by James Jaeger

Cosmologists theorize the universe is:

A. flat, open or closed
B. finite or infinite.

FLAT would be like an INFINITE PLANE with no curvature, where all angles of a triangle would add to 180 degrees.

OPEN would be like an INFINITE SADDLE with negative curvature where all angles of a triangle are less than 180 degrees.

CLOSED would be like a FINITE SPHERE with positive curvature where all angles of a triangle are more than 180 degrees.

If one considers that a PLANE is actually a SPHERE with an infinite diameter, then a CIRCLE is a SQUARE with an infinite number of sides and a SPHERE is a CUBE with an infinite number of PLANES.

Given the above, it is impossible to tell if the universe is closed or open because phenomena would repeat in a closed spherical universe just as it would repeat in an infinite flat plane or infinite open saddle-shaped universe.

And the reason is this. If the definition of infinite space is linear travel in a given direction with no repeating phenomena, then an infinite universe cancels this out with the mathematical certainty that phenomena will repeat in an infinite system. Thus, one would never be able to tell whether they are in a flat, open or closed universe because a closed spherical universe that is finite or a flat planar or open hyperbolic universe that is infinite will have repeating phenomena as one travels through it due to the nature of infinity.

And as one uses "spacemotion" to travel through an infinite flat or open universe with a constant acceleration time will slow down to match the time it would take to travel through a closed finite universe with repeating phenomena. Thus one will see the same repeating phenomena going slower in a finite universe as they would be going faster in an infinite universe.

Space, Motion, Spin:

There is no such thing as "time," therefore there is no such thing as "spacetime."

There is only motion and time is a calibration of that motion. The correct term is therefore "spacemotion."

Spacemotion is one of two types of motion. The other type of motion is "spin." Spacemotion is motion THROUGH space. Spin is motion IN space. Spin does not move and spacemotion does not rest.

It follows that there are two types of spin: rotation and revolution. A particle that rotates or revolves is undergoing spin or non-spacemotion.

Spacemotion and spin can be combined thus a spinning particle can travel through space in one of two paths: straight line or curved line. Straight line travel is spacemotion until the curvature becomes so acute phenomenon becomes repetitive. The moment there is repetition such motion has transformed from spacemotion to spin.

08 March 2020

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