The Social Media Tech Giants Are a Red Herring

by James Jaeger

Twitter is the latest media company to suppress the free flow of ideas in what's supposed to be a free-speech, democratic nation.

Variants of this censorship mentality -- what could be called the Twitter Mentality -- have been taking place for over 60 years starting with the 6 MPAA studio/distributors in Hollywood. These entities originated and are responsible for the proliferation of all manner of speech suppression, such as:

1) Defining what's "politically correct" in popular movies hence the public discourse to a greater or lesser degree;

2) Repelling original ideas, treatments and screenplays as "unsolicited submissions" when they do not conform to political correct dictates;

3) Administratively insulating, if not barricading, production and creative executives by requiring specific names when calling movie studios;

4) Redefining and vilifying the age-old American activity of "cold call sales" as "spam;"

5) Releasing endless movies, TV programs and "fake news" with lies, omissions, bias and socialist or Marxist slants to the voting public;

6) Creating a "cancel culture" whereby any show or person deemed "politically incorrect" is yanked off the air without due process;

7) Using computer algorithms to covertly suppress or "shadow ban" content and speech.

Given this parade of speech suppression from the Twitter Mentality -- and as displayed in movies such as BOMBSHELL -- it's a "red herring" to assume it's just the Social Media Tech Giants that are guilty of censorship.

Anti-trust suits against Twitter, Facebook, Amazon Web Services, YouTube/GOOGLE, and other Social Media Tech Giants are justified, but so are suits against the U.S. Mass Media Oligopoly. If the later is ignored, we will be just chopping off the tail of the beast, not the head.

The entire "beast" is four entities: the Hollywood-based Movie Studios, the New York-based Cable TV Networks, the Mass Media Conglomerates and the Social Media Tech Giants.

As discuss in the 2016 documentary, MAINSTREAM, the 6 Mass Media Conglomerates comprise an "oligopoly" that effectively functions as a "monopoly" in restraint of free speech in the marketplace of ideas, a marketplace guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. (2)

As of 2016 the 6 American Mass Media Conglomerates were Comcast, Disney, Sony, Time Warner, 21st Century Fox, Viacom and these owned the 6 New York-based cable TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS) and the 6 Hollywood-based MPAA studio/distributors which were Universal Studios, The Walt Disney Company, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox and Paramount Pictures.

As of December 2020 the 6 conglomerates have consolidated down to 4 American Mass Media Conglomerates and these are Comcast, The Walt Disney Co., ViacomCBS and AT&T. These conglomerates still own the New York-based cable TV networks and the Hollywood-based MPAA studio/distributors which are now Universal Studios, The Walt Disney Company, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures and Netflix. Note 20th Century Fox is gone (as Disney purchased parent 21st Century Fox and along with it subsidiary, 20th Century Fox). The video-on-demand "start up," Netflix, is now the 6th member of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), recently renamed the Motion Picture Association, Inc. (MPA, Inc.) to better reflect their Globalist Agenda. Interestingly, Netflix is not currently owned by any of the America Media Conglomerates because it was able to derive its income flows from an entirely new distribution methodology: DVDs via mail and video-on-demand via the Internet.

Netflix could thus be considered a Tech Giant, but the other Tech Giants are Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Reddit, Twitter, WhatsApp and YouTube. Of those the largest Social Media Tech Giants are Facebook, YouTube (owned by GOOGLE), Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. Amazon Web Services is a hosting company that hosted the start up, -- such deplatformed for the "crime" of NOT abridging conservative speech.

But again, here's the red herring: Mass Media Conglomerates, Studios and Networks effectively dominate 95% of what Americans read, watch and hear -- as much or more than what the Social Media Tech Giants dominate and censor.

In fact the Mass Media Conglomerates, movie Studios and TV Networks in effect influence, if not dominate, the Social Media Tech Giants. After all, who produces and supplies most of the movie and music content, content that attracts kids into Social Media in the first place? Who owns the very cable and satellite networks that the Social Media Tech Giants use and depend upon? Mass Media Conglomerates like Comcast and AT&T.

Together, the major movie Studios, major TV Networks -- and now the Social Media Tech Giants -- are universally censoring almost all thought that does not align with the interests, values, cultural perspectives and politics of their senior managing executives. This censorship acts as a form of "private propaganda" in the exclusive service of the top 18 executives that control each of the companies (the "control group") as well as the corporate stockholders and political apparatchiks connected with the U.S. Mass Media Oligopoly and its various subsidiary companies.

Like the Hollywood-based movie Studios and the New York-based TV Networks, the Silicon Valley-based Social Media Tech Giants are now dominated by a Twitter Mentality that obeys only the dictates of the control group, a club of executives that lacks diversity and is observably biased.(3) This "control group" has been described by entertainment-securities attorney and author, John W. Cones, as "politically liberal, not very religious, Jewish males of European heritage."(4) The movie, TV and tech monopolies thus foster and perpetuate the control group's goals as a result of predatory, unethical and often times illegal business practices among which include discrimination in the form of nepotism, cronyism and favoritism.(5) And it's easy to see this discrimination and abuse by simply watching the Academy Awards or following the #MeToo Movement as women, African Americans and minorities are often victimized by celebrities, powerful decision-makers and executives? (6) How many predatory "control group" executives like David Begleman of MGM/UA, Roger Ailes of FOX NEWS and Harvey Weinstein of Disney are still out there?

In summary here's why just going after the "Tech Giants" is a red herring.

For over 100 years the Hollywood-based movie studios have been discriminating and censoring content allowed on their "platforms." They have gotten away with it because their top executives -- the "control group" -- have been protected from criticism because they are considered a victimized, ethnic or religious minority. Over half of the control group's executives have relatives that were killed in the Holocaust. This is the reason the control group has so much hate in their systems and why they continually finance movies that dramatize hate and violence. Can one really blame them?

When television was invented what could be called the "control group-mentality," if not members of the control group itself, moved in to dominate the New York-based Networks and later the Mass Media Conglomerates.

When the Internet was invented the control group-mentality moved in to dominate many of the Silicon Valley-based Social Media Tech Giants.(8) Today all three media sectors are discriminating, censoring and monopolizing American thought "justified" by the false claim that "we're just a private company." All three media sectors therefor need to be addressed if any meaningful change or a reduction of media bias is to be effectuated in the Mainstream Media.

Don't be fooled in to thinking this is all about just the Social Media Tech Giants - the "Twitter Mentality." That's a red herring the control group-mentality would love you to fall for. These Social Media Tech Giants are public corporations operating in the "town square" and therefore they cannot hide behind the fašade that they are "private companies" and therefore exempt from the First Amendment.(9)

Like the company-owned town of Chicksaw, Alabama, Twitter holds itself out as a privately-owned communications forum in the "town square" of the Internet. In Marsh v. Alabama, 326 U.S. 501 (1946) the Supreme Court found that Constitutional protections of free speech under First and Fourteenth Amendments are still applicable within the confines of a town owned by a private entity. In the case of Marsh, a Jehovah's Witness was censored for her religious speech in the "public square" of a "private" company town in exactly the same way Trump was censored for his political speech in the public square of a "private" Twitter company.

Lastly, Twitters terms of service constitute a contract of adhesion. The courts, since Fairfield v. Techni-Graphics, do not look so favorably upon them. A contract of adhesion is a contract (terms of service) drafted by one party (Twitter) with much stronger bargaining position (multi-billion dollar corporation) and signed by another party (you, me, the general public) with a weaker bargaining power -- usually consumer in need of goods or services or in this place a person having some conservative speech to deliver. In other words it's a take it or leave it contract. Agree that Twitter can unilaterally deem your speech as "hate" or "inciting violence" or whatever it wants and we can kick you out of their "town square" -- in other words damage and/or punish you without due process and in violation of the First Amendment. All this is illegal because it violates Constitutional rights.

So, Twitter is NOT a private company. Twitter is a PUBLIC company operating in the town square of the Internet.

Facebook is NOT a private company. Facebook is a PUBLIC company operating in the town square of the Internet.

YouTube/GOOGLE is NOT a private company. YouTube/GOOGLE is a PUBLIC company operating in the town square of the Internet.

Amazon Web Services is NOT a private company. Amazon Web Services is a PUBLIC company operating in the town square of the Internet.

All of these Social Media companies, as well as the Hollywood-based Movie Studios and the New York-based TV Networks are violating the First Amendment because they are PUBLIC companies operating in the town square. Maybe it's time We the People reclaim our rights.









(8) Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg; YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki; GOOGLE Founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin and WhatsApp CEO, Jan Koun are of that "victimized, ethnic or religious minority," thus beyond criticism.

(9) In Marsh v. Alabama, 326 U.S. 501 (1946), the United States Supreme Court ruled that a state trespassing statute could not be used to prevent the distribution of religious materials on a town's sidewalk, even though the sidewalk was part of a privately owned company town. The Court based its ruling on the provisions of the First Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment.

Originated: 05 December 2020
Revised & Supplemented: 24 January 2021

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