Communication: the Universal Solvent
by James Jaeger

The Net is full of idiots and geniuses. One should just ignore the idiots and communicate with the people who have something to say. Sure it's a little messy, but it's the only way one can connect up with "real" people and this is the only way we can avoid the really messy stuff -- like war.

Matrixx Entertainment is a virtual studio on the Net ( and it supports UNIVERSAL ISSUES(1) at where important issues are discussed, debated and serve as underling research for documentary films, features and TV programming. Since the mainstream media has thwarted this responsibility(2), it falls to smaller communications companies, such as MEC, to take up the slack(3). To this end we deal with many "politically incorrect" and unpopular subjects and we operate with as much transparency as possible. Thus there is really no such thing as a 'private communication with me' because, if it can be said to me, it should be something that can be related to others, especially those who are MEC stockholders, directors or associates. Therefore, let it be known that the condition under which I will communicate with anyone is the condition that I reserved the right to share such communications with anyone else I wish. Experience has shown me that it is better to widen the circle of communications rather than restrict it. (4)

I have been reading the dialog between J. Thorton and J. Clark, for instance, and applaud them both for engaging in it.(5) This constructive dialog would never have existed had these two not been "thrown together" by me. It has become apparent that both of them have something to offer and are proving that communication is indeed the universal solvent of conflict. When others see this, it gives them hope.

On this note, it's a shame most of our Congressmen and government officials consider themselves "above" written argument/debate with the so-called masses. Were they to change this attitude, roll up their shirtsleeves, and really lay their views on the line so that anyone could pop up and opine on such (IN WRITING), they would probably re-gain their respect as leaders.

James Jaeger


  1. Certain people, associated with MEC, also support FIRM, the Film Industry Reform Movement, at
  2. With the possible exception of Bill O'Reilly and his show, The Factor.
  3. See ITS THE MEDIA, STUPID, a book review at
  4. Given the recent evidence and acknowledgement that the Kennedy assassination was indeed a conspiracy AND a massive cover-up by elements in, or connected with, the U.S. government, citizens need to encourage officials to be more transparent instead of more inclined to pull the "national security" card.
  5. I also applaud the many other dialogs that are going on. ALL of these people are truth-seekers even though they often have quite differing POVs.

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