How Trump Should Proceed and What He Should Avoid

by James Jaeger

January 20th, 2017 at 9:00 AM sharp a construction crew should show up on the US-Mexican boarder. This crew -- sent by builder-president, Donald J. Trump -- should then start constructing the Wall. It would be the most symbolic gesture the new president could display. It would have PR value like nothing else. It would be an image screaming that Trump, not only kept his promise that he is a "winner," but an image that he will keep all of his promises. Then -- as the nightly news reports the continuing construction on the Wall each and every day -- the Trump Administration should begin the work of restoring America to its greatness. Exactly what items of business should be addressed and in what order is a matter of strategic logic, but it's vital that the correct Cabinet and personnel be appointed - and dismissed.

To this end, Trump hopefully will realize that there is potentially as much liability staffing his administration with too many DC insiders as there is with too many outsiders. If Trump is heavy on DC insiders, he may have people that "know the ropes" but these people will drag him and his policies right back into the "swamp." If Trump staffs with too many outsiders, these people may be good on effectuating change, but totally incompetent on government protocol. Where change is needed, because some area is in chaos, new personnel appointments are vital. After all it was the old personnel that messed things up. Where things are running well, the same personnel should be retained. The overall strategy should be to change NOTHING that's working well, and change only that which is working poorly. Working "well" and working "poorly" are defined in accordance with alignment to the elements of Trump's platform and the platform must be defined in alignment with Constitutional principles. Any of the people that went wishy-washy on Trump during the campaign should NOT be invited into the Cabinet or the Trump Administration. These people caved in under opposition pressure and to a certain degree became traitors. There is no reason to believe the same or similar behavior will not manifest the next time there is pressure. Trump should however "bury the hatched" with people like Paul Ryan because Ryan is NOT a part of Trump's administration. The President must be able to work with senior members of Congress, otherwise control of both legislative branches and the executive is meaningless.

In general, Trump should only invite as many DC insiders into the Cabinet and other government positions as absolutely necessary. Remember it was rogue politicians and usurpers that got the country into the mess it's in in the first place. These apparatchiks should be expelled from government where possible or at the very least placed into a "condition of doubt" until and unless they make amends commensurate with their transgressions.

And speaking of people that need to be expelled from the government, Congressional term limits are vital. The Founders did not design the U.S. Government as a flop-house for career politicians. Ordinary citizens are supposed to come to Washington, serve and then leave. This is another reason Trump should only staff-up with as many DC insiders as absolutely necessary. The Founders might even disagree with this preferring that zero insiders staff-up in DC. After all, we are supposed to be a self-governing nation, not a nation governed by 10-term congressmen. Farmers and small businessmen should be government officials -- not lawyers and millionaires. A Congress that won't limit its own terms so real people can enter government is a Congress that will never limit the Government in any way. Once Trump gets beyond appointments and dismissals, the next items of business should concern finance and the economy.

The basic reason Trump got elected is because most of America is being raped and pillaged economically. This is the ugly little story of America at this time. One or two percent GDP growth; rampant unemployment or under employment; flat wages since 1972; endless credit card and college debt; two family income earners necessary; endless shoddy imports with planned obsolescence; no manufacturing; excessive taxation from 3 or 4 governments; rich 1% owning 60% of the country's assets; dollar inflated to 5% of its 1913 value; energy costs skyrocketing; insurance companies pillaging the land; no money for space exploration. In short, few of us are living at the standard of living enjoyed by our parents, or even enjoyed when we were children. We aren't even walking on the Moon any more. The Globalist Agenda -- abetted by progressives and neocons in the government and promoted by the Mainstream Media -- has totally destroyed the Family Unit, the U.S. Manufacturing Base and the American Middle Class and the dollar. Watch a movie we put out in 2007 entitled ORIGINAL INTENT if you are foggy on this.

Thus given the economic devastation of the nation, the next most important item of business would be to deal with the traitors that out-sourced the U.S. manufacturing base in the name of corporate profit, "stockholder value" and unjust executive enrichment. This could be done by simply imposing a tariff on all products entering the $15 trillion + U.S. market from those corporations that abandoned their American workers. The tariff should start out small so as to minimize rising consumer prices, but it should be punitive and bite. It should serve to punish greedy, Benedict Arnold-CEOs, like Roger Smith of General Motors, for helping destroy, not only millions of family incomes, but eventually the entire U.S. manufacturing base and the American middle class along with it. Remember ROGER & ME? I might add, while the Wall is being constructed -- and we watch the progress every night on the evening news -- Mexico will pay for it by cash, check or money order. If none of these things are forthcoming, it will pay for it through the tariff. And this tariff should start out at something like 4% and increase by 4% each year for five years in tandem with the corporate income tax as it is LOWERED by 4% each year. This formula would reduce the corporate income tax from 35% to 15% over five years and increase tariff from 0% to 20% in the same five years. In truth, corporations should pay no taxes. After all they aren't even people. And since they aren't even people they have no "free speech" rights, thus they should not be able to donate to political campaigns either.

Bear in mind, most Americans are not aware that the only taxes authorized by the U.S. Constitution are duties, imposts and excise taxes. Article I, 8, cl. 1 authorizes Congress to "lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises." Article I, 9, cl. 5 states that "No Tax or Duty shall be laid on Articles exported from any State." Section 10, cl. 3 of the same Article refers to "any Duty of Tonnage." A duty is a tariff levied on goods entering a country. It is levied on specific things other than individuals. An impost is basically a duty. An excise is a tax on goods produced or sold within a country, often luxuries. Strangely, the main source of revenue for the Federal Government from 1790 to 1914 was tariffs. In other words, the U.S. Government is only supposed to be as large as that which can be supported by tariffs on goods being imported into the $15 trillion U.S. Market.

Obviously the entire tax structure of the U.S. Government is totally and completely insane. One thing is for sure however, the progressive income tax is also totally and completely illegal under the U.S. Constitution because the Constitution says that all internal taxes must be uniform. How is charging one person a 15% tax and charging another a 20% tax uniform? So these are issues that may or may not get handled by the new Trump Administration, but obviously must be handled someday as we build a "more perfect union."

One thing for sure is NAFTA, and the other "free" trade agreements, should be rescinded. After they are null and void they can be rebuilt from the ground up on a country-by-country basis to reflect real fair trade, not the "free" trade managed by some embryonic World Government. Globalists like Bush and Clinton wrote and enacted the "free" trade laws because these people work for globalist bodies, such as the Counsel on Foreign Relations. Trump should be VERY careful to avoid posting any Cabinet members that are CFR, neocons or sympathetic to the Globalist Agenda.

The Federal Government has no Constitutional authority to educate children under such programs as "Common Core." Education in a democracy that depends on a self-governing population should not and cannot be placed into the hands of the state. This is a conflict of interest. Education is the responsibility of the child, his or her parents and local schools, teachers and tutors at the volition and pace set forth by the student.

ObamaCare must be rescinded completely and immediately. All tax fines must also be cancelled by those who have been screwed by this ridiculous health care legislation. Medical technology -- at the hospital and physician levels -- must be exposed to the technology revolution. The state and insurance companies must be totally and completely removed from this industry. Insurance should only be used to cover catastrophic events. The costs of medical technology will follow the costs of computer technology if the parasitic state and profit-motivated insurance companies are removed from the equation. Medical technology is greatly dependent and enabled by computer technology, especially the emerging AI technologies. Politicians, pundits and journalist are usually ignorant on these subjects as well as math and science. There is no reason bio-technology cannot become as cheap and powerful as electronic-technology. Just like the Federal Reserve banking industry, Americans have been screwed by other middlemen like greedy insurance companies and the ever-present, parasitic state.

Whatever deliberating body passed the "laws" that forbid insurance companies from competing across state lines needs to be discovered and the rogue politicians responsible thrown out of office and/or jailed. If insurance companies don't compete across state lines, any moron should be able to see that rates will always be excessively high. The fact that insurance companies don't compete shows just how anti-capitalist and socialist the country has become thanks to the Progressive Agenda. Socialist and Marxist mentalities are being manufactured by academia, the mainstream media and even the clergy as we discuss in MAINSTREAM, now available at www.Homevideo.Net or on higher quality DVD at

New, non-activist Justices that will interpret the U.S. Constitution upon the "original intent" basis must be appointed to the S-Court.

The only two energy sources that have long-term viability are SOLAR and FUSION. One gallon of sea water when fused has the energy density of 350 gallons of gasoline. If FUSION technology can be brought to fruition, this alone will solve Earth's energy problem for the next billion years. Solar is just as potent. Stop-gap measures such as coal, oil, natural gas, fission, wind and hydro are fine, but their development should not consume more than 20% of the energy budget. The other 80% should be allocated to FUSION and SOLAR because these technologies will eventually make coal, oil, natural gas, fission, wind and hydro obsolete -- thus most of the money spent developing coal, oil, natural gas, fission, wind and hydro will be WASTED.

The Wall should be built and Mexico should pay for it, but the 12 million or so undocumented people here in the U.S. must NOT be deported. Only those who commit criminal acts should be deported and people who are potential terrorists heavily screened. Americans and their government -- both Democrats and Republicans -- were asleep at the switch while millions of "undocumented" aliens infiltrated the country. Given this it's only fair that Americans "pay the price" by permitting them to say and making the best of it. You cannot break up families by throwing out the parents and/or the kids. That's insane, if not immoral, and would cause a violent insurrection across the country. All of these people must be granted unfettered citizenship and treated properly and respectfully. Only the children, however, should be granted the right to vote because, after all, it was the parents that broke the law and entered the country. Also, why should Democrats get the parents' votes when it was they that CONSPIRED to flood this country with millions of illegal citizens under the Immigration Act of 1965? Lastly, any Republican businesses that are exploiting illegal immigrant labor should be severly penalized or shut down. It's high time the vote mean something without having the two entrenched political parties manipulating it for their selfish purposes.

The legal tender laws must be changed. Gold and silver must be reinstated as legal tender for all debts public and private. All taxes must be removed from gold and silver transactions. Gold and silver must be enabled and encouraged to go into circulation and into competition with the fiat Federal Reserve Notes. Federal Reserve Notes are "bills of credit" and are thus illegal under the U.S. Constitution. The criminal banking elite in New York and the Federal Reserve System across the nation must be charged with conspiracy and brought to justice for counterfeiting the currency and the fraud of fractional reserve.

Trump should remind people that there are five reasons we "keep and bear." They are:

1) Sports and gun collections;

2) Hunting for food;

3) Self-defense and protection;

4) As a deterrent against tyranny;

5) To fulfill ones duty to serve in his or her State Militia.

The mass shootings (aka "active shootings") across the nation are getting worse. This is because there are not enough trained people conceal-carrying in the nation's public places. The gun-control lobby has been passing illegal "laws" and regulations that "infringe" the Second Amendment. Gun associations, like the NRA, only promote points 1 - 3. They never mention points 4 and 5 or mention the first 13 words of the Second Amendment. "A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state" are the first 13 words and these refer specifically to points 4 and 5 of the reasons we "keep and bear." Because the NRA never mention ALL of the Second Amendment, they have been painted into a corner by the gun control lobby and the Mainstream Media who want to limit weapons to muskets and BB guns if possible.

I would suggest you go to and read President-elect Trump's platform. It's a very user-friendly site and the platform is under the tab "Positions." Unlike the ObamaCare site, this website is simple and fast -- just like government should be, and hopefully what the government WILL be once we drain the swamp in Washington, DC.

Originated: 13 November 2016
Revised & Supplemented: 28 January 2018

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