Why Military Service is Disgraceful
by James Jaeger

Apparently, this is a subject no one wants to hear any dissenting views on thus my post over at Ray Kurzweil's MIND-X was censored. It should be noted that Ray Kurzweil consults the military and is therefore an apologist for the system at the very least. Nonetheless, as long as FREEDOM OF SPEECH still exists, here is my response to a poster.

"SOLDIERS -- Young dumb boys that enlist to get paid to "just do their job" killing other human beings in the name of the state-sanctioned ideology they just happened to be born into."

"You sad, sad little man. This concept is funny to me. The misconceptions that most Americans have about the US military. I'm not even going to dignify this post further explanation. Save to say that James really needs to talk with some more people in the military before making a gross generalization."

Here's my point of view on the military and those who support it, and I will warn you, don't read further unless you are braced for some stiff language.

You are the sad ones not me. For thousands of years on this world, brainwashed "people" like you, and your government sponsors, have "justified" violence with all manner of political ideologies and national causes. Through these ages, you have institutionalized the acts of government-sanctioned mass murder and become so desensitized you can't even call the human beings you kill people, but instead refer to them as "targets" or "the enemy." And your acts of unthinkable horror -- always in the name of some "justifiable" cause or country -- are nothing more to you than "just doing your job."

But eventually some soldiers realize the evil of their deeds thus it's no wonder that 18 veterans commit suicide every day in this country and 25% of the homeless population is comprised of psychologically damaged veterans. Again, testament to the universal axiom that Man is BASICALLY good -- these people have realized that murder, under ANY pretense, is wrong and they are paying the price to the Deity.(1)

But you pompous asses that continue to work for the military, who are apologists of the bank-financed killing system, think you are doing your country a service. You think you are defending freedom and making the world safe for democracy. YOU DO THE EXACT OPPOSIT. You restrict freedom. You instill fear and chaos. You open the door for totalitarianism. You preempt valuable resources. You squander the blood and treasure of the world. You murder billions. You are more of a liability to civilization than an asset. You retard this world.


Sure there have been a few instances in history were it WAS necessary for people to DEFEND themselves. But wars like WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Iraq I and II have all been corporate wars of luxury, wars to maintain the health of state and/or to advance the plutocracy -- not advance the general welfare of the peoples of the world in general. A war to end all wars. What a joke. If wars were a viable technology for actually ending wars, war would have stopped on this planet thousands of year ago. WARS BEGET WARS. Period.

The PLANETARY human effort and material wealth you military meat-heads destroy in the name of "killing the enemy" or "hitting the target" or "just doing your job" can NEVER be replaced. We lose time, hence lives that WILL NEVER BE REPLACED.

It is a simple equation: ALL WARS SET CIVILIZATION BACK MORE THAN THE TECHNOLOGY THAT EMERGES FROM WAR ALLOWS IT TO ADVANCE. It is a myth that out of wars come invaluable technologies. This is a government-sponsored myth to justify endless extortion by the military-industrial-banking complex.

Even if Hitler or Stalin had taken over the world, their reign would have been temporary, for the socio-economic systems they built their nations and ideologies upon were unworkable. But no, you clodhopping assholes with guns have to fuck your way into every situation on the "authority" of Johnny-gov and its thieving, criminal fiat bank financiers -- to hell with your oath to the Constitution.

You, and your collective colleagues of death in other countries and other militaries, destroy the collective production of human civilization and yet have the gall to preempt endless ADDITIONAL trillions of dollars of taxes and debt from peace-loving citizens in order to fund your machines of death and yet more hundreds of military palaces and bases around the world in over 140 countries.

If even 10% of the money spend on the military machine (of the planet) were allocated to helping the poor, infrastructure, science and technology, health-care, education, better agriculture, more efficient transportation, drug-rehab, developing alternative clean energies: WAR WOULD BECOME TOTALLY OBSOLETE BECAUSE PEOPLE WOULD HAVE NO MOTIVATIONS FOR CONFLICT.

Thus it's the very money you pig away from civilization that CAUSES civilization its endless conflicts related to survival. YOU ARE THUS CAUSING YOUR OWN PERPETUATION AT THE COST OF HUMAN LIFE AND GLOBAL CIVILIZATION ITSELF. Killing is ALL you can do. Creation and production are alien worlds to the military mentality.

You disgust me. War and aggression only exist because governments persist in their quest to justify their existence and seek to secure THEIR security with the blood and treasure of individuals. You are a member of the Borg. You kill in the NAME of the state, FOR the state and BY state means. Politicians are your promoters, agents and sycophants. The pretense is that you kill and maim and murder in the name of the We the People. I say hogwash. The U.S. Constitution says NO STANDING ARMY. Sit down. The day all people of earth wake up and realize that it's the government-sanctioned militaries of earth that are the real enemy, is the day earth will truly evolve.

The most unfortunate thing about all this is sick freaks like you and your military accomplices, sucker young, boys into "service" with all manner of bogus lies and endless propaganda. Many are so poor they have almost no other choice but to enlist, but little do they know what horrors they are in for -- for you even KILL young boys when they attempt to escape from your evil clutches once they find out. All I have to say is: you and all your weapons and guns and military industrial complex will rot in hell -- and that day will come as surely as the sun sets on all bad chapters of existence.

(1) If you are a parent who has had a son or daughter killied in military service I view you as a victim and my heart goes out to you. You and your loved one were suckered in by the military machine, chewed up and spit out. I realize this article does you no good because all I am probably doing is making you feel worse about your loss as you naturally want to feel that your son died for some lofty cause or ideal. My position is that no ideal is lofty enough to justify the NET, long-term losses murder and mass destruction cause. I am thus trying to speak to the millions that will come later, and who may heed my message. The Founders of the U.S. Constitution realized that the only just war was a war of defense. The militia of the several states was to be comprised of We the People and called up and allocated only when defense of the state was needed or when the President needed the assistance of state militias in order to protect the country in general from foreign invaders.

12 February 2009

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