A Recital of Kennedy to 9/11
by James Jaeger

Arguably the two events that have caused the most damage to the U.S. Republic were the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the aerial attacks of September 11, 2001. What do these events have in common and how could that commonality lead to a resolution of who done it?

The thread that runs through the Kennedy assassination and 9/11 is what President Dwight D. Eisenhower referred to as the "military-industrial complex." In his farewell address to the nation, Eisenhower stated:

"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex."

But what is the military-industrial complex and how does it relate to the events of 9/11?

The Military-Industrial Complex (Wide Shot):

The military-industrial complex is the ultimate proof that most "original" ideas come from the private sector. For centuries governments owned and operated their own weapon manufacturing companies but by the late 19th century warfare became so tricky government-run entities could simply not dream up horrible or effective enough weapons to win. Thus they had to farm out the development of such weapons to individuals in the private sector. Only in the beer-drinking private sector could the State find those diabolical, sick and demented geniuses that somehow knew how to kill and maim like no others. These people then formed corporations and became clients of the government. The arrangement is that such corporations MAKE the weapons and the government USES the weapons. In exchange for getting to use the weapons as it wants, the government makes sure these corporations get all manner of special "laws" passed and access to any amount of money they want through the government's fraud banking system, the Federal Reserve System. This is why we have $2,000 toilets and "no-bid contracts."

Today -- thanks to the Federal Reserve System's ability to print up all the "fiat currency" rogue politicians in Washington DC want -- the military-industrial complex in the U.S. is at least 10 times bigger than any other nation. Add to this the fact this Complex also has the most talented scientists available -- expunged Nazis from post World War II Germany rounded up and imported to America under "Operation Paperclip."

So the Nazis, American corporations, Federal Reserve bankers and the U.S. government all got together and stocked the "land of the free" with diabolical geniuses who could create any sick and demented weapon conceivable -- the hydrogen bomb being but one of their accomplishments.

All of these people -- most likely descendents from Genghis Khan -- found employment with WE THE PEOPLE's government. And thank goodness, because strong Middle Class families have to eat in order to grow. They have to also send their children to college and there must be jobs after they graduate so Fed bank loans can be amortized. But what better way to accomplish all this than to build endless companies that make endless weapons to service endless government psychopaths in endless and perpetual wars? And this is why the U.S. has become the world's arms dealer. All this is what we refer to as the "military-industrial complex."

Kennedy's assassination and the 9/11 bombings were reactions to threats to attenuate or shut down the military-industrial complex's "money mill" -- the money mill of the Killing Industry used in great part by America's Middle Class. Indeed, from 1991 (when the Soviet Union dissolved) to 2001 (when the towers were taken down), the cash flow of this "money mill" (known as the "Defense Budget of the U.S.") dropped from over $500 billion a year to under $400 billion a year. This Complex -- thanks to the 9/11-justified "war of terror" -- will garner 700 billion of a $3.5 trillion budget, not including hundreds of billions in debt service (for debt-financed wars) or a substantial portion of the health care costs war-injuries generate (billed to programs like Medicare and Medicaid).

Today, one can imagine the Killing Industry's powers-that-be screaming similar words as the war lord, Bush I, when he drooled out the well-known phrase: "this will not stand..." in reference to Saddam Hussein's "aggression against" Kuwait.

Of course the shore story is that the Complex does all that it does in order to "make the world safe for democracy" and to provide "national security" for WE THE PEOPLE. And most of the lumping American public feels this is all okay.

And WE PEOPLE feel it's all okay because we love the high-paying jobs provided by the Complex. After all, one can never tell when the next car manufacturing plant is going to close, like GM in Flint, Michigan.

Thus most Americans look the other way after spending a hard day of work on the assembly line making weapons that kill their fellow humans in unimaginably un-Christian ways.

The Military-Industrial Complex (Medium Shot):

Getting closer to the military-industrial complex, we can see that it's really a network of policy and monetary relationships between the following:

The President
The Congress
The Armed forces
K-street Lobby Firms
Federal Reserve Bankers
Major Corporations
Political Donors
Mainstream Media

The network established by the above entities is all about cash flow generated from the industry of killing -- how money flows to and from these kill "nodes" and the larger nodes known as kill "hubs."

Taken collectively, the entire military-industrial complex, all its killing nodes and hubs, could be described as a well-oiled (by Iraq and Saudi fields) "Killing Machine." And the major activity of this Killing Machine creates what could be called the "Killing Industry."

A Killing Industry could thus be defined as the following:

A group of people and/or entities that contract with each other and produce lethal products and services designed to exploit and profiteer from the general environment in the name of "protection," "national security" or some nebulous, philosophical ideal, such as "spreading democracy and/or freedom."

In short, a Killing Industry is just an extension of "government" itself -- "thugs with guns," as Ian Rand used to put it. Such an Industry is charged with providing the "illusion" of security for the masses, and the reality of security for the elites.

The trick behind a successful Killing Industry however is that its real purpose is never revealed to the masses. If the real purpose of a Killing Industry were revealed, the Industry would never be able to recruit the people and resources necessary to sustain its existence.

The 700-year-old Roman Empire and Genghis Khan helped perfect the Killing Industry of today. In fact, recent DNA studies reveal that many people are descendents of the later. Khan, and the psychopaths that ran the Roman Empire , simply ran around the planet murdering/raping people and taking their stuff (later renamed "just war" and "taxation"). The exact same thing happens today in the Killing Industry, only every element and action has been renamed so as to not alarm the general population with cognitions of how horrible WE THE PEOPLE are actually acting. Terms like "government" the "state," "law," "order," "justice," "liberty," "freedom," "equality," "security" and "protection" pepper the language with all manner of "justifications" WE THE PEOPLE use to stomach what we do and condone -- especially with our current Killing Industry and the $700 billion dollars it generates for us every year.

It really comes down to is this: big-bodied, macho Person A, in cahoots with Group A, points a weapon at big-bodied, macho Person B, in Cahoots with Group B. Group A then extorts money, blood and resources from its environment in order to fight Group B, which extorts money, blood and resources from its environment to fight Group A. The two groups are always given names, such as the Crips and the Bloods or the Republicans and the Democrats, or the United States or Brittan or Romans and Mongols. This mindless game has been going on since Sumer , 6,000 years ago. Ironically, Sumer -- dubbed the "land of the civilized kings" -- was the very place "government" originated. Sumer is now modern-day Iraq . Goes to show what a truly civilizing influence government has been for Humankind.

The Military-Industrial Complex (Medium Close Shot):

But let's take a closer look at the Killing Industry, such supported by a network known as the military-industrial complex. What is the Killing Industry really?

The Killing Industry, not surprisingly, has evolved the ideal way to kill people. The ideal way to kill someone is to push a button, have some machine do the actual deed and then remain undetected. The main reason this is ideal is because it inhibits or prevents retaliation. This is thus the modus operandi of the people that own and control the Killing Industry. "Attack and hide" could be said to be their motto. Send in the drone and never reveal who is at the joy stick. Give the order and remain behind the wall -- the news-control booth -- the brokerage house.

Yes, the people that pulled off the Kennedy assassination in 1963 and the tower bombings in 2001 knew these tactics well, for they are so well hidden, all manner of conspiracy theories have been proliferated for decades to explain WHAT actually happened and WHO actually done it.

So ridiculous are the "official" explanations of the Warren Commission Report and the 9-11 Commission Report, it's as if the same idiots wrote both reports. Nevertheless, WE THE PEOPLE predictably believe anything the government spews out because we don't WANT to believe that OUR government is capable of acting exactly like ALL other governments since the dawn of time. Yes folks, we not-is the idea that the U.S. Empire is no different than the Roman Empire or even the Mongolian Empire. It just has different weapons and WE are "civilized."


Lord Acton's warnings are alive and well-substantiated.

There is one slight difference between today's Empires and those of the so-called barbarians. Again, the barbarians of today's empires have the ability to remain hidden more easily. They do this through highly polished "legal" technology, "scientific" technology and "financial" technology.

Today the operators of an Empire's Killing Industry can remain totally unknown through a legal technology known as the "corporation." A corporation is "an artificial person created by the state". A large corporation is a Frankenstein monster created by the state. These give capitalism a bad name because these assist the state in the process of retaining power through the monopolization of lethal force. Such monsters are more properly characterized as "immortal robots" because they supersede human death and run on automatic, much the same as an AI drone out of range of its joy-stick operator.

The nicest thing about a corporation, however, is that it usually has many owners. And none of these owners are personally liable for anything the corporate robot does, especially if it's making weapons, killing animals or destroying the environment. Such owners, known as "accredited investors," or more commonly, "stockholders," can easily hide, not only because there are thousands or millions of them, but because ownership can be held in various names and/or by different people and/or entities. Major stockholders are very good at this game. They have the money to hire $500-per-hour lawyers (none of which are listed on Angie's List) who buy and hold stock for them as "beneficial owners." They also have "brokers" who buy stock on their orders and then hold the stock in the name of the brokerage house or some Fed-member bank. This is known as "street stock" or "nominee accounts."

Thus the true major owners of huge corporations, banks, trusts and foundations are never known. These people -- these creatures -- are then free to cause their Frankenstein corporate monsters to partner with or assist any government or Killing Machine on Earth and do whatever they want by proxy.

These are obviously the elites WHO "run the world" -- the "power elite" -- as C. Wright Mills called them in his book, THE POWER ELITE. But you will never see any of these people on any stock register. You will never see any of these people run for President or Congress. You will never see any of these people on TV or in any books or magazines. You will never see any of these people. Period. C. Wright Mills never even saw them. He only THOUGHT he was seeing them, much like Haley Joel Osment's character in THE SIXTH SENSE. And if he DID see any of them, they had an assumed name and a completely fabricated identity and entire life. If, after all, Walter White in BREAKING BAD, could purchase an entirely new identity via Saul for a mere $600,000, imagine what a multibillionaire could purchase.

So, sure they walk amongst us in public. They live daily lives. They enjoying THEIR world. THEY LIVE. But bluntly: they operate at a level ABOVE the Social Security Number. Do you really think these people have "Social Security Numbers" when it was THEY that instituted the Social Security System in the first place. Do you think they want to be identified as one of the cattle in the human herd? I don't think so.

These people also do not have "drivers licenses" for they don't drive cars. They have divers. They don't subject themselves to policemen or traffic laws. They don't even have passports for they don't travel on commercial jets. They own all the jets, helicopters, boats, submarines and planes they travel on. In fact they own the entire corporation that owns all the jets, helicopters, boats, submarines and planes they travel on if not the entire land mass that such vehicles travel over or from and to. And as discussed above, such ownership is totally covert due to nominee accounts and operation by fiduciaries (such as lawyers, brokers, trustees and other agents).

Organizations like Skull & Bones, The Trilateral Commission and the CFR are amusements to the power elite. These are not where they hang out or hold meetings. That's ridiculous. If you and I know about such organizations, you can be sure THEY are long gone. But why announce any departures? Same with Area 51. Keep the lump-heads in the public focused on nothing.

But beyond these things, there is not even any need FOR organizations. You can be sure that never more than 5 or 10 of the power elite get together for anything. Why should they? And they probably hate each other, so why would they? They send their agents, exactly like they did on Jekyll Island in 1910 when they plotted the Federal Reserve System.

You can also be sure that written notes and/or minutes are not kept of anything. No deliberating body necessary. What's to deliberate? Things are simple at the top. What's to write down? And why create paper-trails and incriminating evidence for documentary filmmakers and historians to exploit? What would such creatures want to remember that isn't already burned into their very DNA since the Grain Merchants or Genghis Khan -- both part of the family, you can be sure?

The Military-Industrial Complex (Close Up Shot):

Given the kinds of people in the power elite that own and operate the world's Killing Industry is it unreasonable to postulate that this is WHO is behind the assassination of President Kennedy and the 9-11 bombings? Is it unreasonable to theorize that such "people" would be unable or unwilling to stop anyone, or any situation, that threatened their sources of power: war and the fiat currency that purchases their agents of war, governments?

Give the magnitude of the power elite's resources, how difficult would it be for them -- even one or two of them -- to hire a bunch of Mafia thugs to do a standard hit on a president or fly a handful of their jets into some buildings?

Now that books like They Killed Our President, by Jesse Ventura AND movies like 9/11 RIPPLE EFFECT and 9/11: BLUEPRINT FOR TRUTH have fully de-bunked both the Warren Commission Report and the 9/11 Commission Report, it's time to network the hundreds of millions of brains on the Internet in order to provide the superintelligence to identify and bring to justice the people and entities that have been attempting to destroy the U.S. Republic.

WE THE PEOPLE must not go down the same road that the Roman Empire went down. We must not permit or condone false flag operations by the power elite to consolidate power and build their Killing Machine -- or to keep the Old Word Order in operation.

The States that are united -- the United States -- are the only entities that can neutralize the rogue agents in Washington DC that are being used by the Old World Order's power elite, the order that murdered Kennedy and staged the 9-11 False Flag in order to "justify" a build up the police state of their one-world government.

WE THE PEOPLE simply must accept the fact that President Kennedy was murdered by this power elite and so were all of the people that died on September 11th, 2001. The official stories are lies, manufactured by agents of the power elite. Such agents have infiltrated the government as our "servants," populate the mainstream media as "pundits" and kill and maim with the military-industrial complex. Their agents work together because they are on the payrolls of the power elite. It is not in their interest to be "open minded" or to look at any evidence that would purport to a different worldview than that which they are expected to have internalized.

The military-industrial complex bombed their own BUILDINGS to help remove themselves from the suspect list. The World Trade Center buildings epitomize the INDUSTRIAL part of the military-industrial complex. The Pentagon epitomizes the MILITARY part of the military-industrial complex. The Killing Industry thus sacrificed its own buildings in a classic False Flag Operation, exactly the way Hitler set fire to his Reichstag building in Berlin on 27 February 1933. This fire was the pivotal event that established Nazi Germany. 9/11 was the pivotal event that established the Kardashevian Empire. What is the Kardashevian Empire?

The term "U.S. Empire" is not appropriate because this empire -- although extant and much bigger than any Roman Empire -- was not actually created by Americans or even within the United States. It was created by an external, global power elite from the Old World Order -- a kick-in-the-head bunch that has figured out how wrest power from the American citizen and exploit their industriousness and propensity for CONSUMPTION to do its dirty work through the military-industrial complex -- what we are calling the Killing Industry. Since most of the corporations in the Killing Industry are multinationals, they are external entities to domestic U.S. They may have originated in the U.S., but these corporate entities are extra-national, global in nature and loyal to no country or mere sovereignty. The people that control these corporations and build the weapons of mass destruction for their client governments are what we could term "globalists". These globalists have hijacked Soviet astronomer, Nikolai Kardashev's, classification term for civilizations.

In 1964, Kardashev classified civilizations in accordance with their CONSUMPTION levels of energy. A Type I Civilization is able to consume all of the energy of its host planet. A Type II Civilization is able to consume all of the energy of its host stellar system. A Type III Civilization is able to consume all of the energy of its host galaxy. Note here the key word is CONSUMPTION. Note the totalitarian world the globalists are attempting to establish -- with their Killing Industry -- runs on consumption. Consumption of energy, resources, money, etc. Consumption implies consumers, and what word better describes the American Republic today than a bunch of debt-ridden, over-weight consumers. Thus, this is why the term Kardashevian Empire better applies than the term U.S. Empire. A Kardashevian Empire not only seeks to consume an entire PLANET, but an entire GALAXY.

And when such a consumption philosophy becomes dominant, a bifurcation of classes is inevitable. Class A is a corporate elite that develops and uses the Killing Industry to acquire the world's resources and place them under the government-assisted, totalitarian management of a limited number of multinational monopolies and cartels. Class B consists of the rest of the world's slave, population that is expected to "just do their jobs" for Class A and CONSUME the output of that which Class A manages. Thus no where in the Kardashevian spectrum is the concept of PRODUCTION. Only CONSUMPTION. The masses, Class B, must think only in terms of consumption, never production. Were the masses permitted to think more in terms of production rather than consumption, this would lead to excessive competition for the corporate monopolies utilized by the power elite, Class A. In short, consumption for Class B, production for Class A. And this philosophy is reflected in the Kardashevian classification of civilizations. This is why the empire formed by the power elite -- a.k.a., Class A, the globalists, the banking elite, the 1-Percenters, etc. -- is more properly called the Kardashevian Empire. Thus:

A Globalist is a member of the power elite who uses the military-industrial complex of a host nation (especially the Killing Industry) to effectuate global trade mainly to advance the property and security agenda of the Kardashevian Empire.

The Globalists in pursuit of such agenda will understandably murder presidents, burn or bomb buildings, sink ships, stop moon explorations, send trained killers into elementary schools, start wars and even destroy the environment of entire worlds in order to further the agenda of a totalitarian, one-world government, a Kardashevian Empire.

When one looks at the Kennedy murder and 9/11 bombings in this perspective, it's easy to see who done it.

ORIGINATED: 17 December 2013
REVISED & SUPPLEMENTED: 19 December 2013

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