Who Should Rule
by James Jaeger

People like physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists (people in the theoretical and applied sciences) should govern, because it is easier and more accurate for a physicist, mathematician or computer scientist to become a political representative in his or her later life, than it is for a politician or lawyer (who knows nothing about science) to attempt to "represent" the greater population upon an osmosis-based understanding of the issues they attempt to represent. Put bluntly: It is MUCH more difficult to understand and control science than it is to represent citizens and debate issues, because in order to debate issues -- you have to understand the science behind the issues.

The primary reason it appears that it's so difficult to "a) effectively negotiate, b) zealously advocate, and c) balance competing interests to arrive at workable, if imperfect solutions" (as Paul puts it) is because you have people in there that are basically clueless ABOUT the science in their subject matter. You can't 'negotiate, advocate or balance" until and unless you know what you are 'negotiating, advocating or balancing.' And unfortunately politicians, who are drawn mostly from the legal profession, are being drafted into public service from the WRONG profession. Since the maxim: you get what you put your attention is true . . . we in America have GOT exactly what we (via our representatives) have been putting their attention on: ENDLESS LAWS WHICH CREATE ENDLESS GOVERNMNET. Since Congress is now 80 or 90 percent lawyers: the only product that has a high probability of emerging from such a compliment is MORE law.

The lawyer is not the average American. Thus the Lawyer should not be the average Congressman.

The ranks of Congress should be comprised of citizens that are representative of the Nation's people: and this includes far more people working in the theoretical and applied sciences than it does lawyers. Lawyers generate mostly paperwork and delays. Scientists generate mostly better and more efficient ways of doing things. We need better and more efficient government not more laws and more government. If government were more efficient, it could be smaller.

To the degree we have scientists-turned Congressmen governing, we need less lawyers-turned Congressmen governing.

The lawyers and politicians will NEVER be able or qualified to represent the interests of their constituents because the interests of same can only be served if and when actual scientific remedies are created and applied against the problems of life in the physical world. Since the technical problems of existence are now so complex, no lawyer or politician can comprehend science as well as the insane body of law (not even to mention tax law) they have created over the past 250 years.

Have you ever heard the old saying that the best CEOs have come from the BOTTOM up? Well that's true. And it's the same principle here. People who have worked in and around the sciences all their lives, at the BOTTOM of the technological infrastructure, UNDERSTAND the woof and warp of the technological world we now live in better than lawyers who are busy spending the same time reading endless books about who screwed who and how they did or didn't get away with it. I know what lawyers study to pass the bar. I used to date a law student. I used to read her books every night and laugh at all the crap she had to fill her brain with. It was insane. On the other hand, by the time a science-oriented person is in their 40s or 50s, they not only have a feel for the technological infrastructure of civilization, they ALSO know something of the nature, of human interaction, thus they have a much more comprehensive and SANE view of how the world fits together as a whole -- or how it SHOULD fit together as a whole. These understandings based upon AGE combined with their understanding based upon SCIENCE make them MUCH more perfect rulers than lawyers or career politicians. . . as they KNOW about THAT which they debate -- thus the purpose of their "debating" issues doesn't come down to "who's the best debater" or ego, it comes down to 'what science is available?' and 'what's the best way we can apply it?' Our current crop of politicians are all glib. Hence we get glib solutions to all our problems.

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