Whose War is It and How It Can be Ended

by James Jaeger

With the recent attacks in France, the U.S. military-industrial complex is in high hopes that their War of Terror will escalate.

Lead by FOX NEWS -- and pundits like the Neocon, war-mongering John Bolton -- President Obama has been demonized for refusing to use the term "Islamic extremist" in his rhetoric. He's also demonized for failing to appear at the massive Paris rally today when so many other world "leaders" and 4 million people were able to make it.

As a card-carrying Libertarian, I maintain that Obama was right to have not appeared. If he has no intentions of stepping up his "war on terror" rhetoric, why attend? The Democrats, in general, have it right this time. They want to roll back the wars and they realize that, in order to do this, one needs to start by attenuating the inflammatory language such as the very word "terror". They want to wind down the War of Terror, so do I and hopefully so does any rational individual.

Further, let's once and for all acknowledge that "terror" is a TACTIC not a war. You can't have a war on a tactic. And according to the dictionary, the tactic of "terror" is used by governments, not individuals. Governments cause terror, individuals cause crime. Thus, this "war on a tactic" had to have been dreamt up by ignorant mainstream media pundits and apologists of Zionism, such as the imbecile, George W. Bush.

More specifically, the War of Terror is really nothing more than the Republican's Global War Machine in terror -- terror of reduced corporate profits.

So, every time the U.S. Global Standing Army cowardly sends in a drone to kill a "High Valued Target" (HVT), the devastating explosion INEVITABLY kills innocents, even women, children and the elderly.(1) This drums up yet more business for the War Machine because the innocent people who have died at the behest of the U.S. Global Empire, have relatives and friends all over the Middle East. And do you think that these relatives and friends are just going to "turn the other cheek?" Of course not -- they will call for "an eye for an eye" because some portion of their 1.8 billion Muslim family, friends and associates are going to get real PISSED OFF. And what does a pissed off, bomb-victim do when confronting a $700 billion-per-year, high-tech global army? They engage in guerilla warfare -- what FOX NEWS, and warmongering apologists have coined "terrorism" -- as if a blown-apart Muslim has no legitimate motivation for his actions.

So what's going on is really quite simple: the U.S. Global War Machine -- abetted by low-IQ pundits and stupid, blond chicks on FOX NEWS -- is MANUFACTURING terrorists and a high-margin TV show they call THE WAR ON TERROR. What the show never reveals is that the "war on terror" is nothing more than a war between Jews and Muslims.

Some history. According to the Bible, the war between Jews and Muslims has been going on for thousands of years when two brothers -- Isaac and Ishmael -- started feuding with each other. Subsequently, the Jewish tribe became the descendants of Isaac and the Arab tribe became the descendants of Ishmael. Today, most Arabs practice a religion known as Islam. One who practices the religion of Islam is known as a Muslim, thus, the "war on terror" is a war between Jews and Muslims.(2)

Due to dependency on oil and mass media however, the war between Jews and Muslims has now embroiled the United States and much of the modern, Western world. This conflict -- a four thousand year old tribal feud between Jews and Muslims -- is NOT American's conflict. The only reason this conflict has come to America's shores and TV screens is because Jews and Zionist Christians who support Israel have been working relentlessly to make all Christians feel guilty if they do NOT also blindly support Israel. To this end, Christian zealots, such as John Hagee, continuously use the mass media to brainwash the Christian public with cites from the Bible. These include Genesis 12:3; Romans 15:27; John 4:22; Matthew 25:40; Psalm 122:6; Luke 7:1-5 and Acts 10:2-31. A typical sermon from John Hagee preaches the threat:

"God has promised to bless the man or nation that blesses the Chosen People. History has proven beyond reasonable doubt that the nations that have blessed the Jewish people have had the blessing of God; the nations that have cursed the Jewish people have experienced the curse of God."(3)

And since the New York-based, corporate media and the Hollywood-based MPAA studio/distributors are dominated by "politically liberal, not-very-religious, JEWISH males of European heritage" -- as research from author-attorney, John W. Cones posits -- is it any wonder the U.S. is embroiled in the Judeo-corporate media's support for the War of Terror?(4)

So the War of Terror is NOT your war. At least it is NOT your war unless you are a) a brainwashed Christian; b) a Zionist; c) a stockholder in one of the military-industrial complex corporations or d) a blond/bimbo pundit in the New York-based mainstream media.

THIS is why the Obama Administration -- and anyone who wants to tone down the ancient conflict between two Semitic tribes -- does NOT want to involve 1.6 billion Muslims in a global war with 14 million Jews. And since there are 114 times more Muslims in the world than Jews, the Jews feel they need as many of the 2 billion Christians to help them out as much as possible. This is understandable and it's why they have very effective lobby groups, such as AIPAC (5)

Given these odds, it is easy to sympathize with the Jews, and all Christians should symphathise AND respect their common heritage with Jews, as, after all, Jesus, and his disciples, WERE Jewish. The question is however, how can American Christians REALLY help the Jews and respect the "Promised Land? I maintain the answer to this question is: get over our addiction to oil.

Even though the Jewish nation of Israel has nuclear weapons, were they to use them on any Arab or Islamic nation, Pakistan, the only Islamic country with nuclear weapons, would probably be quite inclined to side with the descendants of Ishmael, since some blood is usually thicker than water.

This gets us back to the idea of oil, but bear with me for a moment.

The U.S., and all Western countries, should completely bow out of the Middle East. The U.S. especially should remove all its military bases from Iraq and any and all Arab-Islamic countries, including Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately this is easier said than done, given so much of the oil which the U.S. depends on comes from Saudi Arabia. Alan Greenspan, on the Charlie Rose Show, once said that his number one fear is that 'terrorists will nuke the oil fields in Saudi Arabia, hence the U.S. military must remain in the region.'

But if the U.S. needs the oil, and most of it comes from the Middle East, we can't realistically remove our military from the region because, as Alan Greenspan suggests, we put a significant portion of our oil supply at serious risk. But, as long as our military is over there protecting our oil interests, we antagonize a certain portion of the Islamic world and this causes tensions with Israel because Muslims see Israel as an alter ego of the United States.

Thus Israel and oil keep the U.S. taxpayer embroiled in the Middle East conflict -- a so-called "War on Terror" to, in essence, protect the OIL and the JEWS.

So, the solution for both Jews and their American allies MUST contain the primary element of U.S. independence from Middle Eastern oil. After the U.S. is independent of Saudi oil, do we really care if the Ghawar oil field is blown up? Not really, but only if the world is no longer reliant on this fossil fuel. A loss of Ghawar, for instance, would send world petro prices soaring.(6)

But this is exactly what the OPEC oil cartel in the Middle East is trying to do right now. They are attempting to pull a "John D. Rockefeller" on the global oil prices. By over-producing oil, they have helped send the price of a barrel below $50. The goal: to run all the shale up-starts in America and elsewhere out of business. And they ARE starting to do just that. As soon as the start-ups are out of business, you can bet OPEC will cut production drastically, sending a barrel to well over $100 to make up for lost profits. This is why Americans MUST develop alternatives to oil and eventually fossil fuels in general. SOLAR and FUSION are the only long-term energy sources the world needs so all development allocations should be directed in this direction. This will remedy the U.S. energy problem AND save the Jews in Israel.(7)

If the U.S. gets no oil from the Middle East, there is no reason to have our standing army over there. If there is no standing army all over Mecca and Medina-type places, the only reason the U.S. would need to be in the Middle East is to protect Israel. But again, if the U.S. no longer has its tanks and military bases all over the Muslim world, and the U.S. stops supplying both Israel and Muslim countries with weapons to attack each other, I bet things would quiet down.

Jews, Christians, American taxpayers and all reasonable people MUST stop fueling the ME fire with demands for oil, fiat currency and weapons. Oil dependency and perpetual war in the Middle East have given birth to Al Qaeda and now ISIS. These are "justifications" for the "war on terror" which WE THE PEOPLE have created by our ignorance and naiveté and which the military-industrial complex profits on by its greed and insensitivity.

The only game where the U.S. can win is to NOT play this game any longer. This is a stupid and wasteful game made possible by stupid and wasteful people. Stop.

Unless American's want to radicalize more and more of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the Islamic world, they must STOP listening to war-mongering apologists for the military-industrial complex and the Israel Lobby, people like John Bolton, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Bill O'Reilly, Dick Cheney and the rest of the Petro-Zionist apologists for their "War on Terror."

Contrary to the belief of wayward, peace-loving Christians, the vast majority of Muslims do NOT want to practice jihad or harm anyone. They want to live in peace as much as the vast number of Jews and Christians. However, there ARE extremists among Muslims, Jews AND Christians. The Muslim extremists have been manufactured by the Judeo-American War Machine and the Judeo-Christian extremists have been manufactured by groups like ISIS, what could be called the Islamic State War Machine. Muslims are responding to the loss of loved ones in the only way they CAN respond to a superpower -- with asymmetric warfare, what apologists for the conflict call "terrorism".

When teenage cowboys in the U.S. send drones to villages in Iraq and other Muslim countries to destroy HVTs, but they kill endless others, they generate extreme animosity. What would you do if two skin head "soldiers" in a foreign country sent a flying robot over your neighborhood and bombed your entire family while they were out in the back yard having a picnic of barbecued goat? And then they laughed about the "kill" as if it were some kind of video game. Many people would take the "extreme" measure of getting revenge. Some would go so far as to strap on explosives and visit you while you were at the restaurant enjoying a broiled steak. Your goal would be to inflict the same kind of heartbreak on the Islamic extremist as he did on you. You would have been "radicalized". Welcome to the "war of terror." You terrorize them and they terrorize you. They are over here because you are over there. Is this so difficult for American voters to understand?

If not, then why not replace your congressman every term that he or she:

Fails to end the war of terror, bring home the troops and close all overseas military bases;

Fails to audit the Fed;

Fails to repeal the PATRIOT Act, de-fund the Department of Homeland Security and rein in the National Security Agency (NSA).

Fails to shut down the Transportation Security Administration (TSA);

Fails to end corporate welfare; campaign funds as speech and corporate personhood;

Fails to repeal and replace ObamaCare with a volitional, opt-out health care system that uses the free market to make medical technology affordable, not the Ponzi game of insurance;

Fails to end police militarization;

Fails to shut down the Department of Education;

Fails to adopt sound money;

Fails to revitalize the militia of the several states;(8)

Fails to adopt term limits on Congress.

America's problems are all manufactured problems, mostly from ignorance, apathy, irresponsibility and/or broken-down think. By doing a little work, one will see that all of these problems are not THAT difficult and can be solved.(9)

Common sense and an application of the U.S. Constitution can provide the solution to 80% of these problems, especially the "war on terror" and the "war of terror," whichever you like to consider it.


(1) See the movie DRONES. Trailer at This is an independent film that expertly dramatizes the foolishness of drone warfare and shows how easily abuses of lethal robotic systems can escallate when human judgement and compassion are absent. This is the movie that demonstrates why drone warfare is essentially warfare waged by cowards.

(2) See "Why do Jews and Arabs/Muslims hate each other? at

(3) John Hagee explains why Christians must support the Jews and Israel at

(4) See "The Role of Movies in a Democratic Society" at

(5) American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is described in a book entitled, THE ISRAEL LOBBY at


(7) PLASMA FUSION -- The Ultimate Energy Source at


(9) See RON PAUL'S Resolutions for 2015

12 January 2015

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