Treasure YOUR Bill of Rights
by James Jaeger

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of speech.(1) This means ALL speech, whether you like or agree with what is being said or not. No one has the right to abridge the free speech Amendment for ANY reason: even on the grounds that someone is using free speech to teach "dangerous things," whether bomb recipes or alternative ideologies. What is "dangerous" is always relative to point of view, so there will ALWAYS be at least some point of view (person, gov or entity) trying to optimize THEIR point of view by abridging free speech. Don't allow it, because the benefits of free speech for all the OTHER points of view ALWAYS outweigh the "benefit" any given point of view (person, gov or entity) hopes it will gain by limiting it. With this in mind, let's take a look at the recent statement from the EU Justice Commissioner Franco Franttini:

"European Union interior ministers debated Monday proposals to sanction or shut down Internet sites spreading "terrorist propaganda" and bomb-making instructions. EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini told reporters that he had urged the ministers, during informal talks in Lisbon, Portugal, "to make punishable activities of misuse of the Internet." "My intention of course is not to limit freedom of expression," he said. "My intention is ... to introduce sanctions against those who disseminate terrorist propaganda or instruct on websites how to make a bomb. This has nothing to do with freedom of expression."(2)

During the years leading up to the American Revolution, what if King George had made it illegal for anyone in the Colonies to have guns or to teach the technology of making gunpowder? Do you think the Colonists would have obeyed this law? If your answer is "no," I would suggest this rough guide: when in doubt about your rights while living in TODAY'S world, do what the American Colonists would have done in THEIR world.

Thus, when short-sighted bozos like Franco Franttini try to abridge free speech on the grounds they are protecting us from terrorists who might make bombs, they may be doing some good in the short run, but what happens to the rest of us if Mr. Franttini becomes a terrorist someday, or worse, what happens if the entire EC becomes a tyrannical government someday? How will the rest of us decent people protect ourselves from THEM? What guarantee can any government official or government give to people that they will never become rogue or tyrannical? The ONLY guarantee they can give is an unqualified respect for the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. As the U.S. Founders realized, a balance of power was necessary: not only between the three branches of government, but between the government AND the People.(3) And that balance of power is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Specifically, The First Amendment guarantees that YOU have the right to discuss or write about any subject you want in private or in public. This includes frank and critical speech about your government or its officials AND what to do about this government and its officials under any and all circumstances. No options should be taken off the table, as government officials are fond of saying. The Second Amendment guarantees that you have the right to keep AND bear arms for your personal protection and the protection of your nation if called upon in the militia. Personal protection is not limited to bears and terrorists, but includes your protection during times of force majeure, such as the chaos bad weather, wars or tyrannical government (a form of rampant crime) can bring.

Governments, since the dawn of time, have demonstrated themselves capable of all manner of criminal and tyrannical acts simply given enough power OR a citizenry, week and disarmed of a Bill of Rights.

Look at how the tyrannical government in Burma is now treating its citizens, all unarmed and with no Bill of Rights to protect themselves. You want to be in THEIR shoes, getting beaten and shot simply because you are trying to exercise some free speech? If not, you should highly suspect ANY person or entity -- especially an "expert" or government official -- who, in any way, advocates an abridgement of free speech or the right to keep and bear arms -- no matter how "reasonable" their argument may sound.

Today, there are a number of people and entities with motive to destroy the World Wide Web and/or the Internet because the Internet is a forum for inexpensive, global, free, public speech. This is a "dangerous thing" to:

  • Entrenched politicians attempting to maintain power at any cost;
  • People and businesses trying to put out shoddy products or services;
  • Media companies trying to dominate public discourse and shape issues;
  • Large corporations trying to purchase the vote;
  • Military-Industrial Complex unjustifiably using the cry of "national security";
  • Governments expanding or consolidating their power beyond the People's needs;
  • Supra-national Insiders and economists trying to consolidate a one-world government.(4)
  • The above people and entities try to regulate, limit or destroy the Internet by hammering and scaring the public with the following adversities:

  • Discredit by reason of real or imagined harm and terrorism;
  • Discredit by reason of pornography and child abuse;
  • Discredit by reason of inaccurate and libelous information.
  • None of the above negative by-products of the Internet are any more problematic in cyberspace than they are in actual space for billions of times more words and acts pass between real people in real space than they do between virtual people in a wide-area computer network. Even though there are problems, and the Internet may facilitate the agenda of certain anti-social or psychopathic people in the world, its good out weighs its bad by a considerable margin. The reason for this is, free speech promotes greater abundance and life. In a world where greater life and abundance can exist, there eventually comes a time when the tactic of terrorism becomes no longer necessary or effective. In a world where greater life and abundance can exist, there eventually comes a time when the aberration of sexual perversity becomes understood and thus remedied through medical and/or pastoral means. In a world where greater life and abundance can exist, there eventually comes a time when the effects of ignorance and fraud are washed away with understanding and love.

    The U.S. Constitution was created at a time when life and abundance were at risk; shocking and sever emergencies were the norm. Probably the biggest time of emergency the nation has ever faced -- emergency conditions FAR greater than 9/11 or the current so-called War on Terror -- happened around the time the Colonists confronted a superpower of the day - Great Britain. Is a terrorist network hiding in caves in Afghanistan a superpower? Is some little country such as an Iran, Iraq or Burma a superpower? Of course not, and foolish are those who would have you believe today's problems -- relative to our current population and advancement -- are worse than the problems confronted by the Colonists and Founders. Thus the Constitution -- all by itself -- provides the tools necessary to face and navigate TODAY'S emergencies. And it is able to do this without the need for extraordinary measures, measures such as new departments, unusual new acts of law, suppressive executive orders, activist courts, preemptive wars, global intervention, overly-zealous policing ... and especially the totally unconstitutional "remedy" known as "martial law."

    Apply the Constitution as intended by the Founders and demand government officials respect the Bill of Rights and none of the above frivolous "solutions," or the "solution" put forth by EU Justice Commissioner Franco Franttini, will be found to be necessary.

    (1) For those of you in Burma, or those of you in the U.S. who watch a lot of TV, the first ten Amendments of the U.S. Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights. Currently there are seventeen more Amendments for a total of twenty-seven Amendments. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech. It specifically states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

    (2) Source:

    (3) Another check and balance granted to the People by the Founders was a redeemable paper currency. This meant that the paper money you use can be turned in to the bank for gold or silver any time you want. The government and their partners at the Federal Reserve Bank no longer honor this check and balance because they have removed us from the gold standard and placed the nation on what's called "fiat" currency. Today, if you as a citizen feel the government or banks are printing up too much paper currency, more than what represents the number of products in the economy, you can no longer turn your paper in for gold or silver, which is REAL money. Thus this balance of power between the Government and the People has been destroyed as of 1913 with the advent of the Federal Reserve System and subsequent "laws" passed by rogue politicians in support of the banking cartel. See a documentary out called FIAT EMPIRE - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution available at

    (4) The basic problem with a one-world government is it violates the universal law of redundancy. If you have a planet with only one government and that government goes bad, you have no backup system. Any people or resources managed by that one-world government will thus spin into chaos or worse.

    03 October 2007

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