Tube Disease - the Cure
by James Jaeger

Here's what I am doing to control and prevent TUBE DISEASE - our childrens' addiction to insipid and violent movies, games and TV shows imbued with hostile and obstreperous attitudes, attitudes that can only be conceived of by alcohol-drug-sex addicted writers and idiots that pervade Hollywood.

Yesterday I removed two TVs from our house and placed them in the trash. They were GONE this morning. My only regret is that I didn't SMASH them before placing them in the trash. As soon as the new ARTS & CRAFTS ROOM in the house is done and outfitted with work areas and hobby supplies, the X-Box will be placed in the trash as well -- this time it will be SMASHED first. X-Box and video games are often far worse than the movies because they systematically train kids to kill. Look at the violence in the schools.

I had my Internet service provider change the passcode for access thus there can be NO Internet unless kids specifically get the passcode from a parent.

Lastly, the crass and obstreperous product that spews from DISNEY CHANNEL, NICKELODEON, CARTOON CHANNEL and WB-type outlets, as well as other child-targeted crap, will soon be replaced with a library of classic and contemporary films. Films which I will include in this library are films I have personally screened over the years and which I have been steadily purchasing legal copies of in anticipation of this day. I already have installed a HUGE bookshelf in the ARTS & CRAFTS ROOM and I am in the process of stocking it with wholesome, good movies that relate VALUES and MORALS to kids and/or teach some valuable lesson about life and/or people and/or the Universe in which we live. I have about 300 of these films and there are thousands more out there, NOT necessiarily MPAA studio product, but thousands of independent or niche films that never got proper distribution by the majors because they HAD a moral or religious message and/or because they didn't have enough sex/blood/violence or "exploitable elements" -- as studio/distributors and development executives call them -- in them.

I have also subscribed to BlockBuster Online and am thus able to locate the above mentioned niche films in an almost infinite flow to supplement my personal library.

Trips to the regular library 2 or 3 times a week are also valuable because many libraries rent features and other docs for about $1 each. And let's not mention the lost sport of READING. Libraries have books to READ, thus given the above, the deal is: for every hour kids either READ or WRITE they can earn the OK to watch a movie for one hour. That's the deal in my house.

The goal of all this is to DISCONNECT kids from the insane, crass, crap that is spewing out of Hollywood and the crime/war/sex-media from the J-tube. When the dust settles, there will be one TV in the Jaeger household under passcode protection and filtered through a TiVo for exclusive use to view specific, scheduled shows, such as a weekly news summary on something like FACE THE NATION and selected HISTORY CHANNEL shows, NOVA, DISCOVERY and PBS channel-type docs that are of educational value or channels that have emergency broadcasts. ALL the other of CRAP from the J-tube and X-Box does not exist in my house. Newspapers, which disseminate the ongoing negative sex/blood/violence propaganda created by govenments, do not exist in my house either.

Tube addiction should be countered by forcing it to compete with reading, writing, playing music, sports, attending plays, concerts, operas and attending social events, parties and other healthy endeavors.

In fact, one healthy social event I am planning as soon as I can organize it is a TV BURNING PARTY. As I pilot all the above, I will be better able to prepare for a media event that focuses on attenuating bad aspects of the media while promoting any good aspects. To do this I will enlist my good friend that has a 250 acre farm near suburban Valley Forge/Devon/Wayne and we'll invite between 500 and 5,000 parents to show up with their TVs. The day's entertainment will then consist of tossing all these TVs into a huge pile and then lighting the pile on fire. I plan on having all proper permits and doing everything safely.(1)

I also plan on alerting the media about the event by CERTIFIED MAIL RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED. In the event they don't show up, I will thus be prepared by hiring my own camera crew and photographers to cover the TV BURNING PARTY. This footage, which will be edited to include close up shots of the signed CERTIFIED MAIL RETURN RECEIPTS from "responsible" media outlets that burried their heads in the sand, will then be broadcast all over the Internet (and whatever media WILL pick it up) to illustrate the fact that the MEDIA does NOT cover socially responsible news when such news involves themselves in any sort of a critical manner. To better explain this phenomenon of irresponsible media to the public, we will invite authors of books like, BIAS, WHAT"S REALLY GOING ON IN HOLLYWOOD and IT'S THE MEDIA, STUPID to attend and speak at the TV BURNING PARTY.

I am going to have some fun with this, and concerned mothers and fathers and other responsible citizens/media/authors/opinion leaders who attend thes "tube burners" will also have some fun. We, who are fed up with the endless CRASS and excessive crap in the media, movies, gaming industry and TV, will be able to make a statement -- but more importantly, provide a FORMULA for systematically ridding the society of its addiction to the violence-oriented crap that emanates from Hollywood/New York films and mass media.(2)

(1) If the local township does not allow us to burn the TVs (because of toxic chemicals, plastic, etc.), I will hire some actors, or other professionals, and dress them up as executioners, complete with black hoods and axes or sledge hammers. These Tube Executioners will then systematically destroy the TVs in the pile. Another variation might be to take each TV up onto a "chopping block" on stage and have it smashed in the background as authors, opinion leaders, mothers, fathers, kids and other victims, get up and deliver talks, reports, anecdotes and success stories in the foreground.

(2) If you are fed up with how the trash on TV, in the movies and in such games as X-Box, is negatively impacting your kids, why not organize a TUBE BURNER in your area?

23 October 2006

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