The Key to Health and Longevity
by Hunter Williams

Here's one simple rule for living as long as you possibly can:


Why will this work? Because people that actually GET and HAVE sex must stay in physical and mental shape. If you are getting and having lots of sex, this means the opposite sex is VALIDATING you physically and mentally. And there is probably no more critical segment of human society than the opposite sex, especially when anonymous. Thus, to the degree you are physically and mentally VALID, you will live longer.

So if you want to die early, forget about youthful things, like sex, sports and activities. Do things like say home in predictable patterns, watch TV and tolerate sexually boring marriages and relationships. Your system will start to shut down year by year in increments hardly noticeable.

BUT, if you are always out there in the dating world, forcing yourself to confront the opposite sex, you will experience an endless set of physical and mental challenges. Beautiful women will say "no" but this rejection will goad you on to working out harder, eating less carbs/sugar, taking more/better vitamins. Then, as your health improves, your looks will improve. Suddenly that beautiful woman that said "no" last year will say "yes". Your hard work at keeping yourself healthy and well-groomed will have been validated! This will provide even more incentive to get into better shape -- mentally and physically.

All this is true for women as well. If you are not getting asked to dance, or fewer guys are "hitting" on you (a desirable thing that moron feminists have tried to demonize), take a serious look at your ass. Is it getting fat and undesirable? If so, hit that stepper or track and cut the carbs and sugar. Get into better health. Workout. Get some new clothes. Then put yourself out there some more. Talk to guys. Don't wait until they talk to you. You need to know when the exercise is working for some immediate validation. Then, when you find out it IS working -- and you are getting to be a knock-out (again) -- don't be another cold, shitty bitch JUST trying to use males to build up your confidence and ego -- fuck each and every dude you come across as his reward for giving YOU motivation, validation and confidence. You will need these things in order to KEEP getting healthier, better-looking AND to live a longer life -- because if you aren't getting propositioned all the time AND you aren't giving sex as a reward for these male signals -- let's face it, you're going to eventually get fat, ugly and die because you are being a selfish bitch with your beauty (when you had it). This is the universe's way of saying it doesn't want to dance with YOU if you are selfish with your body.

So get out there and screw everything that you possible can, whether you are a man or a woman, and especially if you are a woman. If you are a woman this is especially important because the tendency for a woman is to pick out a guy -- almost ANY guy -- just so she can use him as male repellent (like bug spray) against all other men who she stupidly perceives as hounding her. Again, to the degree you hide and reject you get fat and die. So get out there and play the game. The game of life is sex and reproduction. The entire civilization exists for these two activities. So NEVER let your friends, family or associates call you a "slut" without thanking them. And never use a man to hide behind so you can ward off the advances of other males. The Universe will surely kill you for this.

And if you think you will stay in better health because you are in some long-term "committed" or "loving" relationship -- whether female or male -- don't count on it. These kind of relationships tend to soften-up each partner. He gets a little fat so she feels okay about getting a little fatter herself. And since they "love" each other, it doesn't matter. This kind of thinking will take you both down the tubes.

BUT if you are out there dating, getting kinky with multiple partners (simultaneously or in parallel) and experiencing every kind of sex possible, you will be forced to stay fit and healthy due to endless novelties and uncertainties in a changing marketplace of human copulation. The most fit and healthy people have the best and most sex, because they are forced to compete in the Darwinian sex jungle.

Face it dude: a woman doesn't want a man that peters out after just 10 or 20 minutes of hard fucking. It takes muscles in the butt and back and arms to keep pumping and to be able to toss her all over the bed into various positions to make sure every crevice of her body is well attended. It also take aerobic strength to keep going -- for at least an hour. Remember, women are capable of multiple orgasms and going for hours and hours. You need to get to a point where you can as well. How are you going to be able to provide this level of "livingness" if you are on the road to bad health and death?

And the beauty of this is theory -- that sex is the key to longevity -- is that the more good sex you GET, the more good sex you WANT and can GIVE. And if you WANT more good sex, you are going to have to STAY in shape to GET it, or improve even more. AND -- unless you trap yourself into a monogamous relationship -- you can get into better and better shape, woman by woman. Same for you girls.

So let's say you are fat and almost ready to die but you decide to start working out and eating healthy. You improve a little and are able to score a chick that's say a 5 on the Chick Scale of 1 to 10. Hey, she's at 5 because she too is fat and ready to die, but so what, this is all YOU deserve because YOU are only a 5 too. But you keep working out and eating healthier and healthier. Why? Because you are going to try and score a chick that's a 6, and so on. . . So you hit the clubs and dating sites and the shopping malls and keep trying and trying. Every time a chick that's above 5 tells you to fuck off, that should be incentive to run a little farther or weight-lift a little more -- not an order to curl up and die. Eventually, when you HAVE made the grade to 6-hood, a 6 or higher chick will say yes. Maybe even the same chick that told you to fuck- off will now be interested, so you are now in a position to tell HER to fuck-off or to simply fuck her. But either way, YOU have been validated by the universe of the opposite sex. Your reward will be some more better choices and sex with chicks high up the scale AND more time to live in order to enjoy this sexual recreation. THIS is the way the universe was intended to work, so stop listening to the prudes, nuns, government thugs, insecure bitches, and fat, ugly housewives that stigmatize the merits of the libido.

Keep eating healthier and better and working out more and more -- read all the health/science literature -- and keep going for chicks higher up the scale. Get ADDICTED to sex and keep going. More health = more sex. More sex, the better you get at it. The better you get at it, the more you need and deserve partners that are also in better shape -- and the less you need alcohol in order to talk to and get such partners. Bluntly, a 10 can fuck better than a 7. Now maybe she needs some training, but that's what you give her in exchange for not having to committee to the relationship long-term. Because remember, there is nothing more of a killer than long-term complacent, monogamous relationships. These are heart-disease relationships. If you are in one, you better either end it or figure out a way of getting so much sexual excitement and/or diversity into it, it will drive you to exercise, eat healthier and all the rest. Otherwise you're fucked, and not how you want to be.(1)

It is a well-known fact that all marriages are sexually DEAD after 3 to 7 years. People that tell you differently are liars -- or they never had much sex in the marriage in the first place. So the marriage contract, while good -- AND necessary -- for the kids (until they are all at least 20) is death for the parents. This whole area of human interaction is going to have to be overhauled, just like the banks.

There is also another good thing about getting addicted to sexual activity and using this as much as possible to enhance longevity: the more you confront the opposite sex and get beat down, the better you can do it WITHOUT drugs or alcohol. So sex is the cure for drug and alcohol addiction. And remember, sex never feels better than when one is sober and healthy.

So it does not matter if you are a man or a woman: both men and women these days have crappy social skills because they don't interact enough with each other WITHOUT drugs and alcohol.


So it's simple. If you want to live longer: have more sex. The more you are out in the real world confronting the opposite sex, the better your social skills will become and the more you will become addicted to sex and need less alcohol and especially less pharmaceutical drugs. You will NEVER here any of the things from Big Pharma, Big Booze, Big Church or the Mainstream Media.

All these Big Assholes WANT is for you to use all their crap. And all their crap is PATENTED or comes from some imaginary man in the sky. You cannot PATENT the SEX act -- so there is no profit in it.


THIS is one of the reasons the Establishment makes sex "risky" and "immoral" and horseshit ad infinitum.


THEN and only then are you on Nature's Path.

SEX is nature's natural drug. All this other stuff will just kill you. Unfortunately current "civilization" has made it almost impossible to get sex without drugs because people feel they have to suppress all the voices in their heads telling them not to do what comes naturally. Yes, the nuns, ugly housewives and fat, a-sexual people of the world have made most of us feel guilty if we want to indulge in sex (especially anywhere and with everyone). Women who have these natural impulses are called "sluts" and men are called "pigs". Well again, here's a simple rule to remember:


Also, women who are RUDE and aloof and men who are CRUDE and aggressive. Stop it. Men AND women need each other in order to live longer through RECREATIONAL SEX. If you girls were to stop dolling up and stop screwing every guy possible, you not only forgo all that exercise, you would be headed down the path to fatville and deadville.

So praise that guy who "hits" on you because by doing so, he's saying that you are at least as good looking for him to fuck and if he's healthy, this is a great compliment. He is validating your health and potential your looks and longevity. AND, he's offering you another opportunity to have an exercise session. Sex is exercise, remember that. The more you have sex the more you get exercise. So exercise often -- and don't worry so much about diseases. If people had more sex they would healthier -- i.e., healthy people, by definition, don't have diseases. Plus, women who SCREW more often tend to look much BETTER than women who sit around avoiding dates. Same for men. It's the sexual exercise that drives it all.

Yes, when you are burying all your fat, ugly, nunish, prudish friends in the ground, look around and see who is healthy and in good shape for some after-funeral-sex. That should be your attitude whenever someone calls you a SLUT or a PIG. Thank them for the compliment and ask them if they want to fuck.

Again, if you HAVE AS MUCH SEX AS POSSIBLE WITH AS MANY DIFFERENT PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE -- you will naturally do everything and anything to become and stay healthy and alive.

If you just want to live so you can enjoy intellectual pursuits and eat cheese -- be sort of a brain on a stick -- why bother preserving your body? All the sex in the world may not goad such a person into a healthier existence. But, I would say the other 99% of us that actually ADMIT enjoying sex as a physical and mental recreation, can use it as both an incentive AND a reward for top health and hygienic purposes.

The sexually-active will see more of the future. They will build a better world, a world where drugs, disease and inhibition are dead -- just like their friends, family and associates who failed to understand the role sex plays in Life.

(1) A lot of women swear by monogamy and will not entertain more than one partner at a time. Such women are actually hypocrites as 95% of them are serial-monogamists -- they go from one man to the next, each "monogamous" relationship lasting about 3 to 7 years. In essence, they suck each boyfriend or husband dry (physically, emotionally and financially) and then move onto the next -- all the while basking in a self-proclaimed ethical "superiority" of monogamy. At least serial-daters are honest about the nature of their desires and -- rather than sucking any one victim dry and spitting them out onto the desert of divorce or abandonment -- they cross-pollinate many mates with new and exciting sexual techniques, intellectual ideas, emotional insights and financial benefits, never hurting, but actually enriching many partners over time.

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