Light-speed Evidence of Ancestor-simulations?
by James Jaeger

Nick Bostrom, one of the contributors in the Big Thinkers section at, has written an intriguing article entitled "Are You Living In a Computer Simulation?" which can be accessed at

After reading this incredible article and thinking a little about the idea of whether we really COULD be living in an "ancestor-simulation" (as Dr. Bostrom terms it) I sort of crossed the whole possibility off . . . until I wondered about the velocity of light and the "fact" that nothing can travel faster than 186,000 miles per second.

Perhaps, in some way, we actually ARE in a simulation and this velocity cap is evidence. Maybe the velocity of light is the "clock speed" of the physical universe. Just as Buzz Lightyear could never throw a ball across the computer screen faster than the clock speed of the particular machine the game was being played on (i.e., paint pictures any faster than say 600 MHz), WE cannot throw a rocket across the physical universe any faster than a posthuman civilization's computing power can generate space-time events of our ancestor-simulation (i.e., paint events any faster than say 186,000 MHz).

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