Government-Created Walking Dead

by James Jaeger

Government schools, run by psychiatrists, have been systematically expanding the catalog of mental "illnesses" for decades. They have also been emptying out the loony bins (like Norristown State Hospital, where my father was a government psychiatrist) since the 1970s in an attempt to balance state budgets. The idea is why HOUSE the loonies when they can simply be drugged and expelled onto society's streets like THE WALKING DEAD. The shrinks' cronies in Big Pharma love this arrangement because they not only get new customers from the walking dead but from the nation's kids who have been added to the psychiatric catalog. At some future date, the state will be able to deny these people the right to purchase arms on the grounds that they are "mental." In the meantime, having loonies running all over the nation shooting people helps the gun-control lobby's agenda by providing the Cultural Marxist-left with the sad-sob stories they need to sucker the lumpin public into accepting further infringement of the Second Amendment.

Of course you don't hear any of this from the Big Pharma-financed media because -- far from being responsible independent reporters -- the mainstream media is little more than a Goebbels-styled propaganda machine for the state. The Church of Scientology has been complaining about this and suing Big Pharma for decades, but this is, of course, why they are a "cult."

All of the above is in service of the goal of a one-world government.

But before the super state can be assembled, the Globalists have to disarm America, just like their creations -- Hitler and Stalin -- disarmed the idiots in Europe last century. This may never happen in the U.S. because a large percentage of the 100 million Americans with arms will yell "molon labe". Some small percentage of these could even go psycho and storm the nation's capitol, picking off congressmen like customers in a McDonalds.

It doesn't have to come to this if the Constitution is fully applied, especially the three Militia clauses and the first part of the Second Amendment. As a Libertarian I disdain all violence, but if rogue elements in the government insist on creating more unconstitutional "laws" they could set off an American Holocaust.

Of course, pressured in to this corner, rogues in the gun-control lobby will continue with their strategy of "slowly boiling the frog." Unfortunately for them, most people are aware of the "boil-the-frog" strategy. Thus the only counter-strategy is the complete intolerance for any more rogue gun-control "laws". The U.S. Constitution is every American's license to "keep and bear arms" where ever and whenever they see fit. The gun-control lobby has already enacted tens of thousands of "laws" that many feel must be repealed or they will inevitably be ignored, especially by people like Suzanna Hupp who had her parents wiped out by a loony with a gun. Suzanne relates how obeying a rogue "law" that created a "gun-free zone" infringed her Constitutional right to "keep and bear" thus causing the death of her parents in a Texas restaurant. As a former congresswoman, she assigns responsibility for this killing to the congressmen who pass unconstitutional "laws" creating "gun-free zones." Given Hupp's loss, and the many others who have suffered similar losses, shouldn't the congressmen that have violated their oaths of office to uphold the Constitution (and Second Amendment as part thereof) be held accountable? Shouldn't they be voted out, impeached and/or class-action sued?

Other than rare exceptions -- such as FOX NEW's Megyn Kelly -- the mainstream media is duplicitous in the mass shootings at "gun free" high schools and other places. Not only do they exploit these heinous crimes as "entertainment news," they fail to interview or even mention the hundreds, if not thousands, of parents that feel exactly like Suzanna Hupp. Instead of representing how these parents really feel -- i.e., raped by congressmen who made their kids sitting ducks in anti-Constitutional "gun-free zones" -- the mainstream media almost universally cherry picks parents that are willing to offer interviews that align with the gun-control lobby's agenda of universal background checks. Only a walking loony on drugs would be unaware that this will lead to universal registration and ultimately universal disarmament -- a serious violation of the Bill of Rights. For their crimes of omission should not "news" organizations have their FCC licenses revoked for failing to serve the public's interest in self-defense, especially when the police are not on the scene.

Suzanna Hupp describes her unbelievable ordeal to Megyn Kelly at

21 February 2013

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