Effect of Technology on Retirement
by James Jaeger

People are worried that the population of retirees is going to double in size as advances in medical technology make longer life spans possible. But here are some considerations they should take into account:

Obviously, since technologies like therapeutic cloning have cracked cellular senescence, it's only a matter of time before people will live, not only LONGER, but HEALTHER. In other words, OLDER people will become YOUNGER, thus we will have fewer "older" people and MORE "younger people." What difference does it make how many times someone has ridden the planet around the sun? YEARS are thus NOT a measure of AGE or YOUTH. Telomere length is the ONLY measure of "age." And therapeutic cloning RESETS the telomeres THUS generating young people out of "old" people. THIS is the future here NOW.

Most of the entrenched congress aren't taking this into consideration. They're just trying to scare everyone so they can jockey for new money flows and perks.

Given the technology horizon we are now flying over, people will be able to retire after more trips around the sun. Thus, there will be a workforce longer. And people WILL work to OLDER "ages" so long as they are a) ABLE to work and b) WANT to work. As mentioned, cloning-based technology will take care of point a, but NOW it's up to thoughtful humans and AI to take care of point b.

So HOW do you encourage people to WANT to work longer? Well the obvious thing you do is you give, or allow, them to work at what THEY enjoy. This makes a big difference. Secondly, you make sure they are allowed to WIN by receiving proper remuneration and acknowledgement for their work. You do this by making sure the game, the business/work environment, is set up on a non-zero sum principle. Meaning, the whole is GREATER than the sum of its parts. When everyone does a job-well-done, society grows exponentially so your gain is not taken from my loss. This exponential growth is thus available for everybody -- PROVIDED -- you can police the greedy MEGAPIGS from moving in and taking more than their share of the gains. (See my various posts on MEAT HEADS IN SUITES and the MEGAPIGS OF EXISTENCE.)

But exactly how do you do all this? Well the first thing is you stop WASTING people. You stop training and "educating" people in cookie-cutter factories (public schools, colleges, universities) for unreal jobs, or jobs that will never exist. Today's lower-, mid- and higher-educational system is as antiquated as the factory system of the smokestack industrial revolution. In short: young people in this system are PROGRAMMED with data that is biased or irrelevant, AND discouraged from independent, alternate, unique or dissenting thought. A perfect example of dissenting thought is the current war that's going on in connection with Ward Churchill, the college professor who has spoken out on his view of why America was attacked by terrorists. As soon as a dissenting view of some event (or history) is presented in the cookie-cutter school system, the system's watchdogs (media opinion leaders like Bill O'Reilly, provosts and conservative government machinery) balk.(1) So even an educational system that thinks it's liberal or progressive turns out people who have minds that are good for nothing more than EMPLOYEE status -- routine thinking. Such a system is also turning out people who are good for nothing more than RETIREE status -- entitlement thinking. Minds that don't think like cookie-cutters, create better futures with more for all.

Thirdly, you use computers and AI to enable industry to make more perfect matches between jobs and people's work preferences. Like computerized dating services, computers should be able to match up people and jobs almost flawlessly. And they can for all the low-level employee jobs but unfortunately the highest paid, most "glamorous" posts are usually passed (covertly) between cronies, tribal/family members or as re-payment for sexual favors. This is known as discrimination and discrimination probably disintegrates societal moral more tan anything else because it inhibits the so-called American Dream. Anything that inhibits society's dream should be made a high crime (punishable by having a finger chopped off for each offence :).

Evidence of the worst kinds of discrimination can be seen when you see an executive paid 500 times more than the lowest employees. This obnoxious, greedy practice takes place in many of the Fortune 500 corporations and major studios and must be abolished as it sends a message to employees that they are not in a win-win game: thus they lose their desire to WORK, or they seek to steal from the company. When this happens society gets more retirees and more "criminals" than it can handle. And two things we DON'T need more of is criminal people living longer and working less because they are on benefits or in jail (confiscating yet more money from the society). The last is a nightmare scenario the United States has in abundance because the so-called "land of the free" jails and houses more people than any other nation on the planet.

Thus society MUST set up the game so people, all people, can win. Not just the corporate pigs (who have managed to avoid being jailed). You can't allow a plutocracy class or a class of people that have so much more than all others because it's demoralizing. I'm not saying take a way the American Dream, I'm just saying that the ratio between the top CEO pay and the lowest employee pay, MUST be brought down from 500:1 to about 20:1. Any more is a waste of human resources, because it demoralizes human beings. No executive is worth MORE than 20 times the lowest-paid employee because it's the OFFICE that is important NOT the man. In other words, Stockholder: you pay for the office not the man. A properly described post with well-defined products and sub-products integrated into an efficiently designed organizational chart is the result of years of work by many individuals: executives, staff and lowest level employees. All the CEO of a successful organization has to do is put on the boots (the hat) and NOT walk (don't change anything that's working). Thus paying him 500 times more than the lowest man is stupid, if not criminal. Stockholders, employees and customers need to realize that this practice is stupid and criminal, because it hurts society more than it helps it. And sooner or later, they and their corporation are NOT going to be able to out-source, onto Society, their WASTE. This waste is PEOPLE and CRAP.

So getting back to my main point: The so-called social security crisis is solved by allowing cloning technology to give people longer lives WITH health. These longer-living, healthy people will have exponentially MORE experience than their younger counterparts, thus they will be MORE valuable to society in helping it figure out its problems. Add this with the power of AI, and there is no reason the right person and the right job can't be brought together quickly and effectively -- again, just like a dating service. Thus, these older, more experienced people will be able AND willing to work longer, benefiting society instead of sucking off society. As civilization's boats are floated by the product/service machines (companies) being MAINTAINED WITH MORE WISDOM, wealth will grow and become MORE automatic. Thus the ratio of company SUCCESSES to FAILURES will improve because companies will have a more solid base upon which to expand.(2) Since company functions are able to be more routine and wealth more automatic, the office of CEO will also be more routine thus paying the man 500 times more than the youngest members of the machine will be seen as a greater injustice. This greater injustice will NOT be tolerated by the younger members of society who, although they may not have the wisdom and experience that comes from age, will have something just as valuable: innovative ideas for the creation of society's next horizon of products and services AND greater motivation to see them happen. If AI personnel departments are really doing their jobs, they will be able to recognize WHEN a major corporation needs age/experience at the helm and when it needs youth/innovation at the helm. For without BOTH, at the proper times, the company is doomed, and eventually society is doomed.

As usual, the Universe has given us all the tools we need to navigate into an optimized future. All we have to do is properly use those tools. We have to spot and jail pigs that want or take more than their proper share. We have to liquidate machines and systems, such as the Fed, set up by these pigs to milk society of its assets. We have to make sure the philosophical BASIS of BUSINESS is predicated upon NON-ZERO SUM GAMES. We have to use AI and careful data mining to figure out what makes people HAPPY and productive -- happy and productive because they have been trained for relevant jobs AND because they are OFFERED jobs they desire. We have to squash out discrimination ruthlessly because discrimination passes the most desirable jobs in society to those individuals who HAVE NOT earned them. Since discrimination is by far the worst in the Hollywood-based U.S. motion picture studio/distributors, we need to start with them so that an example can be set to the rest of business in the U.S. It is also appropriate to start with them because they are high profile, thus reform in this area will make the highest impact for reform in all other industries.

If the above is done, there will NEVER be any so-called social security crises. You must realize also, the social security crises was allowed to happen because the criminals that infest the Congress have become entrenched due to the fact that us STUPID U.S. CITIZENS have failed to RAM through term limits. When failures like this happen, the criminality and failure of the government is NOT to be blamed upon the individuals in government -- for they are just greedy animals like the rest of us -- but upon the arms-length citizens who have not taken responsibility for their government as the Founders expect us to do. Thus it is time to wake up or shut up: The gov is harassing the rest of the world and asleep at the wheel; it is drunk in bed with its partner in crime, the Federal Reserve System; it is printing up endless amounts of fiat money in order to enrich those in its circle of employment and to fight off real and imagined enemies of its own creation. If scientific/technical minds can't see correlations and causality amongst these things and work for reasonable solutions, we are all doomed and machines deserve to inherit the world.

James Jaeger

(1) Whether you agree or disagree with him, Ward Churchill is basically saying that America is a country that has done both great good and great harm. The U.S. deserves credit for the great good it has done in the world, but we as U.S. citizens must also acknowledge -- and take responsibility for -- the great harm we have done around the world, harm as listed at http://www.jaegerresearchinstitute.org/articles/dossie2.htm Given this harm and our willingness to refuse to acknowledge or remedy it, it is no wonder we will pull-in attacks from time to time and 9/11 was one of those times. If business is a form of war, then the World Trade Center towers, which foster international business, were as legitimate of a target as the Pentagon, which fosters war, if only by differing means than business.

(2) One of the seven or so primary reasons the Federal Reserve System MUST be abolished is because it suppresses PRIVATE CAPITAL FORMATION. Have you ever heard anyone give lip service like this: "We need to increase the savings rate." Have you ever wondered WHY the savings rate is so LOW? Have you ever wondered WHY it will STAY low? The reason is this: Prior to 1913, the year the Federal Reserve System was established, companies all over America were prospering so much on the sound, silver-backed currency, they were able SAVE. When a company saves, it's called "private capital formation." When an individual saves, it's just called "savings." So, in this pre-Fed era, the country was doing so well, companies were able to finance their R&D and expansion with their own private capital. This was good news for the companies, but VERY bad news for the banks (especially the big banks in New York) because they were going out of business. So what did the big, desperate banks in New York do? They had a secret meeting on Jekyll Island in 1910 and plotted to form a new "central" bank which would, with the cooperation of the Federal government, be able to print up money in any quantity they wished. This sort of money is known as "fiat money" and a system that uses it has what is known as an "elastic currency." Such a system must also enact "legal tender laws" to FORCE the people to use the money (and this is why such is printed on each dollar bill you have in your wallet). In short, these New York money-center banks put together a cartel with the government so that they could literally create money "out of thin air." This money could be printed out of thin air because it no longer had to be "backed" by silver, as the Constitution demands it should be in article I, Sections 8 & 10. The fact that they could now print up any amount of money they wanted, made the money very CHEAP. Thus the banks could now lend this CHEAP money to the companies CHEAPLY. And it was. Banks were thus able to entice business to BORROW CHEAP money from them, instead of using their own PRIVATE CAPITAL (hard-earned, expensive money). They were able to do this because they could set the interest rates so low, business owners figured they would rather borrow the CHEAP MONEY than "risk" their OWN money on R&D and expansion. Thus the ratio of company SUCCESSES to FAILURES has been dismal since 1913 because too much CHEAP fiat money created by the Federal Reserve is imprudently invested in too many poorly though-out business ventures. The dot-com bubble and its inevitable implosion is a perfect example of Fed-created excessive cheap money being imprudently invested in too many poorly though-out business ventures. If companies use their own private capital for future business ventures, they will allocate it more carefully and more prudently. Thus there will be more successful ventures and fewer failures. As it stands today, only about 1 in 10 businesses will be successful after 5 years. That means 9, or so, will fail. When these 9 fail, the costs to society are enormous. Even though they were financed by bogus Fed-created CHEAP money, these 9 failed businesses have preempted many of society's human, and other, resources so the overall damage to society is far greater than the good the one successful business will do. Plus, remember, prior to the time the 9 fail, the Fed-infested banks are being paid debt service on the loans they have made to each company. These payments are often being generated by REAL money that was created by real work - not the CHEAP fiat money created by the Fed cartel. Lastly, any capitalized assets each of the 9 failed companies have on their balance sheets will be liquidated and paid out first to cover BANK LOANS, then preferred stockholders and then common stock holders. In other words, the banks will have first call on REAL assets (real money) when all they did was provide CHEAP fiat capital (bogus money). In this way, all of the banks that are part of the Federal Reserve System, are able, over time, to slowly and methodically confiscate the assets, money and wealth of society. Think this is just coincidence?

For more on this subject, see a book called THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND available at http://www.realityzone.com/creature.html

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