Don't Tase Me, Fascist Bro
by James Jaeger

Below is a reasonably CLEAR video of Andrew Meyer getting tasered for asking certain questions at a John Kerry speech on 17 September 2007. After watching this, I hope you will agree it's disgusting what the leadership of this nation has come to and how our rights are being infringed.

We as citizens MUST get these rampant, rogue police forces and tyrannical 9/11 goons off our backs. Who do these police and security people -- all products of the Patriot Act -- think they are to treat citizens like this in the name of justice and security?!!! I hope this guy, Andrew Meyer, sues these zealots, and the university that employed them, to high heavens.

And John Kerry shows he's NO LEADER -- or champion of civil liberties -- when he STANDS there and allows this happen right BEFORE him! He deserves to be sued as well.

The truncated, edited tape which police-state apologist, Bill O'Reilly, showed on his show, THE FACTOR, the other night was NOTHING like this tape -- which more accurately represents the situation and its context. The video at the below URL shows that Andrew Meyer, while exuberant and slightly over-bearing, WAS asking a set of relevant and intelligent questions and Kerry was willing to answer them, and trying to do so. The tape shows a close up of Meyer face and we can clearly see that he was rational and no security threat WHATSOEVER -- nor was he, in any way, out of control even when the police goons interrupted his free speech and literally started manhandling him and pushing him around. These O'Reilly-style cops had no right to abridge Mr. Meyer free speech, nor did they have any right to approach him in a threatening manner, or physically touch him. They certainly had no right to hand-cuff and assault him with a taser weapon, as they did, on the "grounds" that he was under arrest. The HAD no right to ARREST him in the first place. What's this, use of false arrest to justify infringement of rights and assault. This is intolerable!

This wanton ASSAULT on the part of these security agents is nothing less than unadulterated POLICE BRUTALITY at its ugliest and it demonstrates a total disregard the post-9/11 mentality has for our civil liberties. Again, this sort of stuff MUST stop. It also must stop at the airports and anywhere there are O'Reilly-style cops or security forces just "doing their jobs."

Get it Billo? Even your cop dad would have been abhorred by this outrage (hopefully). These security guards were WAY out of line and anyone who condones their conduct is an enemy of liberty and an apologist for tyranny.

This video shows that it's NOT okay to question authority in today's FASCIST USA and you will hopefully be HORRIFIED when you watch it. PASS THIS EMAIL ON.

Very Truly Appalled,


Video at:

Also watch these commentary videos at:

Tucker on MSNBC: "19 Cops and police women standing over him ... and they couldn't get the cuffs on him so they had to shoot him with a taser gun. they outta be ashamed of themselves."

Excessive use of force:

A responce to the above email:

>Jimmy, the kid gave his video camera to someone in the audience to record the scene he was about to make.

IF this is true, he would have given him the camera to record the sensitive questions he was going to ask as a part of his constitutional right of free speech.

>He was playing to his own camera. His 15 minutes of irresponsible fame has escalated exactly as he had imagined.

Hey, Kerry was also playing to "his" camera, but when Andrew Meyer asked Kerry if he was a member of Skull & Bones, like Geo Bush, he asked a sensitive question that "stepped over the line." You could see the one security goon, the woman, getting the CUE to accost/grab Meyer. It's in the tape. By this Skull & Bones question, Meyer made public the point, at least indirectly, that one of the reasons Kerry isn't calling for Bush's impeachment is because they're fellow Bonesmen.

>He is a big kid with a big head who should have left when asked by the police.

Last time I read the Constitution I didn't see that it said anything about people with "big heads" had no First Amendment rights ... if so, Bill O'Reilly would be have been disposed of years ago. These "police" goons man-handled this Meyer away from the mic area and, by their actions, were either assaulting him or arresting him. Since they didn't read him his rights, one has to conclude that they were assaulting him. If they were in fact arresting him, they were doing so without due process. Either way, these goons are in a lot of serious LEGAL trouble, and Kerry is in a lot of serious POLITICAL trouble. Kerry can now effectively kiss his career goodbye because he has demonstrated to the entire Internet public (and even in the censored mainstream TV) that he will just stand there while 5 or 6 thugs literally attack and TASE a student in public while violating multiple constitutional rights. How are we supposed to trust a creature like John Kerry to provide any sort of constitutional security for the group when he's too cowardly to even defend one lone college student. Oh, sure he gave lip-service to Meyer, saying that he would answer his question -- but he STILL allowed the goons to assault him AND he STILL did NOTHING. THEN, he LIED about the whole thing. He lied, saying that he had 'no idea' Meyer was being tased. Give me a break! Meyer was SCREAMING: "Don't tase me Bro!" so loud, Bill O'reilly is now selling bumper stickers with these words. Kerry lied to cover-up the fact that he did NOTHING while a citizen was being assaulted and tased 25 feet in front of him. He lied to escape having to take responsibility for his despicable inaction and vanilla attitude. KERRY IS HISTORY -- and this is not only my sentiment -- it's the sentiment of millions of people all over the Net and even several mainstream pundits as well.

I might add, Bill O'Reilly's career will soon be HISTORY as well because NO STUDENT or young person is going to respect him after this ... after he called Meyer a 'wimp' and spun this entire thing against Meyer without giving this due, unbiased, consideration -- immediately taking the goons' side on the grounds that 'oh, this is the way some college students are.' As evidence of this irresponsible bias, O'Reilly played a truncated version of the incident on his show where you couldn't see a) Meyer's face and hence his temperament and b) he cutaway right after Meyer relinquished the mic thus downplaying this fact. Because his producers EDITED this tape in such a way as to conform to his pre-conceived bias, the public was NOT able to see that Meyer was NOT in any way displaying any sort of violence that would justify the security goons in placing their HAND on him and physically moving him. After I watched O'Reilly's show, I agreed with O'Reilly -- this was some obstreperous student that got out of line. THEN, after I actually studied the Internet footage and was able to see the ENTIRE event, including a close up of Myer's face, I realized I had been SPUN by O'Reilly and I was abhorred. O'Reilly's footage and commentary was DEFINITELY not unbiased and I think this whole incident shows the contempt for students O'Reilly has deep down. This, in my opinion, is probably the, or one of the, reasons he's not teaching any longer -- his students probably couldn't STAND him. What student respects a "teacher" that's a blind cop-apologist?! Students, and the youth in general, particularly, want FREEDOM. Cops and authority represent suppression and regulation to them. Hey, I have nothing against a respect for authority and the law, but that authority MUST earned and deserve it. Right now many of our laws aren't even written for or by We the People, they're being written for and/or by We the Corporations. Who respects that?

>One notable thing about the tape is that NO ONE in the audience did anything. But clap. They're all losers.

That's true. A number of people in the audience DID clap as soon as the goons started man-handling Meyer. But these clappers are the brainwashed, politically-correct zombies our current society has been breeding lately. The import of Meyer' questions went totally over their heads. Meyer, a JOURNALIST student, indeed may have known what he was doing, and if so, and this event thrusts him into the public limelight so he can inform all the somnambulists out there about some additional things people in power don't want to talk about, then I say bravo to him. Lastly, while certain looser members of the audience DID clap, thus egging on the goons, you will have to note that many, if not all, were horrified when the goons tasered Meyer. THIS was going too far, and even these brain-dead kids realized it. A number of the women were even screaming about the tasering in horror.

This is a classic instance where Meyer had a Constitutional right to defend himself against this assault. This is exactly why the Founders wanted the citizens to have the right to "keep and bear arms" -- to provide personal security against tyrants. These security goons were infringing Meyer' rights and literally attacking him without due process. Technically, Meyer had the right to pull out his taser and tase them right back. Citizens, and especially students, MUST start bearing arms to protect themselves if rogue agents like this are going to continue to treat them in a brutal and/or humiliating fashion. WHAT DID MYERS REALLY DO THAT WARRANTED THIS HUMILIATION AND BRUTALITY? Image how HUMILIATING it was for Meyer to be ordered to get down on the floor -- face first -- so six imperial goons could place HAND CUFFS on him -- Right in front of all his fellow students. THIS IS DESPICABLE. And for what, for standing in front of a mic and being a little obstreperous.

Also, had the local government and/or Virginia Tech not infringed the students' Second Amendment right to "keep and bear Arms," you can be assured thirty-some students would not be dead right now.

> Leslie

Other citizens wrote:

Hi James,

I just viewed the video of Andrew Meyer being tasered.

I am totally disgusted.

I forwarded the link to Senator Specter, Casey and my congressman, Charlie Dent. I also placed phone calls to Casey's DC office, and Charlie Dent's Bethlehem office and left them messages about the video and to keep an eye out for the link.

I am troubled by this on several levels.


Second, did you notice how many students sat watching - and did nothing to help Andrew?

Third, did you hear Andrew trying to assert his rights to free speech and civil rights - and the campus police completely ignored him?

This is such a flagrant abuse of power that it is remarkable that this has not caused the outrage that EVERY American should feel.

Thanks for keeping me in the loop.


>I was pretty damned horrified myself when I say this on the news last week. I agree with you about Kerry. I didn't think as poorly of him until I heard he did NOTHING to stop security in this situation. I was more disgusted by him than I was of the idiot security people.


>Good video. You can see that this young man was just passionate about the subject and his probing questions. He was no threat to anyone. He might have been a bit rude.....but is that a crime?

>It seems like asking any thorough or tough questions is grounds for police to take action against you.

>I wonder if you can do this with your website and video on the web. Can you create a link and do a poll, asking people to vote if they think this is an over-bearing action by the Police and Gov't. I believe in democracy and it would be interesting to see this kind of vote.

>James, You got snooked here. This thing was a set up. This guy was putting on an act, doing all he could to get his Utube video.

So what. Kerry and the mainstream media pull stunts all the time. If this is what you need to do to get attention on network TV, then give me more of it.

>An idiot could see this just from watching the tape.

Depends on what tape.

>A little digging into his background showed he is a prankster who has been setting up stuff to shoot for Utube. It's an attention getting thing with him, not unusual at his age. He would not leave the mic

Actually, what I saw, after watching three or four different tapes from different angles, was him leaving the mic after he had asked his Skull & Bones questions. THEN the goon grabbed him, AFTER she took a cue off to her left. It's all on tape.

>because he knew the cops would eventually come and then he could fight with them, which he did.

That theory doesn't hold water because he left the mic BEFORE they accosted him.

>And Mr. Meyer may have had a predisposition to 'play the victim'.

I doubt it. I think you have actually been snookered in believing this homogenized version of what happened.

>Mostly left out of the press coverage is his telling the cops 'I know you are only doing your jobs'.

And what does that prove? Nothing. It only shows that Meyer was no threat and the cops were overreacting and violating his constitutional rights.

>The knee jerk reaction here from the media and liberals

This is not a knee-jerk reaction. I originally believed O'Reilly's version of this until I studied it more closely and realized what happened. As a professional film editor for over 30 years, I can spot things the average person is clueless about. Maybe Meyer was playing for his camera, but it's evident to me that he did not expect or want to be handcuffed or tased. This activity is a physiognomy of the Patriot Act era we are now living in.

> was the same kind of lynching job done in the Duke bogus rape case. There have been no apologies from that community at Duke. They prefer to pretend it all never happened can they did not participant in a modern lynching.

Nevertheless, if the cops and Kerry weren't in on this "set-up" then it still demonstrates to the public how tyrannical the police have become and the public MUST reign them back in.

>In my many years of watching this stuff I have found the left and the right to have their blind spots when they have 'an acceptable victim' in their sites. You can learn something here that will make you a better activist. But it all starts with wanting I said above...when you have an acceptable victim in your sites, requires giving that up.




Dear God in heaven...

Thanks for sending this, James. I hadn't heard about this (Meyer) incident, and it's appalling.



>What he did is resist their ending his little charade. The microphones in these deals are for asking questions...not for grandstanders. When they come and demonstrate there are they to take advantage of the audience by hijacking the event they are walked away by security after a short show. You can watch all kinds of footage on this over the years.

This was not a humiliation but a staged event and Meyer got what he wanted. He struggled and refused to go, created a good audio track for his scam, knowing that his continued struggling would bring the taser out. That is what it is for.

Your display of that of a baby. Meyer is home talking to all his friends on the phone how he scammed the system with his prank.

With all the important issues we have facing us why are you fixated on this scam? Is it because you are afraid to take on real issues? I find phony jihadists all over the Net wasting people's time...on the left and the right on their petty issues...always trying to get some attention by piggybacking some silly event.

Grow up. Life is short. There are serious problems that are drifting because they don't get enough attention.


Hi James,

The serious claim by this student which brought the Police against him was his question about the "Skull & Bones" society. He was asking Kerry if he belonged to this secret society, of which the Bush family belongs to. It seemed the very second the words come out of his mouth....the Police jumped him.

Do you know of it and the connections to the Mason's.....who are in theory connected to the Money Masters - International Bankers? I've heard this theory many times in recent years. Do you think it has substance?

Shane :)

A politican can choose to not answer a question, but the fact a senator does not like a question does not give the police the right to jump on somebody!

Way to go, Jim!

You insist on spewing your impotent filth into my in box despite repeated requests to stop. Get a fucking life and stop bothering people numb-nuts.

For the final time, Please take me off your fascist right-wing limp-dick whiny white guy rant list.

They jumped him after Kerry said you crossed the line with the skull and crossbones questions.

But fair question I always said Kerry's mission was to reelect Bush! And almost anyone else would have defeated Bush.

Notice how Kerry acted like Lord on high who though the police were supposed to act like his own personal thugs!

21 September 2001

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