Look What NAFTA and MEAT Hath Wrought
by James Jaeger


The current pandemic we are experiencing, originating in Mexico, is a gift to all Americans from NAFTA and the MEAT industry. And you can also thank your CFR-member, Bill Clinton -- and all his "free trade" globalist buddies -- for signing NAFTA into law.

Way to go Bill. Thanks for opening the door to infecting the entire U.S. with all sorts of disease and illegal aliens coming across the Mexican border. This is EXACTLY what Ross Perot warned all Americans about back in 1992 -- but he was edged off the stage by the DEMOCRATS and the REPUBLICANS, the two political parties that are now DESTROYING the United States.(1)

Maybe after 100,000 Americans die of Swine flu, caused by excessive and/or sub-standard meat and pig-farming in Mexico, the criminal bozos running the gov will be kicked out and Americans will vote in reps that will finally close the U.S.-Mexican border, and remedy the floods of mass illegal aliens invading the U.S.(2)


The production of pork and beef, whether here or in Mexico, not only takes a serious toll on the environment, but meat is not the healthiest of foods for us to consume.

Some argue we are omnivores, thus they justify their love of meat by the romantic idea that we were built to consume meat. Horse. If we are omnivores, it's only because that is a left-over (no pun intended) from our past evolution. Homo Sapiens has evolved from the oldest blood type, type O (as basically meat-eaters) to the most recent blood type, type A-B. In between, when humans invented agriculture, their blood type evolved to type A and then, with the advent of dairy, type B came in.

Also, the small canine teeth we have are similarly just left-overs. We now have much large molars compared to other animals, like dogs, that are definitely meat-eaters. Our molars are designed for grinding grain and nuts and the large broad teeth in front are designed for biting apples and fruits. Thus the canines are evolving out, and the other teeth evolving in, as we make our transition away from meat-eating and our former carnivore status, through our omnivore status and into some other status.

Also, the intestines of modern-day homo sapiens are not developed for digesting meat, as they are so long (almost a football field) the meat often putrefies by the time it gets to the end. On the other hand, dogs (that never developed agriculture) still have relatively short intestines for processing meat. The putrefied meat that sits in the mid-sections of millions of Americans (and Canadians) causes colon cancer. Studies have shown that populations with high meat intake have high rates of colon cancer.

According to Neal Barnard, MD and president of the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine:

"The beef industry has contributed to more deaths than all the wars of this century, all natural disasters and all automobile accidents combined."

Thus it's no wonder that according to the largest study of diet and health in modern history, under T. Coin Campbell, director of the China Health Project "Vegetarians live longer lives."

Unspeakable Cruelty to Animals:

Not only is the consumption of meat at this point UNhuman, it's unspeakably cruel to animals, specifically cows, pigs and chickens.

Below is a revealing trilogy of award-winning short videos on the meat industry. Anyone interested in the effects of meat on animals and people should watch these before eating another hamburger, hotdog or ham sandwich. The first one is called THE MEATRIX and can be screened at http://www.themeatrix.com

Also, if you can stomach it (pun intended), watch this clip from the feature, FAST FOOD NATION, on the animal cruelty inflicted by some or all of the meat-processing industry. The clip is at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-548917414639624495&ei=3tH0ScjeKIagqAKwssCBDA&q=FAST+FOOD+NATION

Pigs get much the same treatment as cows (but not the ones that passed NAFTA, unfortunately).

Meat is Bad for the Environment:

Besides being bad for the individual, eating meat is bad for the environment. Here are the facts:

  • It takes 55 Square Feet of tropical rain forest to produce a 4 ounce hamburger.

  • Each pound of beef requires 11 pounds of grain to produce.

  • A meat-eater, over the course of one year, will require 3.25 acres of land to produce the feed stock to feed the cattle to produce their meat.

  • A vegetarian only requires 1/2 acre of land per year to produce their food.

    So who's destroying the environment more: vegetarians or meat-eaters? Even though you and I, and millions of others may like meat, the stats show that our addiction is deleterious to the economy, the environment, the animals and the world's health.


    Don't Support MEAT:

    Here are the basic reasons you, your family, friends and associates should no longer support the meat industry:

    1. MEAT is bad for your health;
    2. MEAT production pollutes the environment;
    3. MEAT production is unspeakably cruel to animals;
    4. MEAT production preempts valuable resources;
    5. MEAT causes diseases and undermines economies.

    Points 1 - 5 are fully substantiated in the video clips and in numerous books on the subject such as DIET FOR A NEW WORLD by John Robbins (and other books referenced in the videos).

    Watch FAST FOOD NATION, available at Netflix and Blockbuster video. You will never be the same and you will come to understand why increasing numbers are concluding that current day homo sapiens is not designed to eat meat. Studies on the structure of our bodies (such as the teeth and intestines) have increasingly provided evidence for this claim (discussed further below). Also (excessive) consumption of animal products is probably the reason so many in the nation are over-weight, obese and/or sick.

    Other videos on MEAT are at:

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-548917414 639624495&q=FAST+FOOD+NATION&total=726&start=0&num =10&so=0&type=search&plindex=1


    http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=FAST+FOOD+NA TION&hl=en&sitesearch=

    Warning: these videos will make you sick, but realize, if you continue supporting this heinous industry by eating (excessive amounts of) pig and cow meat, being "sick" will be the least thing you will have to worry about. You will have to worry about pandemics. The contamination and pollution generated by the animal-products industries have reached a point where responsible citizens need to study this issue and act accordingly.

    Given that we are into a massive health care crises, the first thing all citizens could do is attenuate are cease their meat intake. This would lead to improved health, individually and collectively as a nation, and a better use of dwindling natural resources. This would also help the economy rebound, especially if NAFTA were rescinded and Americans were to focus on rebuilding the infrastructure and manufacturing base the idiot BabyBoomers have destroyed the past 44 years.

    Don't Support NAFTA:

    Here are the basic reasons you, your family, friends and associates should no longer support NAFTA and work to have this anti-U.S. law rescinded:

    1. NAFTA causes and promotes pandemics;
    2. NAFTA allows millions of illegal workers to enter the US;
    3. NAFTA undermines the manufacturing base and middle class of the U.S.;
    4. NAFTA supports excessive profit-motive of the global corporatocracy;
    5. NAFTA keeps Mexico from becoming strong and independent.

    The problems described above have been caused and brought to a head because of NAFTA. NAFTA has allowed an unfettered, unregulated border to exist between Mexico and the U.S. just so the Democrats can get voters and the Republicans can get cheap labor. Now all citizens in the U.S. may suffer as a result of the greed of these two parties. Ross Perot warned us about this, OVER AND OVER, but Americans still HAD to vote for one of the bozo Democrats or Republicans.

    The conditions in the meat industry in Mexico are atrocious. Ross Perot also warned us that all manner of bugs, viruses, diseases and dangerous and poorly manufactured products would be FLOODING across the border. He also warned us about that "large sucking sound you will hear." Remember that? The large sucking sound is U.S. jobs being sucked down to Mexico under NAFTA. Because Americans ignored all this and have been asleep (or more concerned about consuming with credit card debt) this past 17 years, they are now paying the price. It's time to get with it. Rescind NAFTA. Stop eating MEAT so you can think straight. Oust the Congress people that voted for NAFTA or still support NAFTA. Get rid of this "free-trade" delusion and bring the manufacturing base back to America. Globalization and free trade are nice ideas, but improperly implemented, or implemented too fast and for the sake of the corporatocracy's greed make them unworkable and anti-American.


    It's time for the U.S. to stop playing around all over the globe and start taking care of business at home. If some brand this "isolationist," to hell with them: they have been indoctrinated by the globalist agenda as spewed endlessly on the consolidated, corporate media. See http://www.FiatEmpire.com to find out how the media is used to further the political agenda of the banking cartel and corporations that have grown up around them, as Thomas Jefferson might have said.

    Isolationism, the very word apologists of the CFR and Globalists endlessly denounced in their corporate media, is characterized as a "bad" thing, a xenophobic thing, yet one of the foremost Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton, recommended it at certain times. Alexander Hamilton said, when a nation desires to become strong, or rebuild itself, that nation must focus on and nurture its domestic industries. He said that a nation, in order to be strong, must have a healthy and independent manufacturing base. He said taxes levied on imports from other nations will off set taxes Americans have to pay, thus permitting them to retain more money to put back into their home-grown businesses.

    Hamilton said a strong manufacturing base is only built by causing the nation to be dependent on itself and staying out of entangling relations with other nations. That nation can trade with others, but it must make certain it is selling the rest of the world as much, or more than, it is buying from them. Also, when, and as, a nation is healing or growing, that nation cannot afford to be all over the globe with its military and promises. More specifically, these were termed, "entangling alliances" and Ron Paul -- the only congressman that is actually looking out for you and this country -- endless refers to the problems they are causing and the fact that they are killing the U.S. NATO is a prime example of an entangling alliance. But note how the CFR-infested, Globalists and talking heads in the media and government, ALWAYS promote NATO. That's because they're all apologists of, or in the pay of, the multinationals that want NATO so it will protect their overseas operations. Pat Buchanan is one of few that realizes that NATO is obsolete and that this same corporatocracy is undermining America and now making us sick.

    This elite, and the elite banks that own and benefit from multinational corporations don't give a rat's ass about the United States. To them this country is just there to exploit. These traitors only want the U.S. to survive so they can produce their products in cheap labor markets all over the world and then sell then back to rich American consumers. Products from Mexico are one such example, but now we can see, our entangling alliance with this country has started a pandemic in the U.S. A FITTING OUTCOME: A PIG-BASED PANDEMIC CAUSED BY PIG-GREEDY PLUTOCRATS

    Against the Founders advice, we have become a nation that's dependent on the rest of the world just so the globalist and corporatocry agenda of greed and domination can be served. These people have taken over our Congress. End this insanity. Vote them out. Vote out the entire entrenched Congress. Let new, mentally-screened, talent enter Congress and rise to the top. We will KNOW they are the right public servants only by their FRUITS. The FRUITS produced in the past three decades are disease-ridden. It's time to listen to the doctor's advice. It's time to listen to Dr. Paul and his call to get back to traditional values and the Constitution.

    (1) See OVER THROWING THE CORPORATE GOVERNMENT at http://www.jaegerresearchinstitute.org/articles/overthrow.htm

    (2) The REASON the border has never been closed is because the DEMOCRATS want Mexicans to flood in so they will vote DEMOCRATIC and the REPUBLICANS want Mexicans to flood in so they can get cheap labor for their corporations. So, again, here's another example of how both the DEMOCRATS and the REPUBLICANS are destroying this nation.

    26 April 2009

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