How to Get America Back on Track
by James Jaeger


Does anyone realize what it means when gold breaks the $1,000 mark and oil breaks the $100 per barrel mark? It means you are witnessing the real inflation that the consumer price index (CPI) has failed to report, thanks to the re-definition of the index by apologists of the Federal Reserve System. Oil and gold can't be "made in China." The price of gold and silver reflect confidence in the dollar. When the purchasing power of the dollar falls so low that it takes over 110 Federal Reserve Notes to get even one barrel, you are seeing the true effects of the dollar's decline and the loss of purchasing power. Frauds, apologists and the ignorant in the financial markets and media, however, are trying to make you think all this is because of increased competition for commodities, such as oil, gold and corn.

On a deeper level, what this means is: your Congress and your Federal Reserve System have screwed up by failing to follow the U.S. Constitution. It also means your corporate media has failed to tell you the truth about what's happening. This commentary will attempt to summarize what is actually happening and provide some hope.

The Patient is Sick:

Because the U.S. has been embroiled in excessive WELFARE and WARFARE projects, we are now BROKE and in serious debt. The private sector, that's you, are also tapped out on your credit cards and many of you have mortgages you can't service. In order to service the national debt, in order to maintain the U.S. credit worthiness and keep the economy going, the Congress, through the Federal Reserve System, has been continuously monetizing debt. This means it has been creating money through a process known as the Mandrake Mechanism.(1) This process injects "liquidity" into the economy, a fancy way of saying "pumping money into the economy" or "stimulating the economy." It's similar to what you do when someone is having a heart attack -- you stimulate their heart with electricity (although money COULD work just as well in some cases).

The United States is currently having a heart attack. The reason for this is because we have not only been PIGS, we have been UNWISE pigs. This is typical of people when they live as if they were an Empire that can go on forever. We have been consuming not only too much processed food, sugar and meat, but too much oil, money and slave-made Chinese products. We have thus become irritable, paranoid and belligerent, if not greedy, lazy and mean. Worse, we have been spitting on Alexander Hamilton's grave. We have been trooping all over 140 countries with our 700 military bases, while allowing our DOMESTIC manufacturing base to disintegrate. Our elected officials have made all this possible because they have been representing the interests of multinational corporations over the interests of their own people. They have enacted laws, like NAFTA and the Federal Reserve Act, while failing to enact laws to properly fund alternative sources of energy, like FUSION and SOLAR, or mandate anti-monopolistic technologies like flex-fuel cars.(2) Because they have been overly influenced by greedy multinational corporations, entities that aren't even loyal U.S. citizens, they have failed to provide for our GENERAL WELFARE, the ONLY term stated twice in the U.S. Constitution. NOW we are having to play doctor ... while having a heart attack. Ironically, the Universe gave the American People Doctor Paul, but they wasted him. Now they will have to pay the price of such foolishness.

The Fall of the Dollar:

There is argument about Article I, Section 8 & 10 of the U.S. Constitution and its applicability. Some feel this section only applies to the states and leaves the federal government free to coin and print money. The clause forbidding "bills of credit" is also often attributed to the states, leaving the federal government to do what it wishes. However, one of the most basic principles in the Constitution is: ANY POWERS NOT SPECIFICALLY GRANTED TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ARE RETAINED BY WE THE PEOPLE AND/OR THE STATES. Thus, IF the Constitution does NOT specifically grant the Federal Government the POWER to coin or print money, THEN this power is retained by We the People and/or the states. Point one.

Point two: The surrounding literature of the time of the adoption of the Constitution clearly indicates that the Colonists were weary of paper currency.(3) They had created a currency known as "Continentals" aka, "Greenbacks" and these were inflated to almost zero purchasing power (like what the Fed is doing to the current U.S. dollar). It's 'not worth a Continental' became a familiar phrase. So these people didn't trust paper and wanted money to be gold and silver. Will we soon hear them say? "It's not worth a Federal Reserve Note."

Given this history, and these motivations, anyone but a fool would try to argue that we are NOT violating the Constitution today. Thus the Federal Reserve System is totally illegal, illegal meaning unconstitutional. Because the Constitution is the highest law in the land, anything that violates it is illegal to the highest degree. As Dr. Edwin Vieira (a constitutional authority with four degrees from Harvard, including his law and chemistry degree) puts it: "Any law that violates the Constitution is not a law at all -- it's null and void." See and hear these words by watching a documentary entitled, FIAT EMPIRE at or if you have dial-up service.

I don't need to go on: by now you know it's bad (even if you are one of the irresponsible people that demand to be REMOVED from mailing lists).

Some Possible Remedies:

No one knows the full remedy for these problems, but in simple form, it's in the DIRECTION of doing the following acts:

  • Stop inflating the money supply so much;
  • Remove taxes from the selling and buying of gold and silver;
  • Make paper currency redeemable in gold or silver;
  • Phase out the practice of fractional reserve;
  • Let the free market establish the cost of money;
  • Encourage capital formation rather than fiat-money lending;
  • Drastically fund the development and deployment of FUSION;
  • Drastically fund the development and deployment of better SOLAR;
  • Drastically fund carbon dioxide sequestering from coal;
  • Drastically fund METHANOL production from COAL;
  • Immediately mandate ALL 2009 cars be flex-fuel capable;
  • Step up a program of purchasing methanol from third-world countries;
  • Curtail oil purchases from OPEC nations;
  • Tap oil in the Gulf and Alaska;
  • Gradiently impose tariffs on all imported products;
  • Re-establish the manufacturing base of the U.S.;
  • Forbid any laws that further damage the middle-class;
  • Make corporate lobbying illegal;
  • File anti-trust suits against the major media conglomerates;
  • Fund the above programs by cutting the military-industrial complex budget by at least 15%;
  • Cease all war activity by March 31, 2009;
  • Remove all capital gains taxes start up businesses;
  • Remove all capital gains taxes from any business that has no debt;
  • Significantly raise taxes on all personal income above $3,000,000 for 5 years.
  • Mandate term limits on Congress of no more than 8 years;
  • Reduce the trade deficit by exporting FUSION-produced electricity and methanol;
  • Purge Congress of all members except Ron Paul, the only one who has warned you sufficiently.

    The correct sequence and methodology of accomplishing the above acts would have to be worked out, but one thing seems certain: we would have to be very careful about deflating the money supply so much that it brought about another Great Depression. The patient is heavily addicted to money and oil so you can't just cut it off, cold-turkey. The reason the Great Depression happened or worsened is because the Fed cut off the money too much, they killed the liquidity in the economy. After this happened, Keynes got popular. He came in and told Roosevelt that the way to handle liquidity problems and Great Depression problems was for the government to start employing everyone -- in effect, a massive stimulus plan. Sound familiar?

    The Roosevelt administration then began "stimulating" the economy, printing up ever more fiat money and using this to "pay" everyone to build numerous social programs and endlessly fund the military-industrial complex. The problem is, after corporate America got going, capital formation (savings) was undermined when the Fed-member banks continued to lend too much fiat money at artificially low interest rates. It's easy to lower the cost of money when you print it up out of thin air, a practice that's been happening more and more since 1913, the year the Federal Reserve System was established. You can thank the greedy New York banks that pushed this system into place, directly or indirectly, and have benefited by it for 95 years. Now, the inherent imperfections in this the debt-driven, fiat-money system -- a system the Founders WARNED us about -- are cracking open. If all the New York money-center banks that have abetted this system go out of business, justice will finally have been served. These banks have dominated the Federal Reserve System and have caused a crash of, not only the dollar, but the middle class. They have also caused the current wealth disparity and exposed the nation to unfathomable liabilities. Unfortunately, it seems like ignorance, arrogance and incompetence still reign in Washington. We seem to be stuck with the same, dead-end STIMULUS system -- a system dependent on:

  • FIAT MONEY -- Fiat money created in ever larger amounts thus destroying the purchasing power of the dollar;
  • WAR -- Perpetual and ever more expensive wars to rollover debt and dominate the world;
  • SOCIALISM -- Government handouts creating a population ever more dependent and incompetent;
  • GROWING FASCISM -- Ever more people working for the government at the federal, state or local level;
  • EMPIRE -- A citizenry failing to keep their representative form of minimally invasive government.

    In short, we are probably screwed, unless we can BACK OUT of the money addiction that is at root cause. The development and deployment of FUSION energy may be the only way we will be able to PRODUCE ourselves OUT OF the inflated fiat money we have OVER-PRODUCED.

    Revisiting Adam Smith:

    In an "ideal" society, WAGES should be rising while PRODUCTS should be getting cheaper and better. Wages, products and money are THREE very different things. Bozo economists tend to lump PRODUCTS & SERVICES together, as if they are the same thing. They are VERY different in nature.

  • WAGES reflect a LIMITED resource: the length of time a human is productively alive.

  • PRODUCTS reflect an UNLIMITED resource: the amount of mass and energy in the known universe.

    Thus, if the U.S. were able to develop and patent FUSION, it would be able to sell ELECTRICITY and METHANOL to the rest of the World at fairly cheap prices.(4) This would be an export product that would balance out our trade deficit. If the U.S. made this power available to its own citizens and industry free or very cheap, it would have the effect of reducing the cost of manufacturing of every domestic U.S. product. This would have the effect of making it possible for U.S. industry to produce and sell more, rather than importing so many products from places like China and Saudi Arabia. If the fiat money printing were curtailed, as suggested above, the value of the dollar would then rise because there would be fewer dollars chasing more products. We would thus find ourselves in a position where PRODUCTS were getting cheaper while WAGES were staying the same.

    If wages are staying the same in an economy where DOMESTICALLY-produced products are getting cheaper, this has the effect of increasing the purchasing power of wage earners. Thus, in effect, wages would rise, without general inflation, without unemployment and without a further devaluation of the dollar. If inflation does not rise, the dollar will continue to gain strength domestically AND abroad. The cheap, clean fusion energy the rest of the world would purchase from the U.S. would also allow their industries to grow while, at the same time, reducing conflict. With less conflict from dependency on OPEC and Middle Eastern oil, and greater world wide prosperity, some of the vast sums allocated to militaries could be redirected to more constructive endevours. Military personnel could focus their talents and resources on massive engineering projects, infrastructure repair as well as exploration and colonization of other worlds. This would be a win-win scenario for, not only U.S. citizens, but the rest of the World.

    But it starts with the proper management of energy: whether MONEY, FUSION or BLOOD and a refusal to believe the garbage put out on the LIE BOX by apologists of the current system.


    The U.S. government, by taking the lead in developing a cheap limitless energy source, such as FUSION, could give its citizens ENERGY rather than fiat MONEY, depression and heart attacks. Clean energy is a far healthier gift because it enhances productivity while preserving the medium of exchange. Right now, the government is doing everything backwards. There is hope however. This hope depends on U.S. citizens removing the current Congress, except Ron Paul, and removing the current executives who are part of the problem. Nothing much will happen unless this is done first. These irresponsible people should be replaced with people that better understand economics, banking and technology as well as the potential interactions of same. Unfortunately, the current Congress, on the whole, is NOT qualified to serve the best interests of the People of the United States nor the Peoples of the World.(5) The RON PAUL REVOLUTION is thus here to stay.(6)(7)

    (1) The Federal Reserve will use anything as an excuse to print up more money (to service the already outstanding principal in the economy). Traditionally, Congress would offer the Fed T-bills and they would "purchase" them by simply printing up the money to "pay" for them. The IMF, the Fed's ugly twin sister, uses securities from virtually any country to do the same thing. But now we see a twist in the plot: the Fed will "buy" even the nasty, unperforming securitized mortgages the sub-prime borrowers have saddled the banks with over the Greenspam Era. Wow, seems you can create money out of just about anything that's paper. Now, if only the Fed could create ethanol out of debt, we could save the cows AND reduce the trade deficit at the same time. To find out more about how the Mandrake Mechanism works, see a book called, THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND, by G. Edward Griffin, available at the Reality Zone at

    (2) See ENERGY VICTORY by Robert Zubrin to witness a strategy that will neutralize the effects of OPEC price-gouging, our dependency on oil and the use of petrodollars to fund terrorism.

    (3) For instance, see The Federalist Papers. The Federalists Papers are a collection of 85 short essays written by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, with contributions by John Jay. Thomas Jefferson called The Federalist Papers "the best commentary on the principles of government...ever written." In Federalist Paper Number 10, Madison says this about fiat money (also known as "bills of credit" and paper money): "The influence of factious leaders may kindle a flame within their particular States, but will be unable to spread a general conflagration through the other States. A religious sect may degenerate into a political faction in a part of the Confederacy; but the variety of sects dispersed over the entire face of it must secure the national councils against any danger from that source. A rage for paper money, for an abolition of debts, for an equal division of property, or for any other improper or wicked project, will be less apt to pervade the whole body of the Union than a particular member of it; in the same proportion as such a malady is more likely to taint a particular county or district, than an entire State." (Emphasis added)

    (4) See PLASMA FUSION - The Ultimate Energy Source at and A Remedy for the Oil Problem at

    (5) See Overthrowing the Corporate Government at

    (6) See Ron Paul's writings at:

    (7) See Edwin Vieira's writings at:

    Originated: 14 March 2008
    Revised: 29 March 2008

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