Revolt of the Debt Slaves

by James Jaeger

Money is a technology that mediates SCARCITY. To the degree you have SCARCITY you MUST have MONEY. The basis of money is production.


Post-60's, cultural Marxist-infested BabyBoomer-society has forgotten this axiom. See http://www.CulturalMarxism.org We are thus in a CONSUMER society and not a PRODUCTION society. We used to be a PRODUCTION society, but the banking lobby -- which created the quasi-private, government-sanctioned cartel known as the Federal Reserve System -- has converted us into a society that is now addicted to fiat currency and the immediate gratification borrowed money affords society for a limited amount of time. No different for the heroin addict. He lives on heroin only for a limited amount of time.

Thus, we consume using debt as if it were heroin. Debt facilitates our consumption so the banking class can benefit. Debt, and below-market lending, thwarts honest capital formation. This is how the 1 Percent exploits the 99 Percent: they create money out of thin air and then lend it to the 99 Percent and pocket the interest. The interest, and the things it buys, amounts to HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. This is what the demonstrators on Wall Street, and the demonstrators in 11 other financial districts, are angry about -- although all of them have not yet focused their anger specifically on the fraud of fiat currency and fractional reserve banking.

These people have every right to be angry as hell about what the 1 Percenters -- the banks and the corporations that will surround them -- have done. They have every right to be angry about being in debt even though they should assume at least 50% of the responsibility for allowing this to happen. The addict and the pusher are always 50 - 50 responsible. WE THE BABYBOOMERS allowed ourselves to become a drug-infested, amoral generation that seeks out hedonism (sex, drugs and rock and roll) and immediate gratification. But remember, the bankers that lent us BabyBoomers the fiat-fractional money are ALSO drug-infested, amoral BabyBoomers. Thus we are a society that has burned out on debt together.

DEBT is NEGATIVE MONEY. We are a society that uses negative money, money not created as a result of PRODUCTION but money created as a result of DEBT-driven CONSUMPTION, the addiction of have-now, pay-later facilitated by fiat/fractional money.

Given these facts, it's a DUH moment as to why we are in an extended recession (if not a depression) and there are so many unemployed.

In short, you can thank Keynesian economics. Keynesian economics "justifies" fraudulent, fractional reserve banking and fiat currency spewed by a central banking system that lends to the government so that the government can "stimulate" growth. But the whole idea of a government "stimulating" growth is preposterous, if you think about it. Government is little more than a multi-trillion dollar parasite on an otherwise free-market economy; so what possibility is there that a "government" can "stimulate" growth or "create jobs"? THIS is the real "brainwashing" that both Democrats AND Republicans have subjected WE THE 99 PERCENTERS to since Wilson and the New Deal. This is what Herman Cane SHOULD have said as he ran for the GOP nomination in 2012.

So, in a sentence: people rioting in 12 cities across America because of Keynesian economics and the fraudulent, fractional reserve-fiat currency central banking system it encourages.

But, because of the ignorance of Keynesian economics vs. Austrian economics, the demonstrators haven't yet been able to differentiate between the good guys and the bad guys. So they are thrashing around unfocused. They think all corporations are bad and they think that more government is the answer. They thus target capitalism and call for more "government regulation" to protect them from the big corporations on Wall Street. Ironically, it was the partnership WITH government that created the big bad corporations. Multinational corporations that outsource their jobs don't become "too big to fail" without fiat money and special privileges from the government. Thus the demonstrators, the chickens, failing to see this, want the fox to help them get rid of the fox! This is what group, mob think (i.e., democracy) always amounts to. This is why the U.S. is NOT a Democracy, but a Republic, and it so states in the U.S. Constitution -- for those that care to actually READ it.

So the demonstrators want "those capitalist pigs on Wall Street reeled in with more regulations." Sure, most of the Wall Street corporations ARE capitalist pigs -- more specifically CORPORATE FASCISTS. See http://www.CorporateFascism.org But they are capitalist pigs -- NOT because they are capitalists, want profits, less regulation or lower taxes -- but because they have ABUSED the capitalist system themselves. They have gone appetite over tin cup. They are the "corporations that have grown up around the banks" as Thomas Jefferson warned would happen in a society that used "bills of credit" (fiat money) and made "any THING but gold and silver a tender in the payment of debts."

As the scourge of fiat money and fractional reserve banking continue to play themselves out, no amount of Keynesian economics will stimulate or rescue the economy. Eventually the unemployed will increase even more and the "demonstrators" will turn into to full-blow "rioters." The 99 Percent will then breach the walls of the 1 Percenters and we will first see a full-blown assault on physical property, i.e., the bank and corporate office buildings. Then we will see an assault on the employees of the banks and corporations ranging from riot police, to bank security guards, to tellers, to back office clerks, to middle management executives. Eventually the 99 Percenters will go after the actual CEOs, COOs, board members and stockholders themselves, i.e., the wealthy 1-Percenters who hang out in corner offices, expensive hotels, fine restaurants, exclusive clubs, lush golf courses, island resorts and on multi-million dollar yachts.

Some say these 1 Percenters -- the "wealth amassers" -- should be pitied, for like the alcoholic who has genes that predispose him to alcohol abuse, these 1 Percenters have a gene that predisposes them to amassing wealth.

Nevertheless, the frenzied hoards may not be so sympathetic as many of them have had their only house or car repossessed by a bank; are forced to stand in line for food stamps; have kids that will never be able to attend college; or are hounded by the IRS and other collection thugs. To these, a "wealth amasser" -- who must forgo marble on their foyer floor for a mere Persian rug -- is not very sympathetic. Especially not very sympathetic when an angry 99 Percenter considers that these are the multi-trillion dollar beneficiaries of a 300-year global Ponzi known as FIAT CURRENCY and FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING.

These things are inevitable. And the Ponzi builders have armed THEIR servant -- the co-opted U.S. Government and its $700 billion-a-year Global Military, well. They have been preparing for this since 9-11, practicing on Arabs and anyone with dark skin. This in fact is the exact reason they "passed" the PATRIOT Act. Yes, the 1 Percenters have tried to erect a defensive fortress against the 99 Percenter tsunami they know will come to their golf courses and resorts sooner or later.

Sooner or later the masses ALWAYS come to those who amass. Amassers always draw masses when they CHEAT or RIG the system, knowingly or unknowingly, overtly or covertly, by partnering with THUGS WITH GUNS -- governments -- in order to amass wealth at the expense of the honest and hard-working people who comprise 99 percent of the population -- and always HAVE. In other words: MAN IS NOT BORN A SINNER, 1 PERCENTERS MAKE HIM SIN.

Is this class war? YOU BET IT'S CLASS WAR. Politics is NEVER about anything else. And anyone that tells you any different is an apologist for the 1 Percenters who are trying to obfuscate self-evident truths. Your mainstream media is an expert at all this. Bought up by the 1 Percenters -- just like their fiat money has been systematically buying up congressmen, waterfront real estate, class A office buildings and controlling interests in multinational corporations and banks -- mainstream media pundits will also be breached by the angry hoards who are fed up with their propaganda, lies, spin and justifications.

It is times like these that the Founders wanted all Americans to be armed.

The fact that there are over 200 million Americans out there that are armed to the teeth will ensure that the 1 Percenters will play nice as they back away from their abuse. Abuse, first with their fraudulent, Ponzi banking system. Abuse, second with their unauthorized police powers. The U.S. Constitution -- the Supreme Law of the Land, forbids a standing army. It only permits a navy. It only allows Congress to authorize wars. And most importantly it authorizes every able-bodied adult citizen to "keep and bear arms" as part of a "well trained militia" -- one in EACH and EVERY state all reporting to the governors of their several states. Thus YOU are probably in the militia of YOUR state and anyone that tells you differently is misrepresenting the law.

The only police powers authorized by the Constitution are the MILITIA OF THE SEVERAL STATES and as such militia, WE THE PEOPLE have not only the RIGHT to "keep and bear arms," but the RESPONSIBILITY to "keep and bear arms" as a well-regulated militia under the training and command of each of our respective state governors. Not only are these laws recited in the U.S. Constitution, they are recited in each of the 50 State Constitutions as well. DON'T BE A MICHAEL MOORON, READ YOUR CONSTITUTION and see http://www.OriginalIntent.us

Only the governor of each state may LEND his state militia to the U.S. President if he requests such, but no state is required to do so. This is to keep foolish or insane U.S. Presidents from abusing power and is one of the many checks and balances built into the U.S. Constitution, a freedom-ensuring document that many of the Wall Street and Tea Party demonstrators could be more conversant with.

So what we have here is a growing revolt of WE THE IGNORANT PEOPLE. The Wall Street demonstrations (what could be called "The Coffee Party") are demonstrating against the BIG corporations and BIG banks. The far-right, co-opted Ron Paul Revolution (what is now called "The Tea Party") is demonstrating against BIG government. What both sides need to know is this: YOU ARE BOTH TECHNICALLY PISSED AT SIMILAR AND IDENTICAL THINGS. Both BIG gov and BIG corp are TOTALITARIAN in nature. Both take away your freedoms and relegate you to a cog in the Borg. Both exploit your labor and creativity until they can afford to replace you with a machine, an illegal worker and/or a Communist slave in China. Both facilitate the creation of fraudulent money and use it to enslave you. Both use the police powers of the state to keep you at bay. Both create scarcity and destructive wars should any surplus escape that might threaten the centrally-planned stratification of society. Even if you DO have an iPhone, so what, you would have much more personal property and freedom if your productive energy was not being siphoned off by the 1 Percenters over the past decades and centuries. Its probably an infinite universe. You thus, by definition, cannot ask for too much, or have too much, so long as such is acquired on a level playing field AND we all don't piss away our planetary resources before we start another branch of humanity on Mars and other worlds. If we do this, the universe will spit the world out like a bad seed.

So its a REAL serious situation when the 1 Percenters (BIG gov and BIG corp) create wars and inhibit the freedom that causes advancement. This is VERY VERY SERIOUS, and humans know this instinctively. 1 Percenters waste resources in the pursuit of amassing wealth and power for themselves. Both could care less about YOU, the American Dream or the future of the human race and its place in the cosmos. Both BIG gov and BIG corp are milking you and the resources of Earth with their selfish, debt-based monetary system, a system made possible by the U.S. Congress and the elite New York Banks in conspiracy. Obviously the human race, the 99.99999 Percenters, will not allow this to stand, for if they do, they place in jeopardy the entire suffering history of every single human being that has ever lived, and every single human being that will ever live in the future, for, if the world does not successfully embark on the universal mandate given to all Life in all parts of the Galaxy and Universe: to explore and colonize other worlds and star systems -- we will have failed the largest possible failure that any world can possibly fail. In this light, any and all other considerations of any and all 1 Percenters, no matter how altruistic-seeming -- shrink to insignificance.

Remember, the Federal Reserve System, owned and operated by elite New York banks, was a creation of the U.S. Congress in 1913. It's a partnership between the elite Wall Street bankers (what the Coffee Party protests) and the Federal government (what the Tea Party protests) to create money out of thin air to be used for their empire building purposes and their amassing of wealth (known as Globalization). The demonstrators will eventually figure this out, and when they do, they will then BREACH the defenses of the wealth amassers and go after specific actors, i.e., the 1 Percenters that have perverted capitalism to their ends and side-stepped the U.S. Constitution. See http://www.FiatEmpire.org

Again, the collective, corporate fascist BORG is a partnership. It's a partnership between THUGS WITH GUNS and PIGS WITH MONEY -- fiat and fractional money. The 1 Percenters use fiat and fractional money to dominate 99 Percent of all Earthlings. If you are an honest businessman trying to build a company -- whether a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation -- YOU are not a target. If you are an honest citizen trying to serve your country as a policeman, government worker or congressman, YOU are not a target.

The targets are the sick psychopaths that do little else than amass wealth, fight wars, manufacture weapons, create fear and scarcity -- the 1 Percenters that own 40 - 60 percent of the world's wealth and resources. They are the 1 Percent that garners 25% of the income paid out to U.S. workers or corporate CEOs that think it's okay to earn 100, 200, 300, 500 times more money than lowest paid employees. If this is you, you better hide. If you are a multi-billionaire that struts around funding selected foundations but can't give a hundred bucks to a beggar on the street, or fund a start-up without hiding behind a venture capital firm, you better hide too. If you're a lawyer that thinks it's okay to charge $700 per hour for your services -- and can, because you hold a monopoly on being able to read and understand the very laws you wrote or got passed -- you better hide. And if you are the head of some large corporation that thinks it's cool to design, finance, manufacture, market, transport or use lethal weapons that start, continue or support wars -- the health of the state -- you better dig in real deep.

Yes, BIG government and BIG corporations are almost IDENTICAL in their thought, deeds, attitudes, philosophies and modus operandi. The Democratic Party and the Republican Parties are thus, and inevitably, the parties of CFR-infested, BIG Government and BIG Corporations. BUT BIG IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER.

In fact, according to F.A. Hayek, in his revolutionary book, THE ROAD TO SERFDOM, it's a fallacy to assume that "economies of scale" are legitimate justifications for the size that usually comes from consolidation. Companies that are "too big to fail" are thus one more myth instigated by Keynesian economic philosophies. Brainwashed American businessmen thus need to re-think the idea that big corporations are more profitable than smaller corporations because such are able to better profit from economies of scale. Maximum profitability usually comes when a corporation is large enough to be efficient, but not so large that it wastes money as a result of a failed quality control processes. Thus, 9 times out of 10 large size is a function of UNNATURAL causes. It is NOT driven by economies of scale. It's driven the psychotic lust for power and partnership with thugs with guns. In other words, government and special privileges bought by the corporation to enable it unjust enrichment and the ability to dominate its competitors with predatory, unethical and often illegal business practices. Remember, Rockefeller used to say "competition is a sin," meaning: corporations should avoid level playing field-competition and simply hire THUGS WITH GUNS to optimize the nation's laws so that they can cheat their way into the market dominance. Get rid of fiat and fractional money, retain the minimum necessary laws permitted by the Constitution and all this becomes unlikely, if not impossible.

So, Coffee Party: your enemy is the very BIG government that you foolishly think will save you. More specifically it's BIG government that partners with BIG corporations that cheat you out of your jobs and wealth.

And Tea Party: your enemy is the BIG corporations that you foolishly think will enrich you. More specifically it's BIG corporations that partner with BIG government that cause you to violate the very religious morals you should obey, thus relegating you to the "sinner" you already acknowledge you are.

In short, the remedy to your problems -- whether Coffee Party or Tea Party -- is to put down your insipid and mindless love affair with the two entrenched political parties you now blindly support: the Democrats and the Republicans. See http://www.SpoilerUSA.org

Go independent and eventually form a new third political party, a party of limited Constitutional government where honest, gold- and silver-backed money is reinstated as the currency of the land; where all pay taxes at the exact same rate; where we PRODUCE instead of CONSUME; where we use capital formation instead of debt; where individual freedom, based on moral and ethical standards, trumps endless rules and regulations of an increasingly tyrannical government. Where wealth is earned from an honest hard day's work; not created out of thin air, or redistributed by a parasitic government. Where the recession and stagnation our economy is currently undergoing is over as soon as possible from natural healing, NOT covered over by another dose of stimulus heroin.

America can and will once again rise to its greatness, but the dye was cast when certain 1 Percenters thought they could violate the U.S. Constitution back in 1913 and dump a European-style central banking system -- the Federal Reserve System -- on the colonists. These people, especially, should have learned something from the American and French Revolutions.

09 October 2011

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