large, overwhelming nation, empire or entity, justified because the terrorist claims there is no other way of "communicating" or effectuating change in policy. 2) A cowardly act when taken against innocent people, or people who are (desperately) trying to change, or improve, their government (policy), even though their government may shut them out as well. 3) Since terrorism can be a generalized threat, often with no specific nation associated, it serves as yet another excuse for a government to "justify" its existence and/or its expansion (of its military-industrial-banking complex).

Terrorist -- 1) a person or group that inflicts the human emotion of "terror" upon a non-military, non-governmental person in order to get their way or to be heard by that government. 2) The American Colonists, who refused to abide by King Georges dictates and laws, were NOT terrorists, even though they were called terrorists by the crown to garner support.

Too Big To Fail -- 1) a corporation that has grown fat and lazy by consuming excessive amounts of debt, fiat money and other companies is often said to be "too big to fail" because if it did it would take down all the fat and lazy citizens that allowed such entities to form in the first place. 2) A corporation that has managed to survive by using government special privilege and bailouts in blatant disregard of the principles of free market capitalism. 3) The product of consolidation. 4) Entities that violate the principle of moral hazard because the more corporations and banks that are "too big to fail" in an economy, the more highly regulated such economy must be.

Tow Truck Drivers -- 1) One of the most hated professions, a two truck driver is a person that relishes stealing your car because the "law" gives them permission to do so, especially when you are parked in an illegal space that a policeman desires to utilize when giving a ticket. 2) People who profit from the congestion of cities, human aggregations of people that enjoy screwing each other.

Track Record -- 1) "You have no track record" is the motto of corporate employers and bankers when they are attempting to hire an employee cheap, or jack up interest rates for loans. 2) Track Record is an acknowledgement that past performance does have merit and therefore future stock prices should be predictable. 3) A term often used by hypocrites who want their cake and eat it to. 4) A term bankers, lawyers, broker-dealers and corporate executives manipulate depending on whose ox they are trying to gorge and/or what liability they are attempting to evade responsibility for. See Past Performance.

Transnational Corporation -- A corporation that sees the World as its oyster and its home country as a pain in the butt. Transnational corporations reconfigure the laws in the U.S. to suit them while making sure the citizens are placated enough to stay passive, buy their products and keep paying the minimum payment on their credit cards.

Transparency -- 1) Government regulation that permits the state to do the job of the free market. 2) A company's operations are said to be "transparent" when the government can sniff up its dress and x-ray its every financial body part. 3) A misleading word like "free-trade." A negative business practice that exploits positive words in order to mislead. More heinous institutions, enterprises, churches and causes have exploited the word "free" and its variations "freedom" and "liberty" than one can count. 4) If you are trying to sell something, or do something reprehensible, use the word "free" in your promotion.

Treasuries -- The term you use when you don't want to confuse people with all the kinds of paper the government uses when it wants to borrow yet more money.

Troubled -- 1) A word often used as a prelude to a complaint. 2) Often pompous, arrogant ideologues, and certain ethic groups who seek to chop out a larger piece of the pie than they deserve, are "troubled" by what they experience, imagine or fantasize as reality.

UFOs - One-world Globalists' ploy to convince the pop-corn public that non-human, alien beings are invading earth so humans will be more susceptible to accept the secular agenda of the Humanist Manifesto.

UN, The -- A place where the new World Government doesn't get anything done either.

Unbridled Capitalism -- See "Monopoly Capitalism."

Unemployment -- A condition that results when the corporatocracy uses "lay-offs" to weed out workers and (potential) trouble sources in order to maximize profit and/or replace human labor by robotic labor. When a corporation wants to get rid of certain workers, it waits until the next recession and then it uses "bad times" as its justification as to why it's laying-off so many workers. This makes the stockholders happy. The proof that this is true is the fact that more ethical companies simply institute pay decreases across the board, thus no one needs to be laid-off in "bad times." Unemployment is just one of the tools the corporatocracy uses to advance its wealth at the expense of society.

Use the money first -- As the Fed prints up endless money for Congress to spend, it slowly makes all the rest of the money in our pockets turn to dust. Only those who get to "use the money first" get real value out of it. These people are, of course, the Congress as well as all the corporations in and around Washington DC who have been lobbying and sucking off the Congress for decades.

Values -- Criteria one uses in deciding how they will act and live life. Thanks to Cultural Marxism, all values now come from Hollywood features, the mass media, public schools, colleges, universities, rap music, video games and your local ecstasy dealer.

Wall Street -- 1) a place where crooks in $5,000 suits meet every day to discuss the latest profit-schemes for increasing stockholder value. 2) A red-light district where the American Taxpayer and Middle Class get fucked between 9:30AM and 4:00PM, every Monday through Friday.

War -- 1) The mass mental-illness societies occasionally undergo when they can't figure out who to blame for their problems, usually economic problems caused by fiat-money generated by bankers who steal the fruits of society's productivity. Since the masses are math-challenged, they do not understand economics, fractional reserve banking or elastic currency. Thus governments and the bankers who extort them are able to assign "justifications" and causes for wars to virtually any person, place or thing they want. 2) What is the ultimate tool of government and the major reason governments, for the first time in history, are now more of a liability to the progress of civilization than an asset. 3) the conduct of politics by other, insane, means.

Weapons -- Instruments of death invented, developed, financed, manufactured, distributed and used by dysfunctional psychopaths who solve problems through force rather than reason.

Wealth Calculus -- The doctrine that, under our current system, significant wealth will generate infinite wealth so long as four conditions are met: a) the investment capital is large enough, b) it is invested at a rate of return higher than the damage caused by currency inflation, c) risk has been minimized to almost zero, and d) sufficient time elapses. Just as the gravity of a massive object will eventually sweep up all surrounding objects, the "gravity" of large sums of capital will eventually sweep all other capital, whether small or large. Large sums of capital sweeping up other large sums of capital are known as mergers. The wealth calculus of any given global economic state is that eventually one (1) entity will own all other entities and dominate all of the capital in that system.

Wealth disparity -- The difference between all the rich people out there and all the poor people out there. As the middle class becomes poorer, their wealth is absorbed by the rich. Wealth disparity is a primary manifestation of wealth calculus in operation.

Western Civilization -- 1) An embryo civilization that's to the west of Middle Eastern Civilization and to the east of Far Eastern Civilization if one goes around the planet far enough. 2) A civilization north of where the penguins live. 3) Western civilization is mainly seventeen European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Cooatia, Chech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Russia) as well as Japan, the United States, Canada and Australia. Basically all First World industrialized nations. Looked at another way, it does NOT include Africa, Morocco to the Persian Gulf (i.e., Arab-Turk-Islamists), South Asia (Iranians, Afghans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Indians) or Mars. It also does not include Indonesia, China, South America, Central America or Mexico or the Moon. 4) Western Civilization may one day include the Moon and Mars, but this won't happen until after everyone reads ENTERING SPACE and CASE FOR MARS by Robert Zubrin and Earth has become a Class I Civilization.

Wind-fall Profit -- 1) An oxymoron. Since profit and increased stockholder value are the sole objectives of corporations, a "wind-fall" profit is part of the goal. 2) A profit that exceeds expectation of even the most greedy corporate boards, senior officers or detractors.

Wiser in Battle -- Code words for "increase the military-industrial complex." The only thing that makes a military or a government "wiser" is to be able to appropriate or extort a larger percentage of the national treasure towards its ends of providing "security" for the nation. The tactics used to accomplish this, whether they be force or the corporate media, make the military "wiser" in this endless battles with ordinary citizens.

World Bank -- A bank that lends poor people around the world more money than they can possibly pay back so that the bank can then foreclose on their natural resources and make these available to multinational corporations.

World Government -- 1) An endless bureaucracy that when it breaks, the entire planet not only goes down, it disintegrates back into nation states -- but states with no High-def TV, no beer, no pot, no X-Box 360, no abortion bills, no Big Macs and no female mud wrestling. 2) A government that will someday be in grid-lock with Mars World government.

World Trade Organization -- 1) The WTO is an organization that keeps people that live in Seattle out of their business and under the control of its taser-wielding peacekeepers. Anyone who protests the "free trade" policies the WTO enforces upon the European Community and China (so that these countries are able to exploit the US market in the widest way possible), gets no time to air their grievances on Hannity & Colmbs. 2) An organization that sets trade policies that are favorable for every country in the World except the United States. 3) One of the Globalists organizations currently being used to neutralize the power and sovereignty of the United States in the name of "free trade."

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