What if the Singularity is a Subjective Experience Only?

by James Jaeger

When I was living in LA and heavily involved in Scientology I met many people that told me they had left their bodies and/or experienced "past lives." Many of these people were personal friends and associates and one of them was my then-fiancÚ who was an OT VII, Nots Completion -- the highest processing level obtainable in Scientology at the time of 1983. She was also a Class VIII Auditor, just shy of Class XII, the highest level then and I think to this day. As a result of my association with my ex-fiancÚ I was able to meet many of her friends, people that had received the highest levels of Scientology training and processing at the Flag Land Base, the most advanced organization in the Scientology network at the time, and to this day.

My opinion then, and my opinion now is: these people were not nuts. In fact, they were some of the most stable, ethical and intelligent people I have ever met. I reserve the right to state this because I have met some stable, ethical and intelligent people in my day and because of my upbringing and various associations. As I have mentioned before at this site, I come from a medical family. My father was a psychiatrist who worked for the government and my grandfather was a neurosurgeon who established the Department of Neurosurgery at Thomas Jefferson Medical College and Hospital.(1) I myself graduated from one of the most difficult preps schools in the country, The Haverford School, and attended the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Sociology.(2) In sort: my father and grandfather were not nuts. I don't think I am nuts either. (Maybe insane, foul-mouthed and argumentative, but not nuts.) If these things are valid then why cannot my observations of various people in Scientology also be valid? Also, given that I was born into the world that Scientology considers its enemy, psychiatry, I have no agenda for or against the Church of Scientology OR established medicine and psychiatry. I am simply trying to get beyond the media and COS hype and find the truth.

And I would think this would be of great interest to anyone who does not have an agenda, the question of Scientology's validity and why so many using its techniques have experienced "leaving their bodies" and/or "past lives." Are these phenomena of the brain or is there possibly more to existence that we simply do not yet understand? Did a crazy science fiction writer stumble onto some part of the truth -- possibly because he was NOT indoctrinated by the orthodoxy of established medicine and/or science?

Even Pulitzer prize-winning author of GOING CLEAR -- Scientology, Hollywood & the Prison of Belief, Lawrence Wright, wonders about this when he says:

"Given his biography, it would be easy to dismiss Hubbard as a fraud, but that would fail to explain his total absorption in his project. He would spend the rest of his life elaborating his theory and - even more obsessively -- constructing the intricate bureaucracy designed to spread and enshrine his visionary understanding of human behavior. His life narrowed down to his singular mission. Each passageway in his interior expedition led him deeper into his imagination. That journey became Scientology, a totalistic universe in which his every turn was mapped and described."

So if Scientology auditing has caused numerous people (possibly thousands or millions) to leave their bodies, what's this all about? What's this totalistic universe all about?

And if Scientology is such a fraud, and L. Ron Hubbard just a "science fiction writer" -- how come so many of the entities we hold dear to our hearts, like the IRS, the FBI, the FDA, the CIA, Interpol, the mainstream media, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Medical Association, the World Federation of Mental Health and even the big pharmaceutical corporations have been FAILING at getting rid of Scientology since at least 1950 when Hubbard released DIANETICS: The Modern Science of Mental Health??

What is going on with this whole thing? Does Scientology have validity? Yes or no? If yes, is this a 100% validity? If no is this a 100% no? Is any system of knowledge 100% wrong or 100% correct? If not, what percentage of Scientology is correct? What is not? If Scientology is substantially fraud, how come it's able to persist in the face of so many powerful governments and powerful scientific organizations for so many decades? Why does the mainstream media go out of its way -- decade after decade -- reciting declining membership numbers, yet the Church seems to be bigger and more global every decade? I remember the media saying Scientology was declining back in 1977 when Readers Digest did an attack article on the Church of Scientology. Maybe Scientology is not declining at all, a scary thought to established psychiatry and big pharmaceutical companies I would think. And what about its power?

Mr. Wright, author of GOING CLEAR, writes on page 122 of his book that:

"On April 20,1973, Hubbard wrote a secret order, 'Snow White Program,' in which he noted a dangerous trend in the gradual reduction since 1967 of countries available to Scientology. He put the blame on the American and British governments which he said were spreading false allegations against the church. He proposed to swamp the countries that had turned against the church in a vast campaign of litigation with the aim of expunging defamatory files leaving Hubbard and the Apollo (one of his ships) "free to frequent all western ports and nations without threat."

Wright continues, and this is unbelievable so read this CAREFULLY folks:

"It was the Guardian's Office (the GO) that Hubbard tasked with operation Snow White. ... the GO infiltrated government offices around the world, looking for damaging files on the church. Within the next few years, as many as 5,000 Scientologists were covertly placed in 136 government agencies worldwide. ... Project Hunter (a portion of Snow White) was the United States, where Scientologists penetrated the IRS, the Justice, Treasury, and Labor Departments, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Drug Enforcement Administration, as well as foreign embassies and consulates; private companies and organizations such as the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the Better Business Bureau, and news papers . . . . NOTHING IN AMERICAN HISTORY CAN COMPARE WITH THE SCALE OF THE DOMESTIC ESPIONAGE OF OPERATION SNOW WHITE." (emphasis added)

So my question to you is this: have you ever heard of operation Snow White or is this the first time you are hearing of it?

If this is the first time you have ever heard of Snow White -- the largest domestic espionage in American history -- why is that? Why hasn't your trusted mainstream media or even Anderson Cooper on his recent CNN show with Lawrence Wright, ever mentioned it? Don't you think this is a little strange? An out point? Omitted data?

Well here's my theory why you never hear about operation Snow White. Any organization that has the courage and ability to infiltrate 136 governments with 5,000 agents is not just some little "church" or "cult" established by some "nut" or "science fiction writer." The fact that the mainstream media has never mentioned Snow White should tell us all that they may be afraid to mention it. Why? Possibly because it infers just what I stated. Or, because it opens the door to other questions. Some of these questions may revolve around the legal battles the Church of Scientology has been having with the government (IRS, FDA, FBI, CIA) for many decades. And unlike the questions and conspiracy theories surrounding 9-11, everything in the case of Scientology v. the U.S. Government is probably highly documented by endless attorneys, licensed private investigators and court documents. In other words, there are so many paper trails, and probably thousands of them with INDIVIDUALS in the government, they could never escape from them all. Even a John Travolta superstar could probably never escape Scientology's paper trails. Scientology documents and hires so many lawyers and private investigators to document, I wouldn't be surprised if 10% of the lawyers who have ever done government work have also beenon the payroll of the Church of Scientology at one time or another. Given these things, I'm quite sure the public would be very interested in knowing the details of operation Snow White and what highly documented crimes the government -- and probably executives in the major media corporations -- are alegedly guilty of. Conveniently, Mr. Wright side-steps all the details in connection to what actually happened in the Snow White case as well as details in various other issues, such as the production of REVOLT IN THE STARS. I am only familiar with these issues because I was involved with the RTS production and the Snow White court battle when the Church of Scientology sued the U.S. Government for violation of the Freedom of Information Act. Although a judge threw the book at nine Scientology defendants -- for what amounted to "stealing Xerox paper" -- another judge ruled that the government had overstepped its legal boundaries in the invasion of a Church. The FBI was later ordered to return all the documents it illegally confiscated. Note this is a GOVERNMENT invading a CHURCH. Way to go gov! If I have time, I will post a photograph showing the vans we loaded with the 200,000 pages of returned documents from FBI Headquarters at 11,000 Wilshire Boulevard in West Wood, California.

Bluntly: when I think about this whole thing 35 years later I have come to the belief that Scientology technology may be more intracate and powerful than any technology the U.S. Government has at its disposal, or has even ever even theorized about. I know this sounds like hyperbole, but consider this: Hubbard, when he was alive, and training Scientologists today spend almost every waking hour exploring the channels and power of their minds and/or each other's. Do government officials or doctors working in the American Psychiatric Association do this? I doubt it, because they are too busy playing with chemicals and manufacturing weapons.

Wright no less acknowledges such focus of the Scientology mission when he states in GOING CLEAR:

Hubbard spent "the rest of his life elaborating his theory and - even more obsessively . . . (to) enshrine his visionary understanding of human behavior" . . . "down to his singular mission" ... an "interior expedition led him deeper into his imagination. . . . "a totalistic universe. . . ."

What if Hubbard was on to something? What if reality really IS only a subjective experience? What if the objective universe really is NOT out there? What if ALL science -- based on objective methodologies -- is wrong? Could the world handle this? If the world can't explain the Double-Slit Quantum Erasure Experiment, how can it demand objective reality is the truth?

I would think if the mainstream establishment were to ever be placed in a position of having to admit that there was even an iota of truth to Scientology it would cause some serious cognitive dissonance -- a similar kind of cognitive dissonance we would all experience if the 9-11 Truthers were ever able to prove their case that 9-11 was a False Flag operation.

Many wonder if Scientology is mind control operation? Hubbard would probably say it IS mind control: YOU becoming more able to control YOUR mind. In my opinion, and 15 years experience in Scientology, this is true. Scientology does teach a person how to better control their mind. There is no doubt about this for me and many others who have gone clear. I would also add that I believe highly trained and processed Scientologists may also be able to control, at least influence, other's minds if they want to. I would think this would go for anyone in the U.S. Government or any other government as well. Hubbard, however, has cautioned against doing this as well as "demonstrating." Of course all this could be simple hype because it doesn't look like Hubbard was able to even control his body in the last decade of this life, per GOING CLEAR and many other accounts.

It WILL be interesting, however, to see what the fate of Scientology -- the science of knowing how to know -- is. To me it's a movie with so many possible endings. I sometimes stay up wondering about it.

I would think at least some of you here might wonder about it as well. Since none of us really know how the Singularity will emerge -- whether an AI learning kernel, genetic engineering, an awakened network, uploading or something else -- is it such a stretch to consider that Hubbard was also wondering about the same or similar things in the 1950s? Is it such a stretch to consider that maybe he became obsessed -- possibly to the point of madness -- in seeking this same goal? Author Wright [i]does[/i] use the world "singular" to describe how Hubbard narrowed down his life.

What if every person passes through the Singularity as a personal voyage?(3) Most of us here are expecting that the Singularity will be some objective group experience, that all of Humanity will go through like some massive cow crossing of a river. But what if the Singularity turns out to be a SUBJECTIVE experience we pass through one by one, not an OBJECTIVE experience? What if this individual subjective experience, what we here are calling the Singularity, is the day of judgment the Bible warns us about? That would sure be a surprise for you atheists and agnostics out there.

These are the questions we should be asking about Scientology, not whether the Xenu cosmology is true or if Hubbard falsified his biography or the other trivial nonsense the media brings up.

If the future shows that a subjective experience DOES end up being the senior reality, will Hubbard be looked upon as a nut, or will it be we that are the nuts?

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(3) What is the Singularity? See STARING INTO THE SINGULARITY by Eliezer S. Yudkowsky at

Originated: 27 January 2013
Revised: 15 March 2013

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