Why I Don't Care What You Think About Me
by James Jaeger

I have been forced to write this essay, "Why I Don't Care What You Think About Me," in response to people who have asked to be removed from mailing lists or who have sought to have me censored from NG and Discussion forums on the Net.(1) Here is my reasoning, if you care to consider it.

Think about it, almost every person who works in the media or film industry is beholden to some person, company, network, political party, association, religion, tribe or other group. They are either in the pay of such or feel morally or ethically bound to support the views (ideology) of such. At the very least, they feel bound to not invalidate or harm such.

But if you believe that no one is perfect (or everyone is a sinner), you will have to extend this to groups, because groups are comprised of individual people. Thus, by extension, no group is perfect (and every group is sinful to some degree). That person you are married to only thinks about themselves and married you for your money. That company you work for cares more about its stockholders than it does about its employees or the environment. That TV show you do to help ordinary people isn't fair or balanced. That network you watch the nightly news on is biased to the left. That political party (you voted for) may slaughter tens of millions of people someday, as did the National Socialist Party. That association you are a member of may promote discrimination and bigotry yet feel they are vigorously fighting it. That religion may view Mankind as basically good when in fact he is but a sinful creature who hides in groups. That tribe may be monolithic and paranoid when in fact it is living in the past and still fighting enemies long gone.

Thus, if you believe that every group has flaws, and you are beholden to a group, then it follows that YOUR thinking MUST have flaws like the flaws in the group's thinking. Or, at the very least, you are NOT free to say, write or do anything that fails to align with the group's thinking (morals, ethics, lays, policies, ideology, treaties, etc.).

This places you at a disadvantage when you attempt to evaluate the universe and its complex social organizations objectively and rationally. In fact, I maintain, it makes it impossible to arrive at any unbiased or high-level "truth."

In short, if you are a member of ANY group, you WILL be bias in your thinking to the degree you are a "solid member" of that group. Your bias will bend towards the group-think of your group to the exclusion of other views and alternative views. You will be ridged. You will be biased. In short, you will be INFECTED with the propensity to adopt all or part of the group's views. Such a propensity has the effect of a virus -- a "mental virus" -- because it inhabits your mind and adulterates your analytical thinking. Scientologists call these "engrams, secondaries and locks." Sociologists call it "memes." Memes can also extend from a group to groups OF groups and thus infect all of society, the entire nation or world. For instance the meme, 'Jews are trying to take over the world,' could be adopted as "truth" first instigated in a country that can't evaluate group behavior because its members are beholden to the thinking of some flawed individual, or some book, movie or TV program.

Thus, if every group has a flaw, and you define a "flaw" as "a deviation from biased or high-level truth," then every group would be antagonized to some degree were it to ever stumble across high-level, or unbiased truth. Put another way: IF A BODY OF KNOWLEDGE OR WORLDVIEW DOES NOT ANTAGONIZE EVERY PERSON IN EVERY GROUP, THEN THAT KNOWLEDGE OR WORLDVIEW IS NOT, AND CANNOT, BE HIGH-LEVEL OR UNBIASED TRUTH.

If your "truth" only antagonizes half the groups out there, then your "truth" is biased and is therefore, by definition, NOT truth. The groups or people out there that are NOT at all antagonized by what you say or write are unwittingly participating in YOUR flaws. Thus, this "choir" you are "preaching" to can't see YOUR flaws and thus does nothing to alert you to their presence. This WHY you should celebrate universal antagonism -- WHY YOU SHOULD NOT CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS ABOUT YOU -- because it's THE primary indicator that you are on the road to an unbiased, therefore high-level truth when, what you say, has the ability to antagonize EVERY person and group JUST A LITTLE -- not a lot, the object is NOT to be rude or disrespectful, that's NOT what I am saying -- just a little. It's like Bill O'Reilly, to his credit: In one evening he will get a batch of emails from antagonized people saying they think he's too liberal on Subject Q. In the same evening, he will get a batch of emails from a different set of antagonized people saying he's too CONSERVATIVE on Subject Q. The fact that he is antagonizing BOTH groups -- the left AND the right simultaneously -- is an empirical indicator that he is actually approaching the state of NON-biased reporting. Thus my premise: ALL groups are flawed, therefore unbiased truth will tend to antagonize ALL groups.

So, how could a writer, who was employed by a newspaper possibly write unbiased, high-level truth? How could a news analyst who was receiving a six-figure salary possibly make statements that disparaged the managers or owners of his network even though it would be for the public good? How could a TV network put out interviews or documentaries that offended the companies that buy advertising time from it? How could a writer possibly impart truth if that writer didn't subject his views to constant vituperation from many individuals and groups? Oh, everyone involved in such cases SAYS they are free to say and write what they want, but come on, you know as well as I do there are certain limits. Editors and managements are usually trying to be "politically correct" because "that's good public relations." But DISNEY canned Bill Maher when he went too far; Joe Sobran was canned by William Buckley when HE went too far, Bill O'Reilly was sued when someone felt HE went too far and Pat Buchanan was almost branded an anti-Semite when HE went too far (Marlon Brando and Mel Gibson WERE branded anti-Semitic when THEY went too far). The list of media people who are crippled by political correctness extends to EVERYONE in the employ or ASSOCIATED with ANY group.


Because I have decided to seek out the truth about life and the Universe in which it operates, I have decided to respect all groups but be an official member of none of them. MY group is THE HUMAN RACE. This is the actual NAME of the group of which I acknowledge being a member. Period.(2) Am I modified by my affinity for some groups? Sure. Do I respect and admire the members of some groups MORE than others. Sure. But where my respect and affinity STOPS is at the place where I CARE WHAT YOU -- a member of some group or groups -- THINK ABOUT ME: the messenger who is simply trying to get at an unbiased, high-level truth. So get this Libertarian Party: I respect you but I still think you run people that act like hicks. Get this Scientologists: You are too expensive and totalitarian for me. Get this Christians: You are lazy and justify such laziness by saying that God will take care of everything. Get this Jews: You are too concerned about money and pushy. Get this scientists: Your entire view of the Universe may be based upon reductionist and circular logic. Get this Hollywood Studios: you are dominated by liberal, secular Jewish males of European heritage and you discriminate against others. Get this homosexuals: If the universe intended for you to be considered "normal," people would be born with a vagina AND a penis. Get this African Americans: You need to stay home and take better care of your kids so they aren't getting in trouble with the law so much. Get this rich people: You need to stop being so selfishly concerned about your own welfare and be more giving, like Oprah Winfrey. Get this U.S. government: You are taking this nation the way of the Roman Empire and because you have allowed corporations to buy up the vote, you are acting in a treasonous manner towards the American People. Get this American People: YOU are the BOZOS that have allowed the government to become what it is -- wise up and get off the drugs.

I could go on, but hopefully you get point of Why I Don't Care What You Think About Me.

(1) The nice thing about not caring and saying what you think, is, for every person that cusses you or asks to be removed from the email list, there are two or three that ask to be added or who ask for your advice. I am flooded with such requests each day, in fact, I may someday not be able to answer my email personally, as I now strive to do. I may, however, someday post a list of the names and emails of all the people that have asked to be removed from the MEC, FIRM and UNIVERSE mailing lists along with the actual email that pushed them to a point of intolerance or another's freedom of speech. I have retained all this data in preparation for this occasion.

(2) But by saying one is an avowed member of only one group, the Human Race, they are also saying that they RESPECT ALL GROUPS FROM WHICH THE HUMAN RACE IS COMPRISED even though each and every one of those groups has their flaws. The difference is this: by being a loyal member to the larger group, the FLAWS OF EACH COMPONENT GROUP ARE DILUTED. Put another way, a person that is trying to conduct their life or business for the good of all humans will be a more valuable person than one who tries to conduct their life for just the company, or the tribe or their family, or their nation. Thus the seeds to evolving a more perfect human race lay in the recognition that, as soon as it's constituent groups become completely tolerant of all other constituent groups AND their flaws, the effort put into the tolerance will guide us all towards a greater harmony, hence an unbiased, higher-level truth someday.

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