U.S. Congress: Unqualified to Govern
by James Jaeger

Most of the members of Congress are unqualified for their posts.

The vast majority of Congressmen are lawyers. All lawyers know is basically what other lawyers write.

Scientists and technologists must run for Congress otherwise insane and unwise decisions and laws will continue and we will eventually destroy the planet, starting with the U.S.

Two of the biggest profit-driven industries -- big oil and big coal -- recruit bogus scientists to "prove" that their industries are less harmful than they are. Since few congressmen are scientists, there's no way for them to know what scientific advice is legitimate and what's spin.

Profit-driven falsification of science should be made a high crime.

In a recent cable-TV poll, 52% blamed the government for the current gasoline prices. 20% blamed OPEC, 12% blamed the American People and 10% the oil companies.

I believe the survey respondents have correctly designated the government and themselves as the culprits. OPEC and the oil companies aren't really to blame as they're just doing what cartels and multinationals naturally do: rape and pillage for profits in every way, shape and form possible.

It's up to us, the People, to take control of our government, and it's up to the government to properly do their jobs of carrying out the mandates in the Constitution.

08 June 2008

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