Are They Here?
by James Jaeger

Are extraterrestrial civilizations present on Earth? Has one ever arrived? Are they here now?

My feeling is, the truth to these questions can be distilled from the thoughts of two men I consider great thinkers: Ray Kurzweil and Robert Zubrin.

Ray Kurzweil maintains in SPIRITUAL MACHINES that, if they are here, they probably mastered nanotech eons ago, thus they would by now be able to compute using atoms or subatomic particles. Since they had mastered nanotech, they would be able to create any material possession they wanted. They would thus not need any "resources" from planets like Earth. They would be here as pure computing entities and they would probably be microscopic. They would be here primarily to explore and gather data, perhaps as nanobot clouds.

Robert Zubrin maintains in ENTERING SPACE that the only thing of value a civilization developing in isolation has is its own uniqueness. Thus, were we to someday join other technological civilizations in some Galactic Club, the ante we would bring to the table would be our uniqueness, perhaps our biological or nexus uniqueness. IF the only thing that gives us any VALUE to some Galactic Club IS our UNIQUE methods of development/survival, THEN aliens would NOT interfere with us BECAUSE by doing so they would adulterate us. We would thus not be unique. We would thus NOT be VALUABLE.

Combining the theories of ZUBRIN and KURZWEIL we get the JAEGER theory (not that I pretend to be anywhere on par with either Zubrin or Kurzweil). My theory is that humanity is probably the only technological civilization in this particular galaxy and thus we are isolated (some say quarantined) and we are probably unique. Since the universe is seems to be vast (although I have my doubts), there are probably other technological civilizations that have arisen in it. But, due to the increased number of factors added to the Drake Equation, such technological civilizations are probably rare, probably one per galaxy. The technological civilizations that exist in other galaxies are thus probably several hundred thousand, or millions, of years older and in advance of Earth technology. Such civilizations have survived their Singularities and thus have VAST computational power/intelligence.

These civilizations have probably been systematically exploring the Universe as computing entities for thousands of years. As they come across worlds with life, they probably carefully observe them, directly and/or indirectly. Since they are microscopic it is easy for them to avoid inference with the development of these worlds. On the other hand, they may desire interaction with some worlds, and actually farm them. To interfere with the most unique worlds, however, would be the very destruction of knowledge itself. And to a vast computational power, knowledge is surely the most VALUABLE of all commodities.

Some worlds may be on the verge of extinction or self-annihilation. Other worlds may be similar or identical to worlds they have already seen. In these worlds they may interfere, realizing that no unique knowledge would be lost. They may interfere for a number of reasons: to alter development, to experiment or simply to make certain they survive. They may interfere to mine some unique element or value for transplant other worlds. They may be intergalactic farmers.

Their agenda may change over time. A civilization such as ours may be off bounds for a certain period. Then at some "age," or after some accomplishment or threshold, we may be fair game for interaction. Such threshold may be our Singularity. Such threshold may be something of which we are totally unaware.

Actually, all of these things and considerations are probably happening and quite possibly with a number of different intergalactic civilizations, civilizations having many different agendas.

My feeling, however, is extraterrestrial technological civilizations are probably NOT interfering with our world at this time. Most likely they are microscopic, or well cloaked, thus this non-interference is quite easy. Most likely they WILL introduce themselves to our world later, IF and AFTER, we earn such privilege ... and we earn that privilege by attaining our Singularity.

Attainment of our Singularity will mean we have passed the universal survival test. It will mean humanity has somehow been able to dispense with hate, bigotry, greed, material scarcity, ignorance, intolerance, war and all the other unbecoming and negative things.

Attainment of our Singularity will mean we have somehow CAUSED reason and love to prevail. At such a moment in the universal journey we will be worthy of meeting other technological Beings, Beings that have managed to accomplish similar feats.

06 August 2008

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