Why Do Governments Consider Them "No Threat"?

by James Jaeger

Since the HISTORY CHANNEL, NETFLIX et al, seem to be running endless shows on UFOs and Ancient Aliens, I thought I would comment on two books that address the subject in an academic manner: UFOs - Myths, Conspiracies and Realities by John Alexander and UFOs - Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On Record by Leslie Kean. I'm glad I happened to read then in this order as Leslie's book preceded Alexander's book and seems to predict almost exactly how government officials react to the UFO phenomena, in particular the U.S. Government.

Given that Alexander was a Green Beret, a colonel in the U.S. Army, a project manager at Los Alamos, involved with NATO, the National Research Council, the CFR, council to the CIA, Special Ops and on the Army Science Board, it's an understatement that he's connected with the U.S. Government, if not THE government (whatever that is). He was also friends with people high up in the scientific community, like Edward Teller, father of the H-bomb, and many others. So I have no problem respecting this author as an informal “spokesman” for the U.S. Government and its science-complex. My comments here will only address the U.S. Government, because I understand some of the other governments, in particular France, have different attitudes toward the UFO phenomenon (even though they can be counted on to act exactly the same as all states).

And here's what the U.S. Government's attitude is, as reflected in Alexander's conclusion on page 273 of his book: "Based on credible witnesses and backed by physical evidence, I conclude that the UFO observations are manifestations of issues that are anfractuous and beyond current comprehension .... In the end it is clear that the universe is far more complex than we ever imagined. We are not close to solving the enigmas posed by UFOs, rather we are still on the front end of defining the fundamental issues and boundaries."

This dismissive conclusion could have been used almost verbatim to describe and dismiss, serious, positive action in connection with “climate change” -- to wit, "Based on credible scientific evidence, I conclude that climate change observations are manifestations of issues that are anfractuous and beyond current comprehension . . . . In the end it is clear that the long-term climate patterns of the Earth are far more complex than we ever imagined. We are not close to solving the enigmas posed by global warming, rather we are still on the front end of defining the fundamental issues and boundaries."

So, in essence we have the government and established science -- as represented by John Alexander -- taking the exact position that two authors in Leslie Kean's anthology predicted. I refer to the authors of Chapter 27 -- Dr. Alexander Wendt and Dr. Raymond Duvall -- who wrote Militant Agnosticism and the UFO Taboo. The bottom line of these guys is similar to John Alexander's in that there IS enough hard, credible evidence to demand that the UFO phenomenon be funded and studied by the scientific community. In fact, there is as much, possibly more, hard evidence to prompt studies of the UFO phenomena than there was to study the Higgs boson, yet billions went into a study of the Higgs. The reason is simple: the Higgs study is NOT taboo, whereas the UFO study IS taboo. So why is the UFO study taboo, as authors Wendt and Duvall ask?

Here's the reason, something government apologist-rep John Alexander -- and every one he spoke to -- seem to have conveniently failed to mention, at least in print. On page 279 of the Kean book, Wendt and Duvall state: "Our thesis is that the origins of this taboo are political. As political scientists, we are concerned with a possible connection between the need to dismiss the UFO and the way in which modern peoples organize and govern their societies. The inability to see clearly and talk rationally about UFOs seems to be a symptom of authoritative anxiety, a socially subconscious fear of what the reality of the UFO might mean for modern government…. Acceptance of the possibility that the UFO is truly identified and that … a very powerful 'other' might actually exist … with vastly superior technology … calls into question the state's ability to protect. . ."

And this makes sense because the armed forces always declare that the 'UFO is no threat.' Alexander states on page 271, "It is fully understood that the Department of Defense does not view UFOs as a threat, and therefore not in its bailiwick."

So the state, by arbitrarily, if not irresponsibly, declaring UFOs "no threat" is able to dismiss them. Rather than take the scientific evidence at least as seriously as a study of the Higgs, the state recklessly assumes that UFOs are "no threat" and thus dismisses them. If this doesn't bring out the true nature of the state, what does? The state is an entity that confiscates untold trillions from the world's citizens through taxation, waste , fraud and abuse and then cowers in the face of potentially Human kind's most lethal adversary -- all in the name of self-preservation. As Wendt and Duvall put it, "Taking UFOs seriously . . . raises the possibility of something analogous to the materialization of God, as in the Christians' "Second Coming." ... To whom would people give their loyalty in such a situation, and could states in their present form survive were such a question politically salient? Our contention is that the political survival of the modern state depends on that question NOT being politically salient."

Because I saw no mention of this salient consideration in John Alexander's book, such informally representing members of the government, the scientific community and the mainstream media -- the public’s three main sources of "reality" -- I have to conclude that his book is a misrepresentation of the realities of the UFO phenomenon on all levels. Alexander is an apologist for the state and its mission to do little more than provide the illusion of security. It is "omitted data" that pulls an investigation along and it is a whopping omitted datum that, in Alexander's book, the real motives for the state's negligence, on what is the most important scientific inquiry of our time, are obfuscated. When governments care more about their own survival than they do the survival of their subjects, they have forfeited their mandate to govern.

Thus, my conclusion from reading these two books is: if the U.S. Government does not do what Alexander glibly suggests on page 271 -- "Make a public statement that affirms that no information is being withheld, while releasing all witnesses (like Bob Lazar) from perceived restrictions" -- one can conclude with substantial certainty that the government is probably doing exactly the opposite of what Alexander represents. They have probably not dismissed UFOs at all, but are using their $50 billion+ "black budgets" in some new Manhattan Project-styled endeavor to study the UFO phenomena as much as possible. Given the tangible radar, photographic, satellite and expert eye-witness evidence that SOMETHING is out there and it's real -- how could it be otherwise? The very nature of government is force and secrecy. The UFO, able to accelerate from 0 to 4,000 mph in a second, nullifying inertia, represents as much or more force than the atomic bomb - the very subject and "fruit" of the Manhattan Project. Whether UFOs are extraterrestrial or not, any rational person must agree that the only intellectually honest response to them should be an agnostic response. And this is why making it "taboo" is the wrong response as it suggests, or even reveals, the government and scientific communities as irresponsible entities.

That said, these books on UFOs are indeed the best ones I have read on the subject, a subject I have personally been agnostic about for quite some time.(1) The subject of UFOs is a frustrating, if not infuriating, subject when one considers all the popcorn trash the mainstream media has been endlessly teasing us with over the decades. And the idea that the mainstream media is promoting the globalist agenda and may be using UFOs as some sort of rallying call is equally nauseating. Hopefully more books like these will come out and people like Bob Lazar will write up their accounts of the phenomena.(2)

(1) This article was originally posted at the MIND-X. For full discussion, see

(2) Watch the documentary entitled: BOB LAZAR: Area 51 & Flying Saucers
Watch the JOE ROGAN Interview of Bob Lazar
Watch for free at

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