More Corporate Policies from the Spam Nazis

by James Jaeger

I recently went to MAIL CHIMP and found that they too are spam Nazis -- just like CONSTANT CONTACT.(1) Here's why:

MAIL CHIMP – supposedly your friendly free market competitor -- requires an "opt-In Process" just like CONSTANT CONTACT even though the CAN-SPAM Act does not cite "unsolicited" emailing as being illegal. In fact, the CAN-SPAM Act does not even mention the world "spam" in the body of the text at all. Thus so-called anti-Spam "laws" are not only unconstitutional, they are being shown as yet another way larger corporations are suppressing competition from smaller business and start up companies.

This is also one of the primary reasons America is NOT great any more. Only the large corporations – entities owned and controlled to no small extent by 1 Percenters -- can survive and prosper.

Corporate fascists -- these owners and controllers -- have been able to lobby Congress and purchase selected congressmen who have re-configured the "laws" pertaining to mass communications in this country. Only large established corporations, and their Mainstream Media accomplices, are able to mass communicate or mass disseminate in the new Fascist America.

And one of the ways they do this is by suppressing what's known as "cold calls". By re-classifying the age-old sales technique known as "cold call sales" -- also known as "door-to-door sales" -- as nefarious "unsolicited emailing," they have eventually been able to vilify as “spam” any mass communications that clients of the Hollywood movie studios or the New York advertising media deem as competition.

A test. Do you think "spam" is bad? Well if you do, you have been brainwashed. You have bought into yet more of the politically correct, Marxist-indoctrination from the mainstream movie and TV worlds. People who think "spam" is bad also think Girl Scouts and screenplays are bad. After all their cookies are "spam" and “spam” is bad. Screenplays in Hollywood are considered spam as well because they have new and unauthorized ideas in them, ideas that violate the interests, values, biases and prejudices of the control group. Good God, what if a screenplay were to be accidentally green-lit by a Hollywood studio and it helped make America great again! The liberal, secular Nazis that now run Hollywood would have a meltdown. And what about emails? These deadly instruments of mass communication have to be limited and regulated most of all. Who knows WHAT unauthorized idea could be in an email -- perhaps an idea or product that could help America’s 30 million small business. In the eyes of the spam Nazi, such unsolicited communication must be terminated.

But the legal facts are: under the precepts of Constitutional free speech, no one has to get permission to communicate to another person. No one has to get permission to sell to another person. I do not have to ASK you if I can offer you one of my cookies or screenplays. I do not have to get your permission to "solicit" you. Or email you. In America everyone is free to communicate, email and solicit everyone else with or without getting “authorization” from some person, agent, corporation, movie studio or the state. In America everyone is free to sell, pitch and communicate with every one else. Even studio executives and companies like CONSTANT CONTACT and MAIL CHIMP are not above Constitutional law.

Only in Hollywood and New York -- where movie studios and TV networks run rampant with Marxist control groups hell-bent on making America socialist -- is free communication forbid. Only at these places -- and places where they have spread their disease, like schools and universities -- does one have to get authorization in order to communicate or sell something. Only at these places are writers and Girl Scouts labeled "spammers" or purveyors of "unsolicited" communications.


The Hollywood movie studios fostered, if not started, the idea of "unsolicited" screenplays several decades ago. They did this because the control group which "runs" the studios hates new, creative acting and writing talent. They say it’s “for legal purposes” that they can’t accept “unsolicited” screenplays and other communications but the real reason is so the Picture Gnomes can facilitate discrimination. Thus only the same 5,283 Guild morlocks that are already working in the Hollywood Dynasty may act, work or, God-forbid, solicit a screenplay. Only these "insiders" are THE "authorized" -- all else are the UN- authorized, the UN-solicited and THEIR product and services considered "spam."

Yes Hollywood lawyers and executives gave birth to wide-spread anti-solicitation mentalities which later evolved the idea of "spam" and so-called "free speech zones". The entire concept of "spam" is but another twisted application of "free speech zones" for INSIDERS and “solicited speech zones” for the REST. Given these observable infringements, it's not a very big leap to predict that the same mentality gave birth to abortions like "gun-free zones" and "stop-and-frisk." The idea being that God, nor the Constitution, control or acknowledge ANY of our Inalienable Rights. Our Rights are controlled and acknowledged only by Hollywood, its police state and the standing army of lobbyists that pay off our elected representatives through corporate campaign contributions.

All of this is illegal under the First Amendment and in restraint of trade. If Americans truly want to make the country great again, we need to toss out and vote out the Marxists and fascists that have taken over Hollywood, the mass communication centers, corporate America, academia and even the clergy.

“Spam” policies are but a manifestation of the disease that we are all suffering from: Hollywood and New York Mainstream Media indoctrination of WE THE PEOPLE into blindly accepting previously unimaginable anti-Christian, anti-Constitutional principles. So if the 40 million small businesses across the country are feeling a pinch -- maybe it’s time to wake up.


09 August 2016

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