Avoid the Stock Market
by James Jaeger

In contemplating the recent stock market meltdown it occurs to me that this is essentially blowback against the corporatocracy (its major stockholders and over-paid managers).

If so, why should people across the U.S. and world, (re)invest in the securities of multinational corporations that have advanced the fruits of NAFTA, globalization and unbridled capitalism, such fruits being:

  • out-sourcing,
  • down-sizing,
  • rampant illegal immigration
  • mass lay offs,
  • unemployment,
  • wage cuts,
  • inferior products,
  • loss of manufacturing base,
  • massive consumer credit card debt,
  • loss of purchasing power,
  • exported inflation,
  • sky-rocketing oil prices,
  • outrageous executive compensation,
  • unprecedented wealth disparity,
  • unprecedented national debt,
  • unprecedented trade deficits,
  • two wars,
  • disintegration of the Family unit,
  • erosion of the middle class,
  • attack on free-enterprise capitalism,
  • global warming,
  • terrorism,
  • CLINTON & BUSH Administrations,
  • expansion of the Federal Reserve System (See FIAT EMPIRE for details).

    Why should WE THE PEOPLE support WE THE CORPORATIONS when these corporations have hijacked our elected officials, run rough-shod over our Constitution and do little else than seek stockholder value and world domination?

    I say stay away from all publicly-traded stocks. Invest only in the stocks and equity offered by your family, friends and associates who are starting or running their own home-grown businesses that will buy and sell American. Do NOT invest in multinational corporations, especially corporations that make products in places like China and then sell them here in the U.S. in places like Wal-Marts. Sell all such stocks even if you will take a beating. Encourage your friends to do same.

    Do not keep your money in Federal Reserve Member Banks. About half the nation's banks are independent state banks, thus there are about 8,000 nonFed-member banks out there. This should not be confused with FDIC insured banks as these nonFed-member banks can be FDIC insured just as Fed-member banks, but nonFed-member banks may be safer because they tend to avoid the leverage and risk the big money-center Wall Street Fed-member banks engage in.

    If you have lost money in the stock market, I do sympathize with you as so have I. But the way I look at it, we are suffering because we were stupid and/or greedy to invest in these companies because we failed to listen to our conscience, heed our traditional values and be loyal to the principles in our Constitution. We are now paying the price, but one of the ways we can feel better about this price is to make the multinationals and NAFTA-infested mentalities foot some of that bill as well.

    This meltdown is more proof to me that God is a just God and/or that the meek just might inherit the Earth -- as it is written.

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    15 February 2009

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