The Untold Story of Fareed Zakaria and Roger Ailes

by James Jaeger

One of the Mainstream Media's favorite subjects is the subject of "hatred." To this end CNN, has run Fareed Zakaria's piece, WHY DO THEY HATE US? multiple times.

"They," of course, being the Muslims, Fareed concludes that "they hate us" because they hate the opulence and decadence of the West. He adds that the Muslim world has fallen on some bad times and they are suffering and we should help them. The later is reasonable advice, but let's take a closer look at the former -- they hate us because of our way of life in the West.

First of all, how many of them are there? Fareed proffers studies that show that there are about 100,000 - 200,000 of them, about .01% of the Muslim population.

Fareed then says that it's true that there are passages in the Koran (the Muslim Bible) that advocate violence against infidels and this .01% are acting on this. But, he also adds that there are passages in the Bible that advocate violence yet we don't see Christians or Jews blowing people up. What Fareed does not mention is that the passages in the Bible he cites are all in the Old Testament -- the Jewish Bible.

The New Testament, the part of the Bible that reports on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, does not advocate violence. Jesus advocated "love thy neighbor" and "turn the other cheek" -- not "an eye for an eye." His teachings became the New Testament.

So it seems that the two Bibles that advocate violence are the Jewish Bible and the Muslim Bible -- not the Christian Bible. If Jews and Muslims were following the teachings of Jesus, maybe we would not have so much violence and the so-called "Judeo-Islamic War of Terror." Christians might take note of this.

Of course Fareed mentioned none of these things when he soiled the purity of the New Testament with barbaric advice from Jewish prophets in the Old Testament.

And why would this be? Why would Fareed not give Jews as much "credit" for their Bible as he gives Muslims for theirs? Answer: because most of Fareed's bosses at CNN are Jewish. For instance, the CEO of CNN, Jeff Zucker, is Jewish -- and so are many of the other executives, managers, directors and staff at the Network. Quite likely the same people who sign and/or approve Fareed's paycheck and the content of his shows.

Not only are most of the top executives at CNN Jewish, all the Networks, as well as the Hollywood Studios and New York Conglomerates are dominated by Jewish executives -- and Jews are usually Democrats, thus the reason the media is liberal. With that in mind, consider the repercussions of these facts, true as of 01 January 2016, which anyone can look up on the Internet:

TIME WARNER, run by CEO Jeffrey Bewkes, a German, owns Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., run by CEO Kevin Tsujihara, an Asian also owns CNN run by CEO Jeff Zucker, who is Jewish.

COMCAST, run by CEO Brian Roberts who is Jewish, owns Universal City Studios run by CEO Ron Myer, who is Jewish, also owns MSNBC, run by CEO Andrew Lack, who is Jewish, and NBC, run by CEO, Andrew Lack, who is also Jewish.

THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY run by CEO Robert Iger, who is Jewish, owns Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures run by CEO Alan Horn, who is Jewish also owns ABC, run by CEO Ben Sherwood, who is Jewish.

SONY run by CEO Osamu Nagayama, who is Asian, owns Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., run by CEO Michael Lynton, who is Jewish, owns no Networks.

VIACOM run by CEO Sumner Redstone, who is Jewish, owns Paramount Pictures Corporation run by CEO Brad Grey, who is Jewish also owns CBS, run by CEO Leslie Moonves, who is Jewish.

21ST CENTURY FOX, run by CEO Rupert Murdoch, who is Jewish, owns Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation run by CEO Stacey Snider, who is Jewish and co-CEO Jim Gianopulos, who is Greek, also owns FOX News run by CEO Roger Ailes, who is Gentile, was dismissed in August 2016.

Is it any wonder we endless hear the term "liberal media?" Now let's get to the untold story or Roger Ailes.

The story the Mainstream Media is putting out about Roger Ailes "harassing" women is only part of the issue. Roger Ailes was committing much worse crimes years earlier when he had a number of run-ins that were "harassing" Jews." For instance,

In January 2011, The Wall Street Journal ran an "open letter" signed by 400 Rabbis. The Letter called upon Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch -- Roger's Jewish boss -- to spank Gentile Glenn Beck for using the word "Holocaust" in a manner NOT authorized by the Jewish Community, a community represented by Abe Foxman at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). When Beck did not get a public spanking from Murdoch or Ailes, Alies referred the Rabbis critical of him as his as "left-wing Rabbis."

Later on, in 2011, Roger Ailes referred to executives at National Public Radio (NPR) as "Nazis" when they fired Juan Williams for exercising his free speech rights as he saw fit. Having not received prior "authorization" for using another trade marked word of the Jewish community -- "Nazi" -- Roger Ailes was again in what could be called, "Abe Foxman's doghouse for challenged Gentiles." Like Marlon Brando, Mel Gibson and Gary Oldman before him, Roger Ailes felt pressured to apologize to Abe Foxman for using the real "N" word, "Nazi". To this end, Ailes wrote the ADL chief:

"(With reference to my "Nazi" comment) I was, of course, ad-libbing and should not have chosen THAT word, but I was angry at the time because of NPR's willingness to censor Juan Williams for not being liberal enough. In my now considered opinion -- 'nasty, inflexible bigot' -- would have worked better."

Probably stunned out of his mind at Ailes' audacity, Foxman "accepted" the "apology" and released the following self-serving statement:

"I welcome Roger Ailes' apology, which is as sincere as it is heartfelt. Nazi comparisons of this nature are clearly inappropriate and offensive. While I wish Roger had never invoked that terminology, I appreciate his efforts to immediately reach out and to retract his words before they did any further harm."

Do you really think Abraham Foxman, the ADL, any of the Jewish executives at FOX or any of the other Networks bought this apology or acceptance? Of course not. Ailes' days were thereafter numbered. In their minds, this "anti-Semite" would have to eventually go. All that would be needed is for the right "scandal" to be "engineered" all in due time.

Back to Fareed Zakaria.

Were Fareed to use the world "Holocaust" or "Nazi" without express written authorization from the Jewish community, he would not have lasted any where near 15 years at CNN. Were Fareed to have acknowledged that the "Jewish Bible" and the "Muslim Bible" BOTH call for violence, whereas the "Christian Bible" calls for love and forgiveness, his days would be numbered as were Roger Ailes' days after making waves with the powers-that-be, the CONTROL GROUP, behind even FOX, a supposed "right wing-leaning" network.

Fareed well-knows that, were he to mention the J-word in any sort of critical or disparaging manner in any of his shows, he would come to the attention of management and probably be labeled "anti-Semitic," overtly or covertly. If the behavior continued, especially after reprimand from one of the Jewish communities' watchdog organizations, such as the ADL, Fareed would be scheduled for dismissal and, over time, chits would be compiled to "justify" why he "has to go." This is exactly what happened to Roger Ailes, the CEO of Fox News, again, a right-leaning network even.

So it should be easy to see why Fareed Zakaria -- and ALL anchors, reporters, journalists, commentators, pundits, politicians, experts and celebrities that appear in the REST of the Mainstream Media -- are VERY careful to attenuate their "free speech" to conform ONLY with language acceptable to the Jewish community AND especially to the Jewish network executives that write the pay checks.

Again, if Fareed, or any other TV employee or guest, were to do what Roger Ailes did -- "dirt" would be "discovered" -- "facts" would be "justifed" -- "this or that" happened and thus they would "have to go." They "harassed a woman" or "stole from a bank" or "pooped on the lobby floor."

If Roger Ailes IS guilty of harassing women at FOX, no one, least of all this author, is saying that this is socially acceptable behavior. But it is also not socially acceptable behavior for a narroyly defined group of executives that dominate 70% of the Mainstream Media to harass the public with private propaganda networks and threaten people's free speech.

How is harrassing a female employee with unwanted speech much different than harrassing the public with the unwanted speech of endelless, repetitive, brainwashing pharmasecutical commercials or a politically liberal, secular Jewish male's view of the world? One is private harassment and the other is public harassment -- but both are harassment.

So this is but one of thousands of stories you will never see in the Mainstream Media so long as it's controlled by a narrow demographic of executives that suppress any news or shows that do not fall into their line of interests, cultural perspectives, values or prejudices.

The Mainstream Media is indeed liberal, but it's also corporate. Another issue Fareed Zakaria side-stepped in his show, WHY DO THEY HATE US?

Whereas Zakaria asked, "how many of them are there?" I would ask questions like: Where do they get their weapons? Who makes their weapons? Where do they get the money to attack us?

The answers to these questions of course are: The U.S. supplies most of their weapons. The U.S. military-industrial complex manufactures most of the weapons that ISIS uses to kill us with. They get the money to attack us from the money that the Federal Reserve System prints out of thin air and then floods into Saudi Arabia for oil.

Fareed Zakaria of course never talked about any of this on his show, which should have been called: WHY THEY HATE US BUT LOVE OUR MONEY AND WEAPONS. And the reason he never talked about any of this is because there never has, nor ever will be, such a show. The CONTROL GROUP the New York Networks will make sure of that as long as stockholders for these public corporations allow such biased reporting and long-term discrimination.

So the next time you are wondering "WHY THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA HATES US" consider this: it hates us because it depends on us to be stupid and uninformed and to continue accepting its propaganda as furnished by Globalists like Fareed Zakaria. If anyone reading this article cannot connect the simple dots that I have painted here, I guess you are a love child of the Mainstream Media.(1)

Originated: 09 September 2014
Revised & Supplemented: 28 January 2018

(1) If you want to find out more about the Mainstream Media, who controlls it and how this group maintains power over the hearts and minds of Americans and has brainwashed the youth, watch MAINSTREAM at www.Homevideo.net.

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