How They Should Be Allocated

by James Jaeger

With the understanding that all taxes are basically theft -- here are some theories on how WE THE PEOPLE can generate "fair" theft.

The U.S. Market is a $17 trillion market. Americans buy $17 trillion dollars worth of products and services every year. If the products are made in the USA, the money stays here in the USA. If we buy products made in Mexico and China, the money goes to Mexico or China. In the first scenario, Americans generate wealth. In the second scenario Americans spend wealth and eventually become poor. The Globalists -- lead by the Mainstream Media and the rogues in DC -- have been leading WE THE PEOPLE to the poorhouse over the past 30 years using the later scenario.

It's called globalization. Globalization and fiat currency are the reasons 1% of the people now own over 50% of the wealth.

Though it's a step in the right direction for Trump to place a 35% tariff on Carrier AC if they try to sell their products back into the U.S. Market, all of the other companies that have defected to other countries to feather their corporate nests should also be taxed. They, in fact, should be taxed in accordance with the damage they have done to the American middle class and the U.S. manufacturing base. This would boil down to three classes of companies:

1) Companies that moved out of the U.S. a long time ago.

2) Companies that are moving out now.

3) Companies that have never operated in the U.S.

Companies 1, 2 and 3 should be taxed differently.

Companies that are moving out now should be punished with a stiff tariff levied on any products they try to sell back into the U.S. Market. The tariff should be stiff because the results of 30 years are now in. We all know how the Middle Class has been damaged and how their move will cause yet more unemployment and more serious damage to the U.S. manufacturing base. There should be consequences for a company that moves away to "increase stockholder value."

Companies that moved out of the U.S. a long time ago may not have been aware of the damage their move would do to the U.S. economy and manufacturing base so they should only be punished in accordance with the length of time they have been out of the country. If they have been out of the country for 26 years, they should have a 26% tariff placed on their products entering the U.S. Market. If they have been out of the country for 5 years, they should have a 5% tariff placed on their products entering the U.S. Market The tariff should fit the destruction they have caused the U.S manufacturing base. Feel this is harsh? Well look at all the money their executives and stockholders have garnered by slashing employment costs by as much as 90% and then selling back into the $17 trillion U.S. Market. While they were getting rich -- with CEO salaries over 600 times the lowest paid employee -- millions of Americans were going into poverty.

Companies that have never operated in the U.S., but who wish to sell into the U.S. Market, should obviously not be punished, as in the above cases. Such companies, however, should be taxed in accordance with a general tariff. While the U.S. manufacturing base is healing and the American People are getting back on their feet, we should all take Alexander Hamilton's advice: 'erect trade barriers around the nation so that it can recuperate and grow strong again.'

A "general tariff" should thus be placed on ALL goods entering the U.S. Market. This is the "cover charge" to enter the dance. This tariff should start out modestly -- somewhere around 2% -- and slowly increased each year. At the same time the corporate income tax should be lowered each year the tariff is increased. If the tariff is 2%, the corporate income tax should be lowered from 35% to 33%. Then, when the tariff is 6%, the corporate income tax should be lowered from 33% to 29%.


The idea is to originate and keep businesses in America and create a business environment where technology and innovation can flourish. The idea is to discourage imports that CAN be made here in the USA. The idea of an "interdependent" world, where pieces of products are made in countries all over and shipped with expensive, environment-polluting oil to distant corners of the globe is totally and completely INSANE. Only an elite of greedy, mercenary Globalists could possibly think up an economic abortion like "globalization" or what's called "free trade."

As income from a decreasing U.S. corporate tax falls off, income from the general tariff will increase, eventually providing revenue-neutrality.

The tax changes should be lead by the tariff rates. Specifically, as the general tariff is increased, and the corporate tax decreased by the same amount, we should see the trade deficit reduce -- hopefully to zero. We want NO deficit. We want a balance of trade: the U.S. buying no more than what it is selling to the rest of the world. When the trade deficit hits zero, the corresponding corporate tax will probably be somewhere between 0 and 15%. Since corporations are not people, and only people should be taxed, it's totally okay if the corporate tax decreases to zero. Get that Lefties?

What ever the numbers become, we should see business start to flourish and prosper in the United States. A more favorable business environment will encourage many new start ups and the Benedict-Arnold companies that fled will probably want to return. We should not let them return unless they pay another penalty for their flagrant, treasonous behavior to Americans.

While the tariff is slowly going up, and the corporate tax and deficit are slowly going down, as many regulations and laws as possible should be REMOVED from the books.

A system of laws and regulations that suppresses business activity -- no matter how "wise" such seems -- is ultimately damaging to society. There should always be no more regulations or "laws" than the absolute minimum required to cause increasing vital statistics. And the stats must drive the economic condition towards some agreed upon idea scene. This is how one can steer the economy with mathematics, not opinions, politics or "gut" reactions.

Trump has suggested that for every new regulation, two regulations are cancelled. This is a good philosophy for those who don't want infinite government. The federal, state and local governments have imposed WAY too many laws and regulations on WE THE PEOPLE. The very definition of a police state is endless laws and regulations, little or no freedom and liberty. Just as Lord Acton warned us about power for individuals -- that ultimate power corrupts ultimately -- the same adage could be applied to the state and its laws and regulations. Therefore, many, arguably all, laws and regulations should be written with automatic sunset clauses. If a law or regulation turns out to be useful or vital to society, it will be renewed as appropriate. If it doesn't, no one will miss it when it's gone.

The United States has been wounded by corporate fascists on the right and cultural Marxists on the left. We need to heal and repair the country. We cannot go on with business-as-usual allowing a hot U.S. economy to be destroyed by the colder economies of the rest of the world. Anyone who understands how the "Second Law of Thermodynamics" works knows what I mean.

Specifically, the Second Law of Thermodynamics states that heat always flows from a hotter body to a colder body. Heat will never spontaneously flow from a lower temperature body to a higher temperature body. The United States is a high energy, hence hot, economy. Globalization has exploited this potential difference to jump start the rest of the world so the Fareed Zakaria-type apologists and neocons can usurp international power. It has done this by enabling the Second Law of Thermodynamics to turn America from a hot, energetic country into a cold, dying country. This is why we need to make America Great again through prudent economic policies and actions -- especially our tariffs, corporate taxes and regulations. This is why the TRUMP MOVEMENT -- a continuation of the RON PAUL REVOLUTION, is so important.

Originated: 06 December 2016
Supplemented: 28 January 2018

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