Sick Fucks That Wage Wars
by James Jaeger

Validating Down-Stats:

People that fight wars are mentally-challenged, pathetic victims who think they are doing something "honorable" for their country by killing others in other countries.

No matter what "side" you are on by chance of birth, or what "country" you are fighting for -- you are a poor victim if you allow government-sanctioned murder, a.k.a. war, to justify your killing (addiction). OUR boys killing THEIR boys is thus a demented, sick activity no matter how one slices it.

Oh, all the "reasons" why "my little boy" went to kill "their little boys" are all "honorable" because the government insists that it should all be packaged this way (to ensure future recruitment), but when you get right down to it: people killing other people because their current gov asks them to is a) pathetic and b) immoral. There is NOTHING honorable about it no matter WHAT the so-called cause.

Governments create wars for the purpose of maintaining or expanding their power. Young boys, mostly the poor and ignorant (as Michael Moore pointed out in FARHRENHEIT 9/11) do the dirty work, often not out of "duty for their country" but simply to get a paycheck. "It was my job" is the phrase you hear them say time and time again in that film as well as in news clips and interviews. "I was just doing my job." Himmler and Goering used the same military-line. So, the "people" (better word might be "animals") that initiate, fight or supply the activity of war (with weapons or materials) are actually enemies of Mankind for without them, no matter the country, the world would be much farther along in its development. War may have served some purpose in the past -- but no longer today. People that participate or condone war are demented, sick fucks. People that engage in the manufacture and use of lethal of weapons are sick human beings. People that kill other people "in the line of duty" are duped victims of governments. Government employees (such as the President and the Secretary of Defense) that wage wars, are ignorant psychopaths that need help, after they are removed from power. Power is not the ability to wage war, to kill and destroy. Power is the ability to maintain a position and make things go right by using intelligence and reason. By solving problems relating to survival equitably. When government power is not used WISELY and GENTLY, it CAUSES wars which it "must" then fight. Power is a GENTLE thing, NOT a belligerent thing. People in government that do not know and practice the gentle use of power are the least qualified people to manage the resources of society through government. A government that resorts to squandering its power in the insanity of war is a government that has demonstrated that it does not have the intelligence or will to solve problems peacefully.

The dangerous meme that has engulfed human civilization that somehow war is an "honorable profession" and the boys that fight wars are to be applauded must be brought under control before the world is destroyed. There is nothing honorable about war or the boys that fight it for old men in back rooms.

A man who leaves his children to go fight a war for his country because he believes that his country will protect his family is a product of government indoctrination. If the government actually cared about its citizens it would find ways to solve conflicts without the need to ritualize mass-murder. War is nothing more than government-sanctioned mass-murder and the soldiers that participate in this activity are criminal felons. If a government actually cared about its citizens it would not dilute their money supply by the endless printing of fiat dollars. It would not covertly steal from its citizens by stealing their purchasing power and then misleading them by calling it "inflation." It would not then use such stolen money to buy up the services of young poor boys who don't even have fathers who care enough to warn them about the horrors and fraud of war-related military service. It would not use its power to start wars in order to maintain or expand its power in the name of "protecting the People" or so-called "security." It would not be derelict in its duties to the citizenry as far as energy policy.

Since the 1970s the U.S. gov has been acutely aware of our growing dependence on oil and the FACT that the United States hit peak oil in 1970 when Texas began to dry up. But instead of LEADING industry towards clean alternatives over the past 30 years, it has allowed itself to be bought and bribed by the fossil fuel lobby and the automobile lobby. Now that the ENTIRE WORLD is moving into PEAK OIL, the U.S. invades other people's countries, killing THEIR little boys, in order to BE IN A POSITION TO PREEMPT (steal) THEIR OIL. Anyone who engages in this pursuit along military lines is not honorable at all: but an abettor of genocide.

Global Warming is Real:

Even if U.S. soldiers murder and kill to secure all the oil in the Middle East, WE CAN'T ETHICALLY USE IT. We can't use it because over 2,000 mainstream scientists in 100 countries have confirmed that GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL. The carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere has been 280 parts per million for the past 10,000 years, but suddenly since the industrial revolution, it's risen to 379 parts per million. Many studies, such as the 1998 UN created Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have determined that there is a "discernable human influence" on climate. This influence is the burning of coal and oil, i.e. fossil fuels. The greenhouse effect, a manifestation of global warming, is causing the deep ocean warming; tundra thawing; glaciers to melt; infectious diseases to migrate; and the timing of the seasons to change. All of this from just 1 degree of warming over the past 100 years. The common consensus of scientists is that WE MUST LOWER USE OF FOSSIL FUELS BY 70% by 2018 or we're fucked.

Is it any wonder the rest of the world is pissed at us on several different levels? After abandoning the Kyoto Protocol, being 5% of the world's population yet pigging up 25% of the world's energy resources, the U.S. thugs its way into a foreign country, uses its boys to murder their boys and steals its oil so that it can make global warming even worse for the rest of the world.

Given the above, George Bush has duped all these poor, ignorant boys into fighting for nothing, as, neither Saddam Hussein or oil will matter in 2018. Fleeing from hurricanes, tornados, floods and endless droughts will be all that's on peoples' minds. The writing is on the wall. Property insurance companies lost $2 billion per year due to extreme weather in the 1980s; $12 billion a year in the 1990s (with $89 billion alone in 1998). At this rate, global warming from fossil fuel consumption will cause $150 billion a year within a decade and $300 billion a year in the next few decades. The entire economy of Earth will be bankrupt by the year 2065. Who then cares about Saddam, terrorists or confiscating oil?

Thus the U.S. government, in its TREASONOUS irresponsibility against the People, has pissed away the TRILLIONS of vital dollars needed to find clean alternative energy into WAR-related horseshit. Worse, if energy alternatives capable of providing at least 25 terawatts of power per year don't materialize in time (and then keep pace with a growing global civilization), global warming may wipe out all civilization as we know it. If this happens it will be the direct fault of the MENTALITY that has egged humanity on to fight and waste money over wars. These, people and their apologists, are the true enemies of Mankind and the true TERRORISTS. These sick fucks need to be reigned in and REMOVED from power, incarcerated and placed into mental institutions where their "justifications" of the "honor" of war will not further damage society. These people need to be handled and isolated from the people who wish to build civilization, not continually blow it apart in the name of "military service to my country."

Sick Fucks in Summary:

I don't disagree with the statement: "I think that this behavoir is genetically determined. Social groups with armed forces have a survival advantage." We have had wars and conflict for the entire human history. Some of those wars probably did more good than bad. All I'm saying is, at some point, the human race has to drop its obsession with war and lethal weapons development. To the degree we continue to "respect" and praise those involved in war and war-related industries, we will breed more of the same as "legitimate" ways to solve social, economic and political problems.

The people I call SICK (meaning mentally ill or insane minds) FUCKS (meaning people that breed and make more of the same by fucking) are as follows:

  1. Politicians and "leaders" that take countries to war;
  2. Soldiers and generals, etc., that actually do the government-sanctioned murder;
  3. People and companies that develop, manufacture and distribute lethal weapons.

Each one in 1 to 3 of above is a sick fuck for a different set of reasons.

In 1 above, the politicians are "sick fucks" because they are abusing the power they have been given by the people by taking the easy way: War and destruction. War and destruction are ALWAYS the easy way out. Solving problems rationally and fairly are the hard things. Also, they are sick fucks because they don't really care about the People, only their power. They steal money from the People by printing up endless fiat cash to wage wars and "pay off" their debts by kiting yet more debt - all this while they let the People's energy and health needs go to hell in a hand basket. All of these TRAITORS are truly sick fucks and should be removed from power, not supported.

In 2 above, the soldiers and generals are "sick fucks" because they are literally sick. Often times, being so poor there is no other job available, young boys enter the service just to make some money. The indoctrination of converting them into professional, government-sanctioned killers then makes them sick as they know, deep in their hearts, that killing is wrong no matter how it is "justified." After seeing combat many, of these victims are sick for the rest of their lives, overtly or covertly. Some, having become desensitized by the insanity and killing of war, are set loose on civil society to commit many of the heinous crimes reported in the media. These people are truly sick, yet many of them actually manage to fuck and multiply in dysfunctional homes. These "military families" then infect each new generation with the horrible disease they have contracted by requiring that each new generation "serve their country." It's as if the fathers who served are so mentally incapacitated by war they actually WANT their sons to go through the same suffering they did. This is known as co-dependency. All of these VICTIMS are truly sick fucks and should be pitied, not honored.

In 3 above, the people and companies that develop, manufacture and distribute lethal weapons are "sick fucks" because they abet the TRATORS and profit off the VICTIMS mentioned above. Spending your day inventing lethal weapons is something only sick fucks do. Spending your day manufacturing weapons that maim little boys is something only sick fucks do. Spending your day distributing weapons that reduce towns and people to rubble is something only sick fucks do. Then supplying these lethal weapons to governments that "pay" for them (by printing up fiat money) just so the government can stay in power to buy yet more lethal weapons for the next trumped up war, is a sick-fuck activity. These people and companies are sick in another way. They are sick in the sense that they are perverted. Perverted by money. They are the MONEY-MENTALITY. The MEAT-HEADS in SUITS. Thus their sickness is a perversion or desire to see people and things suffer and be destroyed. That they also destroy all in their path, makes them fucks because they "fuck up" things. All of these WEAPONS MERCHANTS are truly sick fucks and should be outlawed, not funded.

So, these are the reasons I feel we need to stop respecting and praising those involved in war and war-related industries otherwise we will be a civilization that is free to rise to greater heights.

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