Where the Right Went Wrong - A Review
by James Jaeger

I have just finished a new book by Pat Buchanan entitled WHERE THE RIGHT WENT WRONG. This is an excellent book and displays how a deep grasp of history, especially the history of war, can be applied to a comprehensive understanding of where we are today and where we will be in the near future if we don't apply some of our history lessons.

Pat's major thesis in this book is this: The cost of wars can bleed an empire down to almost nothing. It has happened time and time again throughout history. A country rises to power, gets cocky and pisses all its wealth away in trying to be too big for its britches.

Right now the U.S. is doing just this.

We rose to power because we DID NOT piss away all our resources on WW I and WWII while the rest of the powers did, most notably Great Britain. We had an isolationist philosophy and we entered the WWII late, 4 years after everyone else. We didn't go to war preemptively, a TOTALLY ALIEN concept to our past policies.

Buchanan maintains the NEOCONS are to blame for hijacking the government and the mind of George Bush. Prior to them, Bush's mind was a virtual raise tabulae. They came in and wrote all over it with their hawkish plans using 9/11 as their "justification" for expanding the police powers of the state and going into IRAQ, basically to a) protect Israel b) get the oil, c) spread democracy and c) act as the world's policeman. But mostly to get oil and protect Israel.

He explains that all nations have used the TACTIC of terrorism at one time or another, including the US. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were examples of US using terrorism. Lincoln's scorch and burn policy of the South was also a use of terrorism.

The scary thing is, he says, terrorism often works. It's the only way the little guy can fight the big guy. Even more scary, is the history of Islamic terrorism. More often than not it has worked and will probably work on the U.S.

The idea behind terrorism is similar to a bull fight. The picadors and matadors manage to kill the bull which is much larger than them by using a strategy similar to the terrorist. The picadors keep hitting the bull with small wounds that eventually bleed the animal into a heated frenzy. The bull begins charging madly dispelling all its energy. Then the matador comes out with the big red flag and causes the enraged bull to lower his head so that the vulnerable part just above and between the eyes is now exposed in the charge. The matador then finishes the bull off with one or two well-placed blows. This is the exact strategy the terrorists will use on the U.S. Bull. They will bleed us here and bleed us there. Then they will go in for the kill, perhaps a well-placed nuke in one of our cities causing 200,000 in lives and a trillion dollars worth of damages. People will flee U.S. cities and the economy will be doomed. Since we have off-shored so much of our manufacturing base to places like China (so the consumer can benefit at the expense of the entire nation), we will be in no position to rebuild a failing infrastructure. The dollar will crash and foreign investment will dry up. The U.S. will sink in power as China, and others who quietly stay out of wars, rise in power.

We, in the U.S. need to wise up. We need to elect new leaders that are more savvy. We need to STOP all the exporting of JOBS and cool the globalization a little. We need to stop listening to all the people that just want to make money at the expense of our industrial base in America(1). We need to focus on OUR homegrown industry and stop funding everyone's militaries all over the place. We need to develop a process of clean gasification of coal or plasma fusion tech immediately so we don't need to use ME oil. See http://www.jaegerresearchinstitute.org/articles/energy.htm

We need to GET OUT OF THE MUSLIM HOLY LANDS and stop antagonizing the Muslims. We need to GET OUT OF IRAQ now and stop giving the Muslim world a reason to recruit terrorists. We need to STOP funding the Arab-Israeli war and get these people to STOP fighting now that Arafat is gone.

If we don't do these things, you can KISS THE UNITED STATES GOODBYE. If the U.S. crashes, you can probably kiss the Singularity goodbye too. See http://sysopmind.com/singularity.html

(1) "Since 1971, the trade deficits run up by the United States add up to $4 trillion. The annual trade deficit in goods is now running at $600 billion. These dollars, shipped abroad to buy the products of foreign factories, are now being used by foreigners to buy up our stocks, bonds, companies, and real estate. By 2002, foreigners owned U.S. assets equal to 78 percent of our GDP. They owned 13 percent of our equity market, 22 percent of our corporations, 24 percent of our corporate bonds, 48 percent of the U.S. treasury market. Like Esau, we are selling our birthright. As Lou Dobbs declaims nightly on CNN, we are 'exporting America.'"

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