by James Jaeger

The question seems to be: does consciousness originate inside the brain or does it originate outside the brain?

In other words: is our consciousness a function of our physical bodies or is it something else? If consciousness is NOT a function of our physical bodies -- brain, nerves system, etc -- then it must originate somewhere else in the universe.

This idea brought me to the following conclusion:

IF there is a God, THEN we are probably immortal beings.

IF there is no God, then we are probably just meat.

What we call God, if any, is is probably universal consciousness. Thus, doesn't it make sense that this would be the place we tap into for OUR consciousness? In other words, our individual consciousness is just part of the universal consciousness.

Getting back to my cognition statements: IF there is a God, THEN we are probably immortal beings because our consciousness does not fail with body death. ON the other hand, IF there is no God, then we are probably just meat and our consciousness fails with body death.

The problem of whether we are mortal or immortal is thus solved by figuring out if there is a God or not. I maintain that figuring out if there is a God or not -- a universal consciousness -- is an easier problem than trying to figure out if consciousness happens to be in or exterior to some tiny meat body on a planet.

Because a universal consciousness (God) is probably so big and a human being is probably so small, there should be many more clues about the former than the later. Already we have a lot of quantum data that's very weird. What I mean is we already have clues that there may be universal consciousness. Spooky action at a distance, quantum entanglement, the fine-tuned constants found in the fundamental forces of nature. This is all evidence of a non-random universe, even an intelligent universe. Read books like BIOCOSM where stuff like the double slit quantum reduction experiment are discussed. Explain this without a Deity.

So my theory is that the road to figuring out the microcosm of our mortality or not is informed or proven by the road to figuring out if the universe is intelligent (conscious) or not. Isn't it ironic that scientists may ultimately have to depend on religion (or reason and intuition) for their final answers!

18 November 2018

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