America Haters: Take Note
by James Jaeger

With regard to the video posted on the net whereby some interpret RON PAUL as saying that 9-11 was a false-flag op (video at ), this is a false interpretation. In no way is Ron Paul stating that he feels 9-11 WAS a cover-up or that the U.S. government in any way participated in this, or that it stood down or that this was a false flag op.

Dr. Paul is saying that HE NEVER AUTOMATICALLY TRUSTS ANY GOVERNMENT INVESTIGATION. One should not AUTOMATICALLY trust ANY investigation, whether gov, corporate or sex-scandal. Dr. Paul is simply stating that he would be FOR another investigation. Many would be FOR this as well for David Griffin, in his book, DOES make the case that there ARE unanswered questions -- but, that said, there are ALWAYS unanswered questions in ANY subject known to Mankind. Look at all the "unanswered" questions on the UFO thing, yet UFOs -- meaning extraterrestrial alien space craft -- are simply NOT here (and people who think they ARE, are not very well studied in astrophysics or astronomy. You know science, that study that ushered in the microwave oven, cell phone and MOS chip).

What this boils down to is this: there are people out there that HATE America SO much -- that hate the government because it taxes them or because they had a loved-one killed in a war they disagree with -- they hate America so much they WANT 9-11 to be a cover-up, a false flag operation. They pray and beg for this to be true. And they do this because they hate their government -- indeed they most likely hate ALL governments -- and they want everyone to hate such things and go along with them. Haters do not want to be lonely.

The truth about 9-11 lies somewhere in-between.

Indeed, the U.S. government HAS wandered from the path established and recommended by the Founders. But the remedy for that is NOT to hate it, not to accuse it of horrible crimes like 9-11. The remedy is to take responsibility for this as a citizen. For it was YOU as a citizen that failed to persistently be vigilant over the past 30 years. It was YOU as a citizen that failed to vote. It was YOU as a citizen that failed to study the Constitution. It was YOU as a citizen that failed to monitor the actions and deeds of your representatives in Congress. It was YOU as a citizen that has gone into debt. It was YOU as a citizen that allowed the government to go into debt. It was YOU as a citizen that failed to understand the implications of the establishment of a fiat monetary system. It was YOU as a citizen that wanted that a cheap 42-inch LCD TV and cheaper DVD player even though it was being made by children and/or Chinese slave labor. It was you that preferred to be out "social drinking" two or four days of each week rather than home studying the sober issues of the day. And now, after YOU have failed as a citizen in all these ways -- YOU want to blame the U.S. GOVERNMENT for every imaginable crime and atrocity that happens to "your" country. You should be ashamed, IF any of this applies to YOU!

In many ways it is the AMERICAN CITIZENS that should be investigated by a 9-11 COMMITTEE. The investigation should start with such questions as:

  • Where were YOU when such and such legislation was being passed?
  • How many hours of prep and study did YOU put into each presidential candidate before you voted?
  • How many products have YOU purchased from China vs. products made in America by your fellow citizens?
  • How many times have YOU actually sat down and read the U.S. Constitution?
  • How much time do YOU put into the study of science, math and technology?
  • How many beers or glasses of wine do YOU drink per week?
  • How often do YOU take/abuse illegal drugs or "legal" pharmaceuticals?
  • How do YOU treat your wife, children, parents and siblings?
  • What have YOU done to preserve the Middle Class?
  • What have YOU done to help prevent war, disease and poverty?

    In short, the U.S. government has a lot of problems because YOU weren't there doing YOUR job as a citizen. It has now been taken over by lobby groups because YOU weren't there. It needs to be nudged back into a Constitutional direction by YOU.

    The corporate and lobby elements that have taken YOUR place in directing the U.S. government need to be removed from positions of influence YOU as a citizen need to resume your Constitutional duties.

    The elements that have taken over your government operate mostly in PLAIN sight.

    They are not deep dark entities hiding in conspiracies.

    They are in plain sight. These elements are the NEOCONS, the CFR, the WTF, the UN, IMF, the WORLD BANK, the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, the AIPAC, CULTURAL MARXISTS, CORPORATE PLUTOCRATS, SOCIALISTS, and the CORPORATE MEDIA. In other words, almost all the institutions and ideologies being pushed by the Democrats and the Republicans. THESE are the proper elements to address in order to get this country back to a REPUBLIC and in order to reinstate YOUR Constitutional authority as a citizen. People who misdirect the public's attention into extreme conspiracies, cover-ups and false-flag ops are doing a serious disservice to the cause of truth because they are attempting to take the focus off the actual CAUSES of the problem.

    If you do not hear the DAVID GRIFFINs and JERRY DAYs of the world complaining with EQUAL fervor about the NEOCONS, the CFR, the WTF, the UN, IMF, the WORLD BANK, the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, the AIPAC, CULTURAL MARXISTS, CORPORATE PLUTOCRATS, SOCIALISTS, and the CORPORATE MEDIA -- THEN you can be assured these people are attempting to take the focus off the actual CAUSES of the problem. Some of them may, in fact, be (trained) agent provocateurs who:

    A. Generate hate against America;
    B. Work to misdirect resources;
    C. Obfuscate or protect the real culprits.

    The path to correcting this nation's problems lies NOT in charging after political- or hate-motivated conspiracy theories, but in CONFRONTING the very present and very powerful political/economic entities that have been molding the future IN PLAIN SIGHT. I have listed some of these entities above. A review of a year's subscription of FOREIGN AFFAIRS magazine will reveal additional entities and the overall game plan of the so-called Globalists. Such a game-plan in no way needs or relies on a bunch of Saudis flying jets into our buildings. The very idea that the U.S. government would use, influence or allow SAUDIS to destroy our buildings and thus bring ATTENTION to the sweetheart, oil-for-protection deal the U.S. Government and Saudi Kingdom have enjoyed for decades shows that people who advocate the so-called 9-11 conspiracy theory have little or no realistic worldview.

    In summary, 9-11 was no U.S. Government inside deal. 9-11 may have been an "inside" deal between the multinational corporations that fund the Globalist agenda and who are working to destroy the United States and/or unify it with Canada and Mexico (the "North American Partnership"), but I repeat, it was NOT your government in general that participated in, or made possible, 9-11. That's as silly as UFOs.

    23 August 2008

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