What All Americans Should Know
by James Jaeger

Too few are aware of what Edward Snowden -- a staunch Ron Paul supporter -- revealed to WE THE PEOPLE of the world? Here are some tidbits for you to think about so the next time you hear someone call him a "traitor," you will understand just how pathetic that person is.

Snowden did not go to this superiors at the NSA because that would have been futile. Several of his associates had gone to them previously to file complaints and they were ignored, demoted or fired. Snowden could thus NOT report the NSA's illegal activities through "up-line channels," as surveillance state apologists -- like Charles Schumer and General Keith Alexander -- like to fault him for.

Snowden was thus forced to go to journalists to reveal the extent of the NSA illegalities.

But this was not easy because he was an unknown to the journalistic world. After all Snowden WAS a covert intelligence officer with a low-, or no-profile, so how could he convince people at major news organizations that he was bone fide? No easy task. The only way he could do this was to capture enough data from NSA computers to absolutely prove that the data was real and he was real.

So this is why Snowden exfiltrated massive amounts of data -- for credential purposes, not for the purpose of harming the national security of the U.S.

With Snowden's whistle-blowing exercise, numerous illegal surveillance projects of the NSA were revealed. Among these were the PRISM, STELLAR WIND, UPSTREAM and BULLRUN programs. All of these programs are designed to spy on you and me and our data (such as our emails, search queries, Facebook and IM accounts) without any FISA court approvals and in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Snowden also revealed the MARINA program -- which sifts through and stores Internet data; the MAINYAY program -- which records phone calls; the PINWALE program -- which spies on your video uploads; and the NUCLEON program -- which snaps up voice records.

The way the NSA got, and still gets, a lot of your data is by tapping into undersea fiber optic cables between the US and the UK. They have taps all over the oceans, around South America, East Africa and in the Indian Ocean.

They also tap directly into the servers of major corporations. Some of the major corporations that have allowed the NSA to tap their servers -- and the dates they went traitor on you, the customer -- are: Microsoft (on 11 September 2007); YAHOO (in March 2008); GOOGLE (in January of 2009); FACEBOOK (in 2009); PALTALK (in December of 2009); YOUTUBE (in Sept 2010); SKYPE (in Feb of 2011); AOL (in March of 2011); and APPLE (in October of 2012).

Many of these corporations were asked by the NSA to voluntarily grant access to their servers, but the corporate lawyers asked the government to send them letters "requiring compliance" so that when the customers -- that's YOU and ME -- found out that the corporations were giving away our personal data, the PR people could wave the "required compliance" documents in everyone's face and get off the hook. This is one of the ways you are suckered into believing that these corporations were looking out for you. It's just that they HAD to comply with the government spying.

And the NSA has "relationships" with over 100 such treasonous U.S. corporations, so many Snowden is quoted as saying: they now have "omniscient, automatic, mass-surveillance" they can "target anyone, anytime, including the president."

In fact Washington actually PAYS major telecom corporations grants of hundreds of millions of dollars per year for their data. So YOUR government is actually BRIBING the corporatocracy to break the law, both at the FISA level and at the Constitutional level. And people like John McCain think Snowden is the "traitor."

How did corporations like GOOGLE, APPLE and MICROSOFT, with mottos like "Don't be evil", " Think different" and "Your privacy is our priority" ever wander so far to the dark side? The spy system we now have in place is far more invasive than even the stasi -- the secret police in East Germany.

And since the British have no First Amendment, the NSA taps into their computers in order to get data from the YAHOO and GOOGLE computers in the US. In other words the NSA in the US, the GCHQ in the UK -- and three other countries in a program known as FIVE-EYES -- share data so American's First Amendment rights can be totally circumnavigated. This little system -- known by the code words, BOUNDLESS INFORMANT and MUSCULAR -- was also revealed by the "traitor," Edward Snowden. So MUSCULAR gets the Brits to do the actual hacking for the US and BOUNDLESS INFORMANT spreads the illegal personal data around the world to the various government participating in FIVE-EYES. Wasn't there a reason we declared our independence from Great Britain?


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Even Tor does not protect citizens. Tor is a popular tool that Internet surfers use to make themselves anonymous when browsing the web. What people don't know is that Tor is 60% funded by the US Government. This is ostensibly because journalists and activists in foreign countries need to use it to protect themselves from political reprisals and censorship.

Even though Snowden was a hot-potato for the Chinese government while he was there, he's a hot-potato for all governments, because ALL governments are ultimately in a fraternity. They keep each other in business by continuing the myth that the people of the world would be in total chaos if it were not for their services. No where is this better seen than in the data sharing of government against their people, the PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.

So Edwin Snowden actually exposed a "Global surveillance regime conducted by the US and UK intelligence services" in the words of whistle-blower Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks.

And Snowden hit the nail on the head when he stated: "In the end, the Obama Administration is not afraid of whistle-blowers like me -- it's afraid of YOU -- an informed angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised -- and should be."

The NSA is an out-growth of the PATRIOT Act. It is one more reason the PATRIOT Act must be rescinded and the people that have been pushing it brought to justice. The NSA is infringing the US Constitution in a serious manner and the PATRIOT Act is a disgrace to the word "patriot."

Edward Snowden never intended to compromise US security and never has because he is a top-tier expert on data security. In fact, part of Snowden's hat at the NSA was to TEACH agents exactly how to secure data.

Even while Snowden was in China and Russia, the NSA data he had on his four lap-top computers was and is impossible to access by the intelligence agencies of these countries. The FSB, which has replaced the Russian KGB, cannot access the NSA data because Snowden highly encrypted and multiple pass-coded it. Further, it is impossible to even OPEN the data while in the certain countries because it pings off of GPS signals and is biometrically, voice-encoded. So even if the intelligence services tried to torture Snowden to reveal the pass codes, any stress in his voice would invalidate and deactivate the pass codes securing the NSA data. One can be sure Snowden had, and has, many additional such techniques to make the access of the data impossible.

So the claims that Snowden is a traitor giving adversarial countries our secrets is totally gross. War-mongering mentalities, like John McCain and Lindsay Graham, should be ashamed of themselves. The rhetoric emanating from people like this in connection with Snowden -- a national hero for revealing government crimes -- is the surest way to identify people who are the true enemies of the U.S. or at the very least rogue politicians that need to be voted out of office as soon as possible.

Not surprisingly the German people agree with Snowden's actions. Who knows what the surveillance state leads to better than the German people with their stasi and Hitler experiences? Thanks to the stasi horrors, the right to privacy is now hard-wired into the German Constitution. One can only imagine how angry Angela Merkel must have been when Snowden revealed that even she -- the most powerful politician in Europe -- was a subject of NSA spying. The Britts might make a note of all this and better-model their constitution off of Germany and America.

So Edward Snowden is a whistle-blower and not a traitor. More than that, he's a true champion and adherent of the U.S. Constitution. Americans -- and especially Ron Paul supporters -- should do everything in their power to help Edwin Snowden gain back his freedoms and neutralize the ghouls that are after him. He has risked his life so that WE THE PEOPLE can know unequivocally what our government is doing in our name and with our money.

For more information and details on this issue, check out a new book entitled, THE SNOWDEN FILES by Luke Harding. Its available at Amazon

Originated: 01 May 2014

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