Rich Guys v. The War Boys
by James Jaeger

The MPAA-Controlled MEDIA

Dear Michael (Moore),

The below was inspired from a paragraph in your last letter:
> Beginning Monday in Seattle, a group of men (who
> own just about everything in the world) and their
> employees -- the various heads of state from dozens
> of nations -- will gather for a three-day meeting to
> sign a trade deal that will guarantee the rich will be not
> only filthy rich, but stinking filthy rich for decades to
> come.

These folks are just moving forward with their plans to convert the planet into a one-world, high-tech totalitarian feudal society. Their instruments are:

1. The Federal Reserve Bank
2. The IMF/World Bank
3. The U.N.
4. The CFR
5. The MPAA-controlled MEDIA

In the serf system of old, you just had the masses of very poor and a few rich guys calling all the shots. We are moving into this except the rich guys will have computers in addition to whips.

To cut them off at the BALLS, you need to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, because THIS is the on-going source of their illegal money. See to see who "them" is.

Here's how it works: The MPAA-controlled MEDIA charges huge rates for 60- and 30-second spots which would-be politicians need to air in order to get elected. In order to get the money for these spots, the would-be candidate must kiss the ass of corporate interests and the corporate interests pay to get their ass-kissing men into positions of power. Since the only way ordinary citizens can work in government is to be placed there through the corporate money being paid to the MPAA-controlled MEDIA - the government becomes filled with people who also kiss the asses of the MPAA-controlled MEDIA. One of the ways they kiss these asses is to NOT rock any boats and most of all to NOT require that ANY serious investigations be made into the quasi-private, government sanctioned banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve Bank.

Since the FED literally causes money to created out of nothing (and fiat money, money that you MUST accept for payment of debts under the legal tender laws), THIS is the government's MAIN source of ON-GOING funds - NOT taxation. Taxation only provides the INTEREST payments for the national debt - debt created by the FED and evidenced by M1 (those worthless Federal Reserve Notes). This is one of the ways the rich guys get paid.

But since the FED (and its rich guys) know that it can only convert so much debt into money in any given country (i.e., the US), they have had to go outside of the country to keep the ponzzi scheme going. But to do this they have had to form the IMF/World Bank - which is really just the FED under a new corporate name. This organization, "guided" by the "peace-keeping" motives of the UN, goes into third world countries to "help" them by lending them money - the same type of money they create out of nothing back in the US. Now more debt, the debt of other countries, can ALSO, be converted into cash, just as they do in the US. This is what is meant by monetizing debt. Why do you think those green pieces of paper we all trade ARE called Federal Reserve NOTES? -- it's because they represent the actual debt that the FED has created and "loaned" into circulation as "money." But when this new "money" is loaned into circulation, the banks get to loan it out 11 times over what they actually are required to keep in their vaults - and this is known as fractional reserve - because they are only required to keep a "fraction" of what they have - on reserve - based on the ASSUMPTION that all the people will not want to take their money out of the bank at the same time. THIS is the major crime of banking: to charge a rental fee on that which you do not own. The banks loan out and charge interest (rental fees) on money that is not ACTUALLY in their vaults (only a fraction is).

Thus, when this new money is created, it is placed into the government's bank and the government gets to be the FIRST one to spend it BEFORE it's very circulation further DILUTES the rest of the currency we all use in our daily lives. These FIRST rich guys who get to use the new money are the WAR BOYS (the boys that make lots of money extorting us with the fear and destruction of war, etc.) and secondly, the CORPORATE BOYS, mentioned above, who paid the MPAA-controlled MEDIA's tab (for the TV spots) to get their guys planted in government. This is the second ways the rich guys get paid.

Then what do all these rich guys do with all their new money, which was created out of nothing but paid for by the rest of us: they take these funds and build brand new factories all over the third world so they can a) justify getting more money out of the IMF/World Bank and b) FIRE all the employees in Flint-like places (around the US) to hire Mexicans to do the SAME work at slave-level wages. THIS is what NAFTA and GATT are all about, as Ross Perot said a million times to the asleep, prescription-drug-anesthetized American public. THIS is then another way these rich guys get paid - through the cheap labor which creates huge corporate profits at the expense of all your buddies who actually like to work hard for a fair wage and who have actually built the America these rich guys are now exploiting.

And how is this whole thing coordinated? You don't think these rich guys get together in some kind of formal meeting and PLAN all this out -- of course not - the non-mainstream media would have a field day with such a deliberating body. These rich guys coordinate most of this through informal meetings of the CFR (the Counsel on Foreign Relations), the organization that almost every elected official MUST be a member of before getting elected to US government posts. No minutes are kept but the main agenda to convert the world into a one-world, totalitarian high-tech feudal society are grooved-in.

The reason the Democratic and the Republican parties exist is simply to provide a COCK-FIGHT for the ill-informed, drug-ridden public to watch (just like football) while the real action goes on behind the scenes, and the REAL president of the United States, FED Chairmen Alan Greenspan, orchestrates and augments the above operations through members, and would-be members, of the CFR.

Now of course, realize that most of the corporations that benefit, directly or indirectly, from the fractional-money scheme above, and that in fact install our government through their control of the MPAA corporations and the CFR are part of the Rockefeller Group - which completely OWNS the PLANET EARTH. And there IS no question about this: The Rockefeller Group, directly and indirectly, OWNS this little particular planet and it is through this ownership and the indoctrination of the most respected individuals on the planet - which are, according to public survey, the MEDICAL DOCTORS (no not the lawyers or the filmmakers or the writers) -- but the MDs. By indoctrinating them into DRUG THERAPY these most-respected people on the planet earth, create THE viewpoint of biological civilization. Thus everything ultimately falls to their suggestion as exemplified by such PR slogans as "Doctor-recommended Mylanta" ... "More Dentists recommend".. "Ask your Doctor"...and all the while this false brainwashed promotion is happening, the Rockefeller Group's drug cartels are busy selling more and more prescription drugs on huge profit margins. This is another way these rich guys get paid.

And all the while these guys are getting paid for their drugs - the population is getting stupider and stupider because their minds are being eroded by prescription drugs. This makes the population more manageable to the ends of a high-tech totalitarian feudal civilization. These folks certainly don't need any more people like me writing letters like this one and any one who comes along and tries to knock out any of the above pillars 1 - 5 of above, is a potential trouble source - and this of course is one of the reasons why certain groups and people as well as those advocating Laetrile (Vitamin B-17) have been pooh poohed the past decades by the establishment.

So really, to be off doing anything else to "make the world a better place" is quite frivolous when one is confronted with the interlocking dimensions of the establishment's cornerstones. It just WON'T happen unless the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is repealed and the government is forced to earn its money through honest taxation by serving the legitimate needs of the people.

Looking at all of this on the bright side, one should remember that even though the Rockefeller Group owns the planet Earth this planet IS really only ONE little tiny planet in a vast universe. Who says Mars won't be even better than the American Experiment.

James Jaeger

For more informatin and details see "The Creature From Jekyll Island" and "World Without Cancer" by G. Edward Griffin both available at And no, I am not affiliated with Mr. Griffin or the Reality Zone in any way nor do I receive anything off the sale of these books.

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