by James Jaeger

Funny how the mainstream media has twisted the entire SONY Hack issue. The current headlines are "Sony Hackers Threaten 9/11 Attack on Movie Theaters That Screen 'THE INTERVIEW'"

Let's review, however, who was the initial aggressor.

This past year, SONY PICTURES has been in production on a comedy feature that threatens the life of a world leader. In an early trailer released around June 2014, the titles state: "James Franco and Seth Rogen will attempt to assassinate Kim Jong-Un." It's that blatant!

In a later trailer, what has been billed as the film's final trailer, one of the characters says: "You want us to kill the leader of North Korea?" and the CIA agent says, "Yes." This trailer did not mention Kim Jong-Un by name, so it's noteworthy that some executive at SONY woke up and realized that maybe THE INTERVIEW is not so funny.

Not only is this not a comedy, it's not an issue about First Amendment rights. SONY abused its First Amendment rights by, in essence, yelling fire in a movie theater, i.e., publicly threatening to assassinate a sitting world leader. Had North Korea made a movie threatening to assassinate Barrack Obama, all of Hollywood and Washington DC would immediately label it an act of terror. At the very least, it's an act of stupidity, because the world leader being threatened is the head of North Korea, a Communist country with nuclear weapons.

Not to defend Kim Jong-Un in general, but one needs to look at this specific situation from all points of view, including his. What assurance does Kim Jong-Un have that some "zealot" won't watch THE INTERVIEW and be inspired to assassinate him? Or what assurance does Kim Jong-Un have that high-flying jets will not someday drop DVD copies of this movie all over his country to undermine his authority? There are reports that indicate the later is exactly what Kim Jong-Un is worried about, and this may be what prompted him to allegedly hack SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT (SPE) in retaliation. Maybe history would show that it would be okay if someone actually did "take Kim Jong-Un out," as characters in the movie say, but for a nation that is supposed to represent "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," assassination should be an odious thought. Only those that condone "water boarding" and are apologists for torture would disagree with that statement.

In the last analysis, as JFK might have said, a U.S. company threatened a world leader with death and that world leader retaliated with a cyber attack and threats of terrorism on movie theaters. An eye for an eye, as studio executives at SONY PICTURES might say.

But the mainstream media -- true to form, ever lying, ever twisting and truncating the truth -- is, right now as I write, furiously obfuscating the history of the entire SONY Hack saga. And you can count on the fact that the trailers I have cited here will also be obfuscated and disappear off the Net in time.

The spin doctors, like Bill O'Reilly and Megan Kelly, are now making this issue all about how SONY is the victim. More victim mythology from the masters of victimization in Hollywood.

But the record of this author, if none else, will record that: SONY was the perpetrator. SONY attacked Kim Jong-Un with implied threats of death. SONY made the stupid mistake of financing this movie. SONY has not even had the decency to recant its stupid and unwise actions, actions that may even place into jeopardy the entire body of American people if this situation escalates.

And all this is particularly stupid when one considered that SONY is a Japanese corporation. Hello. Japan and Korea have a very nasty history with each other. For all we know Kim Jong-Un may assume that, if SONY -- a major MPAA studio/distributor with corporate headquarters in K?nan Minato, Tokyo, Japan -- puts out a movie that threatens his life -- even in jest -- maybe the Japanese Government is itself is involved. This is not the stuff of another PINEAPPLE EXPRESS movie.

So, at the very least, SONY owes Kim Jong-Un an apology. Japan owes North Korea assurance that it has no plans of aggression. And Kim Jong-Un needs to own up to the cyber attack and apologize for it as well as any threats he may have made towards moviegoers in theaters, IF he is guilty of either of these two actions. Then everyone needs to drop the entire matter and adopt a live and let live policy.

When idiots like Jimmy Kimmel throw gasoline on the fire with tweets that say things like "the decision by theatres to refuse to show THE INTERVIEW was an un-American act of cowardice that validates terrorist actions and sets a terrifying precedent" -- he is trying to justify SONY'S stupid and threatening acts.

Again, SONY -- a studio headquartered in Japan -- was the initial aggressor by making a movie that threatens -- by name -- the leader of a sovereign nation, North Korea.

Hollywood mouth-pieces, like Alan Dershowitz, do not get to claim free speech has been violated when the "free speech" was arguably a terrorist threat in the guise of a "comedy" movie made by a major corporation headquartered in a country that was once a mortal enemy.

Threatening to assassinate any world leader, or any person, whether in jest, in movie or in any other way is a serious act. North Korea is simply defending itself and standing up for its honor, if not its rights. Just because many in the West detest North Korea, and even Kim Jong-Un himself, Americans have no moral standing when we do things to others that we would not want done to ourselves. Since this is Christmas, the birthday-celebration of Jesus Christ, should not all Americans, at the very least, acknowledge the Biblical advice to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"?

Originated: 19 December 2014

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