by James Jaeger

Why is it that certain mentalities just don't get it?

Why are some people so OBTUSE, you have to question whether they are even alive?

Have you ever seen these types? Have you ever watched their pink little lips robotically spew out words that they have no idea what they're saying?

This is the SPOILER mentality in action -- a mentality that was PROGRAMMED into voters by decades of mainstream TV. A mentality spawned into their brains like a virus from an alien planet in the x-ray galaxy, Cygnus-1.


In a sentence, the "spoiler mentality" is a defeatist mentality. It's the mentality of "we can't win, so let's cut our losses." It's the mentality of the quitter, the coward, the loser.

So the next time you hear a Sara Palin on FAUX NEWS say . . . "Oh I don't think it would be a very good idea if Ron Paul ran on a third party because then Obama would get back in." Or you hear a glaze-eyed pundit on DYLAN RATIGAN robotically spew: "If Ron Paul were to run on a third party he would make it very hard for his son to advance in the Senate" . . . know this, these people are quitters, cowards and losers.

Yes, folks, I hate to break it to you, but most of the pundits and political "experts" on MSNBC, CNN, CNBC and FAUX NEWS are quitters, cowards and losers -- and those worlds are giving them a break, because I'm assuming that they are quitters, cowards and loser only because they're brain-dead or stupid.

BUT many pundits and political "experts" are NOT brain-dead or stupid. These are conniving, treasonous and suppressive. These people embrace the SPOILER MENTALITY because they are strategically terrified that if a Ron Paul were to get into power, their entire fiat empire would crumble.

What is a fiat empire? It's an empire built on money printed out of thin air, fiat money. Money rammed down our throats by government fiat, or degree. Money that's not backed by gold or silver, but "backed" by debt. Fiat money is "money" that pays the salaries and fees of the quitters, cowards, losers, traitors and suppressives who are conniving to undermine the Constitution of the United States AND the original intent of the Founders. See www.OriginalIntent.Us

This human cancer that works in the mainstream media is an enemy of the WE THE PEOPLE. They are enemies of WE THE PEOPLE because they work for a media that's no longer an unbiased advocate of truth, but a propaganda arm of a government now being assembled in Washington DC that's less and less responsive to WE THE PEOPLE and more and more totalitarian.

Ron Paul -- and any third party candidate -- threaten this fiat empire now being built, not only in Washington, but all over the globalized, "free" trade world. Thus, when Ron Paul says we do not need to have 900 military bases in 130 countries all over the world, he is the ENEMY to them. Ron Paul is an enemy to the people who are attempting to build a FIAT EMPIRE. He's an enemy because he has vowed to audit and terminate the Federal Reserve System, the source of fiat empire's power, the source of the "Liberal World Order's financing. In other words:

The money the SPOILER MENTALITY uses to purchase congressmen.

The money the SPOILER MENTALITY uses to start undeclared wars.

The money the SPOILER MENTALITY uses to redistribute wealth.

The money the SPOILER MENTALITY uses to ram through anti-Constitutional legislation like NAFTA and the PATRIOT Act.

The money the SPOILER MENTALITY uses to build world government, a FIAT EMPIRE. See

So the next time you hear a pundit or political "expert" say -- "Oh Ron Paul won't go third party because he wants to reform the Republican Party and make sure that a Democrat doesn't get in" -- you know that this person is so misguided there are almost no words to describe them, other than quitters, cowards, losers, traitors and suppressives who are conniving to undermine the U.S. Constitution.

The SPOILER MENTALITY has been thoroughly indoctrinated in the idea that, if you vote for a third party you will "spoil" the chances for YOUR entrenched, stinky old party to win because the new, shinny, better third party will take votes away from your stinky old rotten-cheese party. And you like rotten cheese.

This rationale -- the concept of a "spoiler" -- was created by strategists in the DemoPublican Establishment as a "political weapon of mass destruction" so these parties can monopolize power by batting it back and forth, to JUST themselves, ever 4 to 8 years. So suckers in the American electorate are doing little more than watching a political ping-pong game all these decades.

Specifically, here's what bird brains who buy the "spoiler" line are missing: they assume that there is something to spoil. This assumption is based on the idea that either the Democrats are better, OR the Republicans (aka the "GOP") are better. This presupposes that the Democrats and the Republicans are fundamentally DIFFERENT as political entities. And YES they are different, the Democrats ARE better on some issues and the Republicans ARE better on other issues.

The Democrats generally have more sympathy for workers and the poor, whereas the Republicans generally have more sympathy for business and the rich. So if you're a poor workingman, you will be foaming at the mouth for your Democrat candidate. And if you're a middle- or upper-class businessman, you will be foaming at the mouth for your Republican candidate. Okay, I can see this. It seems like a valid vote-allocation on the surface, but allow me to ask you to look at a bigger picture, a picture that will eventually affect you whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, OR an American who, deep down, believes in the fundamental principles set forth in the Constitution. That picture is the SIZE of your government. Ask yourself, do you still have a "limited" government? Do you still have as much FREEDOM as you want or should have? Do you really have representation in the current government?

Consider this: under the watch of BOTH the Democrats and the Republicans -- over the past 98 years -- the SIZE of the federal and state governments have relentlessly grown far faster than the nation, or even its Gross NATIONAL Product. This is so bad, they have even changed the term to Gross DOMESTIC Product to make it less obvious and to better accommodate multi-nationals' economic treason.

Not only has the SIZE and COST of government drastically grown, so has the national debt generated BY this government. When Ross Perot was running as a third party candidate in 1992, he warned us that the national debt was getting out of control. That was when the national debt was $4 trillion. The national debt is now over $15 trillion and it's growing at a rate of a trillion dollars per year. The national debt is now so out of control, it's like a runaway freight train steaming down the side of a mountain into YOUR town.

When it hits, the differences you think are important between the Democrats and the Republicans will shrink to insignificance.


When that 15 trillion ton freight train hits your town, your house, your car and your loved ones, you will fully understand what I mean when I call SPOILER MENTALITIES quitters, cowards, losers, traitors and suppressives who are conniving to undermine the U.S. Constitution.

You will then get it. But why "get it" while standing in a pile of rubble that used to be the United States of America? Why not get it now? Sooner?

Why not get RID of the SPOILER MENTALITY and take a look at the facts.

Here are the facts: A THIRD POLITICAL PARTY COULD WIN. See the movie, "SPOILER - How a Third Political Party Could Win" at if you don't like reading those words. Right now, spoiler-challenged Americans are divided into three political persuasions roughly as follows:

1) Republicans (26%)

2) Independents (38%)

3) Democrats (36%)

But here's what's funny:

Most people think the Independents are "undecided voters who could swing to EITHER the Democrats or the Republicans depending on their conscience." These "independent" voters are "more interested in the truth than in what political party the candidate happens to come from."

Yap, yap, yap. This is how the mainstream media portrays the "Independent" voters, the majority of the voters now in the nation. But here's the reality that the MEDIA and SPOILER MENTALITY isn't mentioning, a reality that must be terrifying to the FIAT EMPIRE Establishment.

The "Independent" voters are actually undecided Democrats and Republicans who could swing back to their home party OR to a THIRD PARTY.

In other words, the major choice for a DEMOCRAT-turned-Independent is NOT whether he will jump over to the Republican Party to find "truth," but whether he will abandon the Republicans all together and go with a THIRD PARTY!

Likewise, the major choice for a REPUBLICAN-turned-Independent is NOT whether he will jump over to the Democratic Party to find "truth," but whether he will abandon the Democrats all together and go with a THIRD PARTY!

Again, this is the horrifying reality behind the INDEPENDENT MOVEMENT, a reality the SPOILER MENTALITY can't even utter because if they DID millions would realize that A THIRD POLITICAL PARTY COULD WIN. Yes folks, for the first time in almost 100 years, the deep heart of America is tending towards the LIBERTARIAN philosophy of smaller, responsive government that provides protection and fiscal responsibility based upon the U.S. Constitution and traditional values.

And here's how easy it would be, in this unique time in history, for a libertarian-conservative to win as a third party candidate on Constitutional principles:

If Ron Paul were to drop out of the Republican Party in the event it didn't look like he was going to GET -- or they were going to GIVE -- him the GOP nomination, he could take at least 12% of the Republican voters with him; pick up at least 15% of the Independent voters; and garner at least 11% of the Democrat's votes. This would give him 38% of the vote, enough to win in a 3-man election (i.e., Democrat - Third Party - Republican).

But if Ron Paul doesn't want to mount a third party effort -- if he would rather try and reform the Republican Party -- that's great, more power to him. Why build a new shinny party if the old rotten one can be fixed. I am actually on board with that idea, in theory. BUT, I also would like to see a firm deadline set for when the GOP is deemed to have been "reformed." AND, I would like to see some firm and pre-determined stats set forth so we have an objective measurement OF that reform, if any. So, not expecting anyone else to do this, I hereby proffer some stats that Ron Paul -- and any future Libertarian-Conservative candidate -- could use to determine if the Republican party is reforming OR if it's FINALLY, FINALLY time for a third party:

01) The national debt DECREASES by 5 or 10 percent per year;

02) The Federal Reserve System is audited and tamed or abolished;

03) The Congress enacts term-limits;

04) The PATRIOT Act and NAFTA are rescinded;

05) Since unions and corporations are NOT people, they are forbid from donating to elections;

06) Since corporations are NOT people, they are charged NO taxes;

07) The U.S. drops out of NATO, the UN, the WTO and stops funding the IMF;

08) Gold and silver coins are permitted to circulate, tax free, as legal tender;

09) A Constitutional militia is revitalized in at least 17 states;

10) The minimum wage is abolished;

11) The U.S. imposes tariffs to sell into our $15 trillion market;

12) A uniform flat tax of no more than 7% replaces ALL progressive taxes on ALL;

13) The U.S. lands 4 men on Mars and returns them safely to Earth;

14) The War of Terror and the War on Drugs are terminated;

15) Obamacare and mandatory auto insurance are abolished;

16) Illegal immigration is terminated;

17) At least half of the 900 U.S. military bases are defunded and closed;

18) The 17th Amendment is rescinded;

19) The Commerce Clause is reigned in;

20) No war is acknowledged unless authorized as a specific act of Congress.


In the meantime, if all you SPOILER MENTALITIES want to have FUN tossing around this "political weapon of mass destruction" -- keep in mind the 15 trillion ton freight train that's headed right for your living room, where you sit, watching quitters, cowards, losers, traitors and suppressives on mainstream TV, all conniving to undermine the very document your freedom and life-style depend on -- the U.S. Constitution. If you don't want to have this kind of FUN, I strongly suggest you elect a "spoiler" the next time you hit the voting booth.

02 January 2012

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