Universal Intelligence
by James Jaeger

In an attempt to get away from the depressing subject of terrorism, I was wondering how and why it is that the universe seems to have given rise to awareness of itself, at least awareness in so much as we are here apparently aware of the universe. For after all, we're created by the universe, so the universe must be aware of itself to at least the degree WE exist and perceive. But if so, why and/or how? Perhaps one of these questions, if answered, may lead to an answer for the other.

If we view the universe as an entity that can perceive (again, if by no other means than by using US as it’s tool of perception), then maybe this universe has some sort of structure similar to the structure of a human brain, its unit of perception in the microcosm.

If we look are the large scale structure of the universe (what we have so far been able to map) we can see huge strings of superclusters, each supercluster comprising billions of galaxies tied loosely together with gravity. Cosmologists now suspect that these structures may only comprise 2% of the actual universe with as much as 98% being invisible. Thus only 2% is what we can see as galaxies, stars, planets, comets and interstellar dust, etc., in the optical and extended spectrum. Of the other invisible 98%, approximately 1/3rd is dark matter and 2/3rds dark energy. If this theory is accurate, is it not true that cosmologists have in effect just revealed to us a universe that is 48 times larger than what we previously knew?

So what we have in effect is this HUGE invisible universe with a little bit of matter sprinkled through out it in the form of supercluster strings. Might these supercluster strings be some sort of universal neural net or storage mechanism? In other words, might not matter itself, which is actually degenerated energy, be a storage mechanism in its own right? Or perhaps matter’s motion and/or position with respect to other matter or the vast balance of the universe itself gives rise to memory.

Seems to me that the functionality of a computer’s logic gates is nothing more than a vast array of animated on/off switches, which in their totality represent a dynamic of logic and events over time (i.e., memory). So, in essence, every memory stored in a computer is basically a set of specific on/off switches, or a specific set of positions or states; in this case the state of whether a charge is present in each register or not. In other words, computer memory comes down to the sequential positioning of sub-atomic particles in some substrate that has permanence. Well, maybe the universe uses this same method to “think” when it positions matter in some substrate (and that substrate might be the dark energy that predominates and pervades the universe). So its “logic circuit” is the dark energy, its permanent “memory” is visible matter (protons don’t decay) and its “ram” is the dark matter. As the universe gains more and more “experience” of itself (hence all experience), it converts more and more of its dark energy to regular matter and stores its memories and conclusions in the form of galaxies, stars, planets and, yes, you and I. Since matter and energy are interchangeable by E = mc squared, perhaps the dark matter is the transition state between the dark energy and regular matter and thus the dark matter acts as sort of random access memory for the universe (shuffling states of being back and forth between matter and energy) like an infinity-bit bus shuttling data back and forth between the “body” of the universal computer (the dark energy) and the peripherals (the regular matter) where “experience” is stored in the form of stars and planets (which give birth to sentient beings that further store date in the form of “lives” and “reality.” Perhaps the universe’s bus speed is c, (the speed of light) and this is why it appears to be constant for all frames of reference.

And since it seems that the moment we become aware of the possibility of something bigger (dark energy), we become aware of something smaller (1-dimentional loops), perhaps we are destined to exist in the middle of some universal the size scale by design. Because, after all, if we as sentient beings are the only way in which the universe has so far given rise to the ability of be aware of itself, what better place for it to position its perception units than in the middle of its dimension. And if Superstring theory is correct in its postulate that there may be as many additional spatial dimensions (some 8 or so) to what we know as normal 3-space, perhaps our three little dimensions are also in the “center” of some universal dimension spectrum as well as. Thus the universe would be able to perceive (via us) both ends of its extremities and thus keep some sort of a dynamic balance.

At any rate, I don’t want to go off the deep end on all this TOO much, but maybe analogies between the human brain (or a computer) and universal intelligence CAN be made, given that we ARE here thinking and perceiving on behalf of the universe. Maybe this is the purpose of life. :)

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