Responsibility of Technologists
by James Jaeger

Various elements are trying to disarm American citizens. Many of these elements are in the Hollywood-based U.S. film industry. A disarmed citizenry is a direct violation of the Constitution and the Founders' intention.

It's interesting to observe that whenever the Gov/Fed-infested Media mentions either:

a) Gun control
b) NRA
c) Gun-related violence

. . . whenever a, b or c are mentioned, the phrase "tyrannical government" is NEVER mentioned concomitantly. Check for this. Next time you're watching CNN or FOX News, or any of the major MPAA-infested news media, you will be able to note the strange ABSENCE of this term, "tyrannical government." Yet this term is PIVITOL as it's the pivotal REASON the Founders wanted an armed citizenry: to protect the citizens from a tyrannical government. An armed citizenry is one of the CHECKS AND BALANCES in our government. Just like the division of power through the three branches of government: EXECUTIVE, JUDICIAL and LEGISLATIVE. Just like the TERM LIMITS. Just like the ELECTORAL COLLEGE (which exists for reasons many people do NOT yet understand).

An armed citizenry provides a CHECK against a TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT by providing the citizenry with a forcible method of removing people from the government, in whole or in part, any time a majority of the People vote by referendum that this must be done in order to preserve INALIANABLE RIGHTS (first) and CIVIL RIGHTS (second). When did CNN, the "New York Times" or the DISCOVERY CHANNEL tell you THAT? Never. This is a major OUT POINT, and the omission of a VITAL datum, an omission that tells any student of investigatory procedure or data analysis that something is not logical. A truly UNBIASED media that reports 'ALL the news that's fit to report' AND which works IN the public interest -- would NEVER EVER omit such a datum, a datum that is VITAL to the public well-being.

But, of course, such is not the case, as 80% of the media is owned or controlled, directly or indirectly, by the MPAA studio/distributors and these entities form the propaganda backbone of the entrenched, vested interests in the U.S. government as supported, and infiltrated, by the 5,500 members of the Council on Foreign Relations (the elite employment roster and think tank of the government and all other major institutions financed through fiat currency and bent on the removal of inalienable rights of citizens).

Anything that happens in the U.S., in connection with the above, will more than likely set the paradigm for what will happen in the UN on a global scale. Thus America MUST get back to Constitutional principles. The U.S. may be 250 years old, but that is only a tiny bit of time when you consider that the Chinese Empire is over 4,750 years old. Thus, what the Framers embodied in the Constitution is relatively fresh and relevant to today's world. We are still a young country full of hope and zest and built upon the corrected mistakes of millennia. Don't let anyone tell you differently. And one of the guarantees of this liberty with BOTH civil AND inalienable rights is an armed citizenry. The Constitution is still quite relevant. And this relevance, means that Article I, sections 8 & 10 should be observed. Thus, the Federal Reserve System -- which is nothing more than a group of elite, private bankers stealing the productivity of the nation through the hidden tax of inflation -- must be abolished, as such a fiat-currency based system is in direct violation of Article I, sections 8 & 10.

If the U.S. or the UN were ever to rescind citizens' rights to bear arms, the ONLY people that WOULD be armed would be those that worked for the government and "criminals." Under such a scenario, it is almost certain that there would eventually be tyranny and totalitarianism. And remember, the techies of the world right now are creating the mechanisms to implement this, the WORST kind of tyranny -- a sort of high-tech, feudal totalitarianism. THUS, those in the theoretical and applied sciences MUST take responsibility for:

a) WHAT technology they create;
b) HOW that technology is used;
c) WHO they allow to use that technology.

The time is past where ignorant or power-hungry politicians and businessmen should run roughshod over the interests of the "global community." If a truly Nonzero Sum World is to be brought about, scientists must:

a) REFUSE to work for ignorant or power-hungry politicians and businessmen;

b) DEMAND that bankers and investors grant them money for the creation of safe, redundant systems, BEFORE they agree to develop any further technology for other purposes.

Point b should include the abolition of any one (1) global government, especially an armed one (such as the UN), and any one (1) central bank at either the national level (the Fed) or the global level (the IMF/World Bank) and, MOST IMPORTANT of all: provide for the Human race to duplicate its habitat by exploring and colonizing new worlds, starting with Mars, immediately. (See CASE FOR MARS by Robert Zubrin.) NO OTHER PRIORITIES OR EXPENDITURES ARE SENIOR and anyone who tells you that they are is either a total idiot or an (uninformed) apologist of the status quo.

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Don't forget to click on the below link to watch FIAT EMPIRE - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution
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